September 30th, 2004 |
Jess to perform in Springfield!
From Amanda: "Just wanted to let you know that Jess will be performing in Springfield, MA at The Big E Fair on Sunday (Oct. 3) Tickets to get to the fair are only like 15 dollars too."

Jessica in Shark Tale
From wishesxdreams: "They showed clips of Shark Tale and how there's a lot of stuff in there that relates to pop culture like Coca-Cola in real life is Coral Cola in Shark Tale.. anyways.. they showed the "Hollywood Squares" and they had Jessica's name.. Jessica Shrimpson".

Beverly Hills, USA, 29.09.2004: Jessica Simpson leaving the gym with her trainer escorting her to the parking lot in Beverly Hills.

Ashlee wants Jessica to become rockier
Ashlee Simpson is desperate for older sister Jessica to get into rock music. The pretty singer, who stars in MTV's 'The Ashlee Simpson Show', went straight to number one in America with her debut album, 'Autobiography', which is much rockier than her sister's pop music. She told Britain's OK magazine: "Our music is very different. I'm slowly trying to get her into rock music! I'm always trying to convert her. But I won't be singing pop ballads!"

- Rockier Jessica? Bad idea ;)

September 29th, 2004 |
I added "I Wanna Love You Forever" music video to videos.

Paparazzi to Jessica Simpson's rescue!
The paparazzi are often not viewed too kindly, but singer and reality TV star Jessica Simpson, and she will beg to differ. Simpson recently revealed that when her car ran out of petrol, while shopping in Beverly Hills, the paparazzi following her stopped and helped her in refilling the car. According to, a grateful Jessica rewarded one of the photographers by signing the gas canister and handing it over to him.

New scans!
Thanks to Lisa!!
InTouch Weekly, October 4 2004 [02]
Us Weekly, October 4 2004 [01]
M Magazine, October/November 2004 [10]

Newlyweds captures update
I added captures of 2 Newlyweds episodes from season 1: the golfing episode (4) and the Bahamas episode (6), they are smaller than the 3rd season captures but still better than none at all :) If I get other epps I will be posting the rest of captures. Visit the gallery to see them.

Leaving gym
Here are the pics of Jessica leaving gym on September 27 high quality and untagged :)

Watch 'A Whole New World'
You can now watch 'A Whole New World' video at AOL Music!

Jessica in Marie Claire
Jessica is on the cover of Marie Claire, November issue - does anyone have scans yet? Please send them in!

I added part 2 of the final episode to videos. I hope everyone gets to download it this time :) After I take it down (in like a week) I will be putting up all of Jessica's music videos and older performances!

Here are outtakes from Seventeen photoshoot, by MR Photo.

Here are pictures taken by Norman NG.

Here are pictures taken by Mary Ellen Matthews.

Local retailer posts strong numbers, thanks to Jessica Simpson
A purveyor of French home accessories experienced a double measure of serendipity this year when it connected with two hot retailing trends. First was a cicada invasion of sorts that started during the Cincinnati Flower Show, where Sylvain Acher, owner of The French Rendez-Vous, accented his display with several ceramic cicadas. The insect-shaped objects, intended to hold lavender, are popular in the south of France. Read more.

September 28th, 2004 |
Jessica Simpson leaving the gym in Beverly Hills, LA , September 27 2004.

New layout
We have a new layout! Made by my friend Yaro :) I hope you like it as much as I do!!

MTV Promo Photoshoot

September 27th, 2004 |
Jessica Simpson stocks up at the local supermarket -- buying everything from frozen corn dogs, to popsicles, to toilet paper, to lots of liquor! The cowboy-hatted singer-reality TV star brought along her assistant for help with her two full shopping carts of food. September 26, 2004.

Jessica Simpson's Atkins Diet Agony
Don't look for Jessica Simpson to endorse the Atkins' diet. In Touch magazine reports that after the singer was encouraged to go on the diet in 2001 to compete with the slimmer Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, the meat-eggs-and-cheese diet caused her emotional and physical problems. "Atkins really messed me up mentally," Jessica said, adding that she also suffered from bloating and constipation. After dropping down to 102 pounds and filming a video, she binged on carbs and gained all the weight back. Since then, Simpson has gone on a more reasonable eating plan. "I feel like curves are in," Simpson said. "They make your outfit look better, and I like having something to pinch."

Sweetest Sin icons
I added some Sweetest Sin buddy icons as they were requested :)

September 26th, 2004 |
I just love pics of Jess & Daisy! Here's another wallpaper for ya!

Nick, Jess & CaCee leaving the Ivy on September 16 2004.

I added high quality pictures of Jessica and CaCee at the gas station on September 23.

Jessica Has Taught Her Little Sister A Lot
According to YM magazine, the most important thing Jessica Simpson has taught her sister Ashlee Simpson is to be true to herself. "Jessica hasn't changed a bit," Ashlee said. "A lot of famous people lose themselves, and that's something I'll never do, because of her."

The response to 'Caption It!' has been great!! I just added all your submissions! I was laughing a lot haha :) Check them out!

September 25th, 2004 |
Caption it!
One more new section! This is fun guys! Add a caption to Jessica picture! I wonder what you come up with :) Caption it!

Jessica Quote
From "Nick and I have gotten a lot of attention for doing a 'reality' show on television, but the ability to give a child his or her smile back is the kind of reality that really deserves the attention. We are both so happy to play a small part in the wonderful work Operation Smile does for children."

Some more older scans!
Redken Ads, 2001 [05] *updated*
Revyn, July 17 2003 [03]
Nu [04]

George Holz Photoshoot

I added 7 new wallpapers made by Carolin, thanks girl!

Fan Collections
I got very first submission for the Fan Collections section - from Kaleigh! Kaleigh has a very pretty room filled with pictures and posters of Jessica but also Ashlee and Ryan Cabrera! Thanks for sharing Kaleigh! :)

September 24th, 2004 |
New avatars
I've been feeling creative today haha I added 8 avatars, hope you like them :) I also added 2 new wallpapers!

New pictures!
When Jessica Simpson's convertible ran out of gas, she didn't fume. Giggling all the way, she steered it aside, trekked to a gas station and brought a refill back to the thirsty guzzler. September 23 2004. I also updated the restaurant pics posted earlier today! There are also 2 new pics of Nick & Jess attending Maroon 5 concert on Wireimage.

Trouble in newlywed paradise? Reps say no
Spokespersons for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are jumping all over those ''troubled marriage'' rumors that are beginning to fly. ''Totally false'' and ''purely vicious and unfounded'' are among the comments made. A spokeswoman for Simpson also trashed stories about her family supposedly constantly dissing Lachey.

So I guess there really isn't anything to those stories about the former boy bandmate having a crush on Alyssa Milano.

In happier news, Lachey is following his wife's lead and working on a movie career -- snaring a key part in a new independent feature, ''The Hard Easy," starring Henry Thomas, David Boreanaz, Bruce Dern and Peter Weller.

Lachey will play a guy who escaped a rough neighborhood and found success in the business world as a high-powered accountant. When he discovers he's about to lose everything, Lachey's character reconnects with a bunch of old pals from his 'hood -- just as they're about to rob a big jewelry store. Unbeknownst to them, another gang is about to hit the same store. Chicago Sun Times

- I TOLD YA!!! :D

Fan collections
Guys I want to create this new section with pictures of your Jessica collections / rooms decorated with her posters and pictures, your collectibles! Please take some pics and e-mail them to share your collections with us :) I'll take some pics of my items soon, please do too, it's gonna be fun looking at what y'all have!

Some more older scans :)
Jump, April 2000 [03]
Redken Ads, 2001 [02]
Slitz, May 2003 [02]
Bliss [02]

Newlyweds - Season finale
Part 1 is now posted!

Jessica Simpson leaving a restaurant with a friend, Carrying her dog the valley. 09 20 04

Nick & Jessica's 'Newlyweds' Advice
Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson made their marriage an unscripted comedy in MTV's reality hit "Newlyweds." So do they have any advice for the wannabe next generation of 'Newlyweds' -- Britney and Kevin. Access Hollywood's auditioning Adrianna Costa got the answer from Jessica and Nick at the Operation Smile Charity event. Read more.

September 23rd, 2004 |
Buddy Icons
I added some new buddy icons.

'Easy' money: Lachey set for indie heist pic
After testing his acting chops on the WB Network's "Charmed," Nick Lachey is making the move to the big screen, signing on for a role in the indie film "The Hard Easy." Shooting is under way in Los Angeles on the heist film, with Ari Ryan at the helm. Penned by Jon Lindstrom and Tom Schanley and produced by Platform Entertainment in association with Blue Star Pictures, the film also stars Henry Thomas, David Boreanaz, Vera Farmiga, Bruce Dern and Peter Weller. The story follows two groups of thieves who, unbeknownst to each other, attempt to rob the same jewelry store. Lachey will play a guy who gets out of his tough neighborhood to become a high-powered accountant. However, he winds up on the verge of losing it all and teams with one of the groups -- led by Weller's character -- to help out in the heist.

New section!
I came up with a new section under Interactive > Flea Market - this will be the place for us - Jessica fans to trade or sell our Jessica related items to make our collections bigger! I thought it would be a good idea since I am looking for a few items myself so maybe someone will be able to help me out. I hope it will be useful!

Discography updated
I added singles off 'Sweet Kisses' to discography. If anyone is able to complete the info like release dates or scans or has other versions of those singles please e-mail me, thanks! I want it to be as complete as possible :)

Nick and Jessica will be 'Newlyweds' once again
It's official: Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, those popular Newlyweds, will return for a third season of the MTV reality show. Lachey, a Cincinnati native and former member of 98o, tells the Enquirer that after weeks of speculation, the show will resume taping in the next few months and that new episodes will air early next year. Read more.

Out in LA HQs
I added high quality pics of Jess & Nick out in LA on September 21.

New pictures!
Singer Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey attend Operation Smiles' 3rd Annual Los Angeles Gala on September 22, 2004 in Beverly Hills, California.

September 22nd, 2004 |
Circle Of Friends Photoshoot

New wallpaper
I added one new wallpaper, thanks to Carro :)

New pics
Jessica and Nick in Los Angeles after a night out, September 21 2004.

September 21st, 2004 |
New scans!
Here's an update on what magazines Jess is in! :)
New Woman, October 2004 [06] (thanks April!)
Star, September 27 2004 [05] (thanks Lisa!)
Twist, October 2004 [06] (thanks Lisa!)
J-14, October 2004 [07] (thanks Lisa!)

Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica - The Complete 1st Season DVD!
Release Information:
Studio: MTV
Release Type: Season Boxed Set
Release Date: 12/14/2004
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Episodes: 10
Running Time: 201 mins
Retail Price: $26.98 (US$)

Young, rich and famous, Nick and Jessica have got it all. Now millions of their devoted fans can have it all tooo when they add Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica to their DVD collections.

Never-before-seen footage
Exclusive interviews
Jessica Moments/Nick moments
Music Videos

Len Irish Photoshoot
I added high quality pics from Len Irish Photoshoot! Thanks to Shanna. I also added one new 800x600 wallpaper from Katlyn! :)

More older scans
I added Teen Vogue scans, Fall 2000 issue - thanks to Kelly!
Teen Vogue, Fall 2000 [04]

September 20th, 2004 |
Win The Newlyweds DVD in a Louis Vuitton Bag!
There's a contest at and you can win Newlyweds DVD in a Louis Vuitton bag!

Top Of The Pops video
I added a video of Jessica performing Take My Breath Away at Top Of The Pops, huge thanks to Marianne from Australia for recording and sending it to me!

Jessica to perform at the AMAs!!
The seven initial performers set to appear on the 32nd annual "American Music Awards," special, which airs on ABC-TV, Sunday, November 14, 2004, are not only all nominees for this year's awards but have each also attained multi-platinum status for their current albums, and, between them, have sold almost 25 million copies of those albums.

Scheduled to perform thus far are: International superstar Usher (4 nominations/quintuple platinum); Country Music's Entertainer of the Year Toby Keith (2 nominations/triple platinum); Rapper Kanye West (3 nominations/double platinum); Vocal phenom Josh Groban (1 nomination/triple platinum); and, Country's hottest newcomer Gretchen Wilson, Country superstar Kenny Chesney, and singer/actress/entrepreneur Jessica Simpson (each with 2 nominations/double platinum).

Additional artists will be added to the line up and announced at a later date. Hosting the show is Jimmy Kimmel.

A total of 19 publicly voted awards will be presented on this year's "American Music Awards" in eight areas of music -- Pop/Rock, Country, Soul/Rhythm & Blues, Rap/Hip-Hop, Latin Music, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Music and Contemporary Inspirational.

The live special, which emanates from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, is a presentation of dick clark productions, inc., with Clark serving as Executive Producer. Larry Klein produces the telecast and Jeff Margolis directs. Source: Official Press Release

Jessica in Polish TV guide
Jessica is on the cover of this week's Kurier TV, a Polish TV guide magazine. They totally edited the cover pic lol oh well here are the scans!

New/old scans
I got a whole bunch of older scans from Kelly! (I re-scanned the ones which weren't complete)
Seventeen, April 2000 [05]
Young & Modern, January 2001 [05]
Young & Modern, March 2000 [06]
Twist, June 2000 [04]
Teen, July 2000 [07]

September 19th, 2004 |
New scans
I added some new scans, thanks to Lisa!
People, September 20 2004 [04]
Popstar, October 2004 [05]
InTouch Weekly, September 20 2004 [04]
InTouch Weekly, September 27 2004 [08]

Info on Box Set
From Thomas: "The details to the box set have been revealed. The box set titled "Collection" will compile her first two studio albums; Sweet Kisses & Irresistible and her remix EP album, This Is The Remix. The Box set will be charged at standard budget CD price and will be on sale world-wide from October 11th (12th for America)."

News: 3-Disc "Collection" - Jessica Simpson
From Thomas: "I have just come across this item on

Audio CD (October 11, 2004)
Number of Discs:3
Label: Columbia
ASIN: B00042YBI6
Catalogue Number: 5179572000

From what it looks like this could be a 3 CD Chronologically Pack of Jessica's 3 studio albums, but its for sale for only 16.99 .... Which isn't the standard Price for a Box set. Its being released through Sony, so it is Obviously official... Could you please post this one the website to encourage people to find out more info, Thanks..."

Pre-order Re-Joyce!
You can now preorder Jessica's Christmas album at!

Manager Simpson Launches Label with Geffen
Joe Simpson, who handles the careers of two of the hottest artists on the charts right now -- daughters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson -- is making further inroads into the music business through a label joint venture with Geffen Records. Read more.

September 17th, 2004 |
Jessica Simpson's tresses voted the best in the world!
Jessica Simpson can certainly afford to let her hair down for her tresses have been voted the best in the world by a recent poll. In the poll conducted by celebrity magazine, In Touch, the pop singer-turned-reality TV star oust the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore to get the top spot. Here's a listing of the top 10 winners revealed by the poll:
1. Jessica Simpson
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Jennifer Lopez
4. Demi Moore
5. Catherine Zeta-Jones
6. Sarah Jessica Parker
7. Julianne Moore
8. Sharon Stone
9. Oprah Winfrey
10. Kristin Davis

Us Weekly scans
I added scans from September 27 issue of Us Weekly, thanks to knocknock.

September 16th, 2004 |
Vote for Jessica on TRL UK!
A reminder to all UK fans that 'Take My Breath Away' is now able to be requested on TRL UK. You can vote/request the song here! Jessica is in Batch 21-30... Multiple voting is allowed, we must get Jess into the countdown!

Also, Ashlee is finally set to make an appearance on the UK album charts with Autobiography, released 3 weeks ago and missing the chart completely the CD is heading for a debut at #149 according to the midweek sales reports. (thanks Thomas!!)

Simpson, Lachey both excited about Daisy Duke
Pop starlet Jessica Simpson has been cast as Daisy Duke in the film version of The Dukes of Hazzard, and her husband is pretty excited about it. "I was a big fan of Daisy Duke. Growing up as a kid I never missed an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard," Nick Lachey told reporters Tuesday, according to AP Radio. "We watched it every Friday night. It's going to be cool to kind of live it all over again as she goes and does this movie." Read more.

New pictures!
Jessica Simpson with friends Lisa and Cacee after lunching at Nello's restaurant in New York City. September 12 2004.

September 15th, 2004 |
New pictures!
Jessica Simpson checks out of her New York City hotel this afternoon with her dog Daisy in tow, September 14 2004.

I added 2 calendars with Jess, one for September and one for October. I added 5 more HQs from Kors Fashion Show, click the thumbs under yesterday's update to view them :)

"Confessions Of An Heiress" Quotes and Scan
"Jessica Simpson is really cute and really talented; I like her and her husband, Nick, a lot."
"Nicole and I might have been naive about farming and stuff like that, but we weren't as naive as they portrayed us on the show. Well, would it have been as funny if we had known what we were doing the whole time? Would it be funny if Jessica Simpson didn't say things about checken of the sea? People like to laugh at people on reality shows. We get that."

- Thanks to Angie!!

VMA Red Carpet video
I added a video of Jessica and Nick being interviewed before the VMAs.

September 14th, 2004 |
New pics
Jessica Simpson attends the Michael Kors show during Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2005 in Bryant Park September 14, 2004 in New York City.

Jessica nominated for 2 AMAs!
Jessica is nominated for 2 American Music Awards! Here are the categories:

Favorite Female Artist — Pop or Rock
Sheryl Crow
Avril Lavigne
Jessica Simpson

Favorite Album — Pop or Rock
"Feels Like Home" (Norah Jones)
"In This Skin" (Jessica Simpson)
"Confessions" (Usher)

AMAs are Nov 14 8pm EST on ABC hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Thanks Lisa!!

I added 3 new animations from the NFL Opening Kickoff.

De La Renta Fashion Show HQs
I added pictures from Oscar De La Renta Fashion Show yesterday. I also updated J Mendel Fashion Show pics.

New remix
I got a new remix for you guys, made by Reggie! It's great! Download it here, huge thanks to Reggie for sharing his awesome work with us!

Simpson Puts Up Her 'Dukes' for First Feature Role
Pop star Jessica Simpson has been cast as Daisy Duke in the big-screen remake of "The Dukes of Hazzard," a project that essentially marks her feature film debut. Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville already had been cast as Bo and Luke Duke, respectively, in the Warner Bros. project. Jay Chandrasekhar is directing. A start date has not yet been set. Read more.

Jessica in Paris Hilton's book
From Barbara: "I just wanted to let you know that Jessica is mentioned in Paris Hilton's new book. Jessica is in the section where Paris talks about who she hangs out with and she says she loves Jessica and Nick. The popular picture of Paris with the butterfly in her hair and Jessica in the light orange dress is in the book 2 or 3 times. There is also a part where she mentions Jessica's chicken or fish comment."

- Thanks Barbara!

September 13th, 2004 |
Pics again
Jessica & CaCee at J Mendel Fashion Show.

Jessica Simpson Fuming Over Ashlee's New Video
Is Jessica Simpson upset with her sister Ashlee Simpson's new video 'Shadow', featuring Ashlee wearing a blonde wig portraying a ditzy Jessica? "Jessica was very upset when she finally saw the final cut and asked for the video to be shut off," a close friend told A source at Sony added, "It's sickening that she uses her sister when she wants publicity. She doesn't want to be in the shadow but being in the shadow is what makes her a star." Read more here.

More wallpapers!
I know I've put one today already but since I got new ones from Luke I thought I'd put them up right away! Thanks Luke, they rock!!
by Luke by Luke by Luke by Luke

More pics
Jessica Simpson arriving at the Oscar De La Renta Fashion Show, September 13 2004. *updated!*

New pics!
Singer Jessica Simpson poses backstage at the J Mendel Spring 2005 fashion show during Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2005, September 13, 2004 in New York City. I also updated the Luca Luca Fashion Show pics!

New wallpaper
Mike sent me his new wallpaper with Jessica! Click to enlarge - thanks Mike :)

Simpson and Murphy help revive hot pants craze
Jessica Simpson and Brittany Murphy are leading the way in a revived hot pants craze among Hollywood's trendsetters. The stars are huge fans of Rebecca Beeson's 1960s-inspired limited edition terry-cloth short shorts, which retail at $48 (GBP26) and are noted for their particularly flattering fit. Designer Beeson, who's based in San Francisco, California, says, "They give great butt - they give a little lift. But the rear doesn't hang out." Wearing the shorts should be good practice for Irresistible singer Simpson, who recently screen tested for the role of hot pants fanatic Daisy Duke in the upcoming movie remake of TV classic The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Simpson training for motherhood with new dog
Pop hunk Nick Lachey is impressed with his wife Jessica Simpson's enthusiasm when looking after her pet dog Daisy - because he believes it's preparing her for motherhood. The Irresistible singer received the pooch as a gift from her beau on her 24th birthday in July (04), and has been diligently caring for the pet ever since. Lachey says, "It's actually been very good training for her for children one day. She feeds the dog. Occasionally she picks up the dog's poop, which is nice - I don't have to do it! The dog's great."

Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of Jessica Simpson!
Singer and reality TV show star Jessica Simpson's new fan is none other than actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who has appreciated her clean lifestyle, which she says is a great boost for America's image overseas.

When Paltrow was in London expecting the arrival of her baby daughter Apple, she often lounged around at home watching Jessica and her hubby Nick Lachey's super successful reality TV show 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.'

Paltrow revealed that she thoroughly enjoyed the reality show and was happy to know that Jessica, who insisted on remaining a virgin until she was married and carried herself with grace and dignity, had a huge fan following.

"I'm just glad that there's one super-popular girl in America who's not drunk, sleeping with tons of people, and wearing incredibly revealing, inappropriate outfits. She's a post-modern Donna Reed," rate the music quoted the 'Shakespeare in Love' beauty as saying.

Re-Joyce Release Date
According to this site Jessica's Christmas album called "Re-Joyce" will be released on November 23rd. Thanks to Mike for the heads up! :)

New pics!
Singer Jessica Simpson attends the Luca Luca Couture Spring 2005 fashion show during the Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2005 at the Theater in Bryant Park September 12, 2004 in New York City. I also added comments option, hope it's useful :)

Jess & Ash Australia Update
From Thomas: "Now on its ninth week on the singles chart, 'Take My Breath Away' falls down one spot to No.27 from last week. The single is currently Gold (Sales of 35,000+)

Now on her fifth week on the singles chart with 'Pieces Of Me', Ashlee holds at her peak of No.8. The CD single has been certified Gold (35,000+ sold)

Jessica is currently the only one on the Top 50 albums chart, Platinum (75,000+) 'In This Skin' holds on at No.39. Ashlee briefly made an appearance on the Top 50 chart with 'Autobiography' when it was released 4 weeks ago, where it debuted and peaked at No.50."

September 12th, 2004
Star scans
Angie sent me scans from Star magazine, Setpember 13 and 20 issues! Thanks Angie :D
Star, September 13 2004 [05]
Star, September 20 2004 [02]

September 11th, 2004
Jessica & Nick at Rent

More pics
I added more pics of Jess & Nick leaving Joseph's Club.

New pics
Jessica and Nick out in LA, September 7 2004.

Jess and Nick dine in Miami
Jessica Simpson and husband Nick have lunch at a Miami Restaurant during MTV VMA weekend, Miami Beach, 8/27/04. Check out pictures from MavrixPhoto.

LAX pictures
I added pictures of Jessica, Nick, CaCee and Daisy at LAX airport on August 30th. Thanks Angie!!

Jessica Simpson's Most Embarrassing Moment
Teen People caught up with Jessica Simpson and asked her to reveal her most embarrassing moment. "When I went to the White House to meet the president, I was introduced to the Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton. I said, 'I really like what you’ve done with the place.' I had no idea that she was a member of the Cabinet, not an interior decorator!"

September 10th, 2004
NFL Kickoff Preformance - video & caps
I added a video of Jessica performing 'With You' at the NFL Opening Kickoff, I also added caps and the mp3!

Nick Lachey to Announce AMAs Nominations!
I just got an e-mail asking to spread the word on Nick so here is the official press release I got! Oh yeah and guys, spread the word :)


Award-winning singer/actress Brandy, singer/actor Nick Lachey, who can currently be seen on the WB's "Charmed," and Executive Producer Dick Clark, will reveal the nominations for the 32nd annual "American Music Awards" on Tuesday, September 14th at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California at 9.30 AM. The "American Music Awards" will air as a live three-hour special, November 14th on ABC-TV.

Nominations for the "American Music Awards" are in eight categories -- Pop/Rock, Country, Soul/Rhythm & Blues, Rap/Hip-Hop, Adult Contemporary, Latin Music, Contemporary Inspirational and Alternative Music.

Winners of the annual "American Music Awards" are selected by the public. A national sampling of approximately 20,000, taking into account age, sex, geographical location and ethnic origin, have been sent ballots by the National Family Opinion, Inc. firm under the supervision of Broadcast Research and Consulting, Inc. Names of the nominees on the ballots were compiled from data supplied by the music industry trade publication, Radio & Records, and the Soundscan Inc., management information system. Results of the voting, tabulated by the Ernst & Young LLP accounting firm, are kept secret until envelopes are opened during the presentation ceremonies.

The American Music Awards special is a presentation of dick clark productions, inc. Producer is Larry Klein, with Bruce Gowers directing. Writers are Barry Adelman and Fred Bronson. Executive in Charge of Production is Bob Bardo. Associate Producer is Don Harary. John Shaffner and Joe Stewart are the Production Designers. Talent Executive is Melissa Trueblood. Executive in Charge is Fran La Maina.

NFL Opening Kickoff pics!
I added pictures from the NFL Opening Kickoff yesterday, thanks Angie :)

Exclusive Interview with Jessica Simpson
JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Okay. What an assignment. The guys around the newsroom all wanted to go. We were joking that we'd have to have a lottery to see which two male photographers were chosen.

Of course, there are people who say, "Who's Jessica Simpson?" That included my Mom when I told her. But pop stars do come and go so you can't blame those folks.

I met Jessica after she rehearsed at Metro Park for the big Super Bowl kickoff to air on ABC nationwide. Everyone was making the same comment about Jessica. "Why did she wear a sweater?" Read more and watch cute video here.

New Dukes Movie info
From Robbie: "This information comes from The Bit X-Change, a radio show prep service:
One of the most important decisions in modern American cinema has been made: The producers of the upcoming "Dukes of Hazzard" movie have found their Duke Boys. And they are. . . SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT and JOHNNY KNOXVILLE. (???) Seann will play Bo, the blonde who was brought to life by JOHN SCHNEIDER back in the day, while Johnny takes over the role of Luke from TOM WOPAT.

--As far as anyone knows, JESSICA SIMPSON is still the frontrunner to play Daisy Duke. Now check THIS out. . . a name has emerged as a possible Boss Hogg. And that name is. . . BURT REYNOLDS.

Also, I recently talked to my connection at Columbia Records (he's the National Director of Top 40 promotions) about the rumor Jessica may be releasing "I Have Loved You" as a 5th single off In This Skin and his reply was "probably not."

Thanks for updating us Robbie!

VH1 Top 10 Rock Bodies
From Thomas: "Last night VH1 aired the "Top 10 Rock Bodys" as voted for by VH1 Viewers. The list complies the voters favourite star based upon their body. Nick and Jessica both made the list, Jessica once again scoring #1 ... beating both Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears. Jessica on winning: "It is a huge compliment".

VH1 Rock Bodies 2004:
1. Jessica Simpson
2. Beyonce Knowles
3. Usher
4. Jennifer Lopez
5. Justin Timberlake
6. Britney Spears
7. Christina Aguilera
8. Sheryl Crow
9. Nick Lachey
10. Ashanti"

NFL Opening Kickoff - Fan Review
From Angie: "I went to the Superbowl Kickoff Concert in Metro Park tonight, that was airing on tv. I was with some of my friends, and we were wearing stickers from one of the local radio stations here, 97.9 on our shirts. They were giving the stickers out to people. Out of no where, guy comes up to us, that works for the station, and is like 'thanks for supporting 97.9, here's some backstage passes'. So before she show we got to meet Jessica (and Nick). Jessica is super sweet, tiny, and gorgeous! I talked to her for a little bit, because most people were either in "shock" and couldn't talk, or didn't know what to say. She's a cool person! My friend Jamie asked Jessica how she was, and Jessica said 'I'm cold, what about you' and Jamie said 'I'm wet' (it was raining most of the time, our feet got stuck in the mud actually and some people lost their shoes because they got stuck!!) and then Jamie walked away because she didn't know what else to say to Jessica, lol. The new Jacksonville QB, Leftwich, must be a happy guy, Jessica and Shania Twain have both worn his jersey. Not only is this is his first year as head quarterback, but football season has not even started yet. Jessica sang three songs before she was on live TV, and after she sang Angels, she said that everyone in Jacksonville has angels watching over them. (because Charley just missed us, and Frances didn't cause any real damage) After the first three songs, Jessica said 'I am going off stage now, but don't worry, I will be right back!!' and then they went to live TV. Jessica was very, very appreciative of everyone coming out in the rain. She thanked us a lot on camera, but before the live part, she thanked us a lot off camera. She really was, genuinely appreciative and grateful for everyone coming out in the rain to see her. I <3 Jess even more now. :)"

Thanks Angie!! You can check out pictures from WireImage.

September 9th, 2004
Jess & Nick on Aladdin DVD
Jessica and Nick recorded a video to their duet song called "A Whole New World" for the Aladdin movie! It will be featured on the Aladdin (Disney Special Platinum Edition) (2004) DVD!

Simpson fights for Daisy Duke role
Singer Jessica Simpson has everything crossed after sailing through her first audition for the role of Daisy Duke in the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard movie. Simpson has long been attached to the project and had her first casting call last week (ends03SEP04). She says, "I had to go out there and strut my butt. I actually wore a short skirt, I didn't actually wear (Daisy Duke) shorts."

Jet Slam Spears and Simpson
Australian rockers JET have blasted pop beauties BRITNEY SPEARS and JESSICA SIMPSON, labelling them 'talentless'. The ARE YOU GONNA BE MY GIRL? stars deem Spears and Simpson ideal contributors to their second album, which they joke will feature an endless stream of unskilled artists. Drummer CHRIS CESTER says, 'We want to get Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson to guest on (our new) album - as many talentless people as possible. 'We want as many people who don't write their own songs as possible. That's the whole point. What the world needs are more talentless people.' The quartet plan to start recording the follow-up to their 2003 debut GET BORN early next year (05).

Someone needs to update them on who wrote 'In This Skin' album...

Talk about overly cautious!
From Robbie: "I was listening to "The Ace & TJ Show" this morning and they were discussing the NFL Kickoff special tonight. Jessica had to submit her costumes to the NFL and network yesterday to determine if they were "appropriate" and the whole thing will run on a 10 second delay in case of another "wardrobe malfunction." I understand the precautions but has Jessica ever done anything "inappropriate?""

September 8th, 2004
Sam Goody pics
I added regular size pics from Sam Goody appearance.

Pepsi Smash pics
I added pictures of Jessica from Pepsi Smash, from May 2004.

See Jessica at NFL Kickoff
Our friends at are looking for 500 diehard Jessica Simpson fans to be a part of NFL Opening Kickoff presented by NFL and Coors! Kickoff will take place in Jacksonville, FL this Thursday, September 9th, 2004 and will feature Jessica Simpson and Sister Hazel.

If you want to be a part of this unforgettable event, please click this link: NFL Opening Kickoff or visit and choose NFL Opening Kickoff to request tickets.



Jessica in Heat
From Rich: "Jessica is in the UK heat magazine on three times. The mag which came out yesterday (Tuesday 7th September) will be on sale untill next Monday! It has a 'Say What' quote of hers which says:
(about J.Lo) "She sat down and I was like 'You're incredible' there's something warm and inviting about her" Theres also a mini-story (about 5 lines long) that made me cry nearly lol it said:
Jess Stres: Gorgeous Jessica Simpson may have bagged herself a celeb husband and a top career in showbiz, but she hasn't always been so popular. The singer has revealed she was bullied as a teenager. "Girls didn't like me. They wrote 'Die Bitch' in shoe polish on my sidewalk" she says!"

There's also a scan, click to enlarge - huge thanks to Rich :)

Another VMA Commercial
I added another VMA commercial, this time with Nelly :) Download it here!

New pictures!
Jessica Simpson Celebrates The Launch Of Dessert Beauty At Sam Goody In The Pacific View Mall, September 7 2004.

September 7th, 2004
I just got some really rare exclusives for you guys - scans of Jessica's Gospel CD "Jessica"!! Thanks to a's Insider for sharing :D

New scans!
I have a bunch of new scans for you guys, all from Lisa :)
Us Weekly, September 13 2004 [18]
InTouch, September 13 2004 [06]
Us Weekly, September 6 2004 [03]
InTouch, September 6 2004 [03]
PopStar, September 2004 [03]
Star, September 6 2004 [05]
M Magazine, September 2004 [05]
Star, August 23 2004 [02]

September 6th, 2004
Jess on TOTP again!
From Thomas: "Great News Jessica is on the line up for this weeks Top Of The Pops (United Kingdom). It may be a performance, either live in the studio or via satellite... She is performing 'Take My Breath Away'."

New additions
I added one new wallpaper, thanks to Jason! Also I added DVDs to discography. And 1 new set of puzzles :)

Danielle Levitt Photoshoot
I added a photoshoot by Danielle Levitt, such pretty pics!! Thanks again to Shanna!

Twilight Zone DVD
The Twilight Zone DVD set will include the episode with Jessica. According to Amazon it comes out tomorrow - thanks Fran! :)

September 5th, 2004
I have finally started working on Jessica's discography! I have already finished the Albums section (it needs some finishing touches) and will continue working on the singles :) Check it out!

Seventeen photoshoot
I added high quality pics from the Seventeen photoshoot! Thanks again to Shanna!

Jessica & Ashlee Set Chart Record Together
From Robbie: "I was just listening to American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest, and he said Jessica and Ashlee are the first sisters in chart history to both have #1 singles as solo artists.

I'm assuming he means the MediaBase/Radio & Records chart because both haven't gone to #1 on Billboard...unless Ashlee had the #1 selling single on Billboard. If that's the case, then both topped Billboard as well 'cuz Jessica's "I Wanna Love You Forever" was the #1 selling single for 6 weeks back in '99.

Either way, congrats to both girls :)"

Awards for Sweet Kisses!
Thanks to all your votes won 2 awards in the Jingle Star Awards! We won Best Fansite and Most Updated! Thanks to everyonw who voted :) View the beautiful awards!

September 4th, 2004
The View HQs
I added 2 high quality pictures of Jessica from her recent appearance at The View. I also added 11 high quality pics from the sitcom she did for ABC, which wasn't picked up after all. Thanks Shanna!

Letterman video
I added the 'Angels' performance at Letterman, I recommend it - she sounds and looks amazing!!

Nick & Jessica Are Makin' Out To Maroon 5
Us Weekly spoke with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine about his celebrity fans Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. "Does it weird me out that Nick and Jessica might make out to our music," Levine asked, "I think it's cool. They should make it the centerpiece of the next 'Newlyweds'!"

September 3rd, 2004
Letterman captures
I added captures of Jessica's Letterman performance, she sang "Angels" - I will post the video tomorrow, it's so great!! One of my faves :)

New candids!
Jessica and Nick in Miami, September 2 2004.

New scans!
Lisa M. from the UK sent me some new scans! Here they are:
Bliss, October 2004 [07]
New, August 2004 [02]
Hot Stars, July 17 2004 [01]
Daily Mail, May 9 2004 [05]
OK Magazine, August 2004 [01]

Teen People outtakes
I added 13 high quality outtakes from Jessica & Nick's photoshoot for Teen People! Huge thanks to Shanna for those! Click the thumbnail to view them.

Jessica - best dressed!
A US Weekly magazine poll has been put together naming and shaming fashion Winners and Sinners. Britney Spears is named as the number one fashion offender. Other offenders include chart rival Christina Aguilera and most suprisingly Gwen Stefani who is usually credited for her classy individuality. On the other hand Newlyweds star Jessica Simpson is number one on the winners list.
1. Jessica Simpson
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Jennifer Lopez
4. Beyonce Knowles
5. Sarah Michelle Gellar
6. Kate Hudson
7. Lindsay Lohan
8. Scarlet Johansson
9. Angelina Jolie
10. Cameron Diaz

Latin Grammy Performance video
I just posted the video from the Latin Grammy Awards - enjoy!! :D

'In This Skin' makes the list!
Jessica made the Top 100 Best Selling Albums of the year placing in the top 10 at #8!!! Yay for Jessica! I think the list is for only 2004 because Jess' album is already multiplatinum ;) Here's the top 10:
1. 5,411,000 1 23 USHER - CONFESSIONS
2. 3,356,000 1 29 NORAH JONES - FEELS LIKE HOME
3. 2,590,000 1 36 OUTKAST - SPEAKERBOXX-LOVE *
4. 2,512,000 3 36 EVANESCENCE - FALLEN *
6. 2,263,000 1 36 JOSH GROBAN - CLOSER *
7. 2,179,000 2 29 KANYE WEST - COLLEGE DROP OUT
8. 1,985,000 2 36 JESSICA SIMPSON - IN THIS SKIN *
9. 1,975,000 2 36 ALICIA KEYS - DIARY OF ALICIA KEYS *

Latin Grammy Captures, Audio
I added 50 captures of Jessica & David Bisbal's performance at the Latin Grammy Awards! My Goodness the performance rocked!! She hit every note! :D I just added the mp3 of the performance, the video is being uploaded!!

September 2nd, 2004
Just a quick note
Guys, I know you have been waiting for the Latin Grammy performance, the good news is I am getting it right now! Since it's late I'll be posting it first thing in the morning, promise :) There are also lots of pictures and scans coming! So much to do, so little time hehe Just thought I'd update you on what's coming!

New pics!
'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson wears her heart on her chest while out for lunch in Beverly Hills with friends. The pop-singer's hooded sweatshirt is supposed to read 'KNICKS' for the New York basketball team but Jessica removed the first 'K' to make it read 'NICK'S' in refernce to her beloved hubby singer Nick Lachey. Beverly Hills, USA. September 2 2004.

Nick Lachey's 'Charmed' Break Has Jessica Simpson Worried
Jessica Simpson is worried about husband Nick Lachey's new role on the TV series 'Charmed', especially after Alyssa Milano talked about how "hot" the 98 Degrees star was. "Jessica tried to talk Nick out of doing the WB series but he wouldn't hear of it," an insider revealed. "He's seemingly been unhappy with the way his career has gone since he teamed up with wife Jessica on 'Newlyweds.' Nick sees this as his big break. He's going to love being on the 'Charmed' set, surrounded by all those cute young women." Read more. Click the thumbnail to view Nick's 'Charmed' promos!

Liz Smith On Simpson's VMA Performance
Syndicated columnist Liz Smith shared her thoughts on Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. As for Jessica Simpson, Smith said, "She possesses a powerful set of pipes; however, her overwrought performance — superfluous notes, fluttering hands, dramatic facial expressions — gave me the giggles. But her fans adore her, so what do I know?"

Join Jessica Simpson to Celebrate the Launch of Dessert Beauty at Sam Goody
To help kick-off the launch of Dessert Beauty at Sam Goody stores and, Dessert Beauty co-founder and multi-platinum recording artist, Jessica Simpson, will appear to sign autographs for Dessert Beauty enthusiasts at the Sam Goody Store in the Pacific View Mall on Tuesday, September 7, at 6:00 p.m. Click here for more information!

Jessica Simpson: Nick taught me how to be a star!
Sexy pop star JESSICA SIMPSON credits husband NICK LACHEY for her ability to handle the pressures of fame. The blonde beauty, who has been married to the former 98 DEGREES hunk for almost two years, was able to get an understanding of the celebrity world by watching her beau when she first got to know him. Simpson, who has gone on to be far more popular than Lachey, says, "I'm lucky I met Nick because he taught me how to be a celebrity. When I first met Nick, he had a number one single with 98 Degrees and he was on top of the world, and I got to watch how he carried himself.
"He was exactly the kind of celebrity that I wanted to be. He's such a man of character, and he's humble about everything. He's just been a great role model."

Simpson's Night Out Begins On Chaotic Note
Jessica Simpson was caught up in the midst of such a large scuffle as she went to an MTV Video Music Awards after-party on Sunday when she mistakenly believed gunshots were fired. The Irresistible singer, her sister Ashlee and their dad Joe were followed by an entourage to Miami, Florida, hot-spot Prive after the star-studded show, but were stunned to greet the troubles which had risen outside the club from too many people crowding the entrance.
Jessica says, "There was some sort of shooting outside or something. I don't know what happened, but I got carried in here so quick!" But police officer Bobby Hernandez is quick to clarify, "We had no shootings (on Sunday) night, but there could have been a scuffle."

Latin Grammy Awards pictures
I added nearly 90 high quality pictures from the Latin Grammy Awards! Jessica & David Bisbal performed 'Angels' I think, as soon as I get the video it will be posted!

September 1st, 2004
New pictures!
Singer Jessica Simpson rehearses on stage for the "5th Annual Latin Grammy Awards" August 31, 2004 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. The show airs live on CBS on September 1st.

Style Villa pics
I added some pics from the Style Villa before the VMAs, August 27 2004.

OK mag scans
I got OK scans from last week, thanks to Lisa for scanning them :)

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