September 30th, 2005 | by Joanna
Caption It!
There's a new picture waiting for your captions in the Caption It section! Now I bet this is going to be funny because the pic is funny! haha :D Can't wait for your submissions! Please only caption the top picture.

New candids
September 29, 2005: Jessica Simpson shops in Beverly Hills. Thanks Angie!

Seventeen [Chile] [07] (thanks Branko!)
Life & Style, September 26 2005 [07] (thanks Lisa!)
In Touch, September 26 2005 [07] (thanks Lisa!)
Celebrity Living, September 26 2005 [02] (thanks Lisa!)
Astro Girl Special Issue [05] (thanks Lisa!)
Twist, October/November 2005 [08] (thanks Lisa!)
TV Gides [Lithuania] 2005 [01] (thanks Jimena!)
Top Girl [Lithuania] 2005 [03] (thanks Jimena!)

Filmography section has been re-done, it's easier to browse now :)

Why Jessica flipped off paparazzis
From katiehaugland: "Yeah, there are definitely moments where I feel that way. This week, I was going down the highway and I had six cars following me. I was trying to get away and just go have a quiet lunch with my girlfriends and I almost flipped my Range Rover because I saw one of them speeding up behind me and I tried to get out of the way. There was a car next to me and it had a baby in it, and at that moment I just became so angry. I got out of the car and I just flipped, and it's so not like me to have that sort of breakdown. Normally, no matter how hard anything is I can always be reserved and know that I would never want to disrespect my fans who I know would actually see the picture of me losing my temper." - Jessica Simpson" (it's from the new OK! magazine!)

'Fired Up' lyrics
I added lyrics to "Fired Up" - thanks to ben_253 for typing them up!

New candids
September 28, 2005: Jessica Simpson and her dog leave their Manhattan hotel for a flight out of New York City.

September 29th, 2005 | by Joanna
Sweet Kisses(TM) ... XOXO, Jessica
The makers of Dessert Beauty, Jessica Simpson and Randi Shinder, will unveil Sweet Kisses, a new signature collection available exclusively at Wal-Mart in fall 2005. Delectable and irresistibly scented, this lusciously flavored beauty and body care collection captures megastar Jessica Simpson's sweet nature and unequivocal yummy factor. Designed for tweens, teens, and beauty queens who aspire to Jessica Simpson's multi-dimensional charisma, Sweet Kisses delivers exceptional beauty and body benefits plus delightful deliciousness, a la Jessica, from head to toe. Further demonstrating Dessert Beauty's leadership in the beauty industry, Wal- Mart is slated to introduce Sweet Kisses into at least 2,500 Wal-Mart stores across the country and the entire collection with be housed in one central prime location within each store. Read more.

New candids
September 27, 2005: Jessica Simpson has lunch at Dos Caminos in Midtown, New York City. Next, she shops at Yves Saint Laurent on Madison Avenue, then she visits Rita Hazan Salon in Midtown where she spends four hours and walks out with her hair colorist. Regular size pics: here.

September 26, 2005: After Jessica Simpsons best friend Cacee Cobb loads up the bus with linens from their Midtown hotel, Jessica dons an outfit and heads Philadelphia to the studios of QVC. Click here for HQs.

September 28th, 2005 | by Joanna
Jessica Simpson's Marriage Advice
The multitalented Jessica Simpson, who is constantly fighting those ever-pesky divorce rumors, opens up about her happy relationship with hubby Nick Lachey and even offers advice on how to keep the wedded bliss! "I think you have to always remember, and he has to remember, that you do need a compromise, even though it's hard," she says. She admits though, that sometimes strong personalities can get in the way of marital negotiations! "There's people with pride involved," she says. "You have to back down sometime -- just a little bit." One thing the couple must now agree on is a new house. "We're looking," she says of finding other digs. "We haven't found anything yet but we're shopping around. We live so far out, we want to live somewhere where we can have a really nice view." Read more and view a video clip here.
And don't forget to watch ET tonight!

Jessica Simpson Ranked #8 On HDTV 'Best' List
Phillip Swann, president of, has just released his 2005 'Best & Worst" looking celebrities in High-Definition TV. Number eight on the 'Best' List? The sultry singer Jessica Simpson. Here's what 'Swanni' has to say about how Jessica looks in high-def, which provides a picture far clearer than regular TV: "The singer/actress has publicly endorsed the skin cream, ProActiv, and it must be working. In high-def, her face is flawless. And her body, well, she doesn't need any ProActiv there; it's already pretty active." To see the entire Swanni Annual HDTV 'Best & Worse' List, click here.

Simpson unveils another sweet creation
Pop beauty Jessica Simpson has announced plans to launch yet another candy-flavoured beauty line. The irresistible singer is naming the line after her 1999 album, Sweet Kisses, and will be the fourth of her kissable collections - following Dessert, Taste and Treats. Unlike the other lines, Sweet Kisses will only be available at discount chain Wal-Mart, instead of Sephora, which has carried most of her previous ranges. Sweet Kisses, hitting shelves next month (OCT05), comes in the new flavours of vanilla cupcake, creme brulee and strawberry sorbet, and will include flavoured fragrance, hair and body shimmer mist, body frosting and lip gloss, reports MTV News. Simpson says, "Sweet Kisses is very personal to me, and I can't wait to share it."

September 25, 2005: Jessica Simpson arriving at LAX with her pet dog Daisy.

September 27th, 2005 | by Joanna
ProActiv Commercial
I added the full ProActiv Solution commercial with Jessica!

Format: mpg
Size: 19,53 mb
Capped by: Tulare
Download | Captures
Number of downloads:

I added 2 photoshoot pictures by Jill Wachter, thanks to Ewe! :)

I also added the Dukes Of Hazzard DVD cover art here and QVC captures here.

TV Alert
Show: Entertainment Tonight
Episode: (#6273) - 2005/09/28
Network: (SYN) Syndicated
Date: Wednesday - September 28, 2005
Time: 7/6c PM
Duration: 0:30

About: Entertainment Tonight: (#6273) - 2005/09/28
Vitals magazine may be a relatively new player on the publishing scene, but they've scored a fabulous cover girl for their winter issue. Sneak a peek at JULIA ROBERTS' page-scorching spread! Then: CAMERON DIAZ and TONI COLLETTE ("The Sixth Sense") describe what it's like to act up together (and with SHIRLEY MacLAINE) in the flick, "In Her Shoes"; and JESSICA SIMPSON serves "Dessert" - her lip-smacking line of fragrances, body creams and beauty products.

New candids
September 26, 2005: Jessica Simpson greets her fans after a day taking care of business in New York City. Jessica is wearing her wedding ring.

September 26th, 2005 | by Joanna
Here's some new scans from Lisa :)
Us Weekly, September 19 2005 [03]
Star, September 19 2005 [04]
Inside TV, September 19 2005 [02]
In Touch, September 19 2005 [02]
Us Weekly, September 26 2005 [04]
Star, September 26 2005 [01]

September 23rd, 2005 | by Joanna
Move over Jessica, Nick's a Model
Abercrombie and Fitch has approached him to pose in their upcoming campaign. They plan to pay him $750,000 for his work. Source: here, thanks Fernanda!

I made captures of another "In This Skin" DualDisc bonus feature, Jessica in the studio recording "Take My Breath Away" and "Angels" :)

I added more high quality pictures from the TV Guide & Inside TV Emmy Awards Afterparty and also added hq pics of Jess at the New York Hotel on August 5 2005. I made captures of Nick & Jessica's Wedding feature from the "In This Skin" DualDisc, click here to view them.

September 22nd, 2005 | by Joanna
Happy Birthday to Cristy!
Happy Birthday to a fan of Jessica - Cristy Endara! A friend of Cristy said she was a huge fan of Jess and the site and thought it would be nice to wish her happy birthday on here :) Have a good one Cristy!

September 21, 2005: Jessica Simpson flies into LAX carrying her little white Malti-Poo, Daisy, in a Louis Vuitton doggie bag. Los Angeles, California. Thanks Radekk!

September 21, 2005: Jessica Simpson leaves Marquee nightclub early this morning with assistant and best friend Cacee Cobb, and hairstylist Ken Paves. The group headed to Bungalow 8, another New York City hotspot. Thanks Angie!

September 14, 2005: Celebs enjoy the night at LAX club in Hollywood, among the crowd was Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey.

Jessica explains her ring
Download a short video clip (mpg; 4,33mb) from the OK! Launch party where she talks about her ring, right click & save target as! (downloaded: times)

Pics not working
I'm sorry about the pictures and forum not working, I already e-mailed my host about it, hopefully he can fix it soon. *it has been fixed, sorry about that again!*

September 21st, 2005 | by Joanna
I added some pretty previews of the photoshoot for Self magazine by Mark Abrahams here. Thanks to Alex for those :) I also added an older photoshoot, I don't know when these pics were taken, but check them out!

I made some new buttons to link this site with :)

September 20, 2005: Jessica Simpson at the OK! Magazine Launch (more HQs
have been added!)

August 31, 2005: Jessica Simpson and bodyguard at the Sotto Sotto restaurant in Toronto, Canada.

I also updated the New York Hotel, August 1 2005 [HQ] gallery!

I got a video of a special from MuchMusic in Canada! It's called MuchMusic Spotlight: Jessica Simpson, huge thanks to Steve for sending the video to me!

MuchMusic Spotlight: Jessica Simpson
Format: wmv
Size: 45,9 mb
Capped by: Steve
Number of downloads:

September 20, 2005: Jessica Simpson at the OK! Magazine Launch. Click here for hqs.

September 20, 2005: Jessica Simpson arrives at her hotel in New York City with her dog Daisy. Thanks Angie!

September 19, 2005: Jessica Simpson leaves Los Angeles after the Primetime Emmy's on her way to New York. Click here for a hq pic.

September 20th, 2005 | by Joanna
Aussie Radio Interview mp3
Here's the interview from the Aussie radio, thanks to DaNN-i!

Australian Radio Interview
format: mp3
quality: 128 kbps
size: 13,60 mb
credit: DaNN-i
Number of downloads:

Tarrant Apparel Group Report Strong Demand for Jessica Simpson Line
Tarrant Apparel Group (Nasdaq: TAGS), an innovative design and sourcing company for private label and private brand casual apparel, announced today that it has experienced significant demand for its recently launched JS by Jessica Simpson and Princy lines. Princy is now in more than 500 doors, including such department stores as Macy's and Dillard's. The first shipments of the JS by Jessica Simpson line to over a thousand doors occurred in June. In addition, buyers have enthusiastically received the House of Dereon by Beyonce Knowles line, which is scheduled to launch later this month. Read more.

Jess & Nick sighting
From "Saw Jessica and Nick at Umberto on Friday. No way in Hell they are not in love. He was resting his head on her shoulder. They were very sweet together. Later, saw Jessica at the Penisula. Hair shorter and she was very nice to the staff."

Jessica Simpson Eyed by Tyra Banks
Pop beauty Jessica Simpson is supermodel Tyra Banks' dream chat show guest. Catwalk beauty Banks, 31, debuted her new talk show on Monday, and she'd love to get a visit from The Dukes of Hazzard star Simpson. She says, "I'd love Jessica Simpson on my show. Deep down, I think she's an incredibly smart, business-savvy woman who knows exactly what she's doing - just look at how successful she is." Celebrity Spider

Live audios
I added 2 live mp3s to the audio section: they are "Son Of A Preacherman" and "These Boots Are Made For Walkin" live from the Early Show - enjoy :)

I added 6 new avatars and also WindowsXP User Icons. I also added 22 avatars/livejournal icons made by Emz :)

Aussie radio interview
From Jessica D.: "Jess did a really long interview this morning for Aussie radio. She was sooooo cute. They asked her about her outfit at the VMAs ... she said that she chose it cos "You can't wear too much to the VMAs ... the more flesh the better" she giggled .... she was very cute. She said that she thought she pulled it off well and it was fun to wear. They also asked her about her and Nick - and she said she was still happily married .... but didn't talk very much about him. She also said that she would NEVER let reality TV Cameras back into their lives - she said 2 years was enough. They asked her if she and Ashlee had been refused entry to Lindsay Lohan's party ... and she said yes - that they were the only 2 celebs on the "boot list" ... she said that she thought it prob was because they would get more razzi photos than Lindsay ... and she said "I don't talk to her much" then giggled when they asked if Lindsay was bitchy! She was really cute and very "Southern" in the way that she spoke .... she was very giggley and fun."

- Thanks for sharing!

Lachey and Simpson plan benefit show
Pop couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are planning to perform at a concert benefiting Hurricane Katrina victims. Katrina, the biggest natural disaster in US history, left a trail of death and destruction across America's Gulf Coast when it struck last month, and the singers, who have already made financial contributions, hope to help with a benefit show. Lachey says, "(We're taking part in a) benefit event that's going to happen in Las Vegas in mid-October. We're trying to put that together right now." Simpson adds, "I spent a lot of times in New Orleans because I shot The Dukes of Hazzard in Baton Rouge. We made a lot of friends (there). I immediately was texting and calling and shooting out emails to make sure people were okay."

September 19th, 2005 | by Joanna
New pictures
September 18, 2005: Jessica Simpson at the TV Guide & Inside TV Emmy Awards Afterparty. The pictures are high quality!

September 14, 2005: Jess and Nick leaving Mood club.

Jessica Simpson To Go By 'Jessica'?
Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, "According to In Touch magazine, Jessica Simpson may drop her last name and may just be called Jessica. When asked if her husband Nick Lachey would do the same thing, she said, 'Why would he want to be called Jessica?'"

Nick and Jess help Katrina Victims
The Newlyweds are also teaming up to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. "I spent a lot of times in New Orleans because I shot The Dukes of Hazzard in Baton Rouge," says Simpson. "We made a lot of friends (there). I immediately was texting and calling and shooting out emails to make sure people were okay." In addition to making financial contributions, they'll participate in a "benefit event that's going to happen in Las Vegas in mid-October," says Lachey. "We're trying to put that together right now." (thanks to NnM530)

Nick Lachey and Brandy land TV deals
Nick Lachey and Brandy are set to revive their careers as TV stars, after signing separate talent holding deals with a US network. The WB Network will seek to place them in upcoming series or will create projects for them, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Read more.

Thanks to Dennis for those scans from Germany :)
Bravo [Germany], August 24 2005 [02]
Bravo [Germany], August 31 2005 [01]
Bravo [Germany], September 7 2005 [01]
Yam! [Germany], August 10 2005 [02]
Yam! [Germany], August 31 2005 [01]
Yam! [Germany], September 7 2005 [01]

September 18th, 2005 | by Joanna
September 18, 2005: Jessica Simpson enjoys a night out with the girls, while husband Nick Lachey was nowhere to be seen. First she partied with friends at the hip and trendy "La Poubelle" restaurant in Hollywood. Upon leaving, she leaned on a restuarant worker for support and then hopped into the back of her stylist's car. Someone else drove the Range Rover that she had arrived in. The party then continued at the "Chateau Marmont" hotel. Simpson's more-than-ample cleavage was very apparent in the low cut top that she was wearing, paired with jeans and leather boots.

And another request from the forum fulfilled :)

Format: mpg
Size: 27,35 mb | 19,11 mb
Part 1 | Part 2
Number of downloads: |

Another Tour Of Duty performance for you :)

Format: mpg
Size: 27,46 mb
Capped by: Malibu
Download | Captures
Number of downloads:

Jessica at the Tweeter Center
From totallyintojessica: "The Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana Chevy Dealers want to say Thank You to the people of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana for making Chevy the #1 Selling Cars & Trucks in Chicagoland 4 years in a row*. To show our appreciation we are bringing Chicagoland the free concert event of the year - Jessica Simpson at the Tweeter Center on October 1st at 8:00 p.m. Go here for details on free tickets."

September 17th, 2005 | by Joanna
Newlyweds captures
I am finally able to make high quality DVD captures and I started with the very first Newlyweds episode! Expect more Newlyweds caps like these soon :)
Season 1 Episode 1
Season 1 Episode 2
Season 1 Episode 3
Season 1 Episode 4
Season 1 Episode 5

Pre-order final season of Newlyweds on DVD
You can now pre-order the Newlyweds Final Season on DVD! The release date is December 13 2005! Amazon is offering 30% off on this DVD set so don't miss out!

September 13, 2005: Jessica Simpson with a visible bra going to a restaurant in Calabasas gives the finger to the photog, unusually upset. Thanks Angie!

I added scans from In Style, September 2005 issue.

I'm back
Hey guys, I've had computer issues and couldn't update the site - sorry about that. I have a new computer now, which is great! So when I organise and install all the programms I need I will catch up!

September 15th, 2005 | by Joanna
Simpson thrilled to escape Lachey's sports talk
Pop beauty JESSICA SIMPSON is thrilled her husband NICK LACHEY has landed a job as a TV sports reporter, because she'll no longer have to listen to him at home. Former 98 DEGREES star Lachey has previously shared his sports views on TV, radio and print, and he's now signed up to cover his favourite topic on US cable network ESPN. And his wife couldn't be any happier, explaining, "There's nothing I'd rather him do than be on ESPN and talk about sports then I don't have to hear it at home!"

Scans - continued
Here's the rest of the scans Lisa sent me, I couldn't add them last night as I'm having computer issues again.
QuizFest, September/October 2005 [05]
In Touch, September 12 2005 [08]
Us Weekly, September 12 2005 [09]
Life & Style, September 12 2005 [10]
People, September 12 2005 [02]
Celebrity Living, September 12 2005 [06]
Star, September 12 2005 [06]
Inside TV, September 12 2005 [03]
OK!, September 12 2005 [07]
People, September 19 2005 [10]
Celebrity Living, September 19 2005 [04]
Life & Style, September 19 2005 [07]

September 14th, 2005 | by Joanna
TV Hits [Australia], October 2005 [06] (thanks Joyce!)
Girlfriend [Australia], October 2005 [05] (thanks Joyce!)
Dolly [Australia], October 2005 [07] (thanks Joyce!)
Sugar [UK], October 2005 [05]
many more on the way!

September 13th, 2005 | by Joanna
New candids
September 12, 2005: Jessica Simpson changed her look for a beret but she kept the boots. Nick Lachey seems to like it. Thanks again to Angie!

I added some more pictures of Dessert products to this gallery, thanks to Sharon! :D

'Boots' debut in Australia
'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" debuted on Australian charts this week at #7! :)

New candids
September 10, 2005: Jessica Simpson spends the afternoon at Village Recording Studios in West Hollywood before catching a plane at LAX. Thanks Angie!

September 10, 2005: Jessica Simpson leaves apartment in Hollywood, September 10 2005. Thanks Angie!

September 12th, 2005 | by Joanna
One of the requests from the forum - enjoy :)

Format: mpg
Size: 21,46 mb
Capped by: Malibu
Download | Captures
Number of downloads:

Film Magic has some pics of Jessica and Nick from yesterday, view them here.

I added some pictures of Dessert products to this gallery, thanks to Carleigh and Kate for sending their pics! :D

Beyonce, Jessica Simpson make best-dressed list
Jessica Simpson and Beyonce' Knowles are fashion queens, according to People magazine. They make People's list of the best dressed stars of 2005. The magazine calls Simpson an "All-American" with fashion, while it calls Knowles "The Showstopper." Simpson's Daisy Dukes were also noted as one of the top ten style moments of 2005, along with Michael Jackson's court pajamas, Coldplay singer Chris Martin's finger and hand designs and Jennifer Lopez's bad hair at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

The truth about LaChapelle feud
From a source close to Jessica: "Just so you report the truth... Jessica and Ashlee never did the photoshoot with David LaChapelle. He is bitter because the girls refused to compromise their integrity due to the type of shots he wanted to take. The girls were willing to compromise ideas and bring them into a more believable/fan friendly format but David LaChapelle was unwilling to work with them. It was his way or the highway. The Simpson girls chose the highway! They will never compromise their values for a photoshoot. They will always be true to their hearts and if that is uncool then they completely welcome being uncool! One must stand strong to remain strong!"

September 11th, 2005 | by Joanna

Dessert products?
If you guys own any Dessert Beauty / Dessert Treats products could you please take pics of it and send? I will be putting them in this section of the gallery - thanks :)

Jess & Nick performance today!
"America the Beautiful" will be performed by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey from FedEx Field in Landover, Md. at 12:58 p.m. ET, prior to the Chicago Bears-Washington Redskins game. Their performance will be televised nationally by CBS and FOX and also be seen by fans on in-stadium video screens at the other game sites.

New section
I added the section with the site's past layouts! I don't have them all saved but at least you can view some of them, I hope you remember them all :)

Official Fanclub Website news
A lot of you have been asking about the official FanClub website at the website will be back online a few weeks before Jessica's album release in November. She will also be writing in her online diary again - yay! She hasn't had the time to post before because she was busy filming and then promoting "Dukes Of Hazzard". I can't wait for her new entries!

September 2, 2005: Jessica Simpson partying with mystery man in Los Angeles. Thanks Angie! (that's her and her hairdresser's friend, so no rumours please! :P)

September 10th, 2005 | by Joanna
Thanks to Elisa for those :)
Break Out [Holland], September 1 2005 [01]
Hitkrant [Holland], September 3 2005 [04]
Fancy [Holland], September 2 2005 [01]
Preview [Holland], September 2005 [04]

September 9th, 2005 | by Joanna
Jessica Simpson criticised by LaChapelle
Actress Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee have been criticised by David LaChapelle. The argument started when they worked together on a recent Rolling Stone's cover shoot. LaChapelle is well known and respected in fashion and the late Andy Warhol was his mentor in the eighties. He has photographed countless high profile stars such as David Beckham, Elton John, Diddy and Madonna to name a few. He claims that the two sisters were difficult to work with are:" everything wrong with culture, and everything wrong with art." An insider told the New York times that Simpson refutes La Chapelle's claims saying they ere looking for a photographer who was not" a one trick pony" LaChapelle told the paper that he did it as a favour for Rolling Stone adding" We were going to try to make the Simpson's look cool, I realise now that was an impossible task."

September 8th, 2005 | by Joanna
New fanlisting
I created a fanlisting for the character of Daisy Duke played by our Jessica :) If you liked her in the movie then please join! :)

Dukes Of Hazzard captures
I added captures from the movie Dukes Of Hazzard. I thought the movie was really funny and nice to watch, Johnny and Seann were hilarious and I found Jessica's part really amusing - really nice movie :)

September 7th, 2005 | by Joanna
Jessica Simpson to Step into Barbra Streisand's Shoes
Jessica Simpson's father Joe plans to make his daughter the next Barbra Streisand because he believes she embodies the ideal performer. Simpson has masterminded his daughter's career up until now and he believes her singing, acting and comic timing are perfectly reminiscent of the Hello Dolly star. And he doesn't mind admitting he is determined for his daughter to fulfill his own wasted ambitions. He says, "I've told her since she was a little girl she could be Barbra Streisand. I've always loved Barbra Streisand. "She is self-effacing. She has wonderful comedic timing. "Acting was always my love, I wanted to be an actor since I was seven." Celebrity Spider

Jessica Simpson Offers Support to Celebrity Couple Over Marriage Rumors
Jessica Simpson has offered her sympathy to Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, who are currently fighting off reports that their marriage is in trouble. Just weeks after the couple exchanged nuptials in April (05), rumors began to swirl that the One Tree Hill co-stars' union had already hit turbulence. And pop beauty Simpson, who has been battling similar reports about her and husband Nick Lachey for much of the year, has offered her support to the photogenic pair. Bush says, "Jessica Simpson came up to us and said, 'It's starting for you guys now.' We were like, 'You know what? Whatever.' "What are you going to do? People get bored. They make stuff up... You have to laugh at it - it's very funny." Celebrity Spider

Older candids
March 21, 2005: Jessica Simpson at LAX Airport.

Boots UK CD 1 [03]
OK! Australia, September 2005 [08] (thanks Marianne!)
New Woman Australia, September 2005 [05] (thanks Marianne!)

September 6th, 2005 | by Joanna
Fan Pictures
Nicole sent me her pictures from the New York Wax Museum - very cute! :D Check them out below, thanks Nicole!

I got a lot of new magazine scans from Lisa to post so keep checking back! :D I also updated the Boots discography.
Boots Dutch Single [03]
Us Weekly, August 29 2005 [05]
Star, August 29 2005 [08]
People, August 29 2005 [02]
Celebrity Living, August 29 2005 [11]
Life & Style, August 29 2005 [09]
Inside TV, August 29 2005 [02]
In Touch, August 29 2005 [08]
Star, September 5 2005 [03]
In Touch, September 5 2005 [04]
Us Weekly, September 5 2005 [07]
Celebrity Living, September 5 2005 [07]
Life & Style, September 5 2005 [06]

September 4, 2005: Jessica Simpson carrying a Louis Vuitton did not have time to do her hair as she rushed her lovely dog to the vet in Hollywood. Jessica came out ten minutes later, the dog is fine. Click here for high quality pictures, thanks to Emily!

September 4, 2005: "Dukes of Hazzard" star Jessica Simpson spent Sunday afternoon shopping in Malibu. Simpson visited the "Theodore Beach" store where she spent more than an hour looking around. She was with a girlfriend. Thanks Angie!

Jessica Simpson less judgemental from living in LA
Blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson has abandoned her strict Christian upbringing, admitting she rarely goes to church or reads the bible anymore. The Dukes Of Hazzard star launched her career on the Christian music circuit - backed by her Baptist minister father Joe - and famously refused to have sex before marrying husband Nick Lachey. But her current Hollywood lifestyle has little in common with her Southern Baptist childhood. She says, "Me and my family got out of that and came to LA. "To see all forms of meditation and prayer made me less judgemental." Contact Music

September 5th, 2005 | by Joanna
Cosas [Chile] [05] (thanks Branko!)
Boots UK CD 2 [05]

September 4th, 2005 | by Joanna
I added hq pictures from the Dominic Guillemot photoshoot for Maxim. The links to pool pics have been fixed.

September 3rd, 2005 | by Joanna
The Guestbook is back! Please leave your comments about the site :) I also updated the section about the new album.

I haven't posted any videos in a while so here's 'With You' from Tour Of Duty special and the VMA video :)

Format: avi (you need xvid)
Size: 15,6 mb
Capped by: Doug (credit:!)
Download | Captures
Number of downloads:

Format: mpg
Size: 33,3 mb
Capped by: Malibu
Download | Captures
Number of downloads:

August 27,28 & 29, 2005: Jessica Simpson at a pool in Miami.

August 26, 2005: Jessica Simpson arrives in Miami for the VMAs.

New songs
Promo Squad posted 2 clips of new Jessica songs (of course I cannot post them so please don't ask): the titles are "Sexified" and "Back To You". If anyone has the clips please do not post them at the forum.

Gallery down
I apologise for the picture gallery not working, it's only temporary and should be fixed soon!

UK News
From Thomas: "Some very good news, based on various midweek reports Jessica is set to make her highest ever single debut on the UK Charts this weekend, 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' is currently at #3 on the Midweek report, even better at the last report Jessica was only 31 copies behind the #2 position. You can tune into the Official Chart countdown from 4pm GMT at this Sunday. A reminder to all UK fans the CD, Maxi & Limited 12" are all in stores now!"

September 2nd, 2005 | by Joanna
Bam Margera Severs Ties With Jessica Simpson
Former Jackass star Bam Margera has severed ties with pop beauty Jessica Simpson in a bid to end speculation about the pair's rumored affair. Margera's friendship with Simpson was strained in May (05) when his father told a radio station that his son and the married Dukes of Hazzard star had slept with each other. And while Margera spoke out the following month to explain that they did fall asleep on the same couch but nothing sexual happened, he's now decided that there's only one way to combat the rumors and gossip. He says, "I just stopped talking to her altogether." Celebrity Spider

I added high quality pictures from the Ocean Drive VMA Pre-Party on August 27 2005 - thanks to! :)

September 1st, 2005 | by Joanna
LJ Icons
I added some new livejournal icons, thanks to Luki for some of them :)

Blushes for Simpson in song mix-up
Pop beauty Jessica Simpson was left red-faced at the her post-MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) party on Sunday, when the DJ played the wrong track as she prepared to debut her new single. The reality TV star and younger sister Ashlee hosted the star-studded bash at Miami, Florida's Delano Hotel and was hoping to play her song Fired Up to her celebrity friends. As Jessica stood on stage and waited for the track to hit the speakers, she was dismayed to hear a different song and fled the stage embarrassed, reports the New York Daily News. Jessica's representative says: "She wasn't going to be singing - they were just going to play a part of the single for the crowd. The wrong track was sent, so they didn't play it."

Spears glad Simpson beat her to Daisy Duke
Pop singer BRITNEY SPEARS has laughed off rumours she is jealous JESSICA SIMPSON beat her to the role of DAISY DUKE in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, insisting she was fated to spent 2005 pregnant. While Simpson has flying all over the world promoting the movie remake of the TV classic, Spears has been relaxing and enjoying her pregnancy ahead of the birth of her first child next month (SEP05). Spears says, "Yeah (I was offered the role). ASHTON KUTCHER was supposed to be in it too. "But things change and happen for a reason. That wasn't my time. I'm supposed to be pregnant now. "And I'm proud of Jessica - she's doing really well."

[Click here for past news]