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You guys, my fans, never cease to amaze me! I know you voted your little fingers off for me and i am so grateful for your belief in me…it leaves me speechless! I know i would not have been standing up there receiving my surf boards if it were for your perseverance and love for me…thank you to all of you who voted and voted and voted for me and nick. In case you haven’t heard yet, we won for best love song with Where You Are and I won for Breakout Artist which was a total shock. I really wasn’t expecting that one at all…i was actually not expecting anything but you guys surprised me! It was a fun night and i felt very blessed!!!

So since i last talked to you, i have been out of the computer world because my laptop was acting crazy! But i am back in business so here i am! I am in New York working on the new album which i hope will come out by November but i am going to have to work my booty off to achieve that goal. Things are going really well in the studio and it is actually fun to be working in the studio again. It is very tedious work but i love the studio…i am doing some writing and who knows i may even learn some producing skills before this album is finished!

This weekend i am going to Jacksonville to tape Summer Music Mania…i cannot believe it has been a year since i first appeared on national television…what a year this has been. Do any of you remember that performance? I sang IWLYF and i had my four girl dancers doing a lyrical…i was watching the performance the other day because my best friend, Cooper, gave me a video of everything i have done on televsion for my birthday…isn’t that the greatest gift. My mom is terrible at taping things because we are never anywhere where she can but Coop got it all for me…I love that girl! She is the bestest friend in the world! Another one of my best friends came to my video shoot and she shot footage and put together a video of a “behind the scenes making of the video” which she gave me for my birthday and it is adorable too! I have great friends who still support me and that means the world to me…to all my old homeys… i love ya and i miss just hangin with ya…we need to go play hide-n- seek in Walmart!!!!HAHAHA! When i was in high school, we never did the party scene so when we got bored we would find the absolute craziest things to do and one of those was to go to Walmart and play hide-n-seek…we would put on camoflauge hunters suits and hide in the trees or stand like a lamp with a lampshade on our heads..just straight out stupid, silly stuff !!! It was fun!!!! So much for nostalgia….

I also want to thank all of you for requesting I think i am in love with you on the radio and on trl…the song is doing really well, and again, you know it is all because of you guys!!! Sounds like a song…keep on nagging the radio stations and mtv!!! The Teen Choice Awards airs on the 22nd of August i believe and i am not sure when Summer Music Mania airs. I am also doing a few end of the summer radio shows so hopefully i will be in your town…i love meeting all my message board fans because i feel such a connection with you all so be sure if i am in your area you let me know. I would love to have a meet n greet for message board fans only…that would be cool! When i do my own tour we will definetely be doing that…you guys deserve VIP treatment! Speaking of my own tour, hopefully i will be doing a few dates in october/november but nothing is totally set yet. As soon as it is, you will be the first to know.

The other cool thing i am so excited about is a benefit called Griffin’s Song that i am doing with Teen People in New Jersey to benefits SIDS foundation and the orphanage in Mexico that i love so dearly! Mama Lupita who runs the orphanage is being flown to New York along with one of the kids from the orphanage for the benefit and we have raised so much money for them already. This is a place i have been going to for the past 5 years, working and helping in anyway i possibly could. I always said if i ever get in the position where i can help these children out in a big way, i will…well that is a dream that has become a reality! If any of you can come, you should! It will be an evening of fun, love and tears…It is Sept. 23rd and all the info is on the opening page of my website.

So i will close for now but it has been fun talking to you and catching up…i love reading your entries and i want you all to know…YOU ARE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD! Oh, one last thing i almost forgot…in entertainment weekly magazine they rated the web pages of some of the pop singers and our board was voted the best…see the whole world can see that the jessica simpson message boarders are amazing people…i love you all and i am proud to call you my fans!!!!