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“The Travelling Newlyweds”
Season: 3
Episode: #8

Episode recap:

Another glimpse into the life of the most famous pair of Newlyweds starts off with Nick, Jessica and CaCee sitting around and discussing their plans for the next few days. Jess and CaCee are set to jump from plane to plane all across America, while Nick and Drew head to Fiji for the Kelly Slater Surf Invitational.

The next day, it’s departure time. Jess’s bodyguard sits on the stairs waiting and waiting as Jessica and CaCee do some last minute packing. They finally get on their way just as Nick and Drew arrive in Fiji. The two guys are greeted by some local tribesman whose parents were cannibals, and lucky them, they will be their tour guides. Nick and Drew are unfazed as they joke that they are going to have a romantic time together as they stare into the beautifully romantic sunset.

While Nick and Drew might be gazing into each other’s eyes, or possibly whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, Jess and CaCee are working hard. Straight off a plane from New York, Jess arrives at QVC to promote her makeup line “Dessert.” Jess’s beloved products sold like brownies at a bake sale, pulling in half a million dollars in just 15 minutes.

Back on Fiji Island, Nick and Drew are taking a little helicopter tour. They drop in to meet up with another tour guide so they can go white water rafting. While the boys are kickin’ it leisurely, Jess and CaCee are getting ready for a performance. It turns out Jessica has to sing for an hour, but doesn’t have an hours worth of material… oops! She makes up on time by working the crowd, and picking one lucky male fan to serenade on stage – so long as he promises not to touch her butt or anything. In true Jess style, mid-song, she stops and tells her fan through the microphone, “Sorry if my breath stinks!” Oh, Jessica.

Still on the raft in beautiful, exotic Fiji, Nick and Drew are getting a little culinary lesson about the region. A diet of fruitbats, big frogs with big eyes, horses or dogs doesn’t sound too appealing to the guys, but then again neither do people!! It turns out that the Fijians embraced the first missionary to ever come to the island by cooking him up for a little feast. Nick and Drew seem slightly appalled, and to their further dismay, they find out that this was only about 10 years ago. But they shake it off, because they have bigger predators to worry about: Sharks. Nick seems a little concerned about surfing because of the sharks, and won’t even take the surf teacher’s advice that “the shark is your friend – they are only interested in fish.” What could be so unsettling about a “blasé attitude” about sharks? You got me, but Nick expresses his skepticism to Drew.

After her show in San Diego, Jess is off to her video shoot for the song “Angels.” They are prepping to shoot a scene where white homing pigeons will be flying behind Jess as she sings. It would be a good idea if Jess didn’t hate birds, but it goes over surprisingly well nonetheless.

Back in Fiji, the guys are shopping for male sarongs based on the maxim, “when in Fiji, do as the Fijians do.” Getting ready to accept their invitation to have dinner with the Prime Minister, the boys are getting a little crash course in Fijian customs. Meanwhile, Jess has a ‘Janet Jackson moment’ on the set of her video while singing with an orchestra backing her. The orchestra gets quite a show as Casey steps in to fix the ‘wardrobe malfunction.’

On the island, Nick is partaking in the Celebrity Challenge part of the Kelly Slater Invitational. Going against Tony Hawk, among others, Nick shows off his forte for wiping out. Drew watches on in disappointment as Nick falls off of his surf board like it’s his job. Finally, when all hope is just about lost, Nick gets a great ride -watch out pro’s!

The girls have returned home, just as wiped out as Nick on a surf board. They struggle to carry their suitcases up the stairs. Nick and Drew are getting ready to leave Fiji, the same place where Nick and Jess went on their honeymoon. Nick compares his two experiences on the island, sarcastically claiming that sleeping next to Drew was more romantic. As a montage of brotherly love trails off and fades to black, another chapter in the Lachey and Simpson legacy is closed.


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