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“The Orange Bowl”
Season: 4
Episode: #6

Episode recap:

Even the best laid plans can go awry-as we see when Nick and Jessica head to Miami for the Orange Bowl. Nick keeps calling to make sure they have a suite reserved to watch the game in. After a week of hitting dead ends, he finds out they’ll need to share with Ashlee.

The couple heads to dinner at Smith and Wollensky with several of their close friends. The restaurant is out of some of its well-known dishes, including the calamari. Jessica gets the squid dish confused with octopus. “It could be an octopus if it wanted to be,” she says. Jamie Lynn Sigler and her husband, A.J., arrive later in the evening. Jessica shows them her new emerald ring, which A.J. drops when he tries to get a closer look. Although the group laughs this off, Nick doesn’t find it as funny when a waiter spills butter on Jessica’s dress. He only grows angrier when the wait staff slinks off to the side and snickers. “Who’s the waiter who spilled all over my wife’s a**?” he demands.

The next day, the gang heads out to catch some rays on a yacht. As game time approaches, Nick starts to get a little anxious. Back at the house, he keeps everyone on a tight schedule. The party bus ends up getting stuck in traffic as Nick nervously barks orders at the driver.

At the game, he plays armchair quarterback, hooting and hollering at each play. Jessica sits on pins and needles during her sister’s halftime performance. Things get off to a bad start when Kelly Clarkson’s sound doesn’t turn on during the start of the set. To make matters worse, Ashlee proceeds to lose both of her ear pieces. Jessica further worries over the delay between the live show and the telecast. In the end, however, Jessica is proud of her sister’s ability to hit her notes without her ear pieces.

Once they get back home, Nick starts work on his own recording studio. Meanwhile, Jessica has to learn a car stunt for the Dukes of Hazzard. When she shows up to the set in heels, the instructor asks her to wear tennis shoes instead. She winds up switching with one of her friends. The instructor teaches her to swerve between the cones. “Remember this is work, not fun,” he tells her. She enjoys herself anyway and laughs that it is like learning how to outrun the paparazzi. When she arrives home, Nick scoops her up and shows her the new studio. Although she’s not a fan of the “banana couch,” she likes how it turned out.


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