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Scans: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend Ads

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I added 2-page ad for Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend fine jewelry collection by Jessica Simpson! I wish there were more images used in this campaign, this one is so glamorous :) Click on the image above to enlarge.

JSC sale!

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Source: JessicaSimpsonCollection.com

Watch: Fragrance haul video – Fancy

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I came across this video browsing for Jessica Simpson on youtube just now – I gotta say I love watching hauls on youtube but my wallet doesn’t haha! ;) Anyway this girl purchased and quickly reviewed some fragrances and she got 3 by Jessica: Fancy, Fancy Love and I Fancy You.

Source: youtube.com/fictionwriter04

Which one of the Fancy perfumes is your favorite? :)

Jessica Simpson Announces Maternity Line And Drops Due Date Hint

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Jessica Simpson will be on the “Fashion Mentors” on the new NBC show Fashion Star. Aspiring designers will compete for buyers like H&M and Macy’s to actually put their designs on the market the day after the show airs. Sporting a lovely healthy bump herself, Simpson discussed her plans for new maternity clothes at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

“I definitely look at comfort,” Simpson said. “I buy bigger sizes which is very important but I haven’t really gone to maternity clothes. I don’t really love a lot of maternity stuff so I’m using it as a fun business thing to do. The next thing you’ll see form the Jessica Simpson Collection is maternity.”

As a mentor, Simpson shared some of her advice for new designers just breaking into the business.

“I personally think that it’s important to understand who your consumer is and once you get detached from that, thinking you’re this hotshot designer is when everything goes to waste. It’s really being able to be a relatable person and brand and being able to translate that into your garment.”

As for her own pregnancy, Simpson is trying to keep the focus on her clothes, but she gave a few updates.

“I feel great. The pregnancy’s going great. I’m just waddling around now. We’re not saying the due date but it’s in the spring so it’s coming. I do want to be surprised [on the gender but], we’ve gone through all different kinds of names but we’re pretty much set on our name so we’ll see what happens.”

Fashion Star premieres this March on NBC.

Source: StarPulse.com


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I caught up with Glamamom-to-be Jessica Simpson at Dylan’s Candy Bar last month for the launch of the Jessica Simpson Girls’ Line in collaboration with her sister Ashlee.

Expanding on the success of the Jessica Simpson Collection, the Girls’ Line features apparel, footwear and accessories designed for tweens, sold in select Macys, Dillard’s, Belk, and Bonton stores.

On hand to show support for the launch were fiancé Eric Johnson, sister Ashlee, nephew Bronx, mom Tina, Dylan’s Candy Bar owner Dylan Lauren, and Baby Buggy® founder Jessica Seinfeld for the announcement that Jessica Simpson Girls’ and Baby Buggy® have joined forces for a special T-Shirt initiative.

Until January 31st, fans can submit a design of their own creation at www.jessicasimpsoncollection.com/babybuggy. The winning designs will be picked by Jessica, Ashlee and Jessica Seinfeld to be sold in the back-to-school collection! A portion of proceeds will be donated to Baby Buggy® to support America’s most vulnerable families.

Radiant and grinning from ear to ear, Jessica Simpson was incredibly friendly and approachable, thanking guests for coming and posing for photographs. There is no question why she is America’s sweetheart. I’ve had the opportunity to interview a lot of celebs and can generally sense when it’s all business and that was not the case at all with Jessica. She was delightfully charismatic and her ever-expanding empire is further proof that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. We were also both wearing leopard and leather. Coincidence? I think not. Here’s the transcript of our convo:

Congratulations Jessica, how do you feel?
Thank you! I feel great.

What an exciting time for you. The new line looks great. What was your inspiration?
It’s a combination of both my sister and me and it reflects both of our personalities. I always want what’s in Ashlee’s closet and she always wants what’s in mine so coming together to create something that has both of our personalities is a really special thing. We’re offering kids what I think is the coolest stuff to wear to school.

Any plans to do a boys line?

Well, do you know what’s in there (motioning to her belly)?
Not yet, I find out Monday!

Ah, so you want to know.
I think having the baby is enough of a surprise. I’m not one to prepare or anything, I just can’t keep a secret from myself (laughs). If it’s something I can find out, I’m going to find out!

What are you most excited about becoming a mom? (Serena, Mama Goes Natural)
Hmm, probably the little mannerisms. Last night my nephew Bronx was falling asleep with Eric and I watching Elf and he looked up at us and said, “Eric doesn’t have shirt on. I want my shirt off!” He then laid there looking exactly like Eric. Having a little baby look up to you is really cool.

So you’re not giving up the heels, right? Promise me after the birth you’re not giving them up.
Oh no! My feet hurt terribly when I walk in flats. I’m more comfortable in heels (laughs).

True Glamamom for real!

Source: glamamom.com

JSC: 50% off handbags!

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Wow this is an amazing deal! Grab yourself a JS bag, they’re all so pretty! :)

Jessica Simpson So Lovely Clutch

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Isn’t she lovely? Jessica Simpson’s gotten things oh so right with this So Lovely Clutch Purse.

The So Lovely’s design is very simple, which might be why it’s so endearing. Jessica Simpson has been guilty of over-embellishing many of her handbags, so it’s refreshing to see one that’s more reserved. A golden bar cinches in chocolate brown leatherette, revealing the fawn colored material underneath. The effect looks a little like a bow, with its pretty pleats. It’s a gorgeous interpretation of the colorblocked style, subtle but still eye-catching.

I’m less enthused about the snake printed alternative. The scales are so busy that the pleats get lost in all the mottling. It’s also not a very convincing mimic, so unlike the matte leatherette the material appears just as cheap as its price tag suggests. I’m all for maintaining the illusion of opulence!

The So Lovely is quite small but it’s well organized, with a slip pocket and quartet of card slots. Those slots are particularly impressive as we don’t risk scratching the magnetic strips on our credit cards. A zippered pocket for coins would have come in handy, but we can’t expect too much for this price.

At just $58 this pretty Jessica Simpson clutch is just as lovely as its name suggests!

Source: bagbunch.com

Jessica Simpson’s Personal Jewellery Collection

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Jessica Simpson says her new jewellery collection reflects her personality and is very proud of the line. The singer-and-actress – who is currently pregnant with her first child – has designed an accessories line for Zales stores and says she was involved in every part of the process.

She said: “This collection has allowed me to create pieces that truly reflect who I am. The pieces can become a keepsake for life.”

The collection – which features earrings, rings and bracelets and more – includes a variety of butterfly-shaped designs based on the star’s handwriting.

Earlier this month, Jessica and her sister Ashlee launched their girls’ clothing line, which is a reflection of both their styles. Describing the new range, which is released through the Jessica Simpson label, pregnant Jessica said:

“It’s a combination of both of our styles. Ashlee is very rock ‘n’ roll, and I’m very American.”

Jessica also revealed she has signed a deal for a maternity line and will also design girls’ footwear. She also admitted she may branch out further if she discovers she is expecting a son.

She said: “Boys’ clothing is a possibility.”

Source: ContactMusic.com

JSC: 25% off shoes!

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Yet another awesome promo deal at JSC! =) Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

Launch of the Jessica Simpson Girls Collection

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Mama-to-be, Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee Simpson were recently at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC to celebrate the launch of the Jessica Simpson Girls Collection.

At the event, Jessica Seinfeld, founder of Baby Buggy, was also on-hand to announce a special t-shirt design contest that will live online at www.jessicasimpsoncollection.com/babybuggy. Through her organization, Seinfeld has provided essential gear, clothing and other items for children and families in need. JSC and Baby Buggy have a longstanding relationship – donating multiple seasons of clothing and accessories to their families. This year, JSC further supports the partnership with Baby Buggy, making a cash donation to the organization’s mission.

To enter the t-shirt design contest, simply enter your basic information (name, address, zip) and upload a photo of your unique and original t-shirt design. The winning designs will be picked by Jessica, Ashlee and Jessica Seinfeld to be sold in their back-to-school collection whose proceeds will benefit Baby Buggy and families in need. The contest is open until January 31st to all US residents.

In addition to learning about this incredible contest, I was able to preview the line and their fashion-forward, accessible, comfortable and affordable pieces. I loved the pre-teen look of funky t-shirts and fun printed jeans and stretchy pants. The line, only for girls at the moment, includes skinny jeans and hoodies with a feminine look from Jessica and a rocker edge from Ashlee.

At the event, I also had the opportunity to ask Jessica about what she is the most excited about in being a new mom. “I’m excited for those little moments.” she stated. Adding, “I love being with my nephew (Bronx) and cuddling. I love that.” Pregnancy is also not hampering her style and Jessica still wears heels, “I can’t give them up!” she stated. She also said that she is very excited to find out that sex of her baby and that there is “no way” that she would be able to keep it a secret!

Source: MomTrends.com

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