Star Sign


Cancer THE CRAB is the sign of the protector, the parent

Emotions are a very important part in the life of a Cancerian. Although naturally defensive and very afraid of being hurt, they put their hearts and soul in to relationships and are faithful, loving and loyal partners.

The bright side

At best Cancerians are sensitive, kind and sympathetic, with an absolute urge to nurture and protect people around them. This is most apparent with home and family. So lies the soft side of Cancer, but there is a hard side too, they can be very enterprising, shrewd, and self-assured.
When all is in tune Cancerians are intuitive, imaginative and resourceful, knowing instinctively when to reach others and when to withdraw into their protective shell.

Kind, sensitive, sympathetic, imaginative, maternal/paternal, solicitous, protective, cautious, patriotic, tenacious, shrewd, thrifty, resourceful, a good homemaker.

The dark side

Cancer has a deep inferiority complex, any hurt (both real and imagined), is brooded upon at length. Cancerians tend to look back at, and hold on to things from the past, they can be very possessive. They are inherently conservative in their outlook, but this does not get in the way of initiating change where they deem necessary.

Over emotional, hypersensitive, moody, devious, changeable, self-pitying, unforgiving, unstable, gullible, untidy.


Gastric disorders, heartburn, indigestion, obesity, ulcers.

Beneficial foods

Watercress and milk.

Most compatible with

Cancer – a dreamy affair.
Taurus – a cosy atmosphere.
Virgo – stimulating company.
Scorpio – paradise with sparks!

Absolutely no chance!

Pisces – highly charged.
Sagittarius – troublesome.
Scorpio – sparks!
Libra – heavy going.
Gemini – at odds.
Aries – a poor match.

Your opposite sign
is Capricorn

Famous Cancer’s
Snow White,
Henry VIII,
Sylvester Stallone,
Julius Caesar,
Barbara Cartland,
Colin Wilson,
Louis Armstrong,
Ingmar Bergman,
Julius Caesar,
James Cagney,
Marc Chagall,
Bill Cosby,
Olivia De Havilland,
John Glenn,
King Henry VIII,
Ernest Hemingway,
Rose Kennedy,
Helen Keller,
Gina Lollobridgida,
George Orwell,
Nelson Rockefeller,
Ginger Rogers,
Linda Rondstadt,
Ringo Starr.