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“Newlyweds Two Year Anniversary”
Season: 4
Episode: #1

Episode recap:

It’s the night before their two year anniversary, and Nick and Jessica are in a limo on their way home, discussing presents. Nick says that Jessica is hard to buy for and complains that she never wears the jewelry he gets her for more than a few months. Jessica insists that he’s wrong.

The next day, the anniversary celebration begins when a delivery man drops off some large boxes for Nick. Jessica tells him that this is part one of his present from her, and when Nick opens the packages he finds stylish new wheels for his truck. That night, Jessica makes a point of showing Nick that she is wearing the bracelet he got her for Christmas.

After dinner that night, Nick presents Jessica with a handwritten card. This gesture proves to be anticlimactic because Jessica can’t read his writing and asks him to read it to her later. She then gives Nick a pair of diamond earrings and receives a “chunky” diamond bracelet from him. She is blown away and Nick comments that they are such a “nouveau riche” couple.

For the remainder of their anniversary weekend, Nick has planned a trip to Napa Valley. They leave the next day with their dog and embark on a helicopter ride to their hotel. The first stop is a winery where they are able to taste a variety of different wines. At lunch, their hostess takes them outside with a bottle of wine, which she breaks open with a huge knife–a ritual act of celebration. The couple is impressed but a little freaked out. Nick comments that he’s never seen such a big knife before. During their meal Jessica asks a thought-provoking question: How did they make wine back in Jesus’ day? Nick can only laugh at her.

Next they learn how to make wine for themselves. They go into the field to pick grapes and Nick decides to be the first one to stomp them. Jessica is a little grossed out by the process, but she tries it anyway.

The last stop on their tour of Napa is a fancy meal that has been prepared especially for them. Before the food is even served, Jessica looks at the menu and doesn’t like what she sees. She decides she isn’t going to be adventurous in what she eats, and secretly gives all her food to Nick once the waitress is gone. She gives dessert a try, but it turns out that even the ice cream tastes strange. Later the chef comes out to greet them and they both tell him the food was wonderful. “I feel so bad!” Jessica says.

With their anniversary festivities over, Jessica and Nick return to their hotel for one last treat. Nick surprises her with a piece of wedding cake and champagne. As they eat, Jessica comments that it’s been a long two years. “It feels like we’ve been together forever,” she says. And Nick agrees.


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