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“Jessica’s Dessert”
Season: 2
Episode: #7

Episode recap:

“A-E-I-O-U!” That was Jessica’s response in seventh grade history class when her teacher asked what the continents were. Jessica’s come a long way since then.

This week Nick and Jessica travel to New York City. Jessica is shooting a campaign for her new “Dessert” line of edible beauty products. The only thing that is holding Jessica back from a stellar, sexy photo shoot is that her photographer only has one thumb and that makes her uncomfortable.

February is a busy month for the starlet because of the performances she must do at the Superbowl and The Golden Globes. However, despite the hectic schedule, Jessica still finds time to have her hair touched up at a trendy Madison Avenue salon. On their downtime, Jessica and Nick hang out in their hotel room and fight over who gets to be in control of the remote. Nick is a guy’s guy and loves Sportscenter, while Jessica feels her knowledge of things (such as the continents) could get her onto Family Feud.

When the couple meets up with Nick’s brother Drew and his wife, the conversation takes a turn for the worst when Nick informs his wife that new rumors have surfaced that she is pregnant. Jessica is calm about the situation and suggests that the idea of her being pregnant is illogical, because she wants to have a dog first.

Jessica finally gets to go to her photo shoot for “Dessert,” where the concept is her licking cupcake icing off her finger. While that would be considered fun for anyone else, Jessica gets a stomachache midway through and throws up.

The shoot was rescheduled for Jessica, because they soon realized it wasn’t the icing–it was a 24-hour flu. In her usual melodramatic way though, Jessica crawls to her hotel room on her hands and knees because of her condition.

By the end of the episode, Jessica informs her husband that babies are delivered by seagulls, which he endearingly corrects to “storks.” As if Nick’s patience hasn’t been tested enough, he continues to help Jessica out when she calls from the lunch table with her mother and interrupts his alone time at ESPN Zone, to ask about the origins of different kinds of pork. The laughs never stop with Nick and Jessica, and neither does the meaningless trivia.


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