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“Newlyweds Go Golfing”
Season: 1
Episode: #4

Episode recap:

On this episode of the Newlyweds, Nick is scheduled to go to the Playboy mansion for an interview and a Spike TV party. Nick doesn’t tell Jessica that he is planning on going but she eventually finds out and is she not pleased. “I don’t really like the fact that you’re going to be going to the Playboy mansion. I mean, why would I be excited about that?” Nick is left in the Jacuzzi, by himself, to reflect. Will he choose to make his wife happy and stay home or will he party like a rock star with hot half-naked chicks? I wonder…

In Nick’s defense, he does try to get out of the event to make Jessica happy but with a little push from his publicist, Nick is convinced it would good for his career to go. Don’t worry Jess, Drew will be there to keep an eye on him.

After Jess gets back in town, Nick plans a day of golfing so they can blow off some steam together. He invites Drew and Lea and the two couples head out for a day of fun on the fairway. Before they get to golfing, they stop at the pro shop to pick up some golfing paraphernalia. Jess, who knows nothing about golfing, gets a golf glove. When some fellow golfers are caught staring at the famous couple Jessica remarks, “We’re being stared at. Is it because my glove is so spiffy?”

Once the couples hit the course the real fun begins. Nick tries to give Jessica some tips on how to properly stand and hit the ball. Jessica gives it a good shot but isn’t what you would call a natural. Her boobs get in the way, her hands hurt, and after only a couple minutes she’s “sick of it.” There is only one thing that will bring this diva into the golfing mood and that’s driving the cart. And drive the cart she will. (Cut to montage of Jessica causing a ruckus on the golf cart. She’s driving on greens, almost hitting other carts, and she is way over the speed limit. It’s madness, sheer madness.)

On their way out of the clubhouse one of the instructors offers his card in case anyone wants to take lessons. It’s a nice gesture but it’s hard to believe Jessica will be back out on the course any time soon. But they all did do something together and that’s what’s important. “Wasn’t that an adventure?” Yes, it was Jess, yes it was.


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