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“Chicken by the Sea”
Season: 1
Episode: #1

Episode recap:

“With this ring, I thee wed!” Ahh, the joys of marriage. This first episode introduces us to newlyweds Nick and Jessica. The dynamic duo dated for three years, split up for five months, then rekindled the relationship realizing that they were meant for each other. So all is well in the wonderful world of marriage, but will it stay this way?

Moving in together forces Nick and Jessica to find out things they never knew about each other. For example, Nick is a neat freak who seems preoccupied with sports. Jessica has more important things to do than watch sports, however. While checking out the game, she ponders what “Chicken of the Sea really is?” She asks Nick, “Is this chicken what I have, or is it fish?” Man, who knew being married would be so confusing!? After Nick explains that her chicken was, in fact, tuna, Jessica worries that everyone will make fun of her. Don’t worry Jessica, we all get confused with that whole tuna thing.

Problems arise in the newlywed house as Nick realizes that his beautiful bride is a complete slob. Jessica admits that she may be a bit spoiled. Well, having been waited on hand and foot since the age of 14, who wouldn’t be? Jessica compares her childhood with Nick’s in that, “Nick grew up doing laundry since the third grade and washing dishes his whole life.” Nonetheless, the time has come for Jessica to learn how to clean up after herself. Where to begin? While on the phone with a friend, Jess asks, “Isn’t there a maid for celebrities?” In the meantime, she has to make an attempt at cleaning, so she dumps all of her dirty clothes into the foyer…where they will continue to sit for a few weeks.

Trying to avoid the impending doom of her laundry clothes waiting to be washed, Jessica goes grocery shopping and cleans out the fridge. She admits that, “I’m not good at this whole housewife thing.”

Now that his bachelor pad days are over, Nick recruits his brother Drew to help move all of his belongings into the
new house. Being the perfectionist that he is, Nick refuses to hire a mover. This could be something he may regret
later. Moving all day can stress a man out, and especially when your wife doesn’t help you at all. A frustrated Nick
whispers to his brother, “It’s these moments I’m glad I don’t have a gun. I’d shoot myself!” Drew responds, “Why would you shoot yourself!?”

Nick finally gives into Jessica’s pleas to have a maid come help. They hire one and give her the grand tour of the
newlywed crib. A little overwhelmed, or maybe even confused, the maid can’t name her price. So Nick ends up giving her 20 bucks an hour. For not being a “celebrity maid,” that sure seems like the price of one! Maybe she can teach Jessica a few things about cleaning up after herself. Seeing a clean house inspires Jessica and she realizes that learning to clean up will keep her and Nick “normal and humble.”


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