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JSC: 50% off handbags!

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Wow this is an amazing deal! Grab yourself a JS bag, they’re all so pretty! :)

Jessica Simpson So Lovely Clutch

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Isn’t she lovely? Jessica Simpson’s gotten things oh so right with this So Lovely Clutch Purse.

The So Lovely’s design is very simple, which might be why it’s so endearing. Jessica Simpson has been guilty of over-embellishing many of her handbags, so it’s refreshing to see one that’s more reserved. A golden bar cinches in chocolate brown leatherette, revealing the fawn colored material underneath. The effect looks a little like a bow, with its pretty pleats. It’s a gorgeous interpretation of the colorblocked style, subtle but still eye-catching.

I’m less enthused about the snake printed alternative. The scales are so busy that the pleats get lost in all the mottling. It’s also not a very convincing mimic, so unlike the matte leatherette the material appears just as cheap as its price tag suggests. I’m all for maintaining the illusion of opulence!

The So Lovely is quite small but it’s well organized, with a slip pocket and quartet of card slots. Those slots are particularly impressive as we don’t risk scratching the magnetic strips on our credit cards. A zippered pocket for coins would have come in handy, but we can’t expect too much for this price.

At just $58 this pretty Jessica Simpson clutch is just as lovely as its name suggests!

Source: bagbunch.com

Jessica Simpson’s Personal Jewellery Collection

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Jessica Simpson says her new jewellery collection reflects her personality and is very proud of the line. The singer-and-actress – who is currently pregnant with her first child – has designed an accessories line for Zales stores and says she was involved in every part of the process.

She said: “This collection has allowed me to create pieces that truly reflect who I am. The pieces can become a keepsake for life.”

The collection – which features earrings, rings and bracelets and more – includes a variety of butterfly-shaped designs based on the star’s handwriting.

Earlier this month, Jessica and her sister Ashlee launched their girls’ clothing line, which is a reflection of both their styles. Describing the new range, which is released through the Jessica Simpson label, pregnant Jessica said:

“It’s a combination of both of our styles. Ashlee is very rock ‘n’ roll, and I’m very American.”

Jessica also revealed she has signed a deal for a maternity line and will also design girls’ footwear. She also admitted she may branch out further if she discovers she is expecting a son.

She said: “Boys’ clothing is a possibility.”

Source: ContactMusic.com

JSC: 25% off shoes!

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Yet another awesome promo deal at JSC! =) Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

Launch of the Jessica Simpson Girls Collection

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Mama-to-be, Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee Simpson were recently at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC to celebrate the launch of the Jessica Simpson Girls Collection.

At the event, Jessica Seinfeld, founder of Baby Buggy, was also on-hand to announce a special t-shirt design contest that will live online at www.jessicasimpsoncollection.com/babybuggy. Through her organization, Seinfeld has provided essential gear, clothing and other items for children and families in need. JSC and Baby Buggy have a longstanding relationship – donating multiple seasons of clothing and accessories to their families. This year, JSC further supports the partnership with Baby Buggy, making a cash donation to the organization’s mission.

To enter the t-shirt design contest, simply enter your basic information (name, address, zip) and upload a photo of your unique and original t-shirt design. The winning designs will be picked by Jessica, Ashlee and Jessica Seinfeld to be sold in their back-to-school collection whose proceeds will benefit Baby Buggy and families in need. The contest is open until January 31st to all US residents.

In addition to learning about this incredible contest, I was able to preview the line and their fashion-forward, accessible, comfortable and affordable pieces. I loved the pre-teen look of funky t-shirts and fun printed jeans and stretchy pants. The line, only for girls at the moment, includes skinny jeans and hoodies with a feminine look from Jessica and a rocker edge from Ashlee.

At the event, I also had the opportunity to ask Jessica about what she is the most excited about in being a new mom. “I’m excited for those little moments.” she stated. Adding, “I love being with my nephew (Bronx) and cuddling. I love that.” Pregnancy is also not hampering her style and Jessica still wears heels, “I can’t give them up!” she stated. She also said that she is very excited to find out that sex of her baby and that there is “no way” that she would be able to keep it a secret!

Source: MomTrends.com

Jessica Simpson: In Bloom at The Bay

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Jessica Simpson proudly showed off her baby bump as she attended the First International Jessica Simpson Collection Event at The Bay in Toronto, Canada today (December 3).

Joined by kid sister Ashlee and fiance Eric Johnson, the mom-to-be was on hand to debut her new clothing collection to the Canadian market.

Source: fadedyouthblog.com

Fan Photos from Toronto

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Jessica and Ashlee at The Bay, December 3 2011

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Welcome @JessicaSimpson & @AshleeSimpson to The Bay!

@JessicaSimpson & @AshleeSimpson meet their biggest Canadian fans

Source: twitter.com/TheHudsonsBayCo

Jessica Simpson on Her New Design Endeavors

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Yesterday the Simpson sisters–Ashlee and Jessica–threw a little soiree to celebrate their first-ever design collab: A line of clothes for tween girls. The line is for ages 7-16, and this demographic made up most of the crowd at the party at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

We waited very patiently to grab a few words with the mom-to-be, who was wearing towering heels and a short leopard print dress.( We overheard her telling several people that flats hurt her feet and she’ll wear her heels as long as possible.) When we finally got to her, she dished to us about working with Ashlee, her new design projects, and finding out the sex of her baby:

Fashionista: Is this the first time you’ve worked with your sister to design something?
Jessica Simpson: Ummm. I guess, yeah! But it feels like we always work together!

Whose idea was it?
This was my mother’s idea actually. My mother thought it would be great to combine both of our styles, both of our personalities.

How would you describe your separate styles?
Ashlee’s very rock’n’roll, very cool, very boho-chic. I’m more of like your all-American girl. I’m pretty classic, I’m pretty easy going. Combining the two is always fun. But I am the person that does like to wear something simple and throw a crazy accessory with it.

Did you have any fights or creative disagreements when you were designing the line?
No! We did not. We loved being in the approval meetings together, we loved inspiration shopping together. It’s been fun. I feel like all these little girls are wearing stuff that Ashlee and I would both wear. {Ed note: The girl models running around looked very cute in faux fur vests and 70s floppy hats.}

So Ashlee has a boy. Do you think you’ll ever do a line for boys?
We want to do baby, kids. I’m gonna do maternity.

When will that happen?
We’re looking into launching around February, but we’ll see.

There’s been a lot in the press lately about girls being made to look too “sexy.” Did you think about that?
We made sure that they can look adorable but stay their age. I think that keeping it age appropriate is extremely important.

So do you know what you’re having? (at which point I rudely pointed at her belly)
I don’t. I find out on Monday. I can’t wait to go home to find out!

Source: fashionista.com

Meet Jessica & Ashlee Tomorrow!

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Your official invite: Meet @JessicaSimpson & @ashleesimpson, Saturday, Dec 3rd, 1 pm, 3rd floor of The Bay, Queen st.

Source: twitter.com/TheHudsonsBayCo

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