Jessica Simpson Calls Her Dog a "Lesbian"

Jessica Simpson has outed her pooch. The singer posted a message on Twitter this morning about her maltipoo, Daisy.

“Daisy and her best friend Bella back together again,” Simpson captioned a photo. “Lesbian lovas forever!”

Simpson herself is single, after being dumped by Tony Romo on the eve of her 29th birthday. She’s been keeping her mind off the split by taping her new VH1 reality show The Price of Beauty in Japan and Thailand, and spending time with her family.

“Jessica is just a really strong girl,” her mom, Tina, said earlier this month. “She has her stuff together. She really does. She’s really solid.


I find it so funny how they write articles based on random tweets, lol! ;)

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Candids: Gym, July 29 2009


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Candids: Gym, July 28 2009

Jessica seen leaving the gym on July 28th.


Candids: Los Angeles, August 3 2009

Check out pics of Jessica walking dogs with Ken Paves on August 3rd.


Candids: LAX, August 8 2009

August 8 2009: Jessica Simpson arrives at LAX airport with Ken Paves.


New JS Collection Promos!

S T U N N I N G!

Pic: Jess, CaCee & Ken in Japan

There seem to be problems with the gallery server today, sorry about that :(

Pix: Jessica goes Geisha in Tokyo

Sorry for the delay! Jessica and CaCee dressed as Geishas in Tokyo, Japan on August 14th.


Jessica on set of Macy’s Commercial

Here’s a photo of Jessica on set of the Macy’s Come Together commercial.

Thanks to: Tamara!

No Idol Time for Jessica Simpson

On the surface, Jessica Simpson may have seemed like the perfect replacement for Paula Abdul: Both are sweet, ever so slightly past-prime pop stars who aren’t exactly the verbally sharpest chickens in the sea.

But sadly (for the missed YouTube potential, if nothing else), the switcheroo is not to be.

J. Simp’s rep Cindi Berger has shot down reports that the blonde reality vet turned wannabe geisha will be filling the fourth seat at the American Idol judges’ table, telling E! News the rumors are “not true at all.” Tongues started wagging over the possible replacement this morning, when the New York Post claimed that Papa Joe Simpson was pushing for the casting coup.

Victoria Beckham she’s not.

Not content to let the official denial stand, however, the ever hands-on Simpson patriarch took to Twitter this morning to further stick it to the tabloid.

“So, I am in thailand…But, of course, the post says I am in town trying to get Jess to be the replacement for paula abdul…Do the lies ever stop????”

No, but the spell check clearly does.

However, in typical Hollywood-ending style, things may end up exactly where they started.

With Abdul’s name failing to turn up on the call sheets of Dancing With the Stars, Ugly Betty or even So You Think You Can Dance, it seems our favorite underappreciated judge is keeping her schedule well and clear, should producers have a sudden change of heart. Or salary offer.


Photos: JS Collection Fall 2009 Promos!

Aren’t they gorjess? :)


Sorry I haven’t updated in such a long time, been super busy!

Candids: Studio City, August 7 2009

Here are the new candids of Jessica and Stephanie having lunch in Studio City after working out together.


Candids: Katsuya, August 1 2009 [HQ]

Here’s 11 more high quality candids of Jessica at Katsuya with Ashlee, her smile is gorjess! :)

Candids: Beso, August 5 2009 [HQ]

I’ve uploaded some high quality candids of Jessica at Beso, celebrating Ken Paves’ Birthday :)

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