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Hey guys, I’m back to fill you in on the latest!! Since the last time we talked so many things have happened. After our show on April 19 in Grand Rapids, we left straight for New York. My dancers and I definitely laughed a lot. I’m gonna tell you a secret, but SHHH…! While everyone was sleeping the girls all mooned the trucks that drove by so some truck drivers got to see 5 white hineys. When we got to New York I had to go shopping for some new clothes. We also went to a Broadway show–Les Miserables. The next day was a blast because I got to hang out w/ the Teen People crew. I sang “Amazing Grace” at a convention hosted by Teen People for the “20 Most Influential Teens in America.” It was filled with so many remarkable people. I got to meet Tatiyana Ali, LFO, the Moffats, David Holmes (host on MTV), Star Jones, and many more. I felt so privileged to open up the whole ceremony with my favorite song.

I love Teen People!! They are giving me amazing opportunities. They all came to the show that night at the Beacon Theatre along with a ton of people from Columbia Records. The fans were so great in New York. Actually the fans have been beautiful at every show. Some have been a little shaky, but for the most part they have been really wonderful. On the same night 98 had a platinum party–I am so proud of those guys. They deserve every good thing that happens to them. So I wake up the next morning and my picture was in the NY Post! I freaked out! They called me “Jennifer Simpson,” but hey, at least my picture was in the paper. In New York we worked really hard traveling in and out of venues. Let’s just say we take advantage of our days off. In Pittsburgh, Laurie (one of my dancers) was sick from this nasty pizza we ate and she threw up before and after the show. Thank God she held it back during the show because the people in the front row wouldn’t have been very happy!

On April 27 I had another photo shoot for all the teen magazines like Bop and BB, etc. That lasted a really long time so I had to go straight to the show and perform. Guess what this was also the day the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack came out. My song is (track) #13! I cried and cried because I was so happy people were going to hear me around the world. On the same day Columbia Records threw a party for me–100 people were there just from Columbia! I felt special. A couple days ago we missed our show in Washington D.C. Our bus driver left the lights on in our bus the night so the battery went dead. We were really upset, but we were cured quickly because we went shopping! Hey, we made a new friend in Richmond, VA. His name is Bourke and he is an Abercrombie & Fitch model. I’m sure you have seen him in all the stores and catalogs. He is a doll! He kept us laughing our butts off. Talk about an amazing crowd–Richmond has been one the best! THANK YOU. Last night we were in Columbus, Ohio. That show was fun cause it was Jeff’s birthday! Us girls got him a huge cookie cake–I’m pretty sure they ate it already! I met some great girls at the show last night. I stayed after my autograph signing and talked to some girls for a while–everyone is just so sweet to me.

Thank you–I love you all! God bless all of you. Keep your head up–I know this world can sometimes weigh you down. My secret–prayers work!