About The Site

I have always wanted to have a Jessica Simpson website to show, how much I appreciate her and what she does. The SweetKisses.net site you are looking at right now is my baby haha :D I made it from scratch, I had to deal with many server problems, had to move this site a lot but I made it! I’m a survivor ;) lol Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy working on it :) This site was created in August/September 2002 and still going strong!

Programs used:

Photoshop CS2
Paint Shop Pro 7
Animation Shop 3
CuteFTP Pro 3.0
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Layout info:
The current layout was made by twentyoneguns.org – thanks girls!!
The picture used is from the Jessica Simpson Collection photoshoot.

* Tip Jar idea credit: MenaSuvariFan.com

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