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“Newlyweds Go Camping”
Season: 1
Episode: #3

Episode recap:

On this episode of the Newlyweds, Nick is determined to broaden Jessica’s horizons by taking her on a camping trip. Yes, this newlywed couple is off to the mountain for some driving, camping and hiking adventures. Jessica is all for it until Nick mutters one little word, bears! Nick was just trying to explain the concept of a bear bin…but all Jessica could ask was, “There really are bears?” Yes, Jess, there really are bears.

Jessica and Drew’s wife Lea discuss what they will need for this camping trip. It is mutual, magazines and trashy novels are a must. As the guys pack up the truck, the girls can’t help but wonder what they have gotten themselves into.

After many hours on the road, the guys finally get Jessica and Lea to the campground. First things first, it is time to pitch the tents. Another part of the camping experience that the ladies did not count on and therefore will not be a part of. Nick and Drew don’t seem to mind, all they need is beer to help get them motivated. After scrutinizing the instructions and finally getting the tents up, the guys get ready to build the fire. Wood, matches, food, and beer equals a nice evening with these two couples.

The next morning, the couples get ready to go on a hiking trip. Unfortunately, they do not get as far as they had hoped. The hiking trails are long and the girls are not enthusiastic. “I’m tired right now.” Jessica says. “Maybe today is a drive-around day and tomorrow is a hike day.”

Back at the campsite the girls complain and complain and complain some more. The only thing that seems to calm Jessica is the presence of her Louis Vuitton bag. “I take my bag every where I go, every single place I go.” Jessica says. “You know it’s my pet, ‘pet Louie.’ I don’t know is that weird, taking my Louie Vuitton bag camping?” Well, yes, it is a bit weird Jess, but we can’t hold it against you.

On their last morning at the campsite, the guys take down the tents and pack away all the food and the girls, well, they just hang out. Jessica asks Nick to do every little thing for her and when Drew points that out Nick explains, “I have a five year plan to rid her of her spoiled-ness.” Good luck with that Nick. Good luck. And at the end of the day how does Jessica feel about their camping adventure? All she can say is, “I don’t think I will be camping for a long while. Next time we are going to Hawaii.”


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