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“The French Language”
Season: 2
Episode: #4

Episode recap:

Jessica and Nick are taking part in a skit for VH1 and Jessica is a bit nervous because she has twice as many lines as Nick and can’t pronounce most of them. Some of the words are French which would explain the difficulty, but the other words are in English…and she still has trouble. When Jessica gets to the shoot she begins to read over the script with her mother. She muddles through ‘Au Revior,’ the French word for goodbye, and then moves to her native language. Words like ‘minions,’ ‘lair,’ ‘dissemination,’ and ‘subsequent’ give her a lot of trouble. But she is a pop star and has more important things to think about then how to say dissemination! The shoot goes well despite the language barrier and the couple head off to another shoot.

Nick is off to meet Jessica at the United Way shoot. As Jessica gets ready for the shoot she discusses the specifics of Elephantiasis with her make-up artist. Very lady-like. This shoot goes smoothly and the couple finally head home together to relax.

The relaxing doesn’t go on for long. Soon Nick is packing his bags to head out to Detroit to be in a Thanksgiving Day parade. Unfortunately, he will miss part of Thanksgiving, but, hey, it’s all part of the pop star life. When Nick gets to Detroit it is cold and rainy but he puts on a smile, does his interviews and gets on the float. Soon he is gliding down the streets of Detroit. The weather just gets worse and worse but Nick won’t let it bring him down, he keeps smiling and waving to all his fans.

Soon Nick is on his way to Texas to meet up with Jess and her family. While he’s in the limo, Nick and his friend turn on the game. Nick and Jessica did a halftime show and he’s been looking forward to seeing it. Unfortunately, when the spot airs Nick is nowhere to be found. They cut him out completely and only air Jessica. They didn’t even mention his name. Jessica tells him not to let it ruin his Thanksgiving, but he is really upset.

Once in Texas, the couple spend some time at Jessica’s house with her family. Jessica even helps make some fudge which Nick is very impressed by. Soon the whole family heads out to a fancy restaurant for their Thanksgiving dinner. At dinner, Nick excuses himself to use the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom, he is stopped by fans left and right. People ask him for autographs and pictures and some guys even put Nick on the phone with his girlfriend– while he’s still in the bathroom. To most this might be intrusive, but it was just what Nick needed to lift his spirits. He returns to the table laughing about the whole adventure.


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