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“The Platypus”
Season: 1
Episode: #5

Episode recap:

It’s all about respect, relief and reckless guys on senior scooters. From the roller coaster of celebrity to the thrills of the amusement park, Nick and Jessica strap themselves in for a wild ride.

The newlyweds are battling their respective record labels–Nick about the choice of his next single and Jessica over how to sing hers. Time off with friends, just outside of Cincinnati, helps relieve some of the pressures. The pair lets loose at the same amusement park where Nick–lady-killer in training–used to serenade the honeys. They brave the Flight of Fear together and Jessica shows her skills at the basketball toss (not!). Later, Jessica struggles with the word platypus… or is it platamupus? (I dunno, ask Jessica).

Still feeling a bit of excess tension, though, Jessica goes for a run with Nick’s sister-in-law, Lea. Later, Nick tussles with the lackeys at the label and wins his battle to issue the single of his choice–“Shut Up!” One victory secured, it’s time to paartay and the couple and their crew head to Cincinnati for some clubbing. Nick and Jessica grind it on the dance floor and Nick raises a glass (or two or ten) in celebration.

The morning after. Nick displays his beer tan and Jessica her record-breaking trucker belch. Over greasy fast food, Jessica contemplates the possibility of puking on her “new” grandpa and then needs to “drop some kids into the pool.” (Hint: these kids are a bit stinky and the pool is the kind you flush). Cut to the Twin Towers Retirement Community and Nick and Drew, rehearsing the song they’ll sing at their grandma’s wedding to fiancĂ© Walt. Much to the enjoyment of Jessica and Lea, Nick struggles to remember the words to a song he wrote.

At the ceremony, the sound guy struggles with the P.A., but Nick and Drew manage to deliver a tear-jerking performance anyway. Jessica cuts the cake, while Nick cautions grandma and Walt to be careful driving home.

All’s well that ends well as Nick lovingly coaches Jessica through a challenging vocal session at the recording studio. Awwww!


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