Past Layouts

Here are some of this site’s layouts, I don’t have them all saved and there have been so many! Some of these screenshots are only of the empty graphics with no content but I bet you remember all those if you are a frequent visitor :) These are not 100% in order.

Country layout; made by Luke.

Pink, Spring style layout.

InStyle layout.

Elle layout.

Made by me, inspired by Angelic.

This layout was made by me, it wasn’t up long.

This layout was made by me, it featured the Ruven Afanador Photoshoot.

This layout was made by Charmaine.

Autumny layout; it features pictures of the recent Elle photoshoot.

Summery layout; it featured pictures of Jessica shopping in Malibu.

Very pink layout, it featured the Maxim photoshoot outtakes.

A warm, beige layout with Seventeen photoshoot pics.

I didn’t really like this one but oh well lol.

This layout was made by my friend Yaro, it was one of the most original ever!

The famous pink layout! A lot of people still tell me it was the best :) Made by Yaro.

This layout was the first one after I got my very own server! I was proud of it at the time :)

This layout (on this preview just the top of it is featured) was one of my first, it was up while I was hosted at