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“Buffalo Wings”
Season: 1
Episode: #6

Episode recap:

Nick and Jessica’s careers are shifting into high gear and that means less time for them to spend together. Jessica is on her way to Orlando to sing at a Fourth of July event and Nick is going to meet up with her there. “This is the beginning of some long separations for the two of us,” says Jess.

While Jessica is away, Nick deals with it like any other man: he goes clubbing with his friends. Is that a bikini contest? Nick, are you the judge? Jessica tries to get in contact with Nick but the music from the club is just too loud and he can’t hear his phone. After they are reunited in Orlando, Jessica asks Nick why he was clubbing rather than talking to her. “I would have understood if you were working, but you weren’t. You were playing.” She only talked to him for seven minutes that day and that was not enough.

Nick wants to make it up to Jessica so he plans a getaway with Drew and Lea so they can all have some fun in the sun. The two couples arrive in the Bahamas a couple days later and start the relaxing. They stay in the best hotel on the island and begin their first evening there with a glass of champagne. Afterwards, they head out to dinner. Lea asks Jessica if she has tried the buffalo wings and Jessica tells her, “I don’t eat buffalo.” Nick has a moment of disbelief. Surely his wife realizes that buffalo wings are made out of chicken. Drew then makes an excellent point. “You don’t find it weird that buffalos don’t have wings?” Jessica responds, “I never thought about it.”

The rest of the trip is spent drinking on the beach after sunset, parasailing on sunny afternoons, tanning, and playing with dolphins. Jessica says, “I definitely faced a lot of fears. I had a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun being adventurous. I faced my fears of dolphins, of sharks, of heights. I was just kind of adventurous for the first time ever. I think Nick was very very proud of me.”


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