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Scans: In Touch, August 17 2009

Thanks to: Tamara!

Candids: Beso, August 5 2009

Scans: Glamour, September 2009

Thanks to: Erin!

Scans: Tele Swiat [Poland], August 3 2009

Jessica graces the cover of Polish tv mag called Tele Swiat, August 3 2009 issue. Always nice to see a cover with our girl :)

Glamour pics + interview bits!

On her first post-breakup magazine cover — arrriving on newsstands August 11, Jessica Simpson opens up to Glamour Magazine about her relationships, body image, and her new VH1 reality series, The Price of Beauty.

Though the interview took place before her highly-publicized split with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, the 29-year-old reveals that she has no regrets about her nearly two year romance with Romo, saying, “I don’t regret anything I’ve gone through. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that my life, as it is now, doesn’t change. I’m very happy and comfortable — it’s a great place to be in. If this article comes out and we’re not together, I’d still love [Tony], and he’d still be a huge part of who I am today.”

Jessica on Recovering From Her Divorce From Nick Lachey:
“It was hard to imagine I would ever walk down the aisle again,” she says. “It was like a death in the family: You go through the mourning stage, then the rebellion, and then all of a sudden you have to find life by yourself. Once you do that, you feel complete — and that’s the only time you can truly fall in love again, and give yourself over completely to another person.”

Jessica on Body Image:
“It’s not fair that women look in the mirror and feel disgust because of what society has made them believe about beauty. I’ve been through it myself and understand the pressures. We’re all facing the same struggles together, whether you’re a celebrity or not.”

Jessica Explains Her Work Ethic:
“I’m never going to be a woman who doesn’t work. At 12 I was emancipated from my parents so I could sign my first record deal. I think I was born working!”

On the legacy she’d like to leave behind:
“Tony said, ‘Jessica, at the end of your life, the only thing that’s going to flash through your mind and heart is your husband, kids, family and the people you love. You’re not going to think, I wish I’d done this with my career. And I’m not going to remember how many touchdown passes I threw or if I won the Super Bowl.’ Music is the heart of who I am, and it’s the most personal thing that I do.”

Photographs by Matthias Vriens-McGrath


September Glamour cover!

Candids: Katsuya, August 1 2009 [HQ]

August 1, 2009: Jessica Simpson leaving Katsuya with sister Ashlee (hq).

Scans: Us Weekly, August 10 2009

Thanks to: Tamara!

Jessica Simpson Gets Stabbed in the Back…

JessicaSimpsonTwitter Shoe-loving Jessica Simpson could have a lasting reminder of one of her favorite designers. While playing with her godson Dylan, the singer got wacked in the back with one of her own Christian Louboutin heels! Kids do the darndest things, don’t they?

Simpson tweeted about it moments later, posting a picture of Dylan giving her a big apologetic hug.

“My godson Dylan giving me a hug after hitting me in the back with my Louboutin leopard wedges,” Simpson tweeted. His ‘I’m sorry’ Love.”

Looks like Miz Simpson got over it though. She later tweeted, “Everything is as simple as it should be.”


Pix: AN-YA Single Release Party, July 29 2009

Check out the photos of Jessica taken at the single release party for AN-YA thrown by Joe Simpson on July 29th.

Scans: OK!, August 10 2009

I’ve uploaded scans from OK! Magazine, August 10 issue.

Thanks to: Tamara!

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