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“Training Daisy”
Season: 4
Episode: #3

Episode recap:

It’s all fun and games until someone poops on the carpet. After six months of living with the newlyweds, Daisy is as disobedient as ever. Jessica continues to feed her leftover scraps, leaving Nick to clean up the mess.

Nick and Jessica head out for a movie and food shopping. When they return, the pups are hungry. Jessica hands them scraps that have been in the refrigerator for a week. Nick warns her that it might make the dogs sick. Daisy won’t even touch her regular dog food. “You two are little piglettes,” Jessica teases. Nick notices Daisy is acting funny later that night. Sure enough, she went to the bathroom on the carpet again. Jessica says she doesn’t understand why the dog is sick. She begs Nick not to spank or get mad at Daisy. Nick puts his foot down. It is time to get a trainer.

The trainers arrive to survey the damage. They want to know every detail about Daisy’s routine and schedule. Daisy won’t wear a collar or a leash. She also doesn’t take vitamins or supplements. She has yet to be brushed or given a bath. “Anything she doesn’t initially like, Jessica won’t make her do,” Nick confesses.

The trainers have their work cut out. They start with her eating habits. From there, they move to potty training. Nick’s methods are “old school.” Instead of bringing the dog back to the accident and making her smell it, the trainers suggest a time-out. Daisy is to be put in a cage set up by the accident and left there for ten minutes.

Nick and Jessica learn a variety of different tricks to teach the dog. Nick quickly grows frustrated with Daisy as he tells her to sit over and over again. “I can tell who has more patience here,” the trainer says. Before she leaves, the trainer gives Daisy a series of homework assignments to be done that night.

Jessica tries to get Daisy to start her assignment, but she doesn’t want to move. “She acts like any other kid,” she says. Daisy is more interested in stealing the treat than learning. Nick watches the football game while Jessica gets to work. “Daddy doesn’t care about homework,” Jessica says. “But Momma does.”

They take Daisy to her vet for a check-up. She is doing well two weeks after her surgery, but should not run or jump. She’s also getting too big for her Louis Vuitton bag. “I feel like an abusive mother putting her in that one,” Jessica says. Nick says he will take her to get a bigger bag. Jessica lights up at the prospect of going to the Louis Vuitton store. Although Nick believes the dog doesn’t know the difference between a designer bag and a regular, they head over to the store. It doesn’t take long for Jessica to snatch up the complete set – leash, collar and larger bag. “It’s sad when the cheapest thing in the equation is the actual dog,” Nick says.


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