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Hey everybody, It has been awhile since i last talked to all of you. My life has been CRAZY!!! I am not even sure where to begin but i will start with the present and move backwards. Lets see…new news flash!!! I am going on tour with Ricky Martin starting October 20th in Miami…am i psyched or what!!! I cannot believe it…what an amazing singer and performer he is…i feel honored just to share the same stage with him. I just finished shooting my video in LA last week. It should go to MTV next week. My single will be instores on September 28th and I cannot believe that i will finally be in stores all across America. This has been a long and hard road but that makes it even sweeter when it finally comes around. I want to say thank you to all the fans out there that come to this site and read about me and support me and my music…i love you guys and i think you are the absolute greatest…you know I am nothing without your support and love…THANKS!!! I have been on tour with 98 Degrees (my personal favorite group) since September 4th. All the shows have been sold out shows…and by the way…98 Degree fans are the absolute best…they are so AMAZING!!! Boston, we performed for about 30,000 screaming fans in the pouring rain. I was drenched from head to toe but it was so much fun…we met No Authority for the first time. They are also opening for 98 Degrees…what nice guys, and they can shake their booty’s!! We did a state fair in Detroit and i just love the radio station in detroit…they have been over the top supportive of me. They are great people! The next morning i did an interview with the station and i got to hear my song on the radio…that is such a humbling feeling…what a rush!!! We got on the bus and drove back to New York for another show and press. We have since been back and across America twice…I am feeling a little tired but I love what I am doing….Of course, as usual, we are crazy on the tour bus mooning all the truckers and dancing around acting crazy at 3 am…I have a new dancer…her name is Marisa Gilliam, she is 22 years old and lives in LA but is from Waco, Texas. She is HYPER and lots of fun so she fits in great with the rest of us. I think one of the most memorable moments of the trip so far was in New York. I did a runway show in the middle of Times Square to kick off Fashion Week. It was probably one of the most intimidating things I have ever done. I walked the runway with gorgeous, skinny, 6 ft. models like Heidi Klum, Esther Canadas just to name a few. By the way, i am 5ft.3… I modeled for Shoshana…her clothes are so great! I wore a beautiful peachy, nude colored ball gown with a matching bustier with beaded straps but i almost freaked seconds before going out because i was so freakin’ scared!!! Put me in front of a million people to sing and i will sing my butt off and never be scared but put me on a runway and i become the biggest chicken ever!!! But I did It..and i was proud of myself…another fear conquered! For those of you who did not know, i had emergency surgery in Boston while there doing a showcase for radio and label people in august. I had a cyst on my fallopian tube the size of a volleyball with 3.5 liters of fluid inside of it…yes, we can say painful!! God put me in Boston at just the right time because the doctor (who is my personal hero) was an amazing surgeon and had the knowledge and tools necessary to do surgery without having to do it so extensively that i would have been out of commission for a long time. I am healing great and have been able to continue performing of which i am so grateful. SO… I will try to keep everyone posted here on this site. My single is in stores on the 28th of September so don’t forget ot go buy one. Also, thanks for all the phone request for “I Wanna Love You”…the response has been very good…keep making those calls and requesting the song…i appreciate it so, so much!!! I want to make all of you proud of who I am as a person and as an artist…i hope i can do that for all of you…Keep your heads up, stay strong and never, ever forget that GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!

Sweet Kisses,