Urwerk Replica Watches For Sale

People spoke particularly on replica watches for sale. Ulysse Nardin Sonata bell wristwatch in Athens is a complicated mechanical function wristwatch that everyone pursues. The classic design of titanium metal ring and stainless steel case is presented to you in the purest form. Aim to great the spirit of the clock creation replica watches for sale will always be held on to. Sonata bell wristwatch with Athens watch's unique ring function - the harmonious and pleasant sound of knocking the spring with the mallet, and the fast-tuning second-time zone device system, are fantastic. The unique Sonata ring wristwatch store is limited to 99.

Replica watches for sale in USA made a no charge and easier conceptual attract. Sonata bell wristwatch is a highly complicated mechanical wristwatch, which uses an un-67 automatic upper chain movement core, silicon hairspring, and patent inertia wheel. replica watches for sale in usa might be picked up processing some of the most complicated areas of the clock. Athens watch has always been good at complicated function watches. This watch has a unique and beautiful Cathedral ring device. In the position between 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock, there is a 24-hour ring setting device. The edge bar design of night and day indicates that the alarm can be set in the morning or afternoon. The 10 o'clock position pointer shows whether the ring is on or not; more specifically, when traveling, the ring function will be synchronized with the local time you have adjusted.

Watches replicas for sale type will be solemnly sensible, not necessarily considerable showy. Athens watch focuses on the double-time zone quick adjustment function.This amazing presents devwatches.com extremely good the watchmaking arena strategy . You only need to press the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock buttons to adjust the local time back and forth quickly. The home time displays the 24-hour blue disk located in the 6 o'clock direction, which can read the data in the double window at the 4 o'clock position.

The DNA of classic series is to enhance the essential beauty of functional surface and highlight the elegance of design: from sword pointer, dial, ear, handle to the stainless steel case, it is a perfect fusion. Sonata bell wristwatch has a 44 mM stainless steel case, a titanium metal ring, and a sapphire crystal back. It is waterproof for 30 meters and has a classic leather strap and folding buckle.

technical information

  1. Model: 673-05 / 93
  2. Limit: 99
  3. Movement: un-67 movement; double-sided with integrated safety needle; double-sided etching silicon escapement fork; silicon hairspring; patent inertia wheel
  4. Power storage: about 42 hours
  5. On-chain mode: automatic on-chain movement
  6. Functions: hour, minute and second display; Cathedral ring; two places time quick adjustment device; same level big date window display; before and after date quick adjustment device
  7. Case: titanium ring / stainless steel case
  8. Surface: target blue surface when attached
  9. Size: 44 mm
  10. Waterproof: 30m
  11. Watch glass: anti-glare and wear sapphire crystal glass
  12. Back: wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass
  13. Strap: leather strap with folding buckle