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HELLO FROM TOKYO, JAPAN… It is so beautiful over here and i cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful, sweet, kind, considerate and caring the fans are. They have absolutely amazed me!!! I was presented with my gold album here in Japan and it is a huge honor to be recognized by the beautiful people of Japan. They are all about the voice which i love. They respect vocalist and they do not get all caught up in the hype that we Americans do about image, etc. They respect your art and the way you present it! I am overwhelmed by their respect, love and support. One of the fans, which was a businessman about 35 years old, stood in a long line to bring me a ring that he had received when he was in the hospital very ill. His friend had brought him the ring and my CD during his hospital stay and he wanted me to have the ring because he said my CD had “HEALED” him. I was of course moved to tears (sappy ole me) and stood up to give him a hug and the whole line of about 500 people started giggling and applauding…it was sooo cute!

The young girls are so adorable…they dress so cute! They all wear really short skirts and some of the biggest platforms i have ever seen…i love platforms as you probably know so i am definetely checking out their style!!! The children are so beautiful, like porcelain dolls! I am eating alot of McDonald’s…love those hamburgers and fries! The other night we had a traditional Japanese meal where we took off our shoes and sat on the floor…it was alot of fun!!! I miss the states but i have been very moved by this beautiful country and its beautiful people.

Thank you for embracing me Japan…i hope to make you proud. It is really strange because i am actually bigger in Japan than i am in the US at this moment. I think the most humbling thing is knowing that people from a totally different culture love my music, and they get it!!! What more can i say…i am BLESSED!

So how is everyone on the MB? I haven’t really been reading it alot lately because some of the things have been so negative and i really do not need that negative vibe in my life so i scroll through and find the positive things and i feel encouraged. I love the threads of how my music has inspired or encouraged you, how “where you are” has helped you through painful times of losing someone, i love to read about your lives and lack of prom dates or boyfriend/girlfriend stories, your thoughts on BSB, Rudy’s love of Ashlee, Valentine’s stories, encouragement of my family members, auditions you did or did not make, how you want to pursue your singing careers, and cute, funny, inspirational stories and thoughts..this helps me to know who my fans really are. When i started this journey of my career, i vowed to be honest and straighforward with my fans, my record label, my publicist, my parents, my management and most importantly God. I try very hard to keep that vow but i do not want to regret having been so honest with my fans that they take advantage of it! I have shared my life with you honestly and openly and it saddens me to think that just a few of you take advantage of my honesty. All i ask is that you Respect me the way i have Respected you…with integrity!

I love all of my fans and i think you guys are the most amazing people out there. I want to be there for you as much as i need you to be there for me…thanks for loving me and accepting me for who i am! I was so psyched when we were #6 on TRL on Friday…you guys did that!!! Thank you so much….It is also on 98 Degrees page to vote for our song so let’s get the forces together and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Even my 78 year old grandmother is voting…how cute is that!!!! I really love all of you and i appreciate everything you do for me. My music is my way of giving back to you…i hope and pray that it touches your heart and makes your day brighter!!!

Hugs to all, Jessica