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“Celebrity Issues”
Season: 3
Episode: #3

Episode recap:

What comes with the celebrity status of fame and fortune? Attention…lots of it, and Jessica and Nick are starting to realize this may not be the life they bargained for. An ordinary shopping trip turns into a paparazzi frenzy for Jessica and CaCee, as the girls get cornered into one boutique. They eventually escape out the back door, but even this doesn’t stop the unabashed cameramen from chasing the girls down the street in an attempt to snag a good shot. Meanwhile, back at the house, Nick and his brother Drew are hanging out wondering how the kids in the backyard tracked them down, when a crazy fan calls Nick’s cell and leaves an even crazier message. The guys are still trying to figure out this message when Jessica calls to warn Nick that she and CaCee are returning home, but that their car is surrounded by a plague of paparazzi that have almost run the girls off the road.

Later that night, Jess, CaCee, and Nick go out to dinner, but as they are asked for autograph after autograph, a damper sets in on the meal. Nick and Jess bicker about whether Nick has a valid point in believing that Hooters girls make an honest living, and Nick shocks Jess by challenging her, “what’s more exposing, a Hooters outfit or your Blender cover?” It’s starting to seem as if Nick has buried himself in a hole he will never get out of, but he goes further by saying that arguing with Jessica is as effective as arguing with his spoon.

The next day, when Jessica receives a prank call on her cell, the newlyweds decide that it’s time to switch their phone numbers. Jessica and CaCee drive down to the cellular store, and Jess is once again hassled by a cameraman. Later that evening, Nick and Jessica go out for what they hope will be a quiet dinner, but as their area of the restaurant fills up with expectant onlookers, they realize a nice quiet evening can only entail staying at home. “Ohh Jess, life’s a changin’,” says Nick. “I think were gonna’ find leaving the house is a lot harder than it used to be.” Jess contemplates what a weird life the couple now leads. “I wish all these people would just go away,” she says sadly.

The couple decides enough is enough, and go to Palm Springs with Jessica’s family for an Easter vacation. As Nick and Jessica’s dad head out golfing, the girls settle into blending some mixed drinks and tanning topless by the pool, an activity soon interrupted by the return of the guys. Later, everyone pitches in to cook up a nice Easter BBQ and munch on burgers and some spilled baked beans which only Nick manages to enjoy, as they share the story of Passover over their Easter meal.

Soon it’s time to go home to L.A., and for Nick and Jess this means stepping back into their new reality. “I don’t know if I like this lifestyle anymore,” says Jessica, as some new fans show up at the door. The couple can only hope that the attention they are receiving will soon lighten up so that life for the newlyweds can return to normal.


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