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Well, it has been a while since i have been on here. My life has been a little crazy but i am use to it. First, let me start with Griffin’s Song…what an amazing night that was. To be able to share one of the most inspiring moments of my life with many of my fans was a blessing. To have Mama Lupita and two of the orphans to see what all of you had helped accomplish for them was the biggest blessing of all. I love doing what i am doing because the very reason i started singing was to inspire others…to give them hope when they felt hopeless, love when they felt unlovely, laughter when they felt happy or sad, and belief in themselves and humanity when they felt like there was none. This is what i have and always will stand for. I appreciate Paul Caine and his family and Teen People for giving me this opportunity to realize a dream come true. The money raised is enough to feed, clothe, diaper, teach and build for quite some time for the orphange…I could not have done it without your support and help…so thank you from the depths of my soul…you all are beautiful! I am still in the process of making the album. It looks like the single will be out in January with the album in stores in March. The new songs are really awesome and i hope all of you will love it! I have really enjoyed being in New York! It is such a fun city…and the people are so great! They say what they mean and they are who they are. Also, thanks to Teen Vogue for the cover. I hope everyone likes it! Isn’t the new teen Vogue a great magazine? I really like it! I performed at the Vogue party introducing the magazine and it was alot of fun. The Hot Zone you guys saw was shot there. Otown opened the show…they are really cute guys! I will be on the cover of YM next month so check it out! Now, speaking of covers…there seems to be quite a bit of controversy over the FHM cover. I will never try to justify or apologize for something i have done when my intentions were right. Why would i want to cause people to be angry with me? I will tell you all that i have been wearing short skirts, short shorts and bikinis my entire life. I have not changed who i am in anyway. I think the most important thing to remember is who i answer to and that is GOD! At the end of the day, he knows my heart and that is all that really matters! Ironically, i got out of christian music because i felt judged about my character based on what i wore and now i am in the secular world standing for that which is good and still being judged on my clothing by the same judgemental christians. So i guess there is no escaping the judgement of some! One thing i have learned in these short 20 years of my life, is that the ones who judge the hardest are usually the ones with secret personal issues. Aren’t we all glad that God is not like these people? I am who I am…nothing about me has changed! I am still a virgin, i am still a christian, i still am a role model and i take that seriously. All i wanted to do is prove that women can still be sexy and stand for good things. At the end of the day, i hope you are my fans because of my music not my outfits! I never claimed to be Mother Teresa, only a girl in the business striving to be the best i can be and making a positive difference in my world!

I hope this clears up any misconceptions and please know i love all you guys and i think you are the greatest MB out there! Your support and love never, ever ceases to amaze me! Everybody have a great, positive day and NEVER judge a book by its cover!!!!


P.S. To Christine: I never meant to ignore you when i arrived at the Griffin’s Song event…we were all a little stressed over the driver who had gotten lost and we had almost had two wrecks…needless to say he could not drive but i never meant to ignore you…PM my dad and send me your address and i will send you a pic or something…love ya!