September 30th, 2003
Introducing the new GALLERY
This is the moment guys! lol Here is the surprise I mentioned before, that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks - the new gallery! I hated the old one, it wasn't easy to navigate and it was hard to find the desired pictures when you couldn't see a thumbnail. In the new one there is a thumbnail next to every picture link so you can preview the pics that are in the gallery, I think it's easier to navigate and find the pictures you want! It is not completly finished yet though. I am still working on the Captures section. Once it is done I will be uploading tons of new pictures! Any feedback and coments are appreciated, sign the guestbook and let me know what you think, thank you :)
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Kelly And Jack Osbourne The Howard Stern Show
Anonymous writes "Today on the Howard Stern radio show, he had Kelly Osbourne and her brother Jack on. They were talking when Jessica Simpson's name came up, Kelly was being surprisingly nice when she said that she feels bad for Jessica because she is portrayed on her show as really dumb. She said with all the editing that goes on in making those types of shows she understands how she can be portrayed like that. But the point was also made that how many times can you make a person look stupid. Howard also said that he felt bad for her to because she really is dumb. Kelly also went on to say that she is friends with Avril Lavigne, she thinks Britany Spears is ok, but she cant stand Christina Aguilera." []

September 29th, 2003
New animations
I added a few animations from the Newlyweds episode and one animated siggy.

September 28th, 2003
Jessica Fan Map
In Interactive section you will find a link to Jessica Simpson Fan Map, she has only 3 fans listed now so please add yourself :)

Sometimes it pays to remain a virgin
MTV's 'Newlyweds' betters 'Osbournes' numbers
By Toni Fitzgerald

Who would have thought that a pop singer known better for her pledge to remain a virgin until marriage than for her actual music and her former boy band leader husband would be the heirs apparent to MTV's "Osbournes" throne?
But “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” has become just that. In fact, it's doing even better than the foul-mouthed "Osbournes" did in the final weeks of their most recent season.
"Newlyweds" has become a sort of “Osbournes” lite reality show -- same dysfunction, less black clothing.
"Newlyweds'" debut drew 1.95 million viewers 12-34, one of MTV’s most treasured audiences. The show attracted almost 10 percent more 12-34s than “Real World XIII” that week and has kept building on its lead-in’s popularity even as “Newlyweds” lost viewers. Last week its 12-34 audience was 1.72 million.
By comparison former time slot occupant “The Osbournes” averaged 1.4 million 12-34s and 1.1 million 18-34s in its summer finale last month.
Among 18-34s Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, the titular newlyweds, are also outdoing the final episodes of “The Osbournes.”
"Newlyweds” averaged 1.3 million 18-34s last week, 1.5 million in its debut and 1.4 million in its third week.
It’s also stayed ahead of “Real World,” MTV’s most-watched show. “The Osbournes” regularly built on its “Real World” lead-in during its early run, but last season “Real World” pushed once again ahead.
"Newlyweds” surely will be a passing fancy among the young, but MTV has to be pleasantly surprised not just at how two second-tier pop stars have boosted ratings – after all, a second-tier TV star, Melissa Joan Hart, with a similarly themed reality show was not a huge draw on ABC Family – but also how obnoxious the two could be.
This was, after all, a couple known more for Simpson’s pledge to remain a virgin until marriage than for their actual music. But Simpson’s temper tantrums and utter lack of household sense have viewers betting on how long this marriage can last.
The series probably won’t go too much longer. After “Osbournes,” which still has another season coming up, the network learned a lesson in overexposure and fickle viewers. Nick and Jessica are interesting now, but six months from now they’ll no longer be newlyweds.
If Simpson actually starts folding her own laundry, this show is done.
Meanwhile, Lifetime’s “Sex and the Single Mom,” an original movie with Gail O’Grady that premiered two weeks ago, is still showing surprising strength in reruns. “Sex” was one of three Lifetime movies in the 18-49 top 21 last week.
"Roseanne,” which last week joined the Nick at Nite lineup, was a rare Nickelodeon show to finish among the 18-34 top 50 last week, finishing No. 50 with a Sunday night repeat. [Source:Medialife Magazine]

September 27th, 2003
New InTouch Weekly scans
Lisa sent me scans from the October 6 issue of In Touch Weekly, check them out in the gallery, thanks again Lisa! :D

New US Weekly scans!
Jessica & Nick are featured in October 6 issue of US Weekly. Jessica talks about why she doesn't regret remaining a virgin till marriage. Check out the scans here: US Weekly, thanks to Lisa!

ET on MTV video
I added the video from Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show (ET on MTV).

ET on MTV captures
I added new captures from ET on MTV, from Tommy Hilfiger's fashion show! The video is coming :)

September 26th, 2003
Operation Smile gallery updated
I added 13 more pictures from the Operation Smile Gala.

Wedding Rehersal & Candids HQ!
I added 12 Hqs from the wedding rehersal and candids from the actual ceremony, check them out cuz they are rare!

Blonde Bombshells: The Beautiful Mind-Field of a Video-Channel Visionary
She's attractive, rich and talented enough to be considered the preeminent young blonde pop singer who isn't Britney, Christina or Hilary Duff. Or the Olsen twins.

But that's not why we love Jessica Simpson--singer, celebrity spouse and star of the MTV show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. We love Jessica for her unique mind and uncompromising vision. Whereas lesser intellects might be shaken by things like logic, facts or other people's feelings, Jessica knows that the only truth that matters is her own. Bask in it.

Don't be blinded by the highlights in her hair, the dazzling gleam of her teeth or her impressive ability to belch like a gassy truck driver. You will see that it's her unique worldview, her weltanschauung, if you will, that leaves most people scratching their heads and going, Uh, what?

Uh, what indeed.

To help you learn her lessons, we've compiled some of her more profound utterances. As you study her teachings, you'll see that Jessica has more in common with the likes of Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci than a well-developed bosom.

True wisdom is an elusive thing, but Jessica is on cable all the time. And really, which would you rather spend a good half hour thinking about? Read more. [Thanks Lisa!]

Operation Smile HQs
I added HQ pictures from The Operation Smile Gala.

Na Zywo scans
Jessica was featured in Polish Na Zywo magazine, yay! Check out the scans in the gallery :)

September 25th, 2003
Jess & Nick to be on 99/7 ‘DJX / Thorntons Birthday Bash 19 tomorrow
That’s right, 99/7 ‘DJX is celebrating 19 years of great music and great fun this Saturday at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s Paramarx Arena with special guests Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Justin Guarini, and Natural.

New pictures
Jessica, Nick & Joe Simpson attended the 2003 Operation Smile Gala last night, I added 46 pics :)

I added 2 sets of HQs of Jess leaving night clubs, check them out, thanks to April!

Jessica Simpson A Regular At Atlantic Fish Co.
The Boston Globe reports that Jessica Simpson stoped by the Atlantic Fish Co. in the Back Bay after her concert at City Hall Plaza as part of the 20th annual Taste of Boston. The singer is a regular patron at the restaurant, even if she's just passing through town. While there, Simpson started off with the artichoke dip, avoided the chicken vs. tuna debate by dining on lobster and butterflied shrimp, and rounded out the evening with peanut butter pie. []

September 24th, 2003
New sections
I added 2 new sections under 'Jessica': Name Meaning & Star Sign, hope you enjoy them! I'm planning on adding more so stay tuned!

A delicious marital discord. Stars squabble on MTV's 'Newlyweds'
When teen pop was at its candy-coated zenith -- or apocalyptic saturation point, depending on your viewpoint -- a few years ago, singer Jessica Simpson and boy band 98 Degrees always seemed the least interesting of the whole heavily manufactured and marketed lot.

Arriving late in the teen pop tsunami -- Simpson after Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and 98 Degrees following the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync -- both acts never rose above what they so clearly were, namely even blander copies of concepts that weren't especially original to begin with. (Quick! Name a song by either Simpson or 98 Degrees.)

So when this turn-of-the-millennium cultural blip inevitably petered out, it seemed obvious that while Justin Timberlake of 'N Sync and Aguilera might stay afloat in the shifting tide of public opinion, Simpson and 98 Degrees would probably be washed away into the record store cutout bins.

And then, "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" premiered last month on MTV.

Nothing Jessica or her husband, Nick Lachey, former lead singer of 98 Degrees, did as musical performers was as entertaining as watching them navigate the minefield of a new marriage. After dating for three years, Nick and Jessica married last October, and six months into their marriage agreed to have an MTV crew film their newly conjoined lives.

Before the show began airing Tuesday nights at 10:30, it seemed as if it might be a sickeningly sweet jaunt with Ken and Barbie in their dream house, but the reality has been something deliciously different. On display each week is the hilariously fitful union of Jessica and Nick, with all the bickering, pettiness, icy silences, insecurities, and slack-jawed cluelessness intact. While it's too early to say if this is an ill-fated marriage, it is, at least for the moment, an ill-fitting one. Here, under the harsh glare of lights and cameras, they're discovering the nasty little fact that the person you find yourself living with often bears no resemblance whatsoever to the person you fell in love with.

In the early episodes, those discoveries have come fast and furious, especially since the couple did not live together before getting hitched. After moving into their Los Angeles McMansion, Nick, 29, suddenly realizes that his beautiful blond bride is a high-maintenance brat and an absolute slob who can't comprehend, among other things, the notion of hangers and closets for her clothes. (The house is always in disarray, including a perpetual pile of clothes in the foyer.) In her own defense, Jessica, 23, maintains that she's been spoiled by her parents, pampered by handlers since age 14, and has never had to do anything for herself.

From Jessica's perspective, Nick's main faults are spending too much time cleaning the house (Is this a bad thing?), watching sports, and hanging out with his younger brother Drew, also a former member of 98 Degrees. A classic exchange came with Jessica knee-deep in her daily snit. Nick whispered to his brother, "It's moments like this when I'm glad I don't own a gun, 'cause I would shoot myself." Without missing a beat, Drew said, "Why would you shoot yourself?" (The wisecracking Drew is like a cross between a Greek chorus and Rhoda Morgenstern.)

In between, they squabble about whether to hire a housekeeper, Jessica's jealousy, especially when Nick was auditioning female dancers for an upcoming show, and frankly, everything else. Here, the couple says "Screw you" to each other more often than "I love you." And it all unfolds with a fascinating banality. This is something MTV, the modern pioneers of so-called "reality TV," began perfecting with "The Osbournes." For all their money and fame, what made that family so watchable was how utterly average they were. It was always more interesting watching Ozzy as a befuddled middle-age father at home than as a rock god on stage at Ozzfest.

This is something most other reality shows never get right. They're always about fashioning scenarios to spark interest. But reality, as served up on TV, isn't about eating bugs on deserted islands for cash and prizes or having your life remade by gay fashionistas. It's arguing about bills, idiosyncrasies, and why tuna is called confusingly (at least for the somewhat dim Jessica) "Chicken of the Sea."

From Ralph and Alice Kramden to Tony and Carmela Soprano, the machinations of married life are usually captivating. But since Nick and Jessica are a real couple, the stakes, too, are real. Unlike Ozzy and Sharon, they don't have 20 years of marriage behind them -- they're making the whole marvelous mess up as they go along. And for viewers, it's engrossing TV because we're either watching the awkward moments Nick and Jessica will conquer and laugh about with their kids and grandkids some day, or seeing first-hand evidence of those "irreconcilable differences" that often lead to divorce court. [Source:The Boston Globe]

I added a timeline to Jessica section, it's really interesting so check it out!

Shaqtacular VIII HQs
I added 4 HQs of Jess from Shaqtacular VIII :)

VMA Radio Forum HQ
I added a HQ picture of Jess from the MTV VMA 2003 Radio Forum.

Cheap Nick Lachey's $14 Tip On $1,100 Restaurant Bill
The Enquirer reports that when Jessica Simpson and her 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey hubby had a two-hour lunch at posh restaurant The Ivy in Los Angeles, "they ordered everything under the sun -- appetizers, seafood salads, steak, dessert and a couple of bottles of champagne," said a source. "They had the entire wait staff catering to their every need. And the bill came to $1,100! When it came time to pay, Jessica went to put down what she thought to be a tip worthy of the bill. But Nick flipped and told her, 'That's too much! We have to cut corners somewhere.' And he left a $14 tip. The waiters and manager couldn't believe they left such a small tip!" []

September 23rd, 2003
Taste Of Boston
I added pictures of Jessica at Taste Of Boston, thanks Lisa :)

September 22nd, 2003
From The Church To The Charts video
I added a video of Jessica in "From The Church To The Charts", thanks to Mike!

September 21st, 2003
I added captures of Jess from the show called From The Church To The Charts, I will add the video tomorrow!

Shaqtacular VIII
I added 31 pictures of Jess and Nick at Shaqtacular VIII :)

September 20th, 2003
New People scans
I added scans from the September 29 issue of People magazine, thanks to Mike.

Gallery updated
I added some pictures and HQs from the fashion shows:
* Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2004 - Burberry - 1 new HQ
* Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2004 - House Of Field - updated with 2 HQs
* Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2004 - Tommy Hilfiger - 7 new HQs
* Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2004 - Tommy Hilfiger - updated with 10 pics.
I also added new fans to fancentral.

September 19th, 2003
More fashion show pics!
I added 11 pictures to the House Of Field fashion show gallery and 3 HQs to the House Of Field HQ gallery.

Jess & Nick can be on the Rolling Stone cover!
YES! Jessica and Nick can be on the cover of next months Rolling Stone IF you vote for them! You gotta register first but it's free and easy so please vote for Jessica and Nick here!!

General updates
I added some more buddy icons, also new avatars [thx to Kabik], fanarts [thx to Alex] and a new wallpaper.

Caps & icons
I added 134 captures from Last Call With Carson Daly and some new buddy icons :)

More HQs
I added 20 HQs from the Michael Kors Fashion Show!

Fly & My Love mp3s
I added the mp3s of Japanese bonus tracks, go to Audio section to download them.

Pictures Update
I added a bunch of pictures! Here's what's new:
* 17th Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon Benefitting Pediatric Aids Foundation - 70 pics
* 17th Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon Benefitting Pediatric Aids Foundation - 29 HQs
* Giorgio Armani Receives The First Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style Award - 17 HQs
* Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2004 - House Of Field - 21 HQs
* Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2004 - Michael Kors - 33 pics
* Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2004 - Tommy Hilfiger - 43 pics
and more fashion shows HQs are coming :D I also have the Japanese bonus tracks to add so check back.

September 18th, 2003
House Of Field Fashion Show pics
I am so sorry for the downtime! Most of you probably know already, that the server was hacked :( Anyway I hope that everything will be fixed very soon! I have a surprise coming, I have to postpone it though, due to server problems. For now check out the new pictures from House Of Field Fashion Show.

Howie, Jessica Simpson, Method Man To Host Shaqtacular VIII
elgato writes "Shaqtacular VIII kicks off Saturday, September 20th in Santa Monica, California from 12 to 5pm. This year's hosts are Backstreet Boys star Howie Dorough and his sister Pollyanna, Boys II Men, Jessica Simpson, comedian George Lopez, and Method Man. Shaqtacular is Los Angeles Lakers star Shaqille O'Neal's annual charity benefit that "supports mentoring and educational programs and services for over 25,000 youth annually is always a sold out event each year. 2,000 invited guests (including Hollywood's and sport's biggest & brightest stars) enjoy a myriad of entertainment; carnival games; interactive activities; Southern California's finest and ''fun-est" restaurants, foods & beverages; gifts & prizes and a world-class concert featuring an ecletic lineup of: comedians & personalities: pop, R&B, rock, rap recording artists and an all-star list of celebrity presenters." Get more info on the event here." []

'Newlyweds: Nick And Jess' Like Watching Home Videos
Us Weekly quotes Jessica Simpson talking about their hit MTV reality show 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jess' saying, "We feel like MTV is our home right now, with the show airing. It's like watching home videos, only there's music and it's edited to make us seem funny." []

September 12th, 2003
Wayne Brady captures
I added captures of Jessica's appearance at Wayne Brady Show.

America can't get enough of the Newlyweds
Asking if pop star Jessica Simpson is really as stupid as she appears to be on MTV's latest reality hit Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica is beside the point.

It's like asking if Ozzy is really as burnt as he seems on The Osbournes.

What is important is that the comically inane interplay between Simpson and husband Nick Lachey of the boy band 98 Degrees is building serious buzz in the most competitive time period on cable: 10 pm Tuesday. Facing off against two other red-hot series this week — FX's Nip/Tuck and Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy — MTV's Newlyweds at 10:30 pm beat both, garnering 1.6 million viewers in the 18-34-year-old demographic. Interestingly, Newlyweds is a close second to Nip/Tuck with the advertiser friendly 18-49 crowd, drawing 1.9 million viewers compared to 2.3 million for the FX series.

Somewhere, someone is looking at how well all these shows are doing and preparing a pitch for a plastic surgery makeover show for gay newlyweds. [, thanks Lisa]

Jessica Bobbitt
The New York Daily News reports that during tonight's episode of Last Call with Carson Daly, Jessica Simpson says she'd use a shotgun on husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees if she ever caught him cheating. "Without a doubt, I would blow it off," she said. Lachey responded via telephone link in response: "All I have to say is that if it does, in fact, get blown off, I'd like to replace it with a slightly larger model". []

September 11th, 2003
The Best And Worst Autograph Signers
Autograph Collector magazine's 12th annual poll of celebrity autograph givers has listed Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson amongst its top 10 best signers, while Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson were amongst the 10 worst. The annual survey was released in conjunction with the first Autograph Collector Exposition and a celebrity memorabilia auction to be held this weekend at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood, California. Read more. []

'Newlyweds' Fans Love to Make Fun of Jessica Simpson
NEW YORK — "Newlyweds" (search) - the MTV show that follows pop stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (search) of 98 Degrees around for their first year of marriage - is turning into the kind of TV hit that could give album sales a real boost (hers just hit the Top 10 and his came out yesterday).

But is the price too high?

Simpson is in danger of becoming a much sexier, teen-idol version of the clueless Ozzy Osbourne.

The ratings are big.

Billboard's senior writer Carla Hay thought the show would be lucky to get 1 million viewers. In fact, it debuted with 2.48 million viewers and won its timeslot. Those numbers have held up. "Newlyweds" (Tuesday nights at 10:30 on MTV) had more young viewers than "Making the Band," "The Osbournes" (search) and everything else on basic cable except wrestling, MTV specials like the Video Music Awards (search) and stalwart "The Real World." But what has everyone talking is Jessica Simpson herself. She's been described by reviewers as a brat, embarrassingly babyish and - when people want to be kind - charmingly clueless.
"She is dumb as a stick," said Alisha, a 31-year-old graphic designer too embarrassed about being a fan of the show to give her last name. "Jessica is totally watchable, like Ozzy Osbourne. She's not a train wreck like Anna Nicole. "You can tell Nick is annoyed by her, but she's totally sexy so he puts up with it. "I felt amused watching Ozzy. I felt dirty watching Anna Nicole. And I feel pity watching Jessica. "She's the show. I'm not sure she knows she's the show, but she is."
It's hard not to be fascinated by a pop princess who would rather buy new clothes than do laundry, wonders if her tuna fish is really tuna because it's called Chicken of the Sea ("a blonde moment" Simpson has said about that comment), goes camping with her Louis Vuitton bag and belches more than John Belushi in "Animal House." Paula, another fan, can't decide what her favorite stupid-Jessica moment is.
"It's kind of like repulsive yet intriguing," said Paula. "Every single word out of her mouth, you think, 'Who could be stupider?' "
News reports already say the show has been optioned for a second season, something the stars were both up for.
"Well, it was really more fun than we anticipated," said Lachey in an interview right before the show debuted.
"So if the situation was right, we might do it again." MTV says no decision has been made.
"It would be perfect as long as season two is 'Marriage, Marriage' and season three is 'Le Divorce,' " said Paula. "Though God help us if they ever have a kid."
But will the marriage last that long?
"In five years, they'll break up," Alisha predicted.
"He'll cheat on her and she'll be jealous and they'll break up and get back together a thousand times before finally ending it.
"There's nothing wrong with them; they're just too young." [Source:NY Post, thanks Angie]

September 10th, 2003
I added 13 high quality pictures of Jess & Nick from today's event :)

New pics!
I added new pictures of Jess & Nick arriving at Giorgio Armani Receives The First Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style Award event.

The Honeymoon Is Over
Marriage Fails to Enhance the Music of Lachey, Simpson
By Allison Stewart
Special to The Washington Post
Wednesday, September 10, 2003; Page C05

Before they married each other, there was nothing incredibly interesting about Jessica Simpson or Nick Lachey: She was the blond, aggressively virginal pop star who wouldn't do the things Britney Spears did, like show her bellybutton or make entertaining records. He was the frontman of 98 Degrees, the blandly agreeable boy band that appealed primarily to anyone alarmed by the encroaching funkiness of 'N Sync. Lachey and Simpson married in the fall of 2002, a union that has since produced two albums and an MTV reality show, "The Newlyweds."

A document of their not-entirely-blissful first year of marriage, "The Newlyweds" is sort of like "The Osbournes" without the cursing, tattoos or incontinent dogs. In its remorseless depiction of the couple's Olympic-caliber bickering (she's spoiled and slovenly; he's an eye-rolling neat freak), "The Newlyweds" is more revealing than either album, and a lot more enjoyable.

Had either artist channeled these real-life difficulties into music, the result might have been a searing portrait of a complicated marriage, a "Tunnel of Love" for tan, good-looking people. But no. Both "Soulo" (his) and "In This Skin" (hers) are filled with the sort of personality-free, now-that-I've-finally-found-you-type love songs from which most reasonable people flee. What's worse, neither Simpson nor Lachey, unlike their ostensible counterparts Britney and Justin, has strayed far from the teen pop conventions that have threatened to sink the genre since the late '90s: generic hooks, gooey ballads, perfunctory R&B-lite.

Simpson, a onetime gospel singer, seems to be staking a claim somewhere in between Celine Dion and Faith Hill, working her way through a series of big, MOR ballads and gently hip-hop-inflected pop tracks, most of which feature lyrics attesting to her newfound womanliness. That the disc's best song (the peppy first single, "Sweetest Sin") was written by Diane Warren should tell you something. Even Simpson's reliably strong vocals fail her here: No one with such a fine voice (and access to modern studio technology) should ever sound this grating.

Lachey, on indefinite hiatus from 98 Degrees, fares a little better on his first solo album, "Soulo." With its horns and pianos and beats, "Soulo" sounds like an only slightly more current version of a 98 Degrees album, the majority of the bells and whistles coming courtesy of a lineup of first-string producers that includes Trina Harmon and the Matrix. Between its work on the latest Liz Phair album and on "Shut Up," the album's utterly charmless first track, the Matrix has a lot to answer for, although things look up considerably from there.

Lachey manages to inject enough personality into the album's standard-issue R&B/dance tracks and wan ballads to keep things interesting, though it's only on the inevitable future wedding song "Edge of Eternity" that he manages to move beyond the usual teen pop pleasantries. Otherwise, he seems to have learned nothing about navigating the complicated minefield of boy band solo albums from Justin Timberlake, who knew a thing or two about exploding boundaries without alienating his base, and whose own solo debut remains an exemplar of the form.

(To hear a free Sound Bite from "Soulo," call Post-Haste at 202-334-9000 and press 8153; for "In This Skin," press 8154.) [Source:Washington Post, thanks Lisa]

September 9th, 2003
Operation Smile
Operation Smile will pay tribute to Wilt Chamberlain at its West Coast Gala on September 24, 2003 in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. We expect 800 guests to attend to help us celebrate Operation Smile's enormous impact on thousands of families throughout the world and to celebrate the life of Wilt Chamberlain. Barry Manilow and Jessica Simpson will be our Featured Guest Performers for this event, and Larry King will serve as the Master of Ceremonies. Special Guests will include Wallis Annenberg, Al Attles, Roma Downey, and John Salley. We will also be giving away a 2003 Mercedes-Benz S500 Sedan from Auto Stiegler, with raffle tickets going for $200 each. [Source:Operation Smile, thanks Lisa]

Jessica Simpson Vows To Never Go Camping Again
Jessica Simpson caught up with Access Hollywood to explain her stance on bringing her designer Louie Vuitton bag camping with husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees as part of their MTV 'Newlyweds' show. "Camping is something that I will never do again," Jessica said. "You know camping is for some people, but I personally like to take showers." She added, "I did not realize that taking my Louis Vuitton bag would be such a big ordeal. I just use it as my toiletry bag. I got it five days before the trip and I didn't want to leave it at home. I wanted it close by my side." Read more and watch a video clip here. []

Like Carter, Lachey Seems Stuck In Another Decade
Sal Cinquemani of slant magazine reviewed the debut effort from 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey, giving 'SoulO' 2 out of 5 stars. He writes, "Nick Lachey’s solo debut, the unfortunately-titled 'SoulO', is nowhere near as embarrassing as Nick Carter's 'Now Or Never', but Mr. Jessica Simpson is no JT (and he's certainly no Ricky Martin, which is probably a more appropriate point of comparison). Like Carter, Lachey seems stuck in another decade." Read more. []

September 8th, 2003
Blender scans
I scanned the article from September's issue of Blender magazine :)

With You live mp3
I added an mp3 of With You live @ The View, thanks to Susan1218.

ETC scans
I added new scans from ETC magazine, thanks to kping :)

Is Jessica Simpson Dead?
The latest on those Marvel rumors.
Rumors have persisted for weeks now that pop star Jessica Simpson is poised to star in a Marvel Studios movie due for release sometime next year. (Simpson's father has reportedly confirmed the existence of such a deal.) Oddly enough, all the high-profile forthcoming Marvel films – Blade 3: Trinity, The Punisher and Spider-Man 2 – have already cast their lead roles. Moviehole has announced the cast for Man-Thing and Simpson is not in that, either. So what project does that leave for the 23 year-old Texan – who has ZERO ACTING EXPERIENCE, remember – to star in?

Various sources – including Coming Attractions at Cinescape Online, Superhero Hype and the far less reliable Star tabloid – have suggested that Simpson is the likely candidate to portray Susan Storm, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman, in 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four. But producer Ralph Winter advised The Comics Continuum yesterday that Fantastic Four still lacks a director, a script and any officially announced cast members.

Then Superhero Hype claimed that Simpson would play the girlfriend of Mort, the Dead Teenager. The adaptation of the Marvel comic is set-up at DreamWorks, the site reported. Well, Mort was at DreamWorks during the 1990s and then it became part of the deal between Marvel and Artisan Entertainment in 2001. (The official press release can be read here.)

But then in 2002 it was reported that Dimension Films was developing it along with Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender's A Band Apart and Madonna's Maverick Films. Dean Paraskevopoulos (Too Smooth) was slated to direct with Dominique Swain (Lolita) reportedly "at the top of the list for Mort's girlfriend." Elijah Wood has long been attached to play the title character.

IGN FilmForce contacted both Artisan Entertainment and A Band Apart to get to Jessica Simpson's bottom – er, to the bottom of the Jessica Simpson rumors. Our inquiries to DreamWorks and Marvel went unanswered.

Artisan advised us that "nobody knows anything about Jessica Simpson," and we're waiting to hear back from them with more on the status of Mort. So far the only film to have materialized out of the Marvel/Artisan deal is next summer's The Punisher.

A Band Apart gave us the most wishy-washy yet cryptic response. When asked to comment on the Simpson/Mort casting rumor, the representative laughed and said "we can't confirm or deny that." When asked if A Band Apart is even still developing Mort, the rep put us on hold and then came back with "we've never heard of that project."

Interestingly enough, there is a Marvel property besides Mort that might make a good star vehicle for Jessica Simpson: the super-powered singer Dazzler, which was part of the Artisan deal. But our Artisan contact advised us that "there's really nothing going on with that film." [Source:FilmForce]

September 7th, 2003
Extra caps
I added 12 captures from Extra about the Jimmy Choo Flagship Store Opening, thanks to Mike!

Nick And Jess Arguing In Vegas
The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Jessica Simpson and her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees were spotted having a spat at Whiskey Bar in the Green Valley Ranch on Friday. []

September 6th, 2003
New HQs
Hey guys, I'm sorry for not updating the site yesterday, but it wasn't working for me. It does now though so woohoo! :D Anyway I added 49 HQs from Last Call with Carson Daly taping and 6 HQs from Jimmy Choo Flagship Store opening :)

Jessica Simpson Named 'Dumbest Celebrity Of The Week'
Globe magazine has dubbed Jessica Simpson their 'Dumbest Celebrity Of the Week'. They remarked after watching her on the MTV 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica' reality show: "Jessica's so ditzy, she makes Vanna White look like a rocket scientist for being able to figure out which letter to turn. By the time the third episode airs, we wouldn't be surprised if 'dumb blondes' were suing her for giving them a bad name." []

September 4th, 2003
Jessica Simpson's 'Sweetest Sin' Video Banned
A fan on Jessica Simpson's official site reports that Jessica's video for the 'Sweetest Sin' was pulled off the play list for Canada's YTV Hits show. Lisa told the forum member, "Thanks for the email! That video has been deemed inappropriate by the YTV screening committee, and is not allowed on the Hit List. See ya! PS. We originally thought we would be able to play it but the people in charge of YTV told us we couldn't so we had to remove it from the voting list. Hopefully Jessica's next video will be one we can play!" Read more.

New pictures!
Jessica attended Jimmy Choo Flagship Store Opening on Madison Avenue last night, I added 48 pics to the gallery.

I changed HQ Of The Moment because I got this gorgeous HQ picture from the official photoshoot! It's very exclusive, huge thanks to Jodi for sending it to me :)

VMAs videos
I added 2 new videos: one is from the VMAs and the other is from Access Hollywood about the VMAs! It's funny because they gave Jess a can of tuna :)

Jessica Simpson in Mort, The Dead Teenager!
Jessica Simpson has been in the press quite a bit lately for her new album "In This Skin" and her new MTV reality show, "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica". The singer continues to mention a Marvel project she's involved with (she said so even here on a Houston radio station), but when asked which movie it is she's been tightlipped. Jessica has also mentioned that your everyday person would probably not know about it.

Thanks to scooper 'aintherenow', who appears reliable, the project is actually the big screen adaptation of Marvel Comics' Mort, The Dead Teenager. Quentin Tarantino will executive produce. His production company, A Band Apart, and Madonna's Maverick Films will co-produce the film to be distributed by Dimension Films. According to Jessica's manager and father, she will play the female lead in the action comedy to be released in the summer of 2004.

The cult comic classic, from creator Larry Hama, is about a slacker teenager who is hit by a train and killed. After his death, he meets Teeth Death, who tells Mort that he must now haunt those that he knew in his life.

"The film is a completely unique look at adolescence as seen through the eyes of a fantasy. It speaks to teen-agers everywhere," Zachary Feurer, a producer at Maverick Films, said previously. "It's a teen comedy with a 'Beetlejuice' sensibility."

Dominique Swain and Elijah Wood were previously rumored to be considered for the lead roles. [Source:Superhero Hype]

September 3rd, 2003
Gallery updated
I added 2 HQ galleries: Billboard Music Awards 2000 and Irresistible Release Party 2001.

Jessica On Last Call!

Here's an amazing opportunity to be a part of JESSICA SIMPSON's performance on LAST CALL with CARSON DALY TOMORROW -- Wednesday, September 3rd. Our friends at 1iota Productions are looking for diehard fans to be a part of this performance. The show will take place in New York City. If you are one of the lucky fans exclusively invited, know that you are an integral part of the performance!

If you are interested in being a part of the show, please visit and click the LAST CALL with CARSON DALY event link and the appropriate date. Then follow the simple registration directions. If you're selected, you will receive a response email with a confirmation letter that will have all the necessary information that you will need to attend this SPECIAL EVENT!!!

Remember, BE QUICK, because space is EXTREMELY LIMITED!!
Good luck and stay tuned to your inboxes! []

September 2nd, 2003
I changed HQ Of The Moment - you can now view a beautiful HQ pic of Jessica's ring! I also added new appearances to the calendar to the left.

Choreographer to Host Dance-Off on MTV
Wade Robson, the choreographer who's crafted moves for Britney Spears, 'N Sync and other pop stars, is giving aspiring dancers an "American Idol"- style shot at stardom on MTV. "The Wade Robson Project" will allow 80 hopefuls to compete for a $100,000 prize and a chance to perform in a video or on tour with a musical act. Dancers first will show off their own freestyle or street moves, then must master the 20-year-old Robson's complex choreography to advance to the next level. The show is scheduled to debut at 4 p.m. Monday and will air five days a week. "In the last few years, Wade has not only been the man behind some of the hottest acts, but has become a celebrity in his own right," Lois Curren, MTV's executive vice president for series and movie development, said Tuesday. Among the celebrity judges are Jessica Simpson, Mya, J.C. Chasez, Master P and choreographer Cris Judd. Viewers also will be able to vote for their favorite dancers at

September 1st, 2003
Jessica & Nick at z100 Last Chance Summer Dance
Jessica and Nick appeared on z100's Last Chance Summer Dance yesterday! I added 31 pictures :)

MTV VMA caps
I added 19 VMA caps.

Tuna + Jessica Simpson = Chicken
Jessica Simpson spoke with Chaunce Hayden of Metro Channel's 'Naked New York' about the shocking moment of her 'Newlyweds' reality show, which challenged the existence of the singer's taste buds. "I hate to admit it, but yes, I swear to you, I really thought Chicken of the Sea was actually chicken," she said. "That's how I really think." []

Sophisticated Life Isn't What Nick And Jessica Are About
Us Weekly caught up with Jessica Simpson and her 98 Degrees hubby Nick Lachey to talk about their new MTV reality show 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica'. "What's shocking is that Nick and I are so normal," Simpson said. "People expect us to have butlers and be sipping champagne with our celebrity friends. That might be Ben and J.Lo, but that's not our life." Lachey added, "It's all trial and error for us. It gives a good overall feel of a typical marriage. Even the ugliness." []

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