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I have never felt so loved…you all are the bestest!!!! I had a really great birthday. I went home to Dallas, Texas where my best friend from home, Cooper and another friend of the family/personal secretary, Connie, put together the most amazing party for me. It was at a lakehouse in cedar creek, texas which is owned by the sweetest doctor and his family…The Herzog’s. About 125 of my closest friends were invited. i do believe almost everyone came except 3 or 4. We jet skied, water skied, jumped on a trampoline into the lake, swung off ropes, ate alot, talked a whole lot and had an incredible time just hanging with my friends! Dr. Herzog took a few of us out to ski and Nick was there, of course. He tried to get up on the skis and couldn’t so i got in and i got up and actually skied for one of the first times in my life. As soon as i finished, Nick jumped back in the water and he got out there and finally got up…it was so cute! I don’t think he was going to be outdone by his girlfriend…hahaha! But it was such a blast just being with all my high school buddies and families i was close to.

There were alot of adults their because alot of adults have played really important roles in my life…i loved sharing my birthday with all of them! It was definetely a big texas shindig with all the fixin’s from bbq to hotdogs to chili con queso, and of course, my favorite cake…strawberry with cream cheese icing which had the blue background with hearts on it…made by the best cake baker in Dallas, Carol Reid, who is also a friend. My Nanny made homemade ice cream which is the absolute best!!! We finished up the night with fireworks! It felt good to be 20 years old!

We finished the big around the world promo tour which went really well…Australia was beautiful and alot of fun..i worked hard but i have a few days off before i head to New York City to start working on my new project…the new album. I am so excited about this i can hardly stand it! It is so much fun to think i am making my sophmore album and this time around, i have fans like you guys to think about when i sing. It gives real meaning to my songs to know i am singing and writing for each of you!

Thank you so much for I Think I Am In Love…it is really hitting!!! I am so blessed, and it is all because you guys are out there requesting, buying and supporting my album that makes all this possible…i really do mean it! With everything that is within me…THANK YOU TO ALL MY TRUE FANS!!! You give me so much inspiration…i read my happy birthday wishes and i wept…i am a lucky girl! One thing i promise you all…i will try to always be their for you as much as i can…if not in person at least in heart for you all are ALWAYS with me! Your love and committment inspires me and this is the best birthday gift anyone could ever wish for!

Love to all of you, Jessica