Dad: Jessica is “Wise” About Handling Body Criticism

1254576528_joe-jessica-simpson_290 As she travels around the world filming her upcoming reality show The Price of Beauty, Jessica Simpson – who underwent criticism for her weight earlier this year – is learning that “beauty starts within,” her father Joe tells

“She’s always scrutinized by the world and [it’s great] to watch her go to other countries and see women talk about what is beautiful there,” he told Us Friday at a gala in Beverly Hills for the international charity Operation Smile. “We were just in Uganda, and a beauty ambassador [there] knew Jessica’s total story about her weight and blah, blah, blah. [She said] to Jessica that it’s about who you are inside, which is the message of our show.”

Asked if he has given his daughter, 29, any advice on how to handle the weight issue, Joe told Us, “I don’t have to tell her anything anymore. She’s wise.”

He said he also brushes off any criticism aimed at Jessica or his other daughter Ashlee.

“The girls are wonderful kids who have so much to offer, and as a father, the greatest frustration in the world is that people are told who they are instead of knowing who they are,” he said. “So the hardest thing for me as a parent is to say that’s not who my child is; you don’t know the girl because she’s the same girl she’s always been. She’s with children in Uganda or children in Japan or Thailand — she has an open heart and loves these people. I think you’ll see that on our show. I think it’s the greatest show that women can experience because it’s all women all around the world talking about beauty and the message is always the same: It starts inside.”

What can viewers expect?

Jessica “becomes a Geisha in Japan,” Joe told Us. “In Uganda, we sat in a fattening hut because, in Uganda … fat is beautiful. So the bigger you are, the more beautiful you are. She was with a girl who had been in a hut preparing for her wedding for two months and 25 days on a 5,000 calorie-a-day diet.”

Next stop: Morocco.

“It’s going to be beautiful,” he said.

Jessica agreed, telling Us, “It’s going to be amazing … we’re leaving the day after tomorrow I think.”


Photos: Ashlee's Bday Party in Las Vegas

October 3, 2009: Jessica Simpson celebrates Ashlee’s birthday in Wet Republic, MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Thanks to: Radekk! :)

Photos: Ashlee’s Bday Party in Las Vegas

October 3, 2009: Jessica Simpson celebrates Ashlee’s birthday in Wet Republic, MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Thanks to: Radekk! :)

Photos: Operation Smile Gala, Oct 2 2009

I’ve added many more photos of Jess at the Operation Smile Gala :)

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Photos: Operation Smile Gala, Oct 2 2009

I’ve uploaded high quality photos of Jessica at the Operation Smile Gala on October 2nd! So pretty! :)

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(Videos) America United performances

I just love these performances from America United: the confidence, the voice, the dancing – perfection :) Enjoy!

New HairDo styles!

I love those, so pretty :)


Scan: People, October 5 2009

I’ve added scan from October 5 issue of People magazine.

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Candids: Encino, CA, September 19 2009

September 19, 2009: Jessica Simpson seen leaving the Vino restaurant in Encino, CA after celebrating Stephanie’s birthday with her friends.

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(Video) Jessica in Brazil

Jessica Travels To Africa For New Reality Show

14 Jessica Simpson has temporarily left her posh LA digs behind to travel to Africa. The reality starlet has headed to Uganda for filming of her upcoming reality show, “The Price Of Beauty,” and she appears to be still adjusting to life outside America.

“WTF?!? Do I really have to sleep like this?” Jessica Tweeted on Wednesday and posted a photo of her mosquito net draped bed.

The following day, Jessica appeared to be getting used to life abroad a little more.

“LOVED my first day in Uganda meeting incredible women filled with spirit,” she said in another Twitter post.

But, Jessica still had concerns about her sleeping arrangements, writing, “bedtime in the tent is questionable.think brookstone sleep”


Martha Stewart’s apology to Jessica

Martha Stewart sounded a bit harsh when she said Jessica Simpson “should” have been more careful watching her dog Daisy. Daisy was snatched by a coyote, leaving Simpson devastated. Things happen! Be a comfort in times of loss.

Thursday on her show, Stewart took a different approach:

“I said that she should have been watching her dog more closely, but I feel very, very sorry for anybody that loses a pet. Jessica, I hope you find your pet, but if you don’t, I’m really sorry that you lost one.”


Happy Birthday Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

WET REPUBLIC at MGM Grand will welcome Ashlee Simpson-Wentz of the new hit CW series Melrose Place to celebrate her 25th birthday, Saturday, Oct. 3. The sexy redhead will be joined by her sister Jessica Simpson as they head to the hottest Las Vegas pool destination for an afternoon of partying under the sun.

The famous duo will get the party started as they escape from their busy schedules to let loose in Sin City. Simpson-Wentz is best known her successful music and acting career and is most recently recognized for her role as Violet Foster on the remake of Melrose Place. She is married to Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz.


SKNET is 7!

Wow, can’t believe the site has been online for 7 years already! :) There’s been ups and downs but somehow we’ve managed to keep on going. Thanks for visiting! Hopefully we can get to 10 years, that would be something! ;)

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