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WOW! Where do i even begin!!! I have been so unbelievably busy…i have not had a single day off since the teen people party in january. I apologize for not writing more often but i honestly have not had the time.

First of all…i just finished reading alot of your comments about the Latin Billboards and i started crying…again! I am so moved by the latin community and their love and respect of my voice and music…i worked so hard learning IWLYF in spanish. I recorded a spanish version which has been doing very well but to actually sing in spanish live is a different story than recording it in the studio…but i learned it and i was so honored to be asked to sing at the Latin Billboards but i have had the worst head cold for the past week…so when i go for the big note out of the bridge…oh my gosh i could not get it to come out the way i wanted it too…i was thinking in my head jessica this is not happening to you on national television…this is the worst feeling for a singer especially when you are on television, and then the people started jumping up and applauding for me…i was so moved i did not know if i would make it through the rest of my song…then my voice came back and i was able to sing the big note and end it right and then everyone stood up…i seriously was fighting back the tears, and my bottom lip was quivering… i was so emotional i wanted to run and hide but the latinos embraced my passion and i love them. They are so passionate about music and they respect the voice which i love so much…thank you all very much.

Sometimes i wonder why do these things always happen to me but i believe it is God always keeping me humble and showing me that i am only human and i am nothing without him. I truly know that the voice i have is a gift from God and i always want to give him all the credit. I am recording i think i am in love in spanish as well…it is a real challenge!

I have been in Orlando this weekend doing the Grad Nite performances for the seniors of 2000. It was alot of fun and the fans were so cute…Destiny’s Child also performed and i always love hanging with those girls! I have to tell you the most beautiful experience of the weekend was meeting Lauren. Lauren is a 19 year old girl who is blind and graduating from high school. Her dream was to meet me so her friend asked security if she could bring her backstage to meet me…security came and asked me and of course i said absolutey! When i walked up to meet Lauren, she was absolutely adorable…she wanted to feel my face, my hair, my hands and really get a picture in her mind of what i looked like…she knew all the words to my songs and her favorites were faith and iwlyf. Her friend was crying because Lauren was so happy…i was fighting back the tears because i did not want her to think i thought her situation was sad…she was a beautiful, happy girl and i felt so blessed to get to meet her. Anyway, i wanted her to come on stage and sing with me on iwlyf but security would not let her so when it came time for that song in the show i dedicated it to her and i also sang a little of faith in me acapella because it was her fav and she was disappointed it was not a part of my show…after talking with her i was once again reminded of why i do what i do…it is for people just like lauren or any of you who feel inspired or connected to me through my music. If in anyway it has helped someone in anyway then i know i am doing the right thing…I LOVE MAKING MUSIC!!! Thanks to all of you for supporting me and allowing me to do what i love!

Last week i taped the Disney Concert Special which will air in June on the Disney Channel. It was so much fun and i got to see Rudy and the gang again as they came to watch the taping. As you all know, Rudy got to meet Ashlee…i think he was a little in awe of her beauty. My dad read his message and we all thought it was cute! But back to the disney concert…i have all new choreography, new dancers, i had a band, back up singers and i even had a choir come in and sing your faith in me with me…it was awesome! I can’t wait for all of you to see it!

My new single is going to be I Think I’m In Love…we shoot the video next week. It is going to be my first dance video which i am really excited about…Fatima is the choreographer i am using and she is amazing!!! She does the BSB and Aliyah…so it is really going to be hot!!! Hopefully this video will be more “mtv friendly” as they love to refer to it…keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me! I really love you guys…i feel like i come here and i have just talked to one of my best friends…it makes me feel better in everyway…thank you guys for being sooo amazing!

One last note of encouragement…to “heart of innocence” as she wishes to be referred to…keep your head up and keep believing in yourself…you have been through alot and look at how far you have come. You must be an extremely strong person with a beautiful heart…it is what is in your heart that is most important. Please know that I believe in you and i am praying for your strength of heart.

Much love to all of you and God’s blessings on everyone….Sweet Kisses, Jessica