At the beginning of her career, Jessica gained public attention when she claimed to be saving herself until marriage,
something that has still gone with much speculation. Since that time her image has become increasingly sexual.

In January 2002, Simpson posed in lingerie for Maxim magazine. The publication also named her #18 in its May 2006 Hot 100 issue. She appeared on Maxim’s cover again in July 2006.

Simpson currently is the official celebrity spokesperson for Operation Smile, a charity group that provides free
reconstructive surgery for children with facial and oral deformities. She recently sat in on an operation in Kenya to
show her support, as well as supporting Operation Smile on Capitol Hill. She has also appeared as a spokesperson for the acne treatment Proactiv Solution. However, she has said that in fact she treated her acne with accutane.

Her public image has become fodder for ridicule and satire. In 2006 singer P!nk released a song called “Stupid Girls”
which directly mocked Simpson (as well as many other “stereotyped-dumb” celebrities); in particular a line, “Maybe if I act like that/flippin’ my blonde hair back/push out my bra like that” is delivered spoken-word in a fashion that emulates a spoken word section of Simpsons “These Boots” cover. In the music video P!nk also mocks the music video for “These Boots”. However, her mother claimed in an edition of Vanity Fair magazine that she has a 160 IQ.

Simpson and husband broke up in 2005 after a little over 3 years of marriage.

Simpson also brought attention to herself on March 16, 2006, when she declined an invitation by President George W. Bush to appear at a Republican fundraiser to represent Operation Smile, because that group is non-partisan, and because Simpson preferred to keep her political views private. The decision was seen as a “snub” by some, such as GOP leader John Boehner.