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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!! I love, love, love valentine’s day especially when you have a sweethearts like all of you to share it with. Not to mention my one true sweetie as well. Tonight is Making of the Video…i hope all of you like the video! I am really excited and nervous about it! Nick is actually here with me and he says happy valentine’s day to everyone!

I wanted to catch everyone up on the latest…i am getting ready to leave for Japan in a couple of days…i am so excited about going to Japan. I have always wanted to go there. I am sure i will be sick of rice by the time i return to the states because you know me and my picky eating habits but i am looking forward to meeting the new fans and experiencing the different culture.

I have to apologize to all of you because in the past week i have not been able to read the MB but once. I have been so incredibly busy it is exhausting to think about. By the time night rolls around, i fall into bed and crash!! So, i need a little “filling in” on all the latest conversations…i know there was a few words on my comment to Born To Love Again…i want everyone to know i never, ever would think of myself as better than another person because of something i choose and they do not…it is my personal choice just as each of you has to make personal choices based on what is going on in your life! Another person was talking about christian music verses pop music, well i have already been down that road and i feel i have a much more effective place in the pop world than i ever did in the christian music market. I have not changed my values and morals, as a matter of fact, they have become stronger! I think it is really sad when the people that usually say these things are the christians who claim to be “NON-JUDGEMENTAL” yet they are the biggest judges and this is why christianity gets such a bad name. The bible says “the way we judge others is the way God will judge us”…makes you think, huh? i believe if we put out good thoughts and vibes, it will return to you!

Now, about Nick…thanks for all the Valentine’s and well wishers…i am sure there are some of you out there who think yuk!!!! But we took that chance when we let the world know we were dating…i believe in honesty and i appreciate all of you who have been there for us!

Okay…on to the good stuff…this past weekend we were in San Francisco doing the NBA Allstar show and Nick and I performed “Where You Are” at the Cow Palace which was alot of fun…anytime i sing with Nick it is fun! And we were honored to get to meet six of the most amazing fans/friends/fellow messageboarders…Rudy, of course he drove the exhausting 7 hours, Katie, Lana, Kristen, Elisa, Jamie, who happens to have an awesome last name, and Katie’s mom…they brought me a scapbook full of beautiful letters and pictures from so many of you….i absolutely loved getting to meet all of them. Each one was so wonderful, sweet, fun and i feel so blessed to have such amazing, beautiful people as my friends. I have read the letters over and over, and i want to thank all of you who wrote. You all inspire me so much it makes me cry…i feel like the luckiest person around to have friends like all of you. Words cannot even begin to express how i am feeling…the way you encourage me is overwhelming. To know so many of you are praying for me and “cheering me on” is so, so moving…thank you from the depths of my soul. The connection of God’s love between all of us is never, ever to be taken for granted…thank you! To Rudy and the gang, thanks so much for making such an effort and putting together such a great gift…your friendship means the world to me! It was also cool to put faces with names, hopefully i will get to meet more of you in the future!

I will be chatting with all of you more. Tonight there is a chat if you want to catch it…keep up the good work!

Love and Hugs to All, Jessica