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“Puppy Maddness”
Season: 2
Episode: #8

Episode recap:

It’s a dog eat dog world in the land of Nick and Jessica. While Jessica looks up types of pet dogs and their prices, Nick makes himself a sandwich on moldy bread. This may be the first time Jessica has done research while Nick doesn’t pay attention.

Jessica says she likes her mother’s new dog, Maggie, because she is small and prissy and big dogs have big tongues. And for Jessica, that just isn’t acceptable. While Jessica and her mother root for the smaller dog, Nick’s brother Drew advises him to get a big dog that can take care of Jessica when Nick isn’t home. That seems to be an airtight excuse to get Nick’s dream dog–a husky.

Jessica faces a few obstacles when she arrives in New Orleans to sing the National Anthem at the Sugar Bowl. First, seeing a nasty cockroach in her limo leaves Jessica tongue-tied and propped on Nick’s lap. Jessica’s second problem comes when she receives a phone call that her hairdresser cannot make it to New Orleans to primp her locks because of some mishap with another client’s credit card being denied. That’s definitely some diva drama.

As Jessica sits in the car in tears about showing off her unkempt hair to millions of people, Nick decides to give her a pep-talk and tell her she is being ridiculous because life is about more than just hair, and she will be beautiful no matter what. Where’s that Husband of the Year award?

Jessica cannot fathom how the other client’s credit card could ever be denied, but rather than dwell on the Canadian queen’s banking problems, she travels from beauty shop to beauty shop in New Orleans, looking for the perfect hair extensions. Once she finds the right weave, and puts it all in place, it’s time to sing for the entire stadium.

When Nick and Jessica return from their trip to New Orleans, they meet with a couple who wants to sell them two beautiful huskies. Before the couple arrives, Jessica tries–and fails–to make pancakes for breakfast. Nick overlooks the lack of cooking ability and is in his glory when the two dogs come to the house and play in his yard, but Jessica is a bit skeptical about the dogs and complains they will be too big.

When Nick tries to explain that he and Jessica could get one husky and one smaller dog, stating that it would form camaraderie between two different types of dogs, Jessica becomes confused because in her mind, “camaraderie means attention.”

As usual, fair is fair in the Newlywed house, so Jessica gets the chance to look at smaller dogs–and falls in love with them. She feels smaller dogs are easier to take care of because they have smaller poop–it’s a good theory. However, dogs will be dogs, and the couple is left at a standstill in the dog department.


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