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TV Alert: Today Show

Jessica Simpson will be guest on Today Show this Monday to talk about her come back to music! I couldn’t be more excited! Thanks to Reese for the heads up.

Lyrics: IWLYF in Spanish

I’ve got a great contribution from Ferdinand, who shared lyrics of I Wanna Love You Forever in Spanish, that Jessica sang at Billboard Awards in 2000! Thank you very much! There is also a translation of the lyrics as they’re not the same as English version. Hope you enjoy!

Voy A Ser Tuya Por Siempre

En sueños te sentí
Me iluminó tu luz
En tu magia me escondí
Supe que eras tú, mi vida tú
Lo que soy ya te lo di
Mi pasión, mi voz, mi fe
En mi piel yo descubrí
Solamente para…

Oh voy a ser tuya por siempre
A cambio lo que pido de ti
Es que tú puedas amarme
Y vivas sólo para mí
Desde el momento que yo te soñé
Y en cada beso te lo confesé
Lo sabes tú
Voy a ser tuya por siempre

I’m Gonna Be Yours Forever

In dreams I felt you
I was lit by your light
In your magic, I hid
I knew it was you, my life you
What I am, I already gave it to you
My passion, my voice, my faith
In my skin, I discovered
Only to…
Oh I’m gonna be yours forever
In return I ask of you
Is that you can love me
And live just for me
From the moment that I dreamed of you
And in every kiss I confessed to you
You know it
I’m gonna be yours forever

Thanks to: Ferdinand Chevalier!



Been waiting FOREVER for this – yay!!! Excited!!

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Watch: Jessica Simpson – Irresistible 2013 (Plastik Remix)

Jessica Simpson – Irresistible 2013 (Plastik Remix) from Binthemix Productions on Vimeo.

Thanks to: Branko Toledo! :)

Listen: Irresistible 2013 (Plastik Vocal Club Mix)

Love finds like this! Thanks to Branko Toledo for sharing this with me, love collecting remixes of Jessica’s tracks! Listen below, there’s a download option as well – hope you enjoy :)

Thanks to: Branko Toledo!

RARE & EXCLUSIVE: “I’m Just Me” mp3 *unreleased*!

Jessica fans that crave new music you’re in for a treat! I’ve just been sent an unreleased song from the “Do You Know” album era, it’s so good and it’s sad it’s not featured on the album! Anyway listen to it below! Huge thanks to Andrey for sharing it with all of us! Let me know what you think in the comments/chatter box/forum! :)

Jessica Simpson “I’m Just Me”
Album: unreleased (Do You Know Era 2008)

Thanks to: Andrey! :)

I’m sure with his talents for finding rare Jessica stuff we’ll be able to share more great rare things! :)

Vote for Jessica!

VH1 has a poll for 100 Greatest Women in Music, take your time to vote for our girl Jessica! She’s nominated in the category “All Time” and “Pop”! You need a Twitter or Facebook account to vote as much as you like!

Click HERE to vote for Jess! :)

Results are announced live Monday February 13th 10/9c on VH1.

Thanks to: toom @!

Watch: Rachel Proctor singing “Come On Over”

‘Come On Over’ – written by Rachel Proctor, Victoria Banks & Jessica Simpson
performance by Rachel Proctor & Victoria Banks, Friday, December 16th, 2011 at the Von Braun Center, Huntsville Alabama as part of Jim Parker’s Songwriter Series.


I love this song so much, reminds me of Summer! :)

Order “Happy Christmas”!

*Please note this product is limited to US Orders only*



1. My Only Wish
2. Here Comes Santa Claus / Santa Claus is Coming to Town
3. O Come O Come Emmanuel
4. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Duet with John Britt)
5. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
6. Mary Did You Know
7. Merry Christmas Baby (Duet with Willie Nelson)
8. Kiss Me For Christmas
9. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
10. Carol of The Bells


Or you can order from if you’re not in the US! =) I’m sure it will make a great stocking stuffer!

Twitter: Jessica back into the music studio?


Let’s let Jessica know that we love her music! What do you want to hear on her next album?

Jessica Simpson supports US Military families

Jessica Simpson continues to show her love for the troops. The singer performed “God Bless America” for military families yesterday along with First Lady Michelle Obama. The event was part of Michelle’s Joining Forces initiative, but it’s not the first time that Jessica has shown her support for the men and women overseas. Watch as she belts out the patriotic number, and then take a look back at some of her past military trips!


Exclusive: Producer: Jessica Simpson And Her Fiance Are “Super Duper Happy!”

One guy who has had a ton to celebrate in 2010 is Tricky Stewart. The famed producer was busy in the 1-0 crafting songs on hot releases by Rihanna, Michael Jackson, T.I., Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce.

So, naturally I thought this was the perfect time to catch up with him and thank him for the memories. What a year! First off, you wrote two songs for Christina for Burlesque. It’s a lot like Back to Basics. Is that what you were going for?

Tricky Stewart: No, I didn’t work on Back to Basics, but overall I always talk about the theory, which is that every artist has a sound no matter what producers they work with. With Christina Aguilera, I tried to embody what she has done, and that is why there may be some similarity.

US: You really pulled some emotion out of her on this album How were you able to do that? I know she was going through a divorce at the time. Was that a key factor?

TS: The emotion is there because she knows how to put herself in a position to deliver a song from that place. That’s one of the greatest things about working with great artists — they always know how to pull emotion from a real place so people can identify with it.

US: Did you talk to her about anything going on or anything like that?

TS: No, we pretty much keep it to the music. Obviously you can tell when there are better days than others, but at the end of the day we show up ready to work. We only have so much time to do what we have to do, so we don’t spend a whole lot of time talking about everything to go on in her world.

US: And Jessica Simpson was the other album you did. You produced and wrote for her Christmas album, right?

TS: Yep! Jessica brought us in and was really excited. and it was really, really fun because I’ve never done a Christmas album and I’ve always wanted to have that body of work. You know, to have that thing out like the Christmas albums that David Foster, Quincy Jones, or all the other producers that I look up to. Jessica gave me that opportunity, and it was a really great time. I was really happy about being able to make that happen.

US: Are you planning on working with her again on more music?

TS: We have actually have. I was so pleasantly surprised and happy with how everything came out! She is a gem just waiting to be rediscovered, so there is a definite possibility of us working together again in the future.

US: What was she like in the studio?

TS: She is fun and lighthearted but very serious about her singing. She is a little bit of an over-thinker sometimes because she puts so much pressure on herself. But, overall we had a great time making this record! We had to do it super fast — we started the negotiations and everything in October, which is really late for a Christmas album. But we got it done, it came out, and it’s great — everyone loved it.

US: She also got engaged. Was her new fiance around the studio?

TS: He wasn’t around the studio. Artists don’t necessarily mix that together, but, I went to their engagement party and it was very, very nice. You can clearly see how in love they are. I am married myself, so it’s great to see people in love and they are super duper happy!

US: Obviously you produced two songs on Michael Jackson’s new album that just dropped. I heard you really turned down the instruments so you can just hear his voice on the productions?

TS: I produced these songs as if he were there and we had an interaction. With Michael, there was always a certain amount of excellence expected of you. But with him not being here it became a challenge to govern yourself and that excellence and make sure that you hit the level of success that he achieved and of what he would want you to do. It was a lot of pressure. We just sat in the room and turned the album music off and just listened to the essence to the man and what his performance level in these records. Even if these weren’t finished vocals they were so intense and so much presence in them. I instantly heard his body: what his hands do, when his fingers snap when his foot stomps. And listening to all those thing isolated is very intense and you can hear the intensity in who he was as a person. Even if he could never dance. if he never did the moonwalk, Michael Jackson had one of the best voices in music.

Us: How about Loud, Rihanna’s most recent record?

TS: The song I produced on there is called “Complicated,” and I’ve just seen her grow tremendously. “Complicated” is a difficult song to sing — it is very high and pretty intense and she really showed me a lot by singing that record. People never think Rihanna is a great singer, but I promise you there is not a better person to deliver a great song and it doesn’t matter how high it is or how low it is — she can just get in there and rally make a record her own. The beauitful thing is even when we did “Umbrella,” everyone thought that song was for Britney, or this person, but after she sang that record it could absoultely be for no one else. The record is hers and she puts it right where it needs to be.

US: And she’s got a boyfriend too Matt Kemp. What was it like with him around?

TS: He wasn’t around, and there is a reason. I don’t do well with boyfriends coming to my sessions. I want to be the only man in the studio when it’s my girls. (laughs) Whether it’s Katy, Christina, Rhianna, Beyonce, I don’t want to see nobody’s man.

Us: I know you can’t talk about working on Beyonce’s upcoming album but I heard it through the grapevine. But why do her and Jay-Z make such a great couple?

TS: I just feel like they had it figured out. Relationships are between two people and not between you and your family or anybody else and by them being huge stars, relationships can become about you and the world and that is something that I have never seen them do. They just really carry themselves a certain way and their relationship is their relationship and that’s pretty much it. It’s so private and it’s so quiet, and that’s why people have the respect not to talk about them. They are unbreakable.

US: And finally T.I. You recorded his new album with him, which was obviously before he went to jail but when he got out the last time. So what was it like working with him during that time period?

TS:I have known T.I. for probably bout 10-15 years now, and it was different because of the elephant in the room. When he was working on an album, he definitely kept his positivity and was himself. He really didn’t put the mental stress out there. I felt sorry for him being put in that situation with his kids and his wife. I just wish him the best of luck.

US: Anything else you want to bring up in wrapping up? Anything I left out?

TS: The one big thing I probably want to say is that I will be launching my record label, Red Zone Records in early 2011 and we are really, really excited about that. I’m just really looking forward to writing more great records and being a part of the next generation’s greatest songs and just working our asses off.


Jessica Simpson ‘planning to record new LP’

Jessica Simpson has revealed that she plans to record a new studio album in the coming months.

During an appearance on SIRIUS XM Radio’s Morning Mash Up, Simpson stated that she’s looking forward to returning to pop music in 2011.

“I want to make another pop record,” she said. “I’m just going to start writing and researching and hopefully work with The-Dream and Tricky again.”

The singer added: “We talked about it so we’ll see what I get in and what I create. Music is definitely my number two priority next to love.”

Simpson recently denied that she is going to marry fiancée Eric Johnson before the end of the holiday season.


I will have the download links for the Christmas Special for you up later today! :)

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