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“New Year’s Eve”
Season: 4
Episode: #5

Episode recap:

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, Jessica comes home from filming in Louisiana to ring in 2005 with Nick and some good friends. They decide to jet to Miami, but before they do, Nick asks Jessica if she wants to go out to eat. Jessica replies that not only does she want to go out to eat, she wants to go on a date. At the restaurant Jessica orders chicken with macaroni and cheese, a special treat for her since she has been on a strict diet for the past few months.

After the meal Jessica complains that she is stuffed but says that the macaroni and cheese was amazing. Back home, the two go online in search of a place to stay in Miami. Jessica leaves the decision to Nick, and he picks a seven-bedroom house. Surely that will be enough room for all the friends they have coming.

Jessica begins to feel to sick to her stomach from the macaroni and cheese. She huddles on the floor in pain and says that she feels “pregnant with air.” She asks Nick to rub her belly and he refuses, joking that Daisy can lie on top of it instead. Jessica heads to the bathroom and Nick tells her to take a book to read while on the toilet.

When the couple hits Miami their New Year’s plans hit a few snags. Not only is a tropical storm brewing, when they are given a tour of the house it comes to their attention that only six bedrooms are ready to stay in. To make matters worse, the hot tub is broken.

Everyone shakes off this bad start and focuses on having fun. As they lounge outside and sunbathe, CaCee nervously points out a small round mark on her skin: could it be ringworm? A quick Internet consultation by Nick yields the answer: maybe.

During a heated argument over games, it is revealed that Jessica believes African to be a language. Later, Jessica and the girls shop and are mobbed by fans who follow them in and out of stores. Jessica buys Nick a shirt to wear that night but he ends up going with a shirt he’s borrowed from a friend instead.

A private chef prepares a dinner of comfort foods like steak for the group. Even Daisy the puppy gets some. They discuss their resolutions and Jessica says she does not have one, because she would only break it if she did. Nick vows to have a less stressful year and notes that this was also his resolution last year. At midnight the group toasts to a happy 2005 and Jessica pops open a fresh bottle of champagne.


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