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“Jessica Cooks Dinner”
Season: 1
Episode: #10

Episode recap:

On the season finale, Nick is tired of eating out every night and pleads with Jessica to make a home-cooked meal. Jessica agrees to prepare a romantic dinner but only after her manicure and pedicure (that must help with the cooking process)! When Jessica gets home from the grocery store at nine o’clock, she apologizes for her delay saying, “I didn’t know that my manicure was going to run so long.” Unfortunately, she can’t make dinner in time for the movie that they are suppose to see with Drew and Lea. Nick tries to calm down Jessica by telling her she can just make dinner the following night instead. When Nick calls Drew and Lea they have already eaten and are ready for the movies. Jessica pouts, “Lea has dinner on the table and I have dinner in grocery sacks.”

The next day, Jessica gets started on her cooking adventure. She manages to pull together a really great dinner for Nick with only a few slip-ups and minor burns. Meanwhile, Nick has secretly conjured up a romantic getaway for the two of them, setting up hotel reservations and a hot-air balloon ride.

Nick tries to keep the trip under wraps, but Jessica finds out anyway, so he tricks her into thinking they’re going to Tijuana, Mexico. Packing her bag she realizes that she can’t find her passport. With time ticking away, an eager Nick is forced to tell Jessica that she doesn’t need the passport because they are not going to Mexico. Now a frustrated Nick and a confused Jessica get in the car to San Diego. Driving off, Jessica finds her passport. “Oh! Here it is!”

Several hours later they arrive at their hotel in San Diego. After commenting on how beautiful it is, Jessica and Nick toast to their love and happiness and Nick tells Jessica to get dressed and ready for the next planned event. Not knowing where she is going, Jessica wears high heels. Little did she know they were heading to a horse race. With her heels sinking in the dirt, Jessica finally manages to get to her seat. Soon, Nick leaves to make a phone call to make sure his other plans are still good to go. Unfortunately, he finds out that his hot-air balloon finale can’t happen due to weather conditions. Ironically, at the same time, the horse Nick picked lost. Jessica exclaims, “Nick is not having a lucky day.”

After the horse race they head off to the harbor where Nick has planned a romantic cruise. Arriving at the dock Jessica asks the man standing by the boat, “Are you the skipper?” to which he replies, “No. I’m the captain.” Coming home from the cruise, Nick tells Jessica to hurry up and get dressed for dinner; however, upon opening the door, Jessica is dazzled by the beautiful candlelight dinner awaiting her. Nick then tells Jessica how much he loves her and she kisses him in appreciation.

The next morning the weather clears up and Nick is able to take Jessica on the balloon ride. Jessica is excited because she always wanted to go on a hot-air balloon and now her dream has finally come true. The trip ends up being a success despite a few obstacles and the two lovebirds drive back home relaxed from their romantic getaway.


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