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Hey guys…it is me again. Tonight is the last night of the Ricky Martin tour in Cleveland. What a learning experience this has been. I have hopefully grown as an artist and a performer. I have definetely faced some crazy situations. It is so wild to get in front of 20,000 people night after night and know that I am singing live and I have to entertain these people and hopefully win them over because many of them are just learning who I am.

Last night in Cincinatti was another humbling experience for me. I have had swollen glands and been on an antibotic but my throat was so dry that when I went for one of my big notes nothing came out. I could not believe it…that has never, ever happened to me in all my years of singing! I wanted to cry but i knew i had to keep on going. Nick Lachey was there to sing our duet “Where You Are” because this is his hometown and I wanted everything to go so well for him but my voice was just not there. We did the duet and everyone said it was great but by the time I got to my big ballad which is the last song I do…my voice was so raspy I sounded like a grandma…Cincinatti…I promise to come back one day and give you a great performance! I must say it was awesome singing on stage with Nick…it just felt right! He is so supportive of my career…it is awesome!

So tonight is Cleveland (if my voice holds up) and then I will be appearing at a lot of radio shows until the 19th of December. Also, I am presenting at the Billboard Awards Show in Las Vegas on the 8th of December and also on The View on the 15th of Dec…

Now about this chat board on my webpage. I do get to read it occasionally and I get the biggest kick out of it…you guys are great! I love all my fans!!! I am so excited about our future together…I already feel the love and it is amazing!!! To answer a few of your questions, my mom is compiling a list of the questions and I will write here, and answer as many as I can in the next few weeks. I want to communicate with you guys as much as possible but I never get many chances to read the board …but thank you so much for writing…you all are the absolute best!!!

Okay, now my thought for the week…as the holiday season is upon us my prayer is that all of us would look beyond ourselves and out into our communities to help the needy. There are so many children who never get one gift, elderly people who have no family and no food, homeless people cold and lonely, friends at school who just need a hug and a little encouragement. Look around you and see what you see…then take the opportunity to be Love to someone. It doesn’t always have to be a lot just a simple smile, a hug, a note of encouragement or showing someone you really do care…Have a happy holiday season! Love to you all…Jessica

P.S…Thanks for all the radio request for my song, the TRL request, thanks for going out and buying the album and the single and making my dreams come true…I owe so much to you all…keep it up! I think “Sweet Kisses” makes a great holiday gift don’t you..haha!! Much Love!!!!