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HEY—–I’M BACK!!!!! I know it has been awhile but just because i’m extremely busy doesn’t mean i don’t think of you guys all the time. My life is crazy!!! Since i last talked with you all, I have shot a video, performed on rosie, traveled the world doing promotion and radio shows. The other night i had a radio show in New York..Zootopia. Well guess what happened? I was about to walk up on stage to join the dancers who were dancing the intro when i felt a little wind and i looked down and my zipper had broken up the front of my pants…i could not believe it! The last time i was in NY was when my pants ripped on the Ricky Martin tour…i was like oh my gosh this is insane! My mom had this “feeling” and had brought a spare pair of pants along with her to the side of the stage…we ran under the bleachers where alot of fans were sitting and did a quick change…Mom to the rescue AGAIN!!! They had to stop the intro music and start over but the show went really well and i had to laugh really hard…the irony was just too much!

The video shoot was a blast. Can you tell? We all just had so much fun. I love all of my dancers….they are so fun and so good! We shot for 3 long days but it went by really fast. When we are shooting the scenes at the Pier in Santa Monica it was so cold we were all freezing…this huge wind came blowing in and we were turning blue. When we were on the ferris wheel i was trying to hunch over to get warmer but it was absolutely the best! Thanks for all your support of the video on TRL…keep on voting like hundreds of times…i know i am! Shhh!!! Don’t tell anyone, haha!

After the video shoot, we did a radio show in la and one in sacramento and then we were off to europe. The fans in europe are really amazing and supportive. Overseas my music is doing very well. It is so cool to sing to a crowd of fans who cannot speak your language but they totally understand you! I do interview after interview, and they always listen like they really care. I am seriously working my booty off but it is alot of fun! The hardest thing overseas is the food…so we have some serious PB&J parties in my room. We call room service and order. They think we are crazy!!!

After 17 days in europe, we returned to the US doing radio shows. The shows are alot of fun because there are so many other acts performing so you get to talk to the other artist which is always fun! Through all of this i had not seen Nick for over 3 weeks and i was getting depresed. He joined me in New York and Boston to sing Where You Are and was i happy to see him…did i mention how cute he is???? Being away from him is definetely the hardest part for me. I feel like something is missing and i just do not feel complete. He is my life, my heart, my soul all wrapped in one. All i have to do is talk to him and my whole day changes. I hope that all of you find someone in your life like that…it can be a friend or a parent or a boyfriend/girlfriend but it is so fulfilling! When he walks out on the stage to sing with me, the audience goes WILD!!! It is so cool! In the New York show, i was wearing really red lipstick to go with my pants that i did not wear (haha) and during the show my microphone had somehow smeared my red lipstick all over my chin and under my nose. When Nick came out on the stage to sing he was looking at me so weird. Then he took his hand and tried to wipe it off by making a gesture to go along with the lyric…”and i can see your face”…Then he started smiling….VERY BIG!!! I knew he wanted to bust out laughing but i still didn’t know why. We laughed really hard about that after we got off the stage…it was hilarious. He said i looked like a clown or a 2 year old who had been playing in her mom’s lipstick!!!! Why me??? At least i can laugh at myself. I think that is so important…never take yourself too seriously!

Gosh, I miss you guys! Sorry i haven’t written sooner. Keep me in your prayers just as i pray for all of you. Pray for my strength to keep going…i am really tired! But i am not complaining because i know how much work is required to make Sweet Kisses a success! I have the next 2 days off which is a good thing. On Friday, I am shooting the cover for the new Teen Vogue magazine. It is the very first issue and i feel so blessed to have been chosen by Vogue for this honor. Then i leave for europe again on saturday. I am also going to Taiwan and Australia. I will be back in the states around the 8th of July..just in time for my birthday…i am turning 20 years old. I cannot believe that! I wish i could have a huge birthday party and meet all of you…that would be fun! A message boarder birthday bash!!! I love you all…thanks for all your love and support…as you know, I FEEL IT!!! Even though i do not know all of you personally, please know you are a part of my heart….

Much love and sweet kisses to all, Jessica