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  • Ashley Hairfield

    Hey there! I just wanted to write to you & tell you about my FIRST time meeting Jessica Simpson today at Belk in Charlotte, NC. All that I can say is, she is absolutely AMAZING! I watched her make her grand entrance, bought one of her sweaters, stood in line for about an hour, met her & got a signed picture of her, & received a free gift bag with some goodies in it. I have been a HUGE fan of hers for as long as I can remember, & to have met her today is the biggest blessing I have received! She is so, so, so sweet, so beautiful, & so down-to-earth. She was having full conversations with everyone, shaking hands, laughing & dancing, etc. I enjoyed every single moment of this experience! I stood next to Tina & her 2 assistants in line. Her assistant took a video of all of us in line to show Jessica how many people were there to see her. They took pics of fans who bought her jeanswear as well! She told me that I was very pretty, & for this to come from her is just so rewarding! All in all, she is a gift from God!

  • Ella

    Hi, I noticed that some of the Jessica Simpson videos (Live performanes are down). Could you possibly re-upload them to megaupload or mabey some other site. I lost some vids and would very much like to get them back!

    ps. If you have any of them could you please send them to me? E-mail me and let me know, I’ll tell you which ones I would like to have. :D

  • Cheryl

    Hi Ella. Many thanks for your message – so sad to hear you lost some of your videos. I’m missing a few of mine as well when my old computer broke down, but I’m hoping to fix that soon.
    Please let me know which videos you are missing and would really love to have back and I’ll see what I can do for you.
    Best Wishes, Cheryl @ SKnet.

  • Colleen Asselin

    Joanna!!! Congratulations on meeting Jess!!!!!
    I KNEW YOU WOULD! You so deserve it. I am so very happy for you.
    Thank you for the site!!!!!
    Love Colleen Asselin


    Hi I am from Peru , I have many years following Jessica , I think it’s a great singer and although it started in my country almost no time sounded always for me was a pleasure to listen to music and watch videos, even in those years was not so easy to see or download a video, remember sweetkisses.net previous years had an option to download the videos , a large list , now only can be seen by YouTube that I do not really like it. And that’s why I wonder if I can provide link to download the videos as they could before, I think at that time was very easy to have Jessica presentations on television , and I loved them.
    I cordially greet the makers of this page , congratulating them for the excellent work they do and especially striving to show every step you take this great artist.
    I’m from Peru and I love Jessica for that reason wanted to know if they can facilitate downloads Jessica presentations as it was, as I recall much and am a follower of this site long ago .
    I hope you can answer my email , many greetings from Peru
    Atte . Oliver Gadea

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