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        • New candids
September 29, 2008: Jessica Simpson arrives in Los Angeles (hq).

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        • Omaha's River City Roundup, September 27 2008

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        • New appearance
"I'm a huge Jessica and SK fan! I just wanted to let you know that Jessica will be performing at the Bank Of America 500 Nascar race on October 11th in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is doing a preshow before the race and then singing the National Anthem."

• Thanks to: Stephanie W.!
        • Request "Remember That"
"Hey I just wanted to write in and remind you and all fans that Jessica's 2nd single "Remember That" was released to country radio today. It was announced by one of her raido interviews that you posted a few days back that the single will go for adds today. Please request on radio just as we did for "Come On Over."

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        • Jessica on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars!
Tune In: Epic/Columbia Nashville's Jessica Simpson will be performing her hit "Come On Over" from her chart topping country album, Do You Know, and "Angels," a special release cover, accompanied by professional dancers on ABC's Dancing with the Stars the Results Show, on Tuesday, September 30 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET).

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        • Fan videos: Omaha, September 27
• Still Beautiful
• Come On Over
• Still Beautiful intro

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        • New interview
JESSICA SIMPSON SAYS HEEEYYYY! Jessica Simpson called in today! Click here to hear the full interview.

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        • Jessica Simpson to Appear on DWTS
When you tune in to Dancing with the Stars to cheer on Julianne Hough on Tuesday, September 30th, you’ll get the bonus of country newcomer Jessica Simpson! Jess will be the musical guest on the show that night and will perform her first country single, “Come On Over.” The show will air at 9:00pm (EST) on your local ABC affiliate.

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        • 1999 scans
I've scanned some Jessica articles from 1999.

• 01 x Dallas Morning News, 1999
• 02 x Popstar, September/October 1999
• 01 x Popstar, August 1999
• 01 x Popstar, ?? 1999
        • (download) Power Outage Skit @ VH1 Big in 2003 Awards
This is one of the best comedy performances by Jessica ever, lol - a must see! The video was requested many times but I kept forgetting to upload it - sorry about that - here it is!

Format: mpg
Size: 29.49 mb
Capped by: Malibu
Download: right click & save target as | Sendspace | Megaupload
Watch @dailymotion
        • Fan videos from Las Vegas show
• These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
• Still Beautiful
• You're My Sunday

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        • Fan picture
"I got the chance to meet Jess when she was in Farmington Hills, MI at Radio Station 106.7 FOX. She is extremely beautiful and is truly the sweetest person. It was a day that I will never forget. I have been a fan of hers for soooo long... everyone who knows me can say that they knew this was a BIG day for me! Her concert at Windsor's was awesome, the best concert I have seen yet...she can really really sing, and of course she looked great. I just love her, and thank God for such a wonderful opportunity."

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        • (watch) Wynn and Wilson Morning Show WQMX 94.1
This interview is from September 24. Click here and here to watch.

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        • Pictures
September 15, 2008: Jessica Simpson during Breakfast Broadcast with 104.3 THE COWBOY.

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        • JSC Fall 2008 magazine ads
I've added more ads for the Jessica Simpson Fall 2008 Collection.

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        • Fancy magazine ad
Here's a magazine ad for Fancy.

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        • (watch) Los Angeles County Fair videos
• With You
• These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
        • Single review: Remember That
Now that we've all recovered from the shock & awe affect of hearing the news that Jessica Simpson had the nerve to invade our little world, maybe we can get past stories about boos and hysteria and actually get to the music. Because the reality is, she made a hell of a Country record. The fact that it's selling well already, validates what we already knew- she's good. 'Remember That,' the 2nd entry from her debut Columbia album, written by Rachel Proctor and Victoria Banks, is well crafted, soulful and compelling. And it's backed by a very strong vocal performance. Plainly, it's a hit single. So forget about the tabloid covers, the reality shows, the gossip, whatever- and listen to the girl sing. Because she can. Impacting now.

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        • Interview
Here's another interview. It's from September 8 and it's for Kat 103 radio. Click here to listen.

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        • New tour dates
Jessica Simpson was kind enough to slide a few dates our way today. New ones include November 6 & 7 in Snoqualmie, Washington, at Snoqualmie Casino, and November 13 in Highland, California, at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino.

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        • Fan photos: LA County Fair, September 20 2008
"I saw Jessica at the State Fair in Sacramento! It was AWESOME! She was amazing, my boyfriend bought us 2nd row tickets to the show! Just wanted to share the pictures I got! Hope you like them!"

• Thanks to: Taryn!

- Does anyone have photos of Jessica bringing Stephanie on stage during the Los Angeles show? Please share
        • 'Do You Know' debuted in Australia
'Do You Know' was released in Australia on September 13th and debuted at #6 on Australian Top 20 Country Chart.

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        • Fan photos: LA County Fair, September 20 2008
I've added some more fan pictures from the Los Angeles County Fair.

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        • Photo
I've added a high quality photo from the Stewart Shining photoshoot for Self magazine (2007).

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        • New Macy's commercial
Oh it's cute! Check it out here!

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- By the way make sure you stop by at as it's been launched recently!
        • Major Movie Star news
My friend Dron in Russia did a little research regarding the "Major Movie Star" premiere over there and it turns out there will be no premiere in the cinemas over there - sad! The release of the movie on DVD (in Russia) has been scheduled to October 9th! It might get postponed though.

Also a new poster for the movie has been revealed - you can see it by clicking on the thumbnail! I like it a lot, and I like the fact that they used a new picture instead of that GQ picture that was used on the teaser poster

• Thanks to: Dron!
        • (scans) Hollywood Star, September 8 2008

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        • New pictures
September 25, 2008: Recording artist Jessica Simpson performs at Caesars Windsor on Sept. 25 2008 in Windsor, Ontario.

• Credit: Jason Kryk / The Windsor Star
        • Tony Romo with Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
Ah, to be young and in love with a $67.5 million contract and to be the first Cowboys quarterback to beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. Such is the life of Tony Romo. On Tuesday, Tony was spotted lunching not only with his comely blonde girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, but also with her soon-to-deliver sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. They were all seen together at the Cafe on the Green at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort where Tony is a member of the private golf club.

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        • Jessica Simpson Back to Reality?
Is Jessica Simpson returning to reality TV? Kristin from Glendale, Calif. wanted to know -- and Jessica gave "Extra" the answer! Click here.

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        • In Jessica Simpson's Shoes
Songstress Jessica Simpson crooned for a sold-out concert called "Nina's Night Out" at the Palms Casino Resort, to benefit the Las Vegas Rape Crisis Center. Simpson opened up to "Extra" about what the benefit meant to her -- and answered an "Extra" fan cam question from someone who wanted to know what it was like in her shoes! Click here to watch the video.

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        • New interview
Jessica joins us in studio to talk about her new album "Do You Know," Tony Romo, and clears up ALL the rumors!!! Listen to the entire interview and hear some songs off her album "Do You Know" by clicking here! Check out all the pictures from Jessica Simpson's visit in studio by clicking here!

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        • Jessica Simpson takes walk on the country side
Jessica Simpson has been in the public eye for nine years. That has given her enough time to be a pop princess, a reality-TV goddess, a newlywed, a divorcιe, a movie star and a tabloid headline linked with famous boyfriends (the latest: football star Tony Romo).

These days, you can add country music vixen to the list. Simpson's premiere Nashville album, "Do You Know," hit stores earlier this month, and features a single of the same name. The Texas-born singer will debut the new sound in a concert at the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor.

QUESTION: You've just started doing shows again after taking some time off. What's that like?

ANSWER: Every time I get up onstage, I'm so happy to be there. It's been three years since I've been on a tour. It's kind of like a welcome back and a second chance. To hear people chanting my name again gives me chills.

Q: It sounds like a different kind of show from what you've done before.

A: It is like a big listening party for the new record. ... It's new material that people don't know. I set up the songs with a story, like encouraging people going through a breakup or any sort of heavy situation having to do with faith or my childhood.

Q: Is that difficult for you?

A: I get emotional. A lot of the whole writing process of this album was very therapeutic and emotional for me.

Q: It must be hard because you must know a lot of people are skeptical about your coming to country music.

A: I understand the skepticism and the judgments. The perception of me is all over the place. It depends on what tabloid you pick up on that day. Even people who say they don't believe what they read? Well, they still read it. It makes them form an opinion.

Q: How do you think people see you?

A: Before I did "Newlyweds," I don't think people could relate to me. They just thought of me as another Britney Spears, one of all the blond girl singers. When I did "Newlyweds," they got to see my personality, to see that I was a normal girl who had normal issues with her husband.

Q: And someone who makes mistakes.

A: Yes. Someone who confuses chicken with tuna. Showing my mistakes was almost endearing. It made people relate to me. After the divorce, I totally shut off completely. I didn't want anyone to know anything going on in my life. I didn't even understand my life at that moment. I was scattered.

Q: Don't you think the show made people forget that you can actually sing quite well?

A: It's a Catch-22. People did forget that. I was kind of known for just being Jessica. It wasn't about any sort of talent, because in reality TV you don't have to have any kind of talent, except to bite your tongue.

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        • Jessica @ 99.5 WYCD Today 9/24
Click here to watch!

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        • Jessica @ 99.5 WGAR Today 9/24
Click here to watch!
        • Jessica: Heavier & Happier!
Spilling out of her snug white corset, you'd expect Jessica Simpson to feel a little uncomfortable as she performed songs from her new country album, Do You Know, at the L.A. County Fair on Sept. 20. But, despite looking noticeably heavier in the same outfit she wore just weeks earlier, country's newest star has hardly been singing the blues!

In fact, a pal tells OK! that Jess has finally found peace with herself and her body, whatever the size!

"She's done depriving herself and missing out on life just to fit into a size 2 jeans," the friend says. "She doesn't think there's anything wrong with the way she looks."

One of the reasons the singer is feeling more comfortable may have to do with a certain Dallas Cowboys quarterback! Jess's boyfriend, Tony Romo, reportedly loves her curvier look and has encouraged her to not take life so seriously.

"Whether she's catching one of Tony's games, or just hanging out with him, she'll throw back a couple of beers, eat some pizza and just have fun," the singer's friend says. "She is just in a different place than she used to be and her weight gain is a reflection of that."

Jessica herself recently confirmed her newfound sense of self, saying, "It's nice to know a guy loves you for who you are."

These days, it seems the buxom blond has different priorities on her plate. Gone are the strict diets and six-day-a week workouts. "Her main focus is her country career and finding happiness," a friend of the singer tells OK!. "She just wants to settle down, start a family and live her life."

For the entire story on Jessica's new image, pick up the new OK!— on newsstands everywhere on Thursday!

• Source:
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        • Jessica Simpson brings country to the Los Angeles County Fair
Teen'Zine brings you to the Los Angeles County Fair for a special concert with pop-turned-country star Jessica Simpson. If you haven't already purchased her new album "Do You Know" then you are certainly missing out on some great new music! You can purchase a copy at, and be sure to check out our photos below! A review of the concert will be coming soon! Click here to view the pics!

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        • Jessica Simpson Comes to Emotional Terms
Jessica Simpson debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard country album chart last week with her new CD, Do You Know, a fact that had to make her pretty happy.

But it was a more difficult emotion that Jessica grappled with in writing the songs for the project. In the aftermath of her divorce from Nick Lachey and her breakdown during the Kennedy Center Honors in 2006, she hit a low point in her life and considered never singing again. In co-writing songs for Do You Know, she opened herself up to her fellow songwriters and dealt in a much deeper way with the issues she was facing.

"It’s important for people to know that it was hard for me to get to that place of being vulnerable and being honest," Jessica told the national radio show GAC Nights: Live From Nashville. "It was hard to sit with co-writers and just kind of spill the beans, and it was definitely like I was sitting with therapists. I was talking about stuff that I’ve never talked about before — and sometimes not even talked about to my family and friends — and I’m talking to these songwriters that I barely even know. And I really want people to know that I don’t think I know it all. But I do know there is a way to get through heartbreak. I come to this record completely humble, and I do feel like a brand new artist, and this is a new chapter of my life."

The chapter opened with a Top 20 performance from the album’s first single, "Come On Over." Jessica released a second single, "Remember That," last week.

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        • Another interview
Kix talks with his special guest, Jessica Simpson, and gives you the chance to win her first country CD. Click here for the podcast.

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        • Country now music to Jessica Simpson's ears
Holy smoke, she's gone country! Maybe it's because she's been hanging around with that Cowboy, you know, Tony Romo. Whatever the reason, it turned out to be a good move for Jessica Simpson, the former pop princess whose new CD "Do You Know" debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's country charts last week.

That same week, it became the No. 1 title on iTunes for all genres. And the CD's breakout single, "Come On Over," made chart history by becoming the first debut country single by a solo artist to break the top 50 at No. 41.

Not bad for a gal whose critics predicted she was doomed for failure on Music Row.

Back in Los Angeles after a quick trip to Las Vegas to perform for a charity event, the Texas-born Simpson offered some insight into her incredible yet sometimes unstable road to Nashville.

"To belong in this world, you have to belong to yourself first," said Simpson, who will be in concert at 8 tonight at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona. "That's what Nashville has meant for me.

"I've always believed if you stay true to your heart, the choices you make will end up being the right ones. I'm in the most comfortable place I've ever been and the smile on my face couldn't be more genuine."

Like many of the country greats she admires - Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson, included - Simpson started out singing in her church choir. Her father, Joe Simpson, was a Baptist minister and Jessica said he exposed her to a lot of gospel music.

As a pre-teen, she grew tired of choral singing and began to pursue her dream of fame and fortune in the music business. Along with competing in local dance and vocal competitions, she auditioned for the "New Mickey Mouse Club" at the age of 12. Simpson admits to being heartbroken when she received a letter from Disney saying she hadn't made it. The rejection was especially disappointing because so many of her peers were accepted: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Keri Russell.

"Rejection is a great thing," said Simpson. "It allows you to be alone and figure things out."

Despite her disappointment, Simpson bounced back quickly when she was invited to contribute to an album recorded by a gospel choir in New Jersey. That project led to Simpson recording her first solo gospel album, which she said her grandmother paid to have duplicated. It didn't take long for the CD to catch the ear of Columbia Record's music executive Tommy Mottola, who signed her to a recording contract in 1999.

Simpson's debut CD, "Sweet Kisses," produced the smash single "I Wanna Love You Forever," launching her to international fame. Her follow-up CD in 2001, "Irresistible," debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart and produced the hit single of the same title.

During the recording of her third CD in 2003, "In This Skin," Simpson's personal life began to unravel. Suddenly, she found herself more famous for her marital troubles with pop singer Nick Lachey than her music. The public got an up-close look at the couple's rocky private life on the reality show, "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica."

Simpson said the program, which ran for 41 episodes until March 30, 2003, painted an inaccurate portrait of her as a ditzy, dimwitted and selfish person. That not only damaged her self-esteem but also led to the breakup of her marriage to Lachey, former member of the boy band 98 Degrees. The pair divorced in 2005.

These days, Simpson's feeling much stronger.

"I've sworn off all the haters," said Simpson. "My computer is turned off and I mostly read my fan mail to encourage myself. And my faith has given me strength. Without it, I'd have given up a long time ago."

As Simpson began to heal from her divorce and an onslaught of public criticism, she realized it was time to return to making her beloved music. And she became more determined than ever to prove herself as a recording artist capable of leaving behind a legacy.

So she left Los Angeles and headed back to Nashville in 2007 to do what she wanted to do all along: write and record country music. Her label, Epic/Columbia Nashville, hooked her up with a team of writers and 12 songs for "Do You Know" began to take shape.

The result was a contemporary mixture of country tunes centered around her experiences with life and love. Among the tracks are "Remember That," "Pray Out Loud," "When I Loved You Like That" and "Do You Know," which was written by legendary singer/songwriter Dolly Parton.

"Dolly is a remarkable human being," Simpson said. "She's the kind of person that when you go to sleep at night you believe she might be saying a prayer for you. That's the kind of person I want to be to the people I know."

With the success of her new CD and her restored confidence, Simpson said she has finally found peace on her journey. And regardless of obstacles and a few remaining naysayers, she knows her life and her career hold exciting and endless possibilities.

"No matter how successful the record is in the world, it will always be successful to me because it has allowed me to follow my heart's desire," said Simpson. "I really believe what I'm singing about and I love what I'm doing. Yes, it's all highlighted by the world's perspective but if I stay humble and true to who I am, the best is yet to come."

• Source:
        • UK news
"Hey my name is Tom. I just wanted to update you with news on Jess in the UK. She was recently featured in the 50 sexiest pop superstars and came in at number 13 ahead of other people like Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland and Mariah Carey. This was shown on the channel Smash Hits. Her new country album is expected to release in stores on October 13th 2008 in the UK, according to the entertainment retailer, HMV website. Their stock of the American edition of 'Do You Know' is now sold-out. AND!!! I saw today on the channel, The Box (on their programme 'Fresh new hits' - I saw the premiere of 'Come on Over'."

• Thanks to: Tom!
        • How to Be Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo for Halloween
Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are one of the most famous couples in the world. They are in all of the entertainment and gossip magazines. Their faces are all over the tube. Everybody wants to know everything about their relationship. Mostly because they look perfect together. They are young, gorgeous, and so in love. You and your love one can pretend to be them for one day because Halloween is about pretend and make believe. You can be the most famous couple in the world for one day.

Jessica Simpson is famous for being a country girl. She is even more famous for wearing a pink jersey with Tony Romo's number on it at one of his games. Cowboys fans were so angry at her for showing up to one of his games wearing that pink jersey. They blame her for Tony Romo's poor performance. They even nicknamed her Yoko Romo because Beatle fans blamed Yoko Ono for John Lennon's downfall. So this Halloween, where that famous pink jersey while you stroll with your boyfriend hand in hand. You can find a similar pink jersey on eBay. In case you don't know, Tony Romo's number is 9.

Continue reading.

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        • New candid
September 23, 2008: Jessica and Tony eating lunch in Dallas, Texas.

• Thanks to: Tamara!
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        • Win Seats in the 99.5 WYCD Studio with Jessica Simpson!
99.5 WYCD's Edwards & Lee are inviting you to register to win Seats in the Studio to sit in with pop artist, film star, reality TV star, and now Columbia Nashville recording artist , Jessica Simpson on Wednesday, September 24th! Jessica Simpson released her first country album, entitled Do You Know, on September 9th on Columbia Nashville. She recorded the album in Nashville with producers Brett James and John Shanks. The title track was written for Simpson by Dolly Parton, who also harmonizes with Simpson on the song. "Every single song is a piece of my heart ... who I am," Simpson says. "I'm not what everybody thinks that I am. Believe it or not, I'm a simple country girl ... and this album will hopefully give people a sense of who Jessica is again." Check out Jessica's Official MySpace OR better yet, turn your FM dial to 99.5 WYCD to hear Jessica's latest hit single "Come On Over!" Click here to fill out the form!

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        • New interviews
Here's some Jessica radio interviews!
• K102
• Go Country 105FM
• 99.5 WYCD

• Thanks to: Tamara!
        • Meet Jessica Simpson!
THIS WEDNESDAY (9/24) is your chance to meet JESSICA SIMPSON IN-PERSON. All you need to do is show up at our studios at 4:30PM and prove you're JESSICA'S BIGGEST FAN. Will you dress up? Will you bring your own Tony Romo? Will you model her fashion lines? What will you do to prove your love? Be at our studios at 27675 Halsted Rd in Farmington Hills (12 Mile Rd and Halsted) . . . don't be late! Click here for more info!

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Fan photos: LA County Fair
Here are 2 fan photos from the Los Angeles County Fair.

• Thanks to: Tiffani!
        • Fan review
"Hey Jessica lovers!!! So last night was the most amazing night ever!! I was in row b for her concert in Pomona, CA. She sang the night away! She just lit up the night and her presence was so intoxicating! She sang all of her songs from her new album except "Might as well be making love." However, I believe a review said she sang this. I really do not remember her singing it, but like I said I was on cloud nine, so maybe I just missed it or forgot! =] She is so down to earth, and it definitely shows while shes up on stage. Her microphone kept on coming off and some tech guy had to help her put it back on! It happened twice! She said "He's all up in my shirt!" haha. She also mentioned how she toots under the sheets and Tony wanted her to clarify that he doesn't appreciate it. lol. When she closed the concert she thanked everyone for coming out and said she had to pee. Man that girl's a star. =] Love her, loved it! I have been a fan from the very beginning and I am so happy to see her get the attention she deserves! Can't wait to see her again!"

• Thanks to: Amie!
        • New pictures
September 21, 2008: Jessica Simpson departs from Los Angeles International Airport (hq).
September 21st, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New pictures
September 20, 2008: Jessica Simpson performing at the Los Angeles County Fair (hq).
        • Fan review: LA County Fair
"Hi, I've been a regular viewer of Sweetkisses' affiliate, Ashlee-Star and just been a daily regular of this site since June. I've been a Jessica fan since 2006 and became a fan of hers because of Ashlee. Anyways, Jessica was great live! I actually once had $40 tickets (then I sold it on ebay) but I decided to upgrade to the $125 grandstand seats up close. It was worth it! I was only third row and had a great view of Jessica. She sang all of her songs from "Do You Know". She started the concert off with "These Boots Were Made For walking" after a taped message from Willie Nelson praising her for her singing and "she will always be my Daisy Duke". The other cover song was Shania Twain's song "Who's Bed Have Your Boots Been Under", which she accidently flubbed and started over. She sang "With You". Jess even brought her friend an personal assistant Stephanie on stage and sang "Happy Birthday" to her. (AWW!) Her voice was great, especially with "Remember That" and "Might As Well Be Making Love". I'm glad I spent that much to get up close, especially after seeing YouTube of her other country concerts and links from this wonderful site.

Oh, of note, Tina and Joe Simpson were there. Tina was sitting in an area across from the groundstands where we were. Later, someone in our row said, "OMG! There's Ashlee" when Jess took a break and let the bandmates play solo. Ashlee Simpson and her husband Pete Wentz were also in the audience and they left during Jess last song, "Come On Over"."

• Thanks to: Erik N.
        • New icons
I've added some new livejournal icons / avatars.

View more!
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        • Happy Birthday Stephanie!!

Today is Stephanie's Birthday! Stephanie is Jessica's friend and personal assistant. Have a great day Steph
        • (download) Come On Over @ Early Show, September 19 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 32.24 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
        • (download) Remember That + interview @ Early Show, September 19 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 58.83 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
        • (download) With You @ Early Show, September 19 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 33.70 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
        • Jessica pregnancy rumor squashed
Jessica Simpson isn’t pregnant. She nixed the baby rumors Thursday night when she performed at the Pearl theater in the Palms. She held a "meet and greet" at the fifth-annual Night Out to benefit the Las Vegas Rape Crisis Center. She then auctioned off VIP tickets to the listening party she gave in her Palms sky villa at midnight after her concert. Her friends over at the Dos Caminos restaurant in the Palazzo sent over Mexican desserts for her guests. "Jessica was glowing -- but not from any pregnancy," one of the guests told me. "She’s just thrilled with the news when she arrived in Vegas that her debut country album had hit the top of the charts."

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
September 19th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (Download) Sipping On History @ The Opry
Video (122mb; avi)
Download (right click & save target as) (thanks Aulsie!)

Audio (3.61mb; mp3)
Download (right click & save target as) (thanks Krystie!)
        • New scans
I've added scans from In Touch, September 29 issue.

• Thanks to: Tamara!
        • (watch) Jessica performing on the Early Show
• With You
• Come On Over
• Remember That

• Source: (thanks Tam!)
        • Jessica Simpson: Country Girl At Heart
Eight years ago Jessica Simpson was a pop star selling millions of albums, but now the native Texan has gone back to her roots to record some country tunes for her new CD "Do You Know."

"It seems as though country music really suits you, like you tried out a bunch of pairs of jeans and found the pair that fit just right," Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez said.

"Yeah. You know, I've always been a fan of country music and just growing up in Texas, I was always surrounded by country music and, you know, I definitely look up to people like a Dolly Parton or a Willie Nelson," Simpson said. "I mean, country has always been the heart of who I am."

Parton wrote a song for Simpson's new album and sings it with Simpson as well.

"How does that feel when considering what you went through at the Kennedy Center Honors when you flubbed one of the words to her songs in front of her?" Rodriguez asked.

"At the Kennedy Center, I wanted to die," Simpson said. "I thought my career was completely over and it was such -- I just felt like I failed. And I wanted to quit singing. It's amazing how it's come full circle and how something at the time I thought was so terrible and ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me because I got to create a relationship with the wonderful, and beautiful, Dolly Parton."

"You talk about going through terrible things on one of the songs on the album you credit your boyfriend, Tony Romo, with helping you through the tough times," Rodriguez.

"Yeah. I think a lot of times, love can help you, you know, conquer all and get through all of the stress and the chaos of life," Simpson said. "I'm taking it you're -- you're referencing 'You're my Sunday.'"

"Yeah, football reference, right?" Rodriguez said. "So things are going well with him?" Rodriguez asked.

"Yes, things are great," Simpson said. "I'm just blessed to be with him. He's an amazing man."

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson: Proud I Let Tony Romo into My Life
Jessica Simpson just notched her first No.-1 country album – but she also wants to give herself props having Tony Romo as the love of her life.

"Tony is a great quarterback, but he's a better boyfriend," Simpson, 28, told PEOPLE at a Nina's Night Out, a benefit for the Rape Crisis Center at the Palms Casino Resort's Pearl Theatre in Las Vegas on Thursday. "I'm seriously proud of myself for letting him into my life."

Romo "was my Monday this week," joked Simpson, in reference to her song about him, "You're My Sunday," and the Dallas Cowboys' huge win over the Philadelphia Eagles on ESPN's Monday Night Football a few days ago.

The NFL star is also someone else's hero: He recently stopped to help a couple change their flat tire in Texas Sept. 7.

"Through all the chaos and torment and everything I go through, I can lay in his arms and finally rest," she added.

Having her cuddled up next to him isn't always such a relief, admitted Simpson.

"To be my man, you have to put up with a lot," said the singer. "I toot under the sheets, I spend a lot of money and I can belch the ABC's."

On Forgetting Lyrics
During her 70-minute set featuring her album, Do You Know, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's country music chart this week, Simpson forgot the lyrics to one of her best-known pop songs, "With You."

"I did the same thing on Good Morning America," said an apologetic Simpson, referring to her tech-challenged TV spot before starting the song over again.

Afterwards, she said, "I've been singing that song for about 70 years and I forgot the lyrics. At least you guys knew them."

Simpson continues her hectic promotional schedule, when she performs this weekend at the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona, Calif.

"I've been to 12 states in the past week," she said. "I'm exhausted, but it's worth it. I can't believe I have the No. 1 album in country right now."

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson Shoes
Jessica Simpson is a world famous singer and as well as a movie star hopeful. Many people may not realize how successful she has become with her line of shoes, handbags and accessories. Jessica Simpson heels are comfortable and very sexy for both professional daily wear and also nighttime evenings out. The products are affordable, sophisticated and stylish. Tens of thousands of women make the Jessica Simpson Collection some of the most popular fashion items in the world.

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Millions of women the world over look to Jessica for fashion tips and ideas for their own style. However, when she decided to come out with her line of shoes and fashion accessories the fashion industry and pundits did not believe that it would be that successful.

What makes her fashion collection so successful is that the products are affordable, stylish and classy. Every woman who wants a sexy look and comfortable fit is who these shoes are made for. Woman see sophisticated styles on the red carpet or in magazines but realize that the price of these designer shoes make them unattainable. She understood that elegant and stylish shoes could be made at a price that the average women could spend. Looking like they cost hundreds of dollars, Jessica Simpson shoes typically cost much less.

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Jessica Simpson exposed her talent for fashion when she lent her name to shoes and accessories for every girl. Jessica said she wanted her line of shoes and accesories to be available to all women. She has prioced her shoes to be very affordable yet they are are still sexy and fun. In these days of high priced offerings like Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik shoes, it is refreshing that woman can purchase classy and sophisticated shoes like these without spending hundreds of dollars.

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson Performs In Las Vegas
We spotted Jessica Simpson performing in Las Vegas on Thursday, September 18th. From the looks of things she gave a great live show.

• Source:
        • New interview
We've got Jessica's music, interviews and LIVE performances and we're bring them to you ON DEMAND. Click any of the links below to view or see Jessica Simpson. Don't forget to check out her Full Throttle performance! Click here!

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)

Also the gallery logo has been countryfied
        • New pictures
September 18, 2008: Jessica Simpson performing in Las Vegas (hq).
        • Do You Know Bonus DVD Captures
I've added some captures of the Do You Know bonus dvd.
        • Jessica on her #1 debut
Epic/Columbia Nashville's Jessica Simpson is celebrating her incredible country debut with the release of Do You Know soaring to No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart and securing the No. 4 spot on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart today. Not to mention, her album was the No. 1 title on iTunes for all genres on 9/10 and the track “Remember That” is one of the best selling country songs with over 20,000 downloads this week. “Remember That” will be the follow-up single to her latest hit “Come On Over.”

Simpson heard the amazing news following her most recent stop in Salt Lake City, Utah. “I’m extremely touched by the overwhelmingly positive response to the album,” she comments. “There is so much honesty and raw emotion in there, showing who I really am … and I’m just thrilled that country fans are giving it a chance!”

Now, talk about excitement, Simpson was in the Salt Lake City area to pay a visit to Weber High School, the winner of KUBL’s radio contest. Weber High students sent 571,795 text messages to defeat Fremont High with 324,633 and Lehi with 108,720 to earn a visit from the superstar.

The appearances continue as Simpson performs on CBS’ The Early Show this Friday (9/19). Check local listings for airtimes. Also, look for more great ink on Simpson as she is featured in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly and graces the cover of the Oct. issue of Lucky Magazine.

The road continues as Simpson will be playing select fairs and festivals through the end of the summer, with the next tour date at the Los Angeles County Fair on 9/20.

• Source:
        • New pictures
September 18, 2008: Singer Jessica Simpson performs at The Pearl at The Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
        • New pictures
September 18, 2008: Singer Jessica Simpson attends her pre-concert party to benefit the Rape Crisis Center at Moon at The Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
        • Photoshoot
I've added photos taken by Art Streiber at the Opry, for Entertainment Weekly.

• Source:
        • New scans: Country Weekly, September 22 2008
This photoshoot is so cute, I love it!

• Thanks to: Derrik!
        • Fan Review: Las Vegas, September 18 2008
"Hi there! I've been going to your site for years!! I'm a HUGE Jessica fan!!! I actually conned my friends into coming to Vegas with me from Boston to see her show. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I knew every song and every word so it was obviously great for me! But my two friends, who were fans but definitley had their doubts were definitley in aw of her! They only had good things to say. I have to say that I do feel bad for Jess though. I've seen her on GMA and the View and people talking about her performance... but tonight, she never missed a beat. She was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what the next years bring to her! Hopefully only good things with Tony Romo because I really believe he is a really good energy for her right now. I'm off to bed... it's VEGAS BABY!!!"

• Thanks to: Jennifer!
September 18th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Charts: Canada
'Do You Know' is #1 on Top 50 Country Albums Chart in Canada and at #13 overall!

• Source: (thanks Alec!)
        • Jessica Simpson: I'm Making a Stand for Women's Rights
Jessica Simpson: newly minted country star – and women's rights supporter.

The singer, 28, plans to perform songs from her new album Do You Know (which just hit No. 1 on the country chart) at the Nina's Night Out concert in Las Vegas Thursday night. The show, which raises money for the Rape Crisis Center in Las Vegas, will be held at The Palms' Pearl Theater.

"I think this will be a more passionate performance than most," Simpson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "It's important to make a stand for women's rights. If I can get up there and be any inspiration to women, I am blessed to have that opportunity."

The Review-Journal also reports that the cause is close to the singer's heart because she has known women who were raped.

"The great thing about Nina's Night Out is it's a message of prevention," says Simpson. "I think it's important as a woman to lend a hand to other women and just try to encourage people that everything's going to be okay."

• Source:
        • Let's enjoy
Oh yes!

And here is the link to the Billboard 200 chart.

• Source: (thanks Alec!)
        • (watch) Sipping On History @ Grand Ole Opry
Aulsie was so kind and shared the video of Jessica singing 'Sipping On History' at the Opry - click here to watch it! Special thanks to Terran as well!
        • Willie Nelson talks about Jessica
[...] "Sounds like a good time," Smith said. "You know, I'm trying to think of the movie you did with Jessica Simpson."

"Dukes of Hazzard," Nelson said.

"Dukes of Hazzard. She said that you actually had some influence on her. She's going to be on the show tomorrow," Smith said. "She is starting to be kind of 'country-fied.'"

"Yes, she is. She has a new album out. It's good. She can sing and proved it to everybody. Got some great songs in there," Nelson said.

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica Simpson’s Coming to Dallas October 18
So you know our girl has launched a new fragrance, Fancy, because we reported that here. (And ShopTalker Christina Perry was the lucky winner of a bottle, thanks to our Friday Giveaway!) Anyhoo, Jessica is making a personal appearance at Dillard’s NorthPark on October 18, from 2-4 pm, to promote her perfume. Pop in, pick up some eau du parfum, get your pic snapped with Dallas’ most famous blonde, and then pour some much-needed money into the Dallas economy by shopping the rest of NP.

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica on House Of Blues
Check out videos and photos of Jessica from her private appearance at House Of Blues yesterday! Click below to watch.

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • New cover
Jessica graces the cover of Australian magazine Cleo, October 2008 issue. If anyone from Australia is able to send me scans please do

• Source:
September 17th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Caught in the act
• Jessica Simpson, making a brief (and accidental) foray into political territory – literally. The singer and her entourage (including, of course, maltipoo Daisy) crossed paths with John McCain and his own entourage at the Tampa International Airport, in an area reserved for private planes and charter flights. Simpson and the Republican presidential candidate never interacted, but the newly minted country star was being followed by a video camera.

• Source:
        • Fan Photos: Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
I've added photos from Amanda, who was the Superfan at Grand Ole Opry!

• Thanks to: Amanda!
        • In Touch exclusive interview with Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has come a long way from Newlyweds. During an exclusive sit-down interview with In Touch at The Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York City, the singer talked about the poor choices she's made, finding love again with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and gathering the strength to sing about it all on her first country music album, Do you Know. Find out what songs Jessica wrote for Tony in the new In Touch.

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson's country album debuts at No. 1
Jessica Simpson has good reason to celebrate. The pop star-turned-country crooner's new album, Do You Know, debuted at the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. It also secured the No. 4 spot on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart today. "I'm extremely touched by the overwhelmingly positive response to the album," says Jessica. "There is so much honesty and raw emotion in there. And, I'm just thrilled that country fans are giving it a chance!"

• Source:

        • Jessica Simpson stops by
Jessica Simpson stops by to talk with Travis & Jenny, click here to listen!

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
Atlanta's Country Morning Show "After The Show". Check out what you didn't hear on the air with Jessica Simpson, click here!

• Source:
        • Scans
I've added 2 more sets of scans to the gallery.

• 04 x MIX Girl [Turkey], #8 2005
• 10 x Elle [Turkey], 2005
September 16th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Weber High Wins Jessica
"Keep texting for Jessica!" was the mantra repeated by many Weber High School students throughout the last week. And it worked. Actor/singer Jessica Simpson made a brief Monday morning appearance for an audience of 1,800 at Weber High as the prize for the winning school in a K-Bull 93 FM texting contest.

Weber beat out second-place Fremont High School by about 250,000 texts, coming in the winner with a total of 571,795. Pat Garrett, afternoon deejay for K-Bull, said the station got more than 1 million texts.

"It's absolutely amazing. We've got moms over here saying, 'We want to see her, too. We're paying the bills,' " Garrett said.

While senior Liz Jessop said she thought the contest was more about beating rival Fremont High than seeing Simpson, she was still excited. Senior Jonathan Androtti said, "We hate Fremont and (Simpson's) hot."

Simpson arrived at 11:30 a.m. to talk to student body officers and the two most prolific texters, then moved to the gym, where the rest of the student body greeted her with a deafening roar. Several members of the media were frustrated at being shut out of the school by Simpson's staff after having been told by the radio station that they would be allowed into her presentation. In her trademark Texan drawl, Simpson fielded a few questions from students, giving answers that could barely be heard above the cheering. She talked about high school, dealing with public scrutiny with the help of family, friends and faith, her move to country music, and her relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

"I just like ridin' in the car and talkin' and pullin' over and kissin'," she said, when asked about her most exciting date with Romo.

A handful of students received hugs and kisses on the cheek from Simpson. She laughed after giving one boy a hug, saying, "I think he's shaking."

Students were shown the video for Simpson's latest single "Come on Over," from her new country music album, which Simpson calls her "best album yet." About 25 minutes after she entered the gym, Simpson was ushered out again. Senior Kylie Spilker was the second-place texter with more than 18,000 texts in the last week. She said Simpson's visit was "way cool" and the time she spent texting between classes, at lunch and at home was worth getting a hug from the superstar. However, Spilker said she had to be "very sneaky" to avoid getting her phone confiscated under the school's classtime cell-phone ban.

"I love her. I mean, she's just about the prettiest lady in the world."

Josh Naylor, a Weber junior, sent more than 23,000 texts to propel himself to first place so he could meet Simpson. Both Naylor and Spilker said unlimited texting plans were key to their success. But even with the flood of messages pouring into K-Bull, teachers said they didn't really think the contest distracted students. Don Kenyon, who teaches business, said most teachers kept the school's cell-phone ban in place during the last week, but a few allowed students to send texts if they were for the contest. Special-education teacher Connie Perry said she thinks more phones were taken away from students in the last week than during any other time.

"We see that (Simpson's visit) as a spectacular, fun way for Weber High to kick off Homecoming Week," said Weber School District spokesman Nate Taggart, "but it's not the type of distraction we'd want to occur on a regular basis."

Click here for video.

• Source:
        • New scans
Huge thanks to my friend Ann and Nick for those magazines

• 04 x Frida [Sweden], #17 2008
• 04 x Sofis Mode [Sweden], July 28 2008
• 02 x Hollywood Star, August 18 2008
• 05 x Hollywood Star, June 23 2008
• 06 x In Touch, June 2 2008
• 05 x Life & Style, May 26 2008
        • (watch) Jessica Simpson in Pleasant View
Click here to watch it!

• Thanks to: Tamara
        • New interview and photos
Go to to see some pics of Jessica's interview and listen to the interview!

• Thanks to: Tamara
        • Jessica at the House of Blues 09/17
From Tamara: "I spoke to the DJ this morning at the radio station and he said that it's a listening party for her family and friends. The only way the public will be able to attend is by winning tickets from the station. He did confirm this will take place tommorow night in Dallas."
        • JS Collection Promo!
Use promotion code RRAY08 through Oct. 1, 2008 and receive 20% off your entire purchase. Go visit NOW!
        • (watch) Jessica on Rachael Ray

The appearance has been added to the RR website, click here to watch and maybe try Jessica's recipe!
        • (watch) Jessica interview
Jessica talks about Nashville, being back in the studio, and making her new album - Do You Know - In Stores Now! Click here to watch, thanks Tamara!

- I need to get rid of some embedded videos from the main site as they cause slower performance on some computers - sorry! I'll leave the links though so you'll still be able to watch them.
September 15th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (watch) Jessica @ Chase Field, Arizona
• Remember That
• Man Enough
• Still Beautiful
• Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
• These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
• You're My Sunday

• Source: sweetcheergurl05 @ youtube (thanks Tam!)
        • New pictures
September 15, 2008: Actor/singer Jessica Simpson arrives at Weber High School for an assembly in Pleasant View, Utah.

• Thanks to: Tamara
        • New pic
Jessica Simpson is one good sport! The singer works up the crowd with her post-game show Saturday at Phoenix's Chase Field. The singer performed some of her new country tunes for the crowd following the Arizona Diamondbacks game against the Cincinnati Reds. Click to enlarge.

• Source:
        • Jessica gives SKNET another mention, lol
Hahahaha this is hilarious! Click here to watch it.
Pop star-turned-country singer Jessica Simpson is convinced she's made the right move by returning to her southern roots and leaving Los Angeles behind - because her fans had forgotten why she was famous. Simpson left the Hollywood for a life away from the clicking cameras to live in her native Texas and pursue her country music career in Nashville, Tennessee.

She says, "I think people forgot that I actually work. That I don't just go to Starbucks and pump gas... I've tried to stay out of L.A. as much as possible." And the singer insists the move has also helped her become more comfortable in her own skin.

She adds, "I think that without paparazzi you can be yourself, because you don't feel like they're trying to get the shot like you have gas or something - or like in that very moment you hate everybody."

• Source:
        • Early Show: date change
Jessica's CBS Early Show appearance has been changed to this Friday 9/19.

• Source:
        • Jessica live at a high school in Utah

She is said to be on around 12:30 central time.

• Thanks to: Tamara!
        • Jessica on Rachael Ray today
I'm so sad that they got the dates wrong and aired it today instead of 17th! Jessica made chicken and dumplings. Hopefully someone got to record it, please contact me if you can help with the videos! Thanks to Lisa for the heads up. Click here for a small preview. I'm so bummed about this.
        • (scans) Entertainment Weekly, September 19 2008

• Thanks to: Tamara!
        • New radio interview
On the Big Show this week, we interviewed Jessica Simpson about her new album that just came out. Okay, I'll be honest... Boomer & Robbie couldn't get a word in, but that's because they just weren't quick enough to jump in... although they'll say it's because I hogged her the entire time. Anyway, Jessica and I talked a little about Tony Romo and a lot about her new CD and what it's like for her to join our country music community. Enjoy! Click here for the interview.

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • New radio interview
Click here to listen/download!

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • (watch) Behind The Scenes @ The CMA Music Fest
Click here to watch!
        • (watch) E! Interview
Click here to watch!
        • Jessica Simpson schedules Lowe's Motor Speedway appearance
The Oct. 11 NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Lowe's Motor Speedway will include a prerace performance by Jessica Simpson. The singer also will perform the National Anthem, according to the Lowe's Motor Speedway Web site. Simpson made her debut on the Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville on Sept 6. Her new album, "Do You Know" was released Sept. 9.

"Jessica Simpson is one of the most captivating entertainers in America," said Marcus Smith, president and general manager at Lowe's Motor Speedway. "She'll put on an incredible pre-race show, and I know NASCAR fans will enjoy seeing a live performance of her new country songs."

The concert performance is free with the purchase of a ticket to the Bank of America 500. Tickets for the Oct. 11 Bank of America 500 start at $29 and can be purchased at the speedway ticket office, by calling 1-800-455 FANS or online at

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson interview
She's got the backing of country greats Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson and shot a magazine cover on Johnny Cash's ranch, but does that make Jessica Simpson the next country star? Hear why Jessica's got country music in her soul and where she'd spend her perfect Sunday with Tony Romo. Go Cowboys!

Were you into country music when you were growing up in Texas?
Yes, absolutely. Growing up in Texas, they have tons of country stations. All my boyfriends and I definitely had a country song that was our song…or a country song that was our breakup song!

Come on Over is definitely bringing you away from pop – were you nervous to make that change?
No, I wasn't nervous going in a different direction. I think that more than anything, I was nervous to go through heartbreak all over again while writing the record -- just going back through old relationships and emotions and all that stuff. Of course, stuff that makes me who I am today, but to go back and kind of re-experience it in your mind is not always easy.

Are you ever going back to pop music?
Well, country is more of an honest place for me as an artist. It makes more sense, and it allows me to sing to the best to my ability. It's not really about dancing around or anything like that.

'Come on Over' is your single, but what's your favorite song on the album?
My duet with Dolly Parton, 'Do You Know?' Maybe it's the fact that I'm singing with Dolly Parton, who I've always idolized, but the lyrics are so engaging and so beautiful.

What was it like working with her?
Dolly really encouraged me to be doing what I'm doing now. She didn't even know it, but I've always looked up to her. I think that she's just a very truthful and honest person. With her, there's no BS -- you get what you see.

Did she give you any good advice?
Not to listen to all the buttheads in the press! There's always going to be people that are down on you, but for every person that's down on you, there are 10 people that love you, so just focus on those 10.

You've worked with another country icon, Willie Nelson. How did he influence you?
Willie Nelson is actually an angel. I adore Willie with all of my heart. I don't know if I could make a country record if it weren't for him believing in me and bringing me to this place. He would always pick up his guitar when we were on the set of Dukes of Hazzardand he would play everything from Patsy Cline to Johnny Cash. He told me if I ever were to make a country record that he would support me 100 percent -- that it's the best way to tell a story. We email each other -we make sure that we keep in touch.

Did you ever imagine you'd be emailing with Willie Nelson?
Definitely not!

You have a song called 'You're My Sunday.' Describe your perfect Sunday.
It depends if my boyfriend [Tony Romo] has a day off or not! If he doesn't, then my perfect Sunday would be watching him play with the Cowboys, and then being there for him to come home to.(Awww !!!!) Maybe having some dinner cooked up for him and all of his friends. If he had the day off, we'd probably go to church. Then we'd come back home, lay on the couch, and watch movies or watch other teams play football.

Go Cowboys!
Go Cowboys! Haha.

What's your favorite country cover to sing?
I think people are pretty impressed when I sing the John Michael Montgomery song, 'Sold.' There are so many words in it, and I don't know how I know 'em! When I was 16, it was a goal for me and my friends to memorize each and every word so we could sing along.

Who would you want to tour with?
There are so many amazing artists in country music. I always think that a Kenny Chesney crowd would be fun. I think that it would be amazing to be on the road with Dolly, of course, or Martina McBride -- I'd be honored to tour with any of them.

Tell us about your Elle magazine shoot.
It was on Johnny Cash's ranch, actually. It was a very cool moment because Johnny and June [Carter Cash]'s son let me use Johnny's guitar to shoot with and just told all these stories about his parents. You could hear a train, and then I automatically start singing in my head, 'I hear the train a-comin', comin' round the bend!' Just being there, you could really feel the presence of his parents and the love.

You wore plaid on the cover. Is that one of your fall must-haves?
Yeah! It's so funny because I've always worn a lot of western wear, whether it's turquoise, Concho belts, or plaids. It's the southern in me that's always loved cowboy boots and that kind of thing. Dolce & Gabbana and all these amazing designers are making a lot of western wear, so it's perfect timing for my album release!

After spending so much time in Nashville, did your style evolve at all?
Really since shooting Dukes of Hazzard is when I started collecting [western wear] because I knew it was going to be a trend that would come around. It's hard to get a lot of vintage stuff that's western, so I started collecting a lot of Concho belts. But yeah, being in Nashville inspires that within my style. I also like to combine western and bohemian.

What other fall trends are you into right now?
I'm really into turquoise right now. I'm actually buying as much as I possibly can. I always think that turquoise just pulls together your outfit with a really fun, yet beautiful edge.

• Source:
        • (watch) Jessica Simpson's country CD
Jessica Simpson sounds off on her first country album, the media and Tony Romo. Click here.

• Source:
September 12th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (download) Come On Over @ Letterman, September 11 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 30.90 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link
{{ View Captures }}
        • (download) Interview @ Letterman, September 11 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 77.39 mb | 30.05 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download: Part 1 | Part 2 | Sendspace: Part 1 | Part 2
Megaupload: Part 1 | Part 2
{{ View Captures }}
        • Candids
September 11, 2008: Jessica Simpson in New York City (hq).
        • Candids
September 10, 2008: Jessica Simpson in New York City (hq).
        • (watch) Come On Over @ Letterman
I will add the downloadable file and the interview soon!
September 11th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New pictures
September 11, 2008: Jessica Simpson visits "Late Show with David Letterman" at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City.
        • (download) Remember That @ The View, 9.11.2008
Format: mpg
Size: 39.27 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link
{{ View Captures }}
        • (download) Interview @ The View, 9.11.2008
Format: mpg
Size: 69.70 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link
{{ View Captures }}
        • (watch) Remember That @ The View

        • Jessica on The View
Jessica was on The View today! Samantha caught the appearance for us! Thanks so much Samantha! Jessica looked absolutely STUNNING, she was interviewed and also performed her second single off "Do You Know" (have y'all bought it already?) called "Remember That". I will have the videos up shortly!
        • New interview
Jessica Simpson Joins The Dorsey Gang; click here to download and listen!

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson at the House Of Blues

The Big 96.3 KSCS and Jessica Simpson at the House of Blues! She'll play you new cuts from her first ever Country CD " Do You Know", sign autographs and do a little Q & A! The only way to go is to win your way in! The ONLY station that has your ticket in is the Big 96.3 KSCS! Be listening all week for your chance to win!

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson In Studio with Carolyn Kruse
Click here to watch.
        • Jessica Simpson: Down-Home and Downloaded
Jessica Simpson's week got off to a rough start when her live performance on Good Morning America suffered a technical malfunction. But things are definitely looking better right now.

Not only is her debut country album, Do You Know, the most downloaded album on iTunes since its release yesterday, but a source reveals to me that it’s expected to hold the top spot on the retailer's site for the entire week across all music genres.

If that bears out, that means she'll likely be knockin' down Young Jeezy and his recently released Recession from No. 1.

"I'm not surprised," says one music-industry insider, who is not affiliated with Simpson. "It's country, and it's Jessica. It makes sense."

Simpson's promotional push continues tomorrow with visits to The View and David Letterman followed by the CBS Early Show and Rachael Ray next week.

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
September 10th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New interview
Jessica was on KIIM 99.5 this morning, click on the link to listen to the interview!

• Source: KiiM-FM 99.5 (thanks Tamara!)
        • New candids
September 10, 2008: Jessica Simpson leaving her hotel in New York City.

• Source:
        • New interview
Hudson & Harrigan spoke with Jessica Simpson about her new CD, her Grand Ole Opry debut...and during the interview there was a special surprise phone call! Click here to listen!

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica to go on tour
Jessica Simpson is going on the road again. We hear the pop-star-turned-country-crooner, who belted out songs from her "Do You Know" CD on "Good Morning America" yesterday, will be touring with Rascal Flatts starting in January. Boyfriend Tony Romo better pack his bags.

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson Wants to Win You Over
Jessica Simpson has a new country album out titled Do You Know. You might have heard about it. During a recent visit to the CMT offices, she somehow shook off all the publicists and handlers and ended up in a conference room all by herself right before our interview time. Without any cameras in sight, she relaxed in her chair and seemed like ... well, not at all like the super-famous ditz from Newlyweds. She was focused and friendly, as she talked about letting her guard down in co-writing sessions, the spiritual side of her music and how she's planning to win over the skeptics.

CMT: How would you describe the country audience as you've seen it so far?

Simpson: The country audience has been amazing. I think from the very beginning of my show, for the first three songs, I'm trying to win over their approval. And by the fourth song, I think the fourth song is the Dolly Parton song ("Do You Know"), I get a standing ovation, and then people stand for the rest of the show. They are really listening to the music, really evaluating you, really studying. And then once you prove yourself up there, you know that they're gonna buy the record. It's like you can see it in their face, that they enjoy being there.

I think it's important to try to win them over, instead of just going up there and singing some songs.

Yeah, I would never go up there so confident that I think I already have them won over. I go up there with a purpose.

How do you win them over? Is there a strategy?

There's not really a strategy. I just sing. I've been doing that a lot more, like I'm back in vocal lessons and really staying focused. I make sure I get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of water. You know, you have to physically prepare yourself for a live performance, as well. But emotionally, I'm there and I'm in my music, and the music that I'm singing is straight from my heart, and I can't wait for everybody to hear it. So it's more of excitement that I experience before I get out there. I'm excited because I know that I can win them over. I'm confident, but I'm not overly confident to where I think they already adore me. If anything, I'm like, "I hope they liked it."

For the people who are skeptical, what do you really want them to know?

That I made this record for a reason. And this record really encouraged me to be myself, and it really allowed me to take what God has given me and persevere. I don't want people to believe everything they read, because 80 percent of it is not true. Just read direct quotes. (Laughs). Direct quotes are the way you'll know me, and that's very important for people to know. Because the perception that a lot of people have of me is false, and if you just give me a chance and listen to the music, you'll understand.

Was this the first time you've gone into a room with people that you don't know very well to write songs?

It was the first time that I had to force myself to be vulnerable. And it was the first time that I've felt like I was afraid that I couldn't trust somebody, just because of what I had been through with the media and whatnot and all those experiences. You just think that a white van is down the road with listening devices. You know what I mean? You get really paranoid. You think, "Oh, my gosh, if I talk about this, are they gonna pick up the phone and call Us Weekly?" So I had to really go in there and just spill the beans. I couldn't be creative if I was going to be in denial. So I really had to just get everything out there in the open and be honest with myself and with the songwriters just so they could help me bring to life the emotions that I was feeling.

That was smart because if you fake it, country fans are smarter than that.

Absolutely. And I think that when you listen to the album, you'll know that I did the right thing. You'll feel it, because my voice sounds completely different singing. I haven't made an album in so long, so my voice has just ... I don't know, it's just so much better.

The vocal range or the strength?

I think it's the strength and the angst and the passion. Yet I find a lot of humility in it, like being on stage and being humble and grateful to be there again and have that opportunity. A lot of those things come out in your voice. ... They want you to tell the story through the song, and it's been a blessing to experience that and to feel that, because I've never felt that before.

With this new album, do you have any songs with religious content?

Yes, I do. Faith is a huge part of who I am and it's really the core of everything for me. I have a song called "Pray Out Loud," and then I have a song called "Still Beautiful." And in some way, the Dolly song has something about it that has religion. There's something about it that only faith can give you. She sings about soaring the heavens and gathering stars, so it's really spiritual. It's a love song, but it's really spiritual. It's about a spiritual experience you have with somebody.

How do you find private time for yourself?

I have not been spending a lot of time in L.A. anymore, so that keeps my life a lot more private. Being in Nashville has been calming for me, and it's really led me back to who I am. There's just no chaos. And also over here in country, there's no competition, and I really like that. It's healthy competition. Everybody supports everybody, and I really respect people's perspective out here. It's really nice and easy to be a part of because I'm not a very competitive person to begin with. So to feel as if I can be artistic and not have to be competitive with anybody but myself, that's great. ... Making sure I have my family around or I have best friends around, I really surround myself with people who've got their head on straight and their feet on the ground.

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        • (download) Interview @ GAC Nights, September 9 2008
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        • New pictures
September 9, 2008: Jessica Simpson during taping of the Early Show (hq).
        • Guess who...
... has a #1 album on iTunes?

September 9th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (download) Interview and With You @ GMA
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        • (download) Come On Over @ GMA
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        • (download) Still Beautiful (clip) @ GMA
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        • (download) Pray Out Loud (clip) @ GMA
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        • (download) Good Morning America pre-performance interview
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        • 11 Questions With Jessica Simpson
After The Boot caught up with Jessica Simpson about her new country album, 'Do You Know,' the bubbly songstress let the conversation get a little more personal ... talking romance, reality TV and a rather surprising celebrity she admires.

Have you ever regretted anything you've said in the press?

No. I'm pretty honest. I never lie. And sometimes being that honest gets me in trouble!

If you had to be on another reality show, which would you be on?

'Top Chef.' I feel like I'm a pretty good cook ... I make really good chicken 'n' dumplings. But I use simple recipes, so I don't know how great I would do.

What's the first thing that attracted you to your boyfriend, Tony Romo?

He is very good looking, and I just adore him ... I just wanna be sitting in his lap or hugging him all the time. But his heart is definitely what makes him an incredible person. Character is a huge deal to me, and he doesn't have any character flaws!

What's the biggest misconception about you?

Oh gosh, there are so many! [laughs] That I'm not smart. I think I'm pretty smart, actually.

You recently recorded a duet with Dolly Parton. What's one thing about her that people may not know?

She truly is the most humble person I've ever been around ... One time I was staying in a hotel in Austin, and Dolly's tour bus was there. The receptionist told me, 'Dolly Parton's here, and guess what she did today! She invited all of the housekeepers up to her suite, and they had tea.' People don't know those little things about Dolly, but she really just wants to make people smile.

Are there any newer country artists who impress you?

I think it's impressive how many No. 1s Carrie Underwood has. Her choice in songs is really great, and she has an incredible voice. As far as new people, she has one of the strongest voices out there.

Do you ever read tabloids?

I don't really read the stories, but it's fun to look through the pictures. I like to see if there are things featured from the Jessica Simpson Collection, like a handbag or shoe. But as far as believing what I read, well I just don't read it, because I don't want it to be in the back of my mind.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

I actually like that Denise Richards show ('Denise Richards: It's Complicated'). It makes me laugh.

Do you have any insecurities?

Of course I do! My confidence can be crushed pretty quickly ... After going through a divorce, you have to come to a place in your life again where you find your own confidence and don't rely on anybody else to give it to you. And you lose a lot of self value, so you've gotta get back to a place where you can be strong again. The worst part is denial and wanting to move on. But heartache's not something that you can come back to later, because it ends up eating you alive if you don't confront it.

Have you found any big differences in country fans versus pop fans?

I think that my fans have crossed over with me. And when I look out in the audience in these fairs I'm doing, it's a cool experience, because I see some of my old fans ... but I also see some skeptics who want to either be won over or be like, 'Um, no. This is not happening.' [laughs] So I like those situations where I feel like I have to prove myself, because I really do believe that I can deliver ... I think that by about song four of my concert, it's awesome to see how those people react.

Have you found it hard to be accepted by other country stars?

It's really been easy and welcoming. People have been so kind. They see that you're being honest about sticking with country, and that's where you want to be in life. People have been so encouraging -- everyone from Kenny Chesney to Martina McBride to Vince Gill ... All these people have wished me the best.

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        • Jessica Simpson Knows Country
After almost a decade in the music business, Jessica Simpson has finally found her voice. The 28-year-old Texas native has made the risky transition from pop to country, insisting country music is rooted in her past and everlasting in her future. The first product of this career move is 'Do You Know,' Simpson's country debut that she hopes will steal the spotlight from her personal life.

"I hope that it gets people back to Jessica Simpson the singer," Simpson tells The Boot. "In today's society, people are so celebrity-obsessed. And for some reason, we're all wanting to hear the worst about everybody. I find that so cruel. I just really want people to see my heart through my music ... I'm coming from a place of honesty and strength, and hopefully people can hear that in my voice."

Simpson co-wrote all but three tracks on the album and says each and every song hits a personal chord. That's a statement that has tongues wagging, as the album is packed with lyrics about heartache -- something she has gone through very publicly in the past. So which former celebrity flames are the subjects of these songs?

"I don't say who they're about," answers Simpson. "A lot of people have been asking me about specific guys, but that sort of information is sacred to me. I want people to relate to the songs themselves, not think about me and whoever it's about."

The one exception she makes is for the song, 'You're My Sunday,' which she wrote about her current flame, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

"He inspires me to be a better person," Simpson says of her boyfriend of almost a year. "He just makes my life peaceful. In the midst of all the chaos, the gossip, the tabloids and people's expectations of me, it's nice to know that a guy loves you for who you are. So 'You're My Sunday' is dedicated to him."

Simpson mourns love lost in tracks like 'Sipping on History' -- "the song that makes me cry," she says. But she gets a little more feisty with guys who've wronged her in songs like 'When I Loved You Like That' ("the song that makes me bitter and angry") and the powerful 'Remember That,' which encourages an abused girlfriend to leave her man for good.

"I've been broken, and I've had the pieces put back together," Simpson explains of the CD's darker lyrics. "Writing this record was an extremely therapeutic experience ... Throughout the album, I think you realize a constant message: learning from your weaknesses and becoming strong again."

Simpson shows her sexy side on the album's romantic title track, written by Dolly Parton, whom she calls "an incredible writer, an amazing lyricist and just a great role model."

You can add "pretty funny" to that list, as well. Simpson tells us the recording session for the song, on which Parton sings background vocals, was full of laughter.

"After she sang her part on the song, she looked into my dad's video camera and said, 'Well, Jessica sang her butt off. I sang my butt off. So now we're two blondes with no asses!'" Simpson recants, laughing.

From legends like Dolly and Willie Nelson to younger superstars like Brad Paisley and Martina McBride, Simpson says the new Nashville clique she's trying to break into has been "very welcoming" thus far. As for the fans, she's happy to report that her old fans have crossed over with her, and she's having fun with the challenge of turning skeptics into new fans. To Simpson, it's all about starting over.

"I want to meet as many people as possible," the songstress explains. "And when you're promoting something you love and that's really close to your heart, it makes it a lot easier ... I want to go in and be considered a new artist, because I really am. I feel like I'm 19 all over again. I have butterflies; I'm anxious; I'm nervous ... But it's all worth it."

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        • (watch) Pray Out Loud @ Good Morning America (clip)

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I have the GMA videos and they will be uploaded shortly
        • (download) Jessica on GAC's On The Streets
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        • Pete Wentz on Tony Romo
[...] As for the possibility of having Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo – who is dating Ashlee's sister, Jessica Simpson – as a brother-in-law, Wentz says, "I like Tony a lot. He's a rad dude and we're both into Guns N Roses."

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        • (watch) Jessica on GAC's On The Streets
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        • Candids
September 8, 2008: Jessica Simpson getting out of a cab in Manhattan, NYC (hq).
        • Jessica Simpson Restarts GMA Performance After Tech Glitch
She made it through her new single "Come On Over" with no trouble, but Jessica Simpson hit a bump in the road during her second song Tuesday on Good Morning America. On the morning show to promote her country crossover album Do You Know, in stores Tuesday morning, the pop star began her second song, "With You," only to abruptly stop it after singing the opening line. Simpson blamed the do-over on a technical glitch.

"Hold on," a good-natured Simpson said. "I know this is live TV, but I can't hear anything. Do it again."

With that, her band began again and Simpson started singing, missing a line or two, but otherwise delivering it mishap-free. Before the performance, the singer chatted about going country with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts, explaining that the genre-switch was just a natural progression.

"It's just a natural place for me," she said of country music. "I've always been a country girl, so it feels good being on stage and being myself."

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        • Jessica Simpson Stops Performance on Live TV
Jessica Simpson tripped up a rocky performance on live television Tuesday, the day of her latest album release.

"Hold on, I know this is live TV but I can't hear anything," she said as she starting singing her quadruple platinum hit "With You" on Good Morning America. The music stopped, the crowd in Times Square went silent and then she counted down for her musicians to start again.

"You got it?" she asked. "There you go!"

The 28-year-old singer said her new country album, titled Do You Know, reflects her true self.

"It's a natural place for me," she said on GMA. "I've always been a country girl. It feels good to be on stage being myself."

Asked if she is excited to play aunt to younger sister Ashlee's baby, due in November, Simpson responded: "I am! Oh my god! I can't believe it!" Simpson also referred to quarterback beau Tony Romo by yelling "Go Cowboys!" and warning Philadelphia Eagles fans, "That's next week! We're gonna kick your butts, too!"

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        • New pictures

• 02 x New York City - arriving for GMA, September 9 2008 [HQ]
• 37 x Good Morning America, September 9 2008 [HQ]
Jessica Simpson performed on ABC’s Good Morning America at the ABC studios at New York City’s Times Square today. Despite what you may have read, hundreds of fans turned out to watch country music’s latest bumpkin sing her hit single, Come On Over.

Come On Over, Jessica’s debut single from her new country album, is not only winning over skeptics, it’s gaining ground on country radio. A flirtatious, steel guitar-laced slice of pop country, the song has cracked the top 30 on Billboard’s country singles chart. The album by the same name drops today. Are you buying it?

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- The things Perez sez are bullcrap y'all!
        • Do You Know CD Scans
Here are the scans of the 'Do You Know' booklet! I'm excited it has lyrics in it, I will be able to correct the ones I added before!

• Thanks to: Lisa!
        • (watch) Come On Over @ Good Morning America
        • New pictures
September 9, 2008: Jessica Simpson at Good Morning America.
        • (watch) Still Beautiful @ Good Morning America (clip)

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        • CD Review: "Do You Know"
Jessica Simpson proves she's one of the smartest cookies in music with her country crossover album "Do You Know."


Country music has become one of the strongest sellers in the business, with a huge national audience. But the next generation of artists has been surprisingly scarce, with former "American Idol" stars Carrie Underwood and Kelly Pickler making the biggest waves.

Simpson saw the vacuum in Nashville and stepped up.

Hate her because she's beautiful, or because her breathy, over-produced CD catalog is vapid fluff - or because she's more of a pop culture icon than a pop music icon. Just don't hate her for this record.

For the first time in her career she's created an album where she consistently shows off her full-bodied voice with solid, yet simple tunes that don't overthink the music.

Chalk this reinvention up to the '05 film "The Dukes of Hazzard," where she played the backwoods babe Daisy Duke. While the film flopped, she was stupendous in short-short cutoff jeans. More importantly, she got to know her co-star Willie Nelson, who encouraged her to sing some country. To please Uncle Willie, she covered "These Boots Are Made for Walking" for the soundtrack and turned the country-tinged version into one of her biggest hits.

In the footsteps of "Boots," this record comes on hard with a country rocker "Come On Over" that has lusty urgency. If you didn't know this was Simpson singing, you'd mistake it for a Melissa Etheridge effort.

In fact, Simpson co-wrote that one - and seven others on this 11-song album. Maybe because she had a hand in writing the music this album has an honesty that her work as a pop tart always lacked.

In one of the simpler songs she wrote, called "You're My Sunday" (she has said it's dedicated to her Dallas Cowboy quarterback boyfriend Tony Romo), Simpson has real warmth in her voice.

No doubt this album is going be compared to the records of Underwood (who used to date Romo). Both also enlisted help from Nashville songsmith Hillary Lindsey.

The top-shelf writer certainly helped, but where Simpson got real home-fried country cred is from Dolly Parton - another so-called dumb blonde who's dominated Nashville for 40 years. Parton wrote the title track and duets with her. You can't get a better endorsement in country. "Do You Know" is the CD's best song and the one that is bound to earn her a country Grammy in February.

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- Woo Hoo!!!
        • "Do You Know" editions & prices
If you have any extra info let me know!

Circuit City - $9.99 (regular cd)
Best Buy - $11.98 (Deluxe cd/dvd edition)
Target - $9.98 (Exclusive Bonus Poster)
Walmart - $12.88 (regular cd)
Walmart - $14.88 (Deluxe cd/dvd edition)
Meijer - $9.99 (regular cd)
iTunes - $9.99

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        • (watch) Good Morning America Pre-Performance interview
Click here to watch it at Dailymotion!
        • Jessica on ET tonight
Jessica Simpson calls boyfriend Tony Romo "a great guy" in an all-new interview with our Thea Andrews, saying, "I'm blessed to be with him." ET exclusively spoke to Jessica on location where the vocal powerhouse would be sworn into membership at the Academy of Country Music!

The blonde bombshell, who gushed about her NFL beau, told ET about the confidence and comfort she feels performing country music. Jessica calls her new country album Do You Know a personal "success," regardless of how others may see it.

Now, she's on the comeback trail, with her new album in stores now, and the fulfillment of a life-long dream -- becoming a voting member in the Academy of Country Music, which just crowned Kenny Chesney Entertainer of the Year.

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Jessica will also appear on The Daily 10 today.
        • New interview
So many interviews! There's another one at!
        • Jessica Simpson on Ashlee's Baby: "I'm Going to Spoil the Kid Rotten"
Jessica Simpson can't wait for Ashlee to give birth.

"I'm going to spoil the kid rotten, that's for sure," she tells Yo on E!. "I think my sister's going to be pretty strict, actually, because she's been so good throughout her pregnancy."

The country singer, 28, says she still can't believe her 23-year-old sister's about to be a mommy.

"She's just such a woman," Jessica says. "I'm like, 'Oh, my gosh - what's happened to my sister?'"

She denies that Ashlee and husband Pete Wentz will be on double diaper duty this fall.

"Definitely not twins!" Jessica tells E!

As for her own romance with beau Tony Romo, she says they have entered a new chapter in their lives: He's singing!

"We work on it," she says, adding that Romo often sings her tune "You're my Sunday" (which she wrote for him) "at the top of his lungs.”

Despite criticism she got for jinxing Romo's career ("that was absolutely ridiculous," she says), she plans on cheering him on again this season.

"Of course, I will," Jessica says. "I might be wearing prosthetics."

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        • Jessica designs a shoe for charity
Eva Longoria Parker, Blake Lively, Jessica Simpson and many more Hollywood celebrities teamed up with shoe designer Stuart Weitzman to raise money for ovarian cancer research. Each star was given a plain white satin pump and asked to come up with their own design. “We were amazed — no one turned us down,” Stuart Weitzman told In Touch at the re-opening of his recently remodeled flagship store in New York. “It is cool to see how people’s personalities and tastes come out,” newlywed Joy Bryant, who created a graffiti-inspired heel, told In Touch. “Everyone is so different.” All of the shoes will be auctioned off throughout the month of September and 100% of the proceeds go to benefit cancer research. Click here if you would like to bid.

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        • New pictures
September 8, 2008: Jessica Simpson and Anne Hathaway at Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 Afterparty (hq).
September 8th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • TIC TIC TIC

Sorry for the caps but I'm just so excited! Wish I lived in the US so I could go to the store and buy it too! Absolutely can't wait for tomorrow!!! GOOOOOOO JESSICA!!!!!
        • New interview
Here's another one, this one is from today, I think! Jessica visits with the Waking Crew about her new CD, her performance at the Grand Old Opry, and of her dog's gas! Click to listen!
        • New interview
Head over to to listen to an interview with Jessica recorded right before the Opry weekend!
        • Fan review: Grand Ole Opry
I went to Nashville T.N. and saw Jessica at the Grande Ole Opry. She was TOTALY AMAZING! She looked beautiful, she came out and sang "Come on over" first. As soon as she walked out and started singing I started balling. She looked nervous but she sang it beautifully. I noticed alot of the older people there loved her, they had big smiles on their faces and were clapping to the music like the rest of us. I went to a florist before the show and bought her roses (pink ones because I know she likes pink roses). They told me I could walk up to the stage on their cue to hand them to her. They told me to come up in the middle of "Come on over". They told me I could not holler for her though because the performance was live t.v. So I sat there holding my flowers up on the side of the stage. She didn't notice me, I think she was just so nervous because she was pretty much looking forward. Next she sang "Remember that". She got really emotional and of course she made me really emotional. I balled through the whole song. I was getting really nerves because she didn't notice me yet. She did sing one more song and that was "Sipping on history" again she was really emotional and made me ball again. I had chills through all 3 performances. They must have done that song on commercial or something or they edited it out because I noticed it was not on the Opry live show (I of course recorded it).

Well she got done with that song and started to walk backstage by that time me and my husband started screaming JESSICA!!! LOL! I think I made the bouncer lady mad but I didn't care, I wanted her to know that she had a HUGE fan out there supporting her. Plus I bought those roses for her and I wanted her to have them. Anyways she heard us scream looked around and saw me. OH MY GOSH.... she walked over to me and took the flowers she said "Thank you" and "I love you". Than she grabbed my hand and kissed it. I cried, I was in total shock.(I wish hubby could have gotten a pic of her when I gave her the flowers but we were so worried about getting her to notice me plus it all happened so fast and hubby left our camera at our seats.) Than she walked away to the back of the stage. I left her a little note in the flowers to let her know that she is a God Sent Angel to me as I know she is to many of us.

After the show we were walking out and I told hubby that I wish we could buy tickets for the second show. Well he walked over to the ticket office and bought me tickets for the second show. They were not good seats because they were all they way up in the balcony, the first show I had 5th row. It didn't matter though because I went near the stage again when she came out. It was hard to get close up to take pics though because there were SO many more people at the second show taking pics of her. Sad to say though my pics are not that good because they came out to dark. I tried fooling around with the camera before she came on stage but for some reason I could not get it right. I am sad. All in all I have to say it was SO worth the 8 hours I drove to Nashville to see her. Her voice was strong and beautiful and she looked more beautiful in person than tv or pics. She is totaly breath taking.I got to meet my God sent angel face to face and even got a kiss. I feel like a VERY blessed soul. I will try to send pics tomorrow, I am very tired from the long ride home.

• Thanks to: Michelle!
        • Fan review: Grand Ole Opry from Super Fan
Hi! I was the superfan at the Grand Ole Opry live GAC show! I had no idea it was going to be me! the how was great though I missed some of it because they took me backstage! I was there for Jessica's interview, took some photos with her family and publicist.. she was so sweet but her "crew" always hurried her around. I feel bad for that sort of life.. she would start to speak to someone and they would be like, "we must go, we must do this or that".. and she would just have to walk off :( I was able to go to her dressing room and meet her again, asking her a question but they said it had to be about her new album - so I asked her if she would stay country or return to pop at all - she said it was all country! I said that we love her here and for her to stay in Nashville and she said, well if yall love me I will! I hope I can!! I then watched the 2nd show (not aired on tv) and stood side stage, she was so nice and her family stood here for the whole show with Ken Paves, Stephanie Mcguire and Daisy too! Her grandparents were sitting 2 seats down from me on the front row also - her grandma even had a disposable camera! So cute! I'll try to send photos if you'd like them! I was able to keep all the cue cards used and have one autographed... what a night! All was prearranged without my knowledge by my bff who is production manager of the Opry! wow!

• Thanks to: Amanda (Mandy)!

- Can't wait to see the pics!
        • Jessica puts on her Daisy Dukes
Up until now, everything she’s ever done has been accomplished with calculated precision.

Her clothing line, reality-TV stint, ascension up the pop charts, foray into Hollywood, even who she has dated, has all combined into making Jessica Simpson a household name. So it seems a little off that the former Mrs. Nick Lachey is trading all that to go…country.

“I was ready to make a change in my life,” she says matter-of-factly in a phone interview from Nashville. “And it seemed natural for me to go country because I grew up loving country music.”

Hitting stores this week, “Do You Know,” her sixth studio album, trades the bubblegum pop that has defined her career for a far more earnest musical experience.

“For me, in my life, I think it’s a genre I can be honest in,” she says. “It’s a chance for me to be a singer-songwriter that affects people’s lives. To be someone that people can relate to.

“That’s not saying I couldn’t do that in the pop world,” she pauses. “But the pop world, for me, became too obsessed with my personal life. For me to talk about my personal life, I really have to feel like I’m at home.”

So it is slight acoustic strumming, followed by pert organ blasts that let her open up about her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, on “You’re My Sunday.”

“‘You’re My Sunday’ is a very romantic song about how Tony calms the craziness of my world,” she says softly. “When life is like a hurricane and it’s flying off the rails, I have him to lean on and rest in.”

She holds her cards a little more closely to her chest when talking about the record’s 10 other tracks. “I want people to hear the album and be able to relate to it and not think of me and somebody else while they listen to it,” she says.

But when fans hear the domestic-violence tinged “Remember That” or the reflective “When I Loved You Like That,” it’ll be hard not to wonder whom they’re about.

“When people listen to it, I hope the music encourages people to get out of certain situations or stop trying to make something seem great that they can’t even get off the ground.”

“It’s kind of like, Oprah-gone-country,” she jokes.

Tired of the dog-eat-dog mentality that prevailed on the pop charts, Simpson appreciates the camaraderie amongst country musicians.

“It’s really refreshing to have healthy competition,” she says. “The songwriters are genuinely excited for one another when one gets a cut on a Tim McGraw record. Unlike pop, there’s room for everybody.

“I felt like in pop music I was always trying to follow the trend and keep up and I couldn’t ever completely get to the point where I wanted to get too, musically. It just never really made sense to me.”

And now that she knows she wants to sing and knows she wants to write music, hopefully people will see how normal she is.

“To perform live and see people react and watch people embrace this side of me has been an absolute highlight.

“Then I get to go home and sleep on an air mattress at Tony’s house. What a glamorous life.”

• Source:
        • (pictures) Country Music Awards 2007 Post Party
November 8, 2007: Jessica Simpson at the private party after the 2007 CMA Awards, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
        • (pictures) Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
September 6, 2008: Jessica Simpson was officially welcomed into the world of country music after a performance Saturday night at Nashville, TN Grand Ole Opry. As the holy land for country music's most iconic stars, the Grand Ole Opry is a plateau for budding musicians hoping to finally achieve success in the country music genre. Simpson graced the stage in Nashville in front of a very supportive crowd of fans. Wearing a black dress and heels, Simpson was backed by a pair of female singers and a seven-piece band that included fiddle, mandolin and steel guitar. The crowd applauded after each song, and as she left the stage, a fan handed her roses.

• Source:
        • (scans) People, September 15 2008

• Thanks to: Terran
        • Picture
September 4, 2008: Jessica and Rachel Proctor at the 'Do You Know' listening party in Nashville, TN.

• Source:
        • New promos
Added 3 new promos for the "Do You Know" album! So pretty.

• Source: has also gotten a makeover, check it out!
        • Dailymotion group
I've set up a Dailymotion group for SKNET, to upload Jessica's videos to. I've had one on youtube but my account was deleted on there several times without explanation so I got tired of reuploading over and over again and switched over to Dailymotion, which may not be as popular but is more user friendly in my opinion. If you have an account on Dailymotion feel free to join the SKNET's Dailymotion group. You don't need to sign up to watch videos
        • (download) Sharp Dressed Man with ZZ Top @ America United
Format: mpg
Size: 48.38 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
        • (download) Boots & God Bless America @ America United
Once again I'd like to thank Samantha for taking her time to record these performances for all of us

Format: mpg
Size: 56.71 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
        • Jessica Simpson Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut
Wearing a short and sparkly black frock with a plunging neckline that had camera operators on high alert for a wardrobe malfunction, Jessica Simpson made her Grand Ole Opry debut Saturday night.

Performing "Come On Over," the first single from her new country album, Do You Know, before a nearly-sold out house that included her parents, her grandparents, aunts and uncles "...from all over Texas," she told Nan Kelley, host of Opry Live, felt "like a homecoming to me."

"I can't believe I am here!" Simpson, 28, said.

Audience members, it seemed, couldn't believe her costume choice. "I think she should have put some clothes on," one viewer said. While another one responded to how she liked Simpson's performance with: "I loved that new girl, Crystal [Shawanda] – and she was dressed appropriately."

Front-row fan Mandy, who was chosen by GAC out of the audience as "Jessica's biggest fan" and given the chance to go backstage for a meet and greet, gushed,"I think everything she does is perfect. I love her!"

Also helping make Simpson feel at home at the 83-year-old institution was country legend Loretta Lynn, who watched Simpson's emotional performances of "Remember That" and "Sippin' on History" from the wings before taking the stage herself.

Though Simpson, Patty Loveless and newcomer Crystal Shawanda were warmly received, it was Lynn who brought the entire audience to its feet before she sang a single note of her classics "Fist City," "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "The Pill."

During Lynn's feisty performance, Simpson took photos of her long-time hero and visited with her at length in a private office backstage, where Lynn advised the younger star not to read her own press. "Just keep doing what you're doing honey and you'll be fine!"

Opry Live will be re-broadcast through Wednesday on GAC. Simpson performs on Good Morning America's Fall Concert Series Tuesday morning, and on The View and Late Show with David Letterman Thursday.

• Source:

- I thought she looked amazing!
        • (watch) Jessica @ America United
• Sharp Dressed Man with ZZ Top
• Boots & God Bless America
September 7th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (audio) Remember That @ Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
format: mp3
quality: 160 kbps
size: 5.52 mb
length: 4:49
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link
        • (audio) Come On Over @ Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
format: mp3
quality: 160 kbps
size: 3.56 mb
length: 3:06
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link
        • Fan review: Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
Hi! I adore this website! I check it daily! I appreciate this website so much! I live in TN and went to the Grand Ole Opry last night! Jessica was amazing! She did an excellent job! I was on this morning and read a fan's review that said she went to the Opry last night also, and I noticed she didn't say she sang Sippin' on History. Jessica sang 3 songs: Come On Over, Remember That, and Sippin' On History. They only aired 2 of the songs, but she did sing 3. I just wanted to correct that for you. She did and amazing job! The crowd loved her!

• Thanks to: Ashlee!
        • Jessica Simpson sings at Tenn.'s Grand Ole Opry
Pop star turned country singer Jessica Simpson told a crowd during her Grand Ole Opry debut that she burst into tears the first times she heard the song "Remember That" and knew God wanted her to sing it.

"It's a very personal song for a lot of women," Simpson told the audience Saturday in introducing the track from her new album "Do You Know," which hits stores Tuesday.

Written by Rachel Proctor and Victoria Banks, the song deals with abuse and ends with the line, "Take it from me, I've stood in your shoes."

She also sang "Sipping on History" and her single, "Come On Over," which peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard country chart.

Wearing a black dress and heels, Simpson was backed by a pair of female singers and a seven-piece band that included fiddle, mandolin and steel guitar.

"It's such an honor to be standing here before you tonight. I feel very, very blessed," she said.

The crowd applauded after each song, and as she left the stage, a fan handed her roses.

"God bless you guys," she said after her last song.

Simpson, 28, who was born and raised in Texas, comes to country after her last pop album sold poorly.

During her Opry segment, the singer/reality star/movie actress described herself as a "country girl at heart" and said she felt at home in the genre.

She appeared during the portion of the show televised on the Great American Country cable network. Country Music Hall of Famer Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless and newcomer Crystal Shawanda were also on the segment.

With the release of her album, Simpson is making the rounds on TV. She'll perform on "Good Morning America" Tuesday, "The View" and "Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday, "The CBS Early Show" Sept. 16 and the "Rachael Ray" show Sept. 17.

She'll then return to the road playing fairs and festivals, including the Los Angeles County Fair on Sept. 20.

• Source:
        • Blog from Victoria Banks: In tears in Winnipeg
I sat on the bed in my hotel room in Winnipeg last night - I'm up here performing at the Canadian Country Music Awards - and watched Jessica Simpson sing my songs "Come on Over" and "Remember That" (her new single) on the televised Grand Ole Opry. It was amazingly surreal. By the time "Remember That" started I had completely dissolved into tears...her spoken introduction and the way she delivered the song with such conviction made me feel like Rachel and I were up on stage right next to her. That song is so much more than a song to me - it's a message of hope and strength that came out of the most difficult time in my life - and you can tell that Jessica feels the same way when she sings it. I am SO excited that the world is going to hear it.

If you missed it, you can visit to watch Jessica's incredible performance of "Remember That" online.

What a night - not only having two of my own songs performed on the Opry stage, but also seeing my sweet friend and fellow Ontario girl Crystal Shawanda make her TV Opry debut (I played in Crystal's band and have believed in her talent for years)...and then seeing Patty Loveless sing as well, whose music is one of the main reasons why I chose to be a songwriter in the first place. And on top of that, the queen of country legends, Loretta Lynn!

In a business that can be so tough for women (only 1 in 300 professional songwriters is a woman in the country genre, and of all last year's charting radio singles only 17 were written or co-written by a woman), last night's show was a celebration of strength, perseverance, and success.

• Source:

- Big thanks to Victoria for mentioning SKNET as a place to watch Jess' performance at!
        • (download) Remember That @ Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 47.03 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
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{{ View Captures }}
        • (download) Interview @ Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 41.98 mb
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{{ View Captures }}
        • (download) Come On Over @ Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
Format: mpg
Size: 30.35 mb
Capped by: Samantha!
Download | Sendspace Link | Megaupload Link | Captures
        • (watch) Remember That @ Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
"Remember That" is the second single off "Do You Know"!
        • (watch) Interview @ Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
        • (watch) Come On Over @ Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008

- Downloadable files are coming too!
        • Fan review: Grand Ole Opry, September 6 2008
Hello Joanna, hope your day was great! I just got home from the Grand Ole Opry where Jessica Simpson preform and it was awsome!! It was very short but she was great like always!! She sang Come on Over and Remember That, I added some pictures, hope you like them, and also some of the pictures are blurry but you can see her, I think I was so excited that I couldn't think straight. I was so close that I almost could smell her perfume LOL she looked soooo pretty!!! I can't wait till she starts doing tours and concerts that last longer lol (hope she does them) well I think that's about it, talk to you later!!

• Thanks to: Veronica!

I've got the Opry videos, they're coming up very soon! HUGE thanks to Samantha!
September 6th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson, Road Hammers Visit Opry
The Grand Ole Opry will have plenty of new blood coursing through its veins this weekend. Jessica Simpson, about to release her first country album, makes her debut on the legendary show on Saturday while the Canadian band the Road Hammers stops by for the first time on Friday.

"I'm incredibly honored to be singing... on this stage which has such a rich and amazing history," Jessica observes. "I get chill bumps just thinking about it."

Jessica will perform a pair of songs, "Come On Over" and "Remember That," from Do You Know, which reaches stores on Tuesday. She’ll appear in an Opry segment that also features Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless and Crystal Shawanda — and it all gets captured on GAC’s Opry Live beginning at 9 p.m. ET.

The Road Hammers earned their first major attention in the U.S. this year with the release of their album Blood, Sweat & Steel and through their GAC reality series, directed by Jason Priestley.

"As a lifelong country music fan, the Grand Ole Opry is a mecca to me," band member Jason McCoy says. "With the passing of Jerry Reed, one of my true heroes, it will make it that much more special to pay tribute to him with our version of ‘East Bound and Down.’ He will be missed by all, but his incredible legacy will live on in country music forever."

The Road Hammers’ current single, "Girl On The Billboard," is a cover of a song made famous by a late Grand Ole Opry star, North Carolina native Del Reeves.

• Source:

- Is anyone able to record and send videos to me please?
        • Poll: Who’s the most beautiful woman in country music?
Head over to to vote!
        • Jessica Simpson Greets, Serenades the Nashville Music Biz
Jessica Simpson continues to put in the effort it takes to become a bona fide country star. On Thursday evening (Sept. 4), she greeted the movers and shakers of the country music industry at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in downtown Nashville with handshakes, hugs and a brief performance of songs from her album, Do You Know, which will be released on Tuesday (Sept. 9).

Backed by a handful of musicians, Simpson sang five songs as about 150 people nibbled on very small grit cakes and cornbread biscuits, washing it all down with free drinks. She said she wanted to sing about "what my heart's been going through the last couple of years," adding that she felt "really blessed. This could bring me to tears because I do feel at home on this stage, and I thank you for giving me a chance."

After singing her first country single, "Come On Over," she introduced "Remember That," an emotional song about escaping an abusive relationship. The same writers of "Come On Over" gave her the song, and she said she broke into tears the first time she listened to it.

"People are drilling me all the time about if I've been abused," she said, but rather than elaborating, she said she wanted the audience to be encouraged by the music. Throughout the song (and every song, really), she pumped her first in the air and ran her fingers through her hair to emphasize the drama of the lyrics.

"I believe that what has inspired me is my faith and family, teaching me the importance of prayer," she declared. Recounting how she grew up poor with a father who was a preacher she said, "Sometimes we felt we weren't going to be able to keep on keeping on, so we prayed together." (Simpson's father watching from the soundboard at the Symphony Center, and her mother was there, too.) Then she offered "Pray Out Loud," and in a remarkable display of manners for a music industry event, the crowd was quiet and listening.

On the stage, she was flanked by Brett James and Hillary Lindsey, the first two songwriters she collaborated with in Nashville. She said she had to let her guard down during those first sessions, because at first she was afraid "they might call" Uh, what? "Oh! Not dot-com!" she giggled.

She also sang "Sipping on History," which she was about "a love of my life that could have been a fairy tale, but I had another fairy tale awaiting me." (Has she always had a Southern accent? More than once, she pronounced "life" as "lawf" and "write" as "rawt.") In the first line of the song, she lamented the notion that she could have been somebody's June Carter Cash, and when she was through, she stated, "That song is so sad! Why is country music so sad? Not all country music is sad!"

Simpson recalled how she met Dolly Parton at the Kennedy Center, after screwing up a performance of Parton's "9 to 5" in front of the president. Parton accepted her apologies and graciously gave Simpson her phone number. During a visit to Nashville, Simpson went to Parton's office to listen to some new songs.

"I got to stand in her chapel and pray," she said, "and I loved it because there was a hair salon next to the chapel!" Toward the end of the long story, she marveled that "the person that you're there for ends up accepting your failure as success," and that "God answers prayers in His own timing."

At most music industry events in Nashville, you can pretty much wander in, get some chicken fingers and duck out whenever you want to. However, there was a formal check-in at this event, and no outside photographers were allowed. Just before walking down the hall to the reception, I encountered five or six label representatives gathered in a cluster near the entrance. In all the parties I've been to in the last six years, I can't remember this ever being the case. I don't know if they were just hanging out or making sure no unsavory characters were getting past.

Watching Simpson up there on stage without any special effects, paparazzi or Pro-Tools, it's kind of easy to forget that she is super-famous. So far, she's collaborated with top-notch writers in town, and all of the songs she sang fit squarely within the country format, even the Dolly Parton composition. To her credit, she didn't fake her way through the showcase and spent as much time trying to connect with the crowd as she did singing. Plus, she didn't vanish afterwards, instead sticking around to personally thank people for their support, even those who remain skeptical. When it comes to the personal touch, Simpson has already done well to remember that.

• Source:
        • (scans) Magazine Of Country Music, September 2008

• Thanks to: Lisa!
        • More appearances!
Whew the calendar needs more room! lol Here are even more dates for Jess' appearances!

9/08 KX96 Radio Special at 8PM (radio) |
9/09 GAC On The Streets
9/16 The CBS Early Show
9/17 Rachael Ray
9/19 Go Country 105.1 Interview (radio) |

• Thanks to: Lisa, Alec, Tamara & Ken!
        • Billboard's review of "Do You Know"
After she scored nine pop hits between 1999 and 2006, top 40 radio gave Jessica Simpson the heave-ho. Now the singer has shifted formats to country, which she insists is an organic fit, given her Texas roots -- not to mention her film role as Daisy Duke in 2005's "The Dukes of Hazzard." Full-length foray "Do You Know" is a credible transition, beginning with No. 18 launch single "Come On Over," which convinced programmers that there's twang in Simpson's torch. She aligns with Grammy Award-winning producers Brett James -- an ideal fit via collaborations with Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood -- and John Shanks, who has worked with, well, everyone. Despite detractors, Simpson remains a gifted vocalist who delivers on most every cut. Soaring midtempo "Remember That," lamenting power ballad "Still Don't Stop Me" and the title track, which features Dolly Parton, are all prime contenders.

• Source:
September 5th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Jessica Simpson Talks About Family
Jessica Simpson will release her highly anticipated debut country album, "Do You Know", September 9, 2008 on Columbia Nashville. Produced by Brett James and John Shanks, Simpson co-wrote all but three of the tracks featured on the disc, including her current Top 25 hit single, "Come On Over". Listen to Jessica talk about her family and their involvment in her career.

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson hides in her dressing room sometimes
Indeed, Jessica Simpson will retreat to her dressing room when she’s nervous.

I got my first ever interview with Jessica yesterday (WOW!!) just before she sang some songs from her new album, Do You Know, for country music media at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Jessica is about to make her Opry debut Saturday night, and she’s super excited, but Jessica also says she might spend some extra time in her dressing room.

Other fun times in our first-ever interview:

* Jessica encourages me to propose to one of her fantastic talented (and hot!) co-writers in the middle of Jessica’s showcase.
* Jessica talks about using Nashville songwriters for therapy.
* Jessica says hi to her mom and plugs her first single, all at the same time!
It’s Jessica-Looza!!

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica Simpson's Nerves Take Center Stage in Nashville
You'd think Jessica Simpson would be an old pro at performing. But at the Nashville listening party for her new country album, Do You Know, on Thursday night, the singer was just a bit freaked out.

"I'm a little nervous," said Simpson to a crowd of nearly 200 record industry folks at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. "If I throw up, I'm sorry."

Brushing her blonde hair from her face, she continued: "Thank you so much for coming and for giving me a chance. I hope you get to experience what my heart's been going through the last few years."

Backed by a band of three acoustic guitars, a bongo player and a barefoot fiddler, Simpson introduced each song with an emotional story of her own experiences with abusive relationships, true love and healing.

Leading into "Remember That," Simpson urged women "in that [abusive] situation to take their hearts and run."

She later smiled tearfully to her preacher dad Joe Simpson and mom Tina in the audience while explaining that "Pray Out Loud" is a song about faith and family.

And before the bittersweet song, "Sippin' on History," Simpson said, "It's about a relationship in my life that could have been a fairy tale, but wasn't."

Simpson got warm applause after each song. But she seemed most proud of something else entirely.

"I didn't throw up!" Simpson exclaimed at the end of her set.

Before leaving the stage to schmooze and mingle, Simpson reminded everyone that the album's release date is September 9.

"That's lucky number nine!" she said as a shout-out to her quarterback boyfriend, Tony Romo – whom Simpson called the "love of my life" in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE – who wears 9 on his Dallas Cowboys jersey.

Simpson makes her Grand Ole Opry debut Saturday night with Loretta Lynn and Patty Loveless, to be televised live on GAC at 9 p.m. EST.

        • Simpson to make 'Opry,' country CD debut
This is a big week for Jessica Simpson professionally as she prepares for her Grand Ole Opry debut on Saturday and Tuesday's release of her debut country album, Do You Know.

Kix Brooks, hair stylist Ken Paves and songwriters Hillary Lindsay, Brett James and Luke Laird were among those gathering to wish her well Thursday at an album release party thrown by her label, Sony BMG Nashville, in the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

"I always get butterflies right before an album comes out," Jessica said. "I'm even more nervous and excited for this one since I co-wrote almost all the tracks and it really speaks from my heart."

Jessica is excited about singing at the Opry because she'll be on the same stage the same night as Loretta Lynn (for this weekend's schedule of Opry shows, see today's Weekend section.)

"I always carry around with me a key chain that says The Loretta Lynn Show," Jessica said, "She is such an amazing artist. I hope I get the chance to meet her and thank her for all of her inspiration. My grandparents are going to be here that night. As soon as they found out, I knew they wouldn't miss it and will be in the front row. This is going to be the first time for them to hear me sing in years."

• Source:
        • Jessica Simpson Talks About Abuse, Wants to Make Babies
While Jessica Simpson didn't write the track "Remember That" on her new album, it still struck a chord when she first listened to the tune about abuse.

"It was one of those moments that just moved me to tears — it's empowering. It's about that woman really standing up for herself in an abusive situation whether it is mental, physical, emotional. Everybody has dealt with abuse in some sort of way," Simpson told Pop Tarts.

"I thought it was important to tell women to take their heart and run as fast as they can if they're in that situation, because you're better than that." (Worth noting: Jess used the same "heart and run" line in her recent Elle interview.)

But unlike so many starlets who have learned not to let tabloid trash torment them, Simpson still gets hurt by what she reads and hears.

"I am a very open person, but how the media is these days makes it hard. Unfortunately people want to believe bad stuff and I just don't understand that — sometimes it is like a personal attack," Jessica said sadly. "It's a challenge for me to act like it's just part of my career. If they knew your heart, they wouldn't be talking about you like this."

But something the singer was a little more excited to talk about was becoming an aunt (we’ve heard word she’ll have a niece) and her plans to follow in younger sis Ashlee's footsteps in marriage (for the second time) and motherhood.

"I would love to be making records and making babies and hopefully I'm married in 10 years," Simpson added. "I have the dreams of every normal person. I want to be a great aunt."

Simpson will release her debut country music album "Do You Know" this weekend.

• Source:
September 4th, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (watch) Jessica leaving Beso

• Source:
        • (watch) Jessica Simpson At A Touch Of Gold Tanning Salon And Airport
September 3rd, 2008: Jessica Simpson went to A Touch Of Gold Tanning Salon Wednesday afternoon. After, we caught up with her at the airport, where she spent a fair amount of time going through security.

• Source:
        • Fan Photos: Fallsview Casino, August 28 2008

• Thanks to: Jess!
        • Fan Review: Akwesasne Music Festival, August 29 2008
Hello, I went to the Akwesasne Music Festival on August 29th. I had VIP tickets and was directly in front of the stage. Jessica came on late around 10 pm and sang till 11pm. She was great; she looked beautiful and spoke to the crowd before each song. She was drinking out of a Dallas Cowboys mug in between songs. It was cute! You were not supposed to bring cameras in, but we snuck it in anyway. I can’t wait till her album comes out; I loved all her new songs she sang. Afterwards the stage crew gave me her set list, which was taped to the floor near the microphone. She looked at it during her performance to make sure she sang the songs in the right order. My friend and I drove 4 hours from Albany, NY to see her perform. It was so worth it! I saw her about 5 years ago in Central Park for an “Allure” Concert. She still has the same genuine personality and is so personable with her fans. We were close then, but this was the closest I have been. I still think I’m in shock!

Check out the pics, Lonestar and Smash Mouth were awesome too J

P.S. Check out her bracelet!

• Thanks to: Colleen!
        • Jessica & Tony Update
Yes, she is helping him select furnishings for their Irving home most definitely. My source is sworn to secrecy but let’s just say the darling duo has already started shopping in Dallas for their new Irving home.

• Source:
        • Jess to appear on GAC Nights
From Alec: "Jessica Simpson will be appearing on "GAC Nights" a show aring on the GAC network. I was watching a version of it with singer "Jewel" a couple of nights ago and it is basically a sit down interview discussing in dept everything about the artist new album and "Jessica" will be on September 9th. This show will air on the "GAC Network" same network that the "GAC Top 20 countdown" airs on."
September 3rd, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • New candids
September 3, 2008: Following a dinner date at Beso with her good pal Ken Paves last evening, Jessica Simpson was up bright-and-early as she headed off to Burbank from Los Angeles. Prior to her flight, the “You’re My Sunday” singer dropped by a Tanning Salon in North Hollywood, getting in a quick fake bake session before flying off to the Bob Hope Airport.

+ 29 x HQ

• Source:
        • Candids
August 28, 2008: Jessica Simpson leaving Tony Roma's restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (hq).
        • (scans) Lucky, October 2008

• Thanks to: Erin!
        • (watch) Jessica and Ashlee at Beso, September 2 2008

• Source:
        • Upcoming appearances!
Sept. 6 - Grand Ole Opry Live (GAC)
Sept. 9 - Good Morning America (ABC) (Simpson will also be filming an appearance for the CBS Early Show that day; check listings for an air date.)
Sept. 10 - The View (ABC)
Sept. 11 - Live with David Letterman (CBS)
Sept. 30 - 'Dancing with the Stars' (ABC)

Thanks Tamara!
        • Beso, September 2 2008 (HQ)
        • Carmel mention!
How did I miss that?! Jessica mentioned SK in her interview with Carmel magazine (scans posted a couple of entries below) - yay!
        • (watch) Ashlee & Jessica leave Beso
        • New cover alert
Jessica graces the cover of Lucky magazine, on newsstands now! There is a new photo on the cover. Inside there are 2 pages where Jessica talks about her style. We will have scans soon! And also on the website for Lucky magazine there's sweepsakes where you can enter to win Jessica's cover outfit and makeup! Click here to enter!

• Source: (thanks Lisa!)
        • New candids
September 2, 2008: Jessica Simpson leaving Beso restaurant in Hollywood.
        • (scans) Carmel Magazine, Summer/Fall 2008
        • (scans) In Touch, January 14 2008
September 2nd, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • (scans) Military Press, August 1 2008
        • Jessica on GMA!
Join Good Morning America on September 9, 2008 to kick off our Fall Concert Series! Live in Times Square... Jessica Simpson! Good Morning America is broadcast live in New York City from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. Suggested arrival Time: 6:00 a.m.

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • (watch) Jessica at LAX, September 2 2008
Sooooo cute!

• Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Fan Review: Akwesasne Music Festival, August 29 2008
I went to the recent Akwesasne Music Festival on Aug 29th, it was a great show. Had some good opening acts two local bands & then Smashmouth, Lonestar & then of course Jessica. We were not allowed to take pictures but I snuck a few in! Jessica was in great spirits, she explained all of her songs before she sung them. It wasn't to long, from 10pm until 11pm. Great Vocals, Great outfit, great night:) By the way, I was VIP - Front row!!!

• Thanks to: Amanda!
        • Fan Review: Fallsview Casino, August 28 2008
Hi! I live in Montreal, and I attended the August 28th show in Niagra Falls, and it was amazing!! I met Jessica last November in NY at Macy's and she was so sweet, but I had never seen her perform!! And perform she did!! The show was phenomenal!! 'Do You Know' is going be a great album, I can't wait!! She performed almost all the songs off the new album, 'With You', and also a cover of Shania Twain's 'Whose Bed Have Your Shoes Been Under' and also 'Son of a Preacher Man' which she said always makes her think of her parents, and she told us how they met, and that Tina was helping out at the church and Joe wanted to ask her out, but he had to have permission from the head of the church who incidentally was Tina's father :) She also kept drinking from a thermos that had the Dallas Cowboys logo :) I want one lol!! It was so nice, it felt so awesome to be there, and be in her presence, and when she'd talk in between songs, I felt like she was just talking to me, and we were close friends, it was unbelievable, an incredible, inspiring experience. Gosh, I love her!! So I thought I'd share that with you & the site, and I took a couple pictures with my phone, but with the lighting they didn't turn out to well, ah well, some is better than none. Take care!

• Thanks to: Kimberly!
September 1st, 2008 | posted by Joanna |
        • Don't forget to...
        • Picture
Here's a photo of Jessica with Victoria Banks after her show in the Fallsview Casino, ON, Canada on August 28th.

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        • (watch) Jessica talks about 'Remember That'

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        • Fan reviews / photos wanted
If you went to the recent shows, especially the one in Canada on August 28 and Akwesasne on August 29 and can share a review and / or pictures please e-mail me
        • (scans) Esquire [Turkey], June 2008

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