01. Are you Jessica or Ashlee Simpson?
No, I am just a fan!

02. Do you know Jessica’s screenname/email address/home address?
No, I don’t. And even if I did I wouldn’t reveal it.

03. What programms do you use to make graphics?
I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and Photoshop CS2

04. Where does Jessica shop?
In a lot of famous places actually! Check Jessica Style for tips on how to get her look!

05. Does Jessica visit this site?
Yes she does!! And she loves it :)

06. Could you make me a layout?
Unfortunately not, I’m sorry! I’m very busy plus I don’t think I’m all that good at layouts.

07. Have you ever met Jessica?
No I haven’t. Living in Poland doesn’t help lol I would love to meet her one day and I believe I will!
Actually this has changed recently – I’ve met Jessica and was able to spend almost the whole day with her – it was lifechanging!!! She’s even prettier in person than in pictures and so, so nice! =)

08. How much time do you spend working on the site?
A lot! lol I spend hours looking for pictures and news.
Lately – not as much as I would like!

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