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Title: “A Public Affair” (Jessica wanted to name it “And The Band Played On” but the concept of it changed and so did the title)

Release Date: August 29, 2006

Record Label: Epic Records

Producers: Corey Rooney, Scott Storch, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

Executive producer: Jessica Simpson

Corey Rooney produced for: Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Christina Milian, Thalia and more!

Scott Storch produced for: 50 Cent, Beyonce, G Unit, Terror Squad, Rah Digga, Mario, Ja Rule, Fat Joe and more!

Jam & Lewis produced for: Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Usher, Blu Cantrell, Bryan Adams, Jordan Knight, Mya, Sting and more!

1. A Public Affair
2. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
3. B.O.Y.
4. If You Were Mine
5. Walkin’ ‘Round In A Circle
6. The Lover In Me
7. Swing With Me
8. Push Your Tush
9. Back To You
10. Between You & I
11. I Don’t Want To Care
12. Fired Up
13. Let Him Fly
14. I Belong To Me (Bonus Track)

Jessica Simpson quotes on the album:

“I think that with my music, you can’t help but tell people a story about your life, I believe that every artist, that’s their artistry – it comes out of them naturally, through lyrics, through music, through instrumentation. So with this next record, you will see and hear a lot of things I’ve been going through. And if that can offer any inspiration to anybody else going through the same situations, so be it. That’s why I’m here.”

* About “Back To You”:

“It’s a ballad that reminds me of Janet, It’s a really raw, stripped, kind of naked song that’s just honest.”

“Living in the South for three months again felt really good,” Simpson said of shooting the film in Louisiana. “It brought a lot of my personality back that I was missing. I retreated back to Patsy Cline, and tried to go back there a little bit.”

“You’ll hear [the country], but you’ll also hear the fun club songs. Club songs and country songs; it’s all of it, mixed into one, just really good music.”

“I look at this new record from a different perspective than I had with all my other records because basically I’m doing the A&R work, I’m executive producing, I’m writing all the music – I’m doing it myself”.

“There are some fun dance tracks, and it’s probably more up-tempo than my last record. Music is supposed to make you smile and experience emotions. I don’t want to get caught up in the pressure of having the right single or having a smash hit. All I know is that every single song that comes out of me I want to hear on the radio. “

“I literally walk into the studio and hand him [Jimmy Jam] a CD of all my favorite songs that I want my album to sound like. It’s everything from Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline to Etta James. Jimmy got it from the very beginning.”

Other Facts:
* Scott Storch describes the track entitled “Fired Up” as ‘Jessica’s ‘Dirrty’.
* ‘A Public Affair’ is the first single off the album.
* Simpson recorded another club track, “Mr. Operator,” with Storch during their session together three weeks ago.
* Jessica wrote all but one song on the album.
* She recorded a cover of Dusty Springfield’s “Son Of A Preacherman”, which didn’t make the album after the changes.
* Jessica wrote ‘Fired Up” for CaCee “since that’s what she always says”.
* 2 more tracks revealed: “Sexified” (not on the album) and “Back To You”.
* “Back To You” is a flashback about her first boyfriend in high school, inspired by rereading old journal entries.

List of songs which have been registered at earlier this year
* “All Of My Life”
Written by: Andrew Fromm, Gary Baker, Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson

* “Fantasize”
Written by: Guy Chambers & Jessica Simpson

* “I Want”
Written by: Jane Bach, Tamara Hyler & Jessica Simpson

* “King Of Love”
Written by: Guy Chambers & Jessica Simpson

* “Made To Order Miracle”
Written by: Robert Orrall, Robert Palmer & Jessica Simpson

* “Midsummer Sky”
Written by: Guy Roche, Jessica Simpson & Elizabeth Vidal

* “Shine”
Written by: Edward Hill, Jessica Simpson & Michelle Lewis

* “Show Me How”
Written by: Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick & Jessica Simpson

* “The Way I’ve Changed”
Written by: Adrienne Follese & Jessica Simpson

* “Through My Eyes”
Written by: James Harry, Ed Hill & Jessica Simpson

* “Whatcha Gonna Do?”
Written by: Robert Orrall, Robert Palmer & Jessica Simpson

* “You Can’t”
Written by: Matthew Gerrard, Trina Harmon & Jessica Simpson