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“Nick & Joe”
Season: 3
Episode: #7

Episode recap:

With all the stress of their glamorous lives in the Hollywood hills, it seems like our Newlyweds may be ready for a vacation. “Jess, lets go!” yells Nick as he tries to get Jess outta the house. These two, CaCee, Joe (Jess’s Dad), Ashlee, and the rest of their entourage are headed out to Cabo San Lucas for a little r&r while Jess goes on a cover shoot for Elle, her favorite magazine.

They arrive and are stunned by how beautiful their vacation destination is–crystal clear water, a hot sun, and exotic plants and animals all around. Jess’s cover shoot is on a closed set, so Nick and Joe have to find something to do for the day. Nick wants to go ATV riding and Joe decides to come along in lieu of CaCee’s warning that ATV riding is dangerous enough to kill them. Nick and Joe are excited for their little excursion, and are hoping to use this vacation to make up for lost time in an attempt to get to know each other better. After a little trouble getting their ATVs started, the guys are ready to rock n’ roll, and drive out to the sandy course. Joe loves his ATV, and after initially saying he was going to take it slow, he is now zooming all over the place, and even getting to the top of the hills Nick can’t make it up.

That night everyone heads out to eat at a nice restaurant, where the dinner conversation revolves around rodents and wood…hmmmm. “Is a woodchuck a squirrel? Then what’s a beaver?” No one can seem to follow Jessica’s train of thought, especially after she starts insisting that acorns must be made out of wood because they aren’t edible, and the Eskimos used beavers as snow shoes. The conversation is a little over our heads, “I’m so confused,” says CaCee. Nick and Joe continue the hope that their relationship will grow with this vacation. They decide to go golfing, but to Nick’s frustration, Joe seems to have his cell phone attached to his ear. Then when Joe finally hangs up, Nick gets on the phone, and by the end of the green, the guys have barely had any time to chat.

Meanwhile, the girls are all lying out by the pool sunning themselves and chatting about Jess’s photo shoot where the clothing was all beautiful Ralph Lauren pieces. Joe and Nick come back to meet the girls by the pool, and soon it is time for dinner. This time, the dinner talk has to do with the oysters CaCee ordered, and whether they make you aroused as Jess is convinced they do. Arousal turns to talk of Justin Timberlake, “Every girl in the club wants to be with him” says Jess, and Nick looks a little pissed off at where this conversation is going.

In the morning, it’s a new day and time for a new adventure for Nick and Joe. The boys are booked to go fishing with their friends on an amazing boat, and after heading out to sea, manage to catch a giant 140 pound Marlin. Nick reels in this mother fish, but is disappointed when their instructor cuts it free before the guys get to have a good look at it. Later, Jessica comes on board, thinking she’s in for a nice relaxing cruse, but when the boat takes off and the wind starts to blow, she realizes she might be overboard in a few minutes. Jess finally finds her footing, and gets to talk to Nick alone for a few minutes of peace, “How was it with my dad?” she asks. Nick thinks for a few minutes, “It was cool” he says. Looks like this was another awesome vacation for our favorite newlyweds.


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