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I had a blast ringing in the new year at MTV, and of course, getting a little kissy from Nick at the stroke of midnight…have you guys seen People magazine…they caught us!! It is a sweet picture but of course I would think that…LOL!!!

So…THANK YOU ALL FOR GETTING ME TO THE #8 SPOT ON TRL…you all are so amazing because you keep on plugging away and voting for me and believing in me and I love all of you soooo much for your dedication. I know I am absolutely nowhere without your support so…thanks from the bottom of my heart!! I am feeling way better…it took me a little while to get over this last deal but hopefully I am staying out of the hospital for the year of 2000…I am getting all healthy, taking vitamins and working out…which is something I have needed to do but I am so lazy when it comes to taking care of myself…that is not a good way to be so I am really working on it! Why is it so hard to stay disciplined to exercise and eat healthy…I am a total junk food junkie…one of my faves is making brownies and never cooking them…I eat the whole bowl of brownie mix…RAW!!! Sounds yummy, huh? It really is good!!!

I want to talk to you all about the message board…I LOVE IT!!! Everytime I get the opportunity to read your messages, I do. The thing I love the most about the board is the way I feel your love not just for me but for one another. I never ever read other peoples’ boards so I do not know if theirs is anything like ours but I am so impressed with all of your wisdom, encouragement, laughs, comments but most of all the totally positive feeling of everyone wanting to honestly help one another out…it is like even though I am not on the board everyday, you guys totally represent me!!! I love that so much!!! I must say I have THE WORLD’S GREATEST FANS!!! So I really want to answer as many of your questions as I can, and coladmin is supposedly putting all the questions together so I can answer as many as possible…

SO as many of you know, “Where You Are” is my next single…I am really excited about this song…Nick and I will be making the video in the next few weeks…I am so anxious to see how it will all come together…we both have a lot of ideas for the video but if any of you guys have suggestions…send them in…I would love to hear your thoughts! I know a lot of you were ready for one of my uptempos but it is coming…I am just doing things a little differently!!! “Where You Are” is a song that I feel is touched by God to be an encouragement for anyone who has ever lost someone they love…death can be such a scary situation but knowing that one day you will be reunited with your loved one brings about a peace that is indescribable…One day when I have a fresh new page I will tell you all my story….But for now….

You all are the absolute best and I consider it a privilege to come to this diary and just talk to you about anything and everything… we are the future…the generation of a new millennium…what will we do to make this world a better place???
Much love, Jessica

P.S. Keep on voting on TRL and requesting “I Wanna Love You…”

To Sarah from Colorado or wherever you live…tell Kate hello from Jessica and I do remember her. To Meghan…Hang in there and quote the scripture you put at the end of your message…Rom.8:28 (one of my faves)

To Justin…Interesting dream…I hope one day if i do need saving from a fire or whatever, that you are there to do the saving

To All My Friends and Fans…I love you!