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“CaCee Moves In”
Season: 3
Episode: #1

Episode recap:

Does anyone know a good maid service? That’s the question Jessica asks everyone throughout this episode. Jessica and Nick kick off brand new episodes, but this time America’s endearing twosome are now an uneven threesome. CaCee, Jessica’s best friend and newly hired personal assistant, is staying with them until she finds her own place. It’s easy to see how CaCee and Jessica get along so well. Nick puts it best when he says, “It’s like having two Jessicas!” Both giggle a lot and say things that could make any scholar cringe…just ask CaCee what exactly that tequila slogan is to see how. So, does anyone know a good maid service? Nick takes CaCee on an apartment hunt while Jess is at a meeting, but a very picky CaCee does not have much luck. And so it’s off to Houston. Nick and Jessica are scheduled to perform at the Houston Livestock Show together. They arrive in Texas with their entourage, of course including their jokingly ‘common law adoption,’ CaCee, and Jess’s new American Express Black Card–an elite credit card that features full valet service nationwide.

Maybe the card can provide a good maid service? The group discusses Nick’s bracket pool for the NCAA Basketball Championship, one of his favorite things as a huge Cincinnati Bearcats fan. Jess enters the pool, randomly picking Georgia Tech, when she doesn’t know the first thing about the team, rankings, or the tournament itself. But getting back to Houston, Nick and Jessica go to the rodeo. Jess says it’s “like the state fair, but with bull riding,” and proceeds in pursuit of petting some pigs, her favorite animals, but is appalled by their stench. The two go on to feed the goats in the petting zoo, but the goats decide they would rather feed on Nick’s T-shirt, and leave a big wet mark behind. A golden Jessica Moment unfolds when she renames wallabies “koalabees” upon sighting them. Later in the evening, Nick and Jess sing their hearts out for a very pleased crowd.

When they return to their home sweet home, we watch a head-to-toe Cincinnati Bearcats-uniformed Nick yell at the TV, cry out with joy, and grunt in pain as his beloved team wins the first round and loses the second of the NCAA Championship. Meanwhile, in discussion of what future Nick & Jessica kids will be like, Jessica exclaims in irony that their projected son will want to be a “Ballerino,” the masculine version of a ballerina, instead of a basketball player to satisfy Nick’s obsession with the sport. This gets a laugh out of CaCee, but Jessica certainly has the last laugh with Nick, as it turns out that Nick’s brackets show Jessica winning the NCAA pool with her random choices. Nick calls it a fluke, but Jessica insists that she just knows what she’s doing.

Seriously, though, we need to find a good maid service. Jessica finds dusty corners in a supposedly clean house, and deems this not acceptable. But Nick trusts the cleaning lady and doesn’t want to find another one, making it hard for Jess to give her the boot. That and the fact that she can’t seem to find another one anyway! Just another glimpse at the glamorous life of our favorite married couple.


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