November 30th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • E-mail Break Up and No Prenup
A report that aired on Extra on Tuesday stated that Jessica actually sent hubby Nick an e-mail letting him know she was going public with the separation. Nick reportedly was stunned. Her Texas Thanksgiving trip was pre-planned and sources dished to "Extra" that Nick had tried to work things out, and was ready for the Texas trip - until he got the alleged Dear John - uh - Dear Nick e-mail. He then realized the marriage was over. Full story.
        • Jessica Simpson Shocker: No Pre-nup With Lachey
Things could get nasty relatively quick if the reports are true that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey didn't sign a pre-nuptial agreement. The Newlyweds stars - who announced their split last week - were reportedly so smitten with each other when they tied the knot in 2002 they decided against signing a pre-nup, according to the New York Post. The popular agreement dictates who gets which assets if a couple breaks up. The buxom blonde star is said to have raked in a staggering $35 million last year. Read more
JESSICA SIMPSON has been attacked by comedienne ROSEANNE BARR, for "looking like everybody else". While the IRRESISTIBLE singer copes with her recent split from her husband NICK LACHEY, Barr has added to her woes by slamming her appearance. Barr says, "This is so rude of me, and I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings - well, sort of I do - but she looks like everybody else. "When I open the magazines, they all look exactly like her: They're too skinny, they're blonde and they all look exactly alike and they have three names and they're 19. "I don't really follow (the news on Nick and Jessica), but I know they're getting a divorce, which is always very sad."
Singer JEWEL has become JESSICA SIMPSON's guardian angel, as she battles her way through her split with husband NICK LACHEY. Last week (ends25NOV05), Simpson and Lachey ended months of relentless speculation when they announced that they were going their separate ways after three years of marriage. Read more.
Jessica Simpson's name is being dragged through the courts as two companies battle over cash earned from her branding rights. The Dukes Of Hazzard actress sold the rights to her name for a staggering $10 million (GBP5.6 million) last year (04) to ANDREW KIRPLANI who promised to launch lines in children's clothes, accessories, sportswear and jewellery. But the tycoon set up Jessica Simpson Brand Management, only to pass the rights on for an inflated $15 million (GBP8.3 million). Read more.
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's publicist insists he didn't lie about their break-up for months before the couple split - claiming he didn't know their marriage was in tatters. During six months of continuous and intense speculation about the state of their relationship Brad Cafarelli batted away gossip, insisting the couple were still together. Read more.
        • New candids
November 29 2005: Jessica Simpson has lunch with CaCee and has a lot to say to her close friend after breakup with husband Nick. Click here for high quality pics.

November 29th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Baby girl supposedly on the way for Drew and Lea Lachey
From sarah102383 @ JJB: "Apparently Drew Lachey and his wife Lea Lachey are expecting a baby girl on March 29th, if their online registries are to be believed."

- it is not really Jessica related news but congrats to Drew and Lea (if this is true)!
        • new scans
Lisa sent me some new scans! Thanks girl !
• 04 x Life & Style, November 28 2005
• 04 x Us Weekly, November 28 2005
• 04 x In Touch, November 28 2005
• 02 x Inside TV, November 21 2005
• 04 x Star, November 28 2005
• 04 x Star, December 5 2005
• 05 x In Touch, December 5 2005
• 04 x Life & Style, December 5 2005
• 01 x Us Weekly, December 5 2005
        • US Entertainment shows coverage - Monday
Thanks to ayc88 for typing it up!

E News - It started with the host saying, "From the looks of the first weekend of official separation, Nick and Jess won't be reuniting again on screen or anywhere else for that matter." Then they went on to talk about Nick spending Thanksgiving alone in LA, while Jessica was in Texas. Ken Baker, from Us Weekly, was interviewed and he said Nick was DEVASTATED (he made that statement a priority). He said that Nick and Jess ultimately couldn't be happy together when they drifted appart and became different people with different careers. They showed pics of Jessica at the tannig salon without her wedding ring. Then they talked about Nick's new show on the WB and how it will be about a baseball player that is dealing with a new marriage. They showed an interview from the Gucci event were they were talking about finding a new house and when they were walking up the stairs he patted her butt. (Made me sad to see that, was that fake?)

ET - They showed Nick with the brunette girl outside the studio and showed pics of Jessica at the tanning salon. Then they interviewd people at the LA Christmas parade, where Nick and Jess met. Kathy Griffin said she was sad about it and then some other actor said marriage wasn't like waffles were you can throw away the first one because it burned. He said you have to work at it. (He was very right). Then they talked about Nick's show.

Access Hollywood - The hosts were talking about what they were thankful for, and Nancy O'Dell said she was thankful for the break of covering the Nick and Jessica split. (I thought it was rude). Then they showed some paparazzi video of Joe at Wal-Mart in Texas and Jessica and her family in Texas. They also talked about Nick's show.

Extra - They talked about the pic of the college student and Nick, which to me seemed like a pic a celebrity takes with a fan. They photoshoped the rest of the girls off the pic and showed it. (Old news that they are using to make ratings). Some Us Weekly lady said that it was hard for them to have a thriving marriage when everyone was talking about supposed affairs. She said there were no other people involved in the break up. Talked about Nick's show.

This was all from memory, so if you notice a mistake please correct me. I do these to keep the fans from out of the country and people who don't have time to watch these shows informed. I know some of y'all are tired of hearing about this, but it is just too important and unbeliavable to not post.
November 28th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
Pop singer-turned-reality TV star Nick Lachey is hoping to bounce back from his recent marriage split with a new sitcom. The former 98 Degrees star, who announced his separation from his wife of three years Jessica Simpson last week (23 Nov 05), is in negotiations to play a baseball star trying to cope with a new marriage.
        • More airport candids
I added 3 more candids of Jess in LA on November 23 on her way to Waco, TX. View them here. Does the gallery and forum work faster for you guys now? They should!
        • OK! Not Okay With Us Scoop
Anonymous writes ""A friend of mine works for OK! magazine so I asked the person about the Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson split, and my source said the magazine staff is livid at Simpson for giving Us Weekly the scoop. My source complained, "Here we are trying to feature Nick and Jessica in the most positive light as others publications claimed their marriage was doomed week after week, we generously compensated her, and this is what we get in return... a slap in the face! It should have been Sarah Ivens on the 'Today' show this morning, not Janice Min. The gloves are now off.""
        • more wallpapers!
Marta was kind enough to send me more wallpapers with Jessica - thank you !!

by Marta by Marta by Marta by Marta
        • Family Christmas captures
I added nearly 500 captures of the Nick & Jessica's Family Christmas special. I would like to thank Rachel for being so nice and sending me the show on DVD - thanks so much Rachel! :D This is a great special, I will be posting videos from it around Christmas time!
Also I am aware of the fact that the gallery and forum work slow - it's caused by the huge amount of visitors who browse at the same time (400+). I'm gonna try to figure something out to fix it. Thank you for your patience. I would like to ask you not to hotlink any pictures from the gallery at message boards etc because it also slows down the gallery, upload them to free image hosts like ImageShack instead of hotlinking - thank you!!
        • gallery additions
• 39 x Hollywood, November 13 2005 [HQ]
• 16 x Shopping in Malibu, September 4 2005 [HQ]
        • Aussie NW scans
I added scans from Australian NW mag, Nov 28 issue - thanks to DaNN-i!

        • new candids
November 27 2005: Jessica Simpson looks upset after breakup with husband Nick Lachey but at the same time relieved after months of denial. The first thing she does after returning to Los Angeles is to go to a tanning salon for a new look.
(alternate link to the pictures: here)

        • wallpaper & icons
by Marta I got another beautiful wallpaper for you, this time it was made by Marta! It features a beautiful picture of Nick & Jessica - thank you Marta! I also added 5 new Live Journal icons made by Fai :)
November 27th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • wallpapers
I added 2 new wallpapers made by Joakim (1 and 2) and also one made by Ana - thank you guys very much!
        • livejournal / msn icons
I added 2 new Live Journal / MSN icons made by Angelic and over 300 captures of the Nick & Jessica's Tour Of Duty special.

        • scans
Here's some new scans for you, thanks to Lisa! :)
• 04 x OK! [UK], November 29 2005
• 05 x Twist, December 2005
• 07 x OK!, November 7 2005
• 03 x Inside TV, October 31 2005
• 05 x In Touch, November 7 2005
• 05 x Celebrity Living, November 7 2005
• 04 x In Touch, November 14 2005
• 01 x Life & Style, November 14 2005
• 03 x Us Weekly, November 14 2005
• 01 x Star, November 14 2005
• 01 x Us Weekly, November 21 2005
• 06 x Life & Style, November 21 2005
• 02 x In Touch, November 21 2005
• 02 x Star, November 21 2005
• 03 x Celebrity Living, November 21 2005
        • jessica's family thanksgiving
Jessica Simpson's first Thanksgiving without hubby Nick Lachey was a time for family, support and great love. Star caught up with Jessica's little sister Ashlee and her latest squeeze, band member Ray Brady, in Texas, on their way to the airport, on Saturday November 26th.
"Jessica's doing great," Ashlee tells Star in an exclusive interview. "We all had a good Thanksgiving, all the family was together and we had a wonderful time. "We didn't even talk about Jessica's breakup from Nick; it wasn't something we wanted to dwell on. Jessica's happy and she's absolutely fine." Read more.

- now I don't know how much of it is true, if anything... would Ashlee even talk to Star?
        • more waco candids
I added more candids from Waco, TX where Jessica and the Simpson family spent Thanksgiving. Those are mostly of Joe and Ashlee, Jessica seems to be hiding, you can only see her shoe. Thanks to Criss!
November 26th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • "jessica" sitcom clip!
You guys are gonna LOVE this clip! It's Jessica explaining how the Internet works in the pilot episode of the sitcom, this is gonna cheer you up I promise - just too funny LOL! Download it below!

"Jessica" Sitcom Clip [Exclusive!]
Format: avi (you need xvid codec to play this video)
Size: 9,19 mb
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
Number of downloads:
        • "jessica" sitcom captures
I added 190 captures of the pilot episode of "Jessica" - the sitcom which did not get picked up by ABC. I'm gonna try to get some clips for you as well! :)

        • fan collections
There's a new addition to our Fan Collections section: Taylor sent me pics of her room and some of her Jess items, and also a pic of her with Jess - thanks Taylor!
        • New candids
November 25 2005: Jessica Simpson gives her dog Malti-Poo Daisy a kiss while out with friends, sister Ashlee and a mystery man in Waco, TX. Thanks to Criss!

November 25th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jess and Nick Call It Quits; Get the Latest Details
The country's favorite "Newlyweds," Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, are calling it quits, and as questions intensify about the couple's future and fortune, "Extra" has learned new details about the split. "Extra" caught Simpson alone in the Los Angeles airport Wednesday, where she was on her way to her family's home in Texas. She was apparently still wearing her wedding ring. Lachey reportedly spent Thanksgiving in Los Angeles watching football with his buddies. Us Weekly's Dana Sansing told us that despite all the headlines, there is no evidence of a third person involved in the couple's split. Instead, she said that career pressure and time apart are to blame. "They really both wanted to make this work," Sansing said. Read more.
        • uk cosmogirl scans
I just got my copy of the UK issue of Cosmogirl with Jess on the cover, this really feels weird to post them now after what just happened :(

Also Lisa sent me some new scans so expect those to be added over the weekend.
        • new candids
November 23 2005: Jessica Simpson travels to Texas to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with her family alone (more added!). Also added 3 hqs here, thanks to Criss!

        • just a quick note
I have just finished editing all the pages to match the new layout! I think I have edited them all however if you find one that hasn't been edited let me know. (I haven't edited the archives, too much work lol
        • Hey everyone!
Hey guys, thank you for all your e-mails concerning the Jessica and Nick split and also the new layout. Since there are so many questions I will try to answer some of them now. I do not have any more information about the situation with Jessica and Nick, I wish I could tell you more but I really don't know any details. A lot of you have asked me to pass a message to Jessica, if you would like to send her a message of encouragement please write it here, Jessica knows about this page so just leave her a message there. Also I am sorry but I cannot reveal Tina's e-mail address, I hope you understand, I do not want her to get flooded with e-mails etc, plus it is a privacy issue as well. If you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me and I will try to answer as many as I can, thanks!
November 24th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • A message from Jessica to us - fans!
Jessica's mother Tina sent me this e-mail (it was a reply to my e-mail to her actually) with a message from Jess!
"It is a separation at this time and we all trust that God has a plan. Jessica says... she loves all her fans and appreciates their love and support. Keep her and Nick in your thoughts and prayers. Also she says "Happy Thanksgiving" and always know that in trying times there are 10 more things to be thankful for!"
Thank you Tina and Jessica for the message!
        • New layout!
We have a new gorgeous layout up! Thanks so much to Charmaine for creating it for us! And for all of the help! I hope you guys like it as much as I do! The sections haven't been converted yet to match the new layout but don't worry, I'm working on it! Happy Thanksgiving!
        • Simpson, Lachey Officially Separating
After more than a year of break-up rumors, "Newlyweds" Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have officially decided to call it quits, ET has confirmed.
"After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways," the couple said in a statement Wednesday. "This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other. We hope that you respect our privacy during this difficult time."
November 23rd, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • maxim's hot 100 of 2004 video
I added a video of Jess on VH1 Maxim's Hot 100 of 2004, enjoy!

Maxim's Hot 100 Of 2004
Format: avi
Size: 39,1 mb
Download | Megaupload link | Captures
Number of downloads:
        • Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant?
Jessica Simpson’s friends have revealed that the dim blonde is pregnant. Simpson has been fighting tabloid rumours surrounding her marriage to nobody Nick Lachey for months, but it seems that a baby may just put those rumours to bed. A friend of the couple’s told US magazine Star: "They tried to keep their secret to themselves,' a friend said. "But one day recently Nick decided it was time to break the news starting with his mum, Cate." "Jessica's got to be pregnant," "She's smirking like she knows something nobody else does and she's eating like a horse." If she is it will definitely be used for publicity, maybe even a new show ‘Newly Born’ perhaps?
        • Buttons
I added plenty of new buttons to link this site with :)
        • Jessica Simpson Is 6 Weeks Pregnant, Marriage Saver?
They say that nothing saves a marriage on the rocks like a baby in the mix. According to a report in the upcoming Star, Jessica Simpson is about six weeks pregnant. Hubby Nick Lachey is reportedly so happy he must be 'convinced he's the father,' writes Howard Gensler. "She's also hanging on Nick like they're on a second honeymoon," the Star quotes a source as saying. "... she's eating like a horse," says another source. Isn't that a nice way to describe it? Classy, very classy.
        • Gallery updates
I uploaded some pics to the new gallery.
• 12 x MTV Video Music Awards 2001 [HQ]
• 17 x Radio Music Awards 2001 [HQ]
• 11 x Beverly Hills, April 19 2002 [HQ]
• 08 x Santa Monica, September 21 2002 [HQ]
• 78 x Making The Video - With You
November 22nd, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson's exhaustion of PR reps continues
We're hearing rumors that Jessica Simpson, hot off getting dumped by uber publicist Brad Cafarelli, is signing with also-uber publicist Rob Shuter. You know, the Dan Klores honcho who just dropped Paris Hilton. A call to Rob's office was met with an low talking office lackey who promised to get back to us. We love a world where clients can hire their handlers and handlers can fire their clients.
UPDATE: Well look at that, somebody does love us. Rob confirms to us that he and Jessica have been working together – "officially – since Friday. You can next see Jessica .. at home with her family for Thanksgiving. And as for Rob vs. Brad, the official word is that they're "friends" and Brad would like nothing more than you to ignore those harsh stories circulating about his fall out with Simpson. Okay, we're done being the talking head for the talking heads.
        • We are featured
SKNET is Featured Site at - thank you Quinetta :) Check out my beautiful award here.
        • gallery updates
I uploaded some pics to the new gallery.
• 02 x To & Owo [Poland], November 22 2005
• 05 x Rolling Stone, November 2004
• 02 x Shop Til You Drop [Australia], October 2004
• 02 x Super TV [Poland], July 2004
• 02 x To & Owo, April 2004
• 08 x Top, November 2004
• 11 x Vanity Fair, August 2004
• 07 x Teen, July 2000
• 04 x Teen Vogue, Fall 2000
• 04 x Marie Claire Cover Photoshoot [HQ]
• 48 x MTV Spring Break in Cancun, March 13 2004 [HQ]
• 94 x Maxim Hot 100 of 2004 captures
        • smtv pics
I came across these yesterday, I haven't seen them before hehe! It's Jess at the SMTV studios in the UK, the pics were taken on April 1st 2000 and are high quality (rotfl at the Pikachu sweater!)

        • Jessica's new rep
[...] But in an ominous sign, Simpson is no longer repped by Hollywood stalwart Brad Cafarelli, but by Rob Shuter at Dan Klores Communications — known to many as a "crisis management" firm. (thanks ayc88)
        • Jessica = next Bond girl?
Hey, it didn't do Halle Berry any harm. I loved Berry's portrayal as the foxy, feisty Jinx in Die Another Day, didn't you? (Sure beat the fancy bird-poop outta Teri Hatcher's Paris Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies, right?) And I predict when Jessica Simpson signs on as the newest, latest, most curvaceous Bond Girl since Ursula Andress in the original Casino Royale--which is now, interestingly enough, being remade with the newly installed Daniel Craig--she'll be a helluva lot more Halle than Teri, ca-peesh?
That is, if the red-hot casting rumor is true. And I'm told by inside Bond sources, it is. No word, as yet, from Camp Jessica. I'm sure they're much too busy talking about other things in Missus Nick Lachey's storied existence. Not even goin' there. For a change. Can't wait to see you rip the somewhat sinewy Daniel to stiletto-heeled shreds, Jess--yum-yum!
November 21st, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson Dyes Her Hair Twice A Week!
Blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson is worried that she may be losing her hair…all that peroxide is taking its toll. A friend of the singer/actress/dolly bird has revealed that Ms Simpson is concerned that all of the dying and styling may cause her hair to fall out in the near future a la Paris Hilton. Read more.
        • Jennifer Aniston Gives Jessica Simpson Divorce Advice
Jennifer Aniston is reportedly Jessica Simpson's go-to-girl for celebrity divorce advice according to a published item. The two have become 'best phone buddies' and apparently Jen is giving Jess advice on how to deal with the publicity of marriage and divorce rumors in the spotlight. Read more.
        • Simpson set to play shopgirl
Pop star JESSICA SIMPSON is in negotiations to follow up her movie debut in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD by playing a shopgirl in EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH. If talks are successful, Simpson will be cast as a cashier at a discount supermarket, who becomes the object of desire for two store room assistants. US comedian DANE COOK has already signed on as one of her potential suitors.
        • Newlyweds
I added the episode recaps for season 2 of Newlyweds, the videos are also available for each episode - thanks to Mela, Jessica Morris and Maria!
        • New candids
November 19 2005: All in black Jessica Simpson offered a 40 000 dollars BMW to her assistant-friend CaCee at a BMW dealership in Beverly Hills before going shopping at Curve store in West Hollywood.

        • Jess shopping at Kitson video
Click here to watch.
        • Simpson in talks for 'Employee' job
Jessica Simpson, who had a role in the summer hit "The Dukes of Hazzard," is in negotiations to star opposite stand-up comedian Dane Cook in "Employee of the Month." Simpson would play a cashier who makes the employees at a discount superstore go ga-ga. Cook is set as one of the two dorky workers who are vying for her attention by competing for the "Employee of the Month" title. Gregory Coolidge will direct the Lions Gate comedy from his own script. The studio is eyeing a spring start date. Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
November 20th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Newlyweds captures
I just finished adding captures of the missing episodes so check them out :) We now have captures of all Newlyweds episodes in our gallery! And also over 22500 pics - wow! And still so many to add! This is exciting :)
        • Newlyweds episodes
If you are interested in downloading the Newlyweds episodes head over to our Newlyweds recaps page, all season 1 episodes are available, you need to choose an episode and scroll down for the download link (all episodes are hosted at megaupload). Huge thanks to Mela and Jessica Morris who generously took their time to upload the episodes for the fans :) Stay tuned for more episodes soon.
        • LiveJournal icons
I added 100 beautiful livejournal icons made by Cheryl! Thanks so much for those, they are gorgeous!
        • Video
I decided to upload some older performances to the site, I will also be uploading them to megaupload so the links will be available longer.
November 19th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson Dumped by Her Publicist
Yesterday was a bad day for Jessica Simpson, as she was unceremoniously dumped by her publicist of the past two years, Brad Cafarelli. Cafarelli, who also represents Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, was allegedly tired of dealing with Jessica's creepily involved father, Joe Simpson -- presumably, Cafarelli would rather devote his time to his clients that don't need a constant father-figure. Interestingly, we hear Cafarelli's final straw was utter exhaustion, the sort that comes from pretending, for the benefit of the press, that Simpson's marriage to Nick Lachey isn't a total sham. Much like the rest of us, Cafarelli had had enough. Moral of the story: When you can't even get your paid liar to lie for you, things aren't good.
        • Video
I added a video of Jessica singing "God Bless America" at World Series! :)
        • New candids
November 18 2005: Jessica Simpson leaves the English Pub 'The Cat and Fiddle' with her friend Cacee before heading off to catch a the movie 'Walk the Line' starring fellow actress Reese Witherspoon. When asked if she enjoyed the movie she replied 'It was very good' (high quality). Alternate link to the pics here.

November 18th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Hollywood goes Gucci for charity
The red-carpet question "Who are you wearing?" was pointless Wednesday night at In Style magazine's private fashion show dinner party, where everyone was wearing one designer — Gucci, Gucci and more Gucci. Charlize Theron arrived in green Gucci. Lindsay Lohan in black Gucci. Evangeline Lilly in red Gucci adorned with sequined butterflies. And Jessica Simpson? Well, her wild, multicolored Gucci gown was described by husband Nick Lachey as "sophisticated jungle." Read more.
        • Expressions
I added 5 new expressions lol :D
        • Photoshoots update
I added some photoshoot pictures to the gallery.
• Michel Linssen Photoshoot, London 2002 [HQ] [02]
• Monday Night Football Promos [HQ] [04]
• Elle Photoshoot 2004 [08]
        • For Me scans
I added scans from For Me magazine December 2005 issue, thanks to Lisa :*

        • Photoshoot outtakes
I added 7 outtakes from the recent Mark Liddell photoshoot for Teen People!

        • Early performances video
I added a video of Jessica performing 3 songs at Teen People "What's Next" Party in 2000, she performed "I Wanna Love You Forever", "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" and "Where You Are" with Nick :) This is a small real media file, video quality is poor but it's worth seeing! Thanks to nessa-kitty for finding the video!
        • New candids
November 16 2005: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey leaving LAX in Hollywood seem very much a couple.

        • Sitcom captures
Here are 4 captures from Jessica's unaired sitcom "Jessica", pilot episode. The sitcom wasn't picked up.

November 17th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson Is Knocked Out Of 'I Dream Of Jeannie' Race
The race to win the role of Jeannie in the film adaptation of TV series ‘I Dream Of Jeannie’ is hotting up. Favourites to win the much coveted role are now the heavily pregnant Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson and Lindsay Lohan. Jessica Simpson and Keira Knightly were also in the running but no longer have a hope in hell according to reports. The movie is to be directed by ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ maker and Hollywood hot stuff Gurinder Chada.
        • New pictures
November 16 2005: Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey attend the Gucci Spring 2006 Fashion Show Benefitting The Childrens Action Network (high quality).

November 16th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jess in CosmoGirl
Jessica made the cover of the UK edition of CosmoGirl magazine, December 2005 issue, I'll have scans up asap :) Thanks to JF member Lily!
        • Billy Bush Says Jessica Simpson Is Making A Mistake
Billy Bush wrote on his 'Access Hollywood' blog Thursday (November 10): "I am aware of the impact the Jessica Simpson piece on our show made. It was the discussion on morning radio across the country. I woke up Wednesday morning in Chicago and it was in the Sun - Times. I get was refreshing. We showed the infamous 'handlers' trying to 'manhandle' the media. The fact of the matter is, however, that Jessica Simpson is young and taking on the world. To shut everyone off to the main thing that made her famous, her open book approach, is a mistake. If she had said, 'I really don't want to talk about it,' I would have related to her and honored her concern. To sit there while 'handlers' intervened shows the opposite of why we like her. Jessica is a great girl who has a lot of people in her ear. Her gut is what she should trust. She'll realize this and grow."
        • 'Ashlee Is So Stupid' Says Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has labeled her sister Ashlee 'stupid' after she allegedly almost burnt her house down. For a celebrity who's been in the public eye as much as she has [because of her own recent publicized troubles] - and under the reality TV microscope - for as many years, Jessica Simpson sure has a big mouth The sexy star was overheard bitching about her younger pop star sister to her mother, Tina, at the Accessories Council ACE awards show, in New York. According to America's New York Post newspaper, as she walked down the red carpet, Jessica was overheard saying: "Mom, Ashlee is so stupid. She left the popcorn in the microwave and almost burned the house down." The Hollywood cleavage champ has also been voicing her concern about Ashlee's wild partying. Jessica, 25, whose marriage to Nick Lachey is reportedly on the rocks, is worried her younger sibling is going out too much and wants her to slow down for the sake of her career. Read more.
November 15th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
November 14 2005: Actress and popstar Jessica Simpson shows off her multi-tasking skills as she sends messages on her Sidekick while driving in hubby Nick's BMW (high quality).

        • New candids
November 14 2005: Jessica Simpson all dressed in black with visible white bra on her way to see a movie without Nick.

        • New candids
November 13 2005: Jessica Simpson gets cozy with mysterious man at the hotel Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

November 14th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
November 13 2005: Jessica Simpson arrives at AFI Fest 2005 Closing Night Gala of "Casanova".

        • New Nick candids
I added high quality candids of Nick taking Daisy to vet in Calabasas on November 12. I know Nick fans come here as well so I decided to add those pics :) Click here to view the pics!
        • Oprah talked about Nick and Jessica
From ayc88: "She was interviewed on ET about her 20th anniversary. She was talking about the tabloids and how hurt she felt before about all the stories. She said she stopped reading them about 2 years ago, and she realized everyone has a theme that the tabloids run with. She said her theme was too fat and not married, while Jessica's was her marriage and being too thin, so the tabloids give you a theme and keep writing about that forever."
        • New candids
November 11 2005: Nick & Jess at Ago Restaurant (high quality).

        • New candids
November 13 2005: Jessica Simpson enjoys a lunch with a friend in West Hollywood.

November 13th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Photoshoot
I added some beautiful outtakes from Matthew Rolston photoshoot, thanks to Anya!

        • New scans
I added scans from Aussie Who magazine, thanks to DaNN-i :)

        • New candids
November 12 2005: Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are back together and seem very much in love as they go to see the movie Jarhead.

        • New candids
November 11 2005: Jessica Simpson wears her ring and the couple seems perfectly happy at the italian restaurant Ago in West Hollywood friday night.

November 12th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica quote
Speaking about her husband Nick, Jessica Simpson said: "hopefully mine and Nick's story will continue for the rest of our lives, like what we vowed, through sickness and in health."
        • Simpson takes a pen to her problems
Pop beauty JESSICA SIMPSON insists the only way to prevent herself from "exploding" with stress is to write her feelings down. The 25-year-old singer warns fans against bottling their problems up, and advises them to follow in her footsteps in putting pen to paper or confiding in pals. She says, "It's a way for me to know myself and my problems. "If I don't do this, I'll push everything back until I explode. Sometimes it helps to talk about my feelings with friends."
        • Caption It!
I added your captions, thanks to everyone who submitted one :D Check them out!
        • Jessica to present at the VH1 Big in 2005 Awards
Beck, INXS and Def Leppard will perform at the VH1 Big in '05 Awards, taping December 3 in Los Angeles and airing the following night on VH1. Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Piven, Kristin Cavalleri, the Hogans and Danny Bonaduce are presenting and D.L. Hughley is hosting the event.
November 11th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Caption It!
New picture has been added to the Caption It! section, I'm waiting for your funny captions! :) Please remember to only submit captions for the top pic and include your name in the e-mail!
        • Jessica in Africa
Jessica's African Journey On a charity mission, Simpson joins up with a medical team working to help children with facial deformities. "I needed to escape," says Jessica Simpson, reflecting on her recent 10-day trip to Kenya. "I needed to get away from life and surround myself in that which is good." For the pop princess, that meant being a goodwill ambassador for Operation Smile, an international charity that provides free reconstructive surgery to kids.

Simpson, 25, rode a bus from Nairobi to the town of Nakuru in western Kenya, where she sat in on an operation to correct the cleft lip and palate of 18-month-old girl Boke, (top), one of 158 procedures that Operation Smile's plastic surgeons performed during Simpson's visit. "I was there from scrub up to the end," she says. Adds Dr. William Magee, Jr., cofounder of Operation Smile, "She was great – she didn't flinch."

"They were in awe of the blonde hair," says Simpson (with children in Nakuru). "It's so cute because they look at you like they are just trying to figure you out." And out there, no one knew her as the celebrity she is back home. "It was refreshing. It was nice to be normal."

"The women hunt, and they build the houses," says Simpson (with a mother and child in a Masai village near Nakuru). The hut "is not mud. It's actually cow dung. Interesting, right?" Via cell phone, she described to husband Nick Lachey, 32, who was in Sweden recording a new album, how she was roughing it. "I told him, 'Nick, you would be so proud of me. I had spiders in my bed, and I didn't even care because I was so tired.' "

Toward the end of the trip – which "Simpson and her group paid for themselves," says an Operation Smile executive – she fell ill for a day. Simpson, who left Nov. 1 (but not before seeing some African wildlife), says, "It wasn't a big deal, just a high fever." In the end, the journey was worth it. "It's crazy, to go there to bring blessings to these kids," she says, "and they end up blessing you more."

        • Gallery updates
I added some pictures to the following galleries:
• Los Angeles, October 5 2005 [17]
• American Music Awards 2004 [HQ] [58]
• In This Skin Bonus DVD Caps [339]
• LA Airport, October 24 2005 [HQ] [06] (thanks Roxana!)
• These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (better quality caps) [139] (thanks Roxana!)
• MTV TRL Tour - Backstage, July 18 2001 [HQ] [03]
• Baton Rouge, November 20 2004 [HQ] [08]
        • More ACE Awards pics
I uploaded 27 more high quality pictures of Jessica at the ACE Awards, click here to view them.
        • Candids
November 10 2005: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey return from a visit to his family in Cincinnati, Ohio.

        • Candids
November 10 2005: Jessica Simpson grabs hold of her pretty puppy as soon as she gets her into her car on the way to the airport New York City, USA (high quality).

        • Buddy icons
I made 3 new AIM Buddy Icons :)
        • Exclusive look at the clothing line photoshoot
Jessica at a photoshoot for her new clothing line, credit: Access Hollywood.

        • Scans
Lisa sent me those some days ago :* Thanks girl!
• OK!, October 21 2005 [02]
• Star, October 31 2005 [05]
• Us Weekly, November 7 2005 [03]
• Star, November 7 2005 [02]
• Life & Style, November 7 2005 [06]
• Girlfriend [Australia], December 2005 [07] (thanks Joyce!)
• TV Hits [Australia], December 2005 [05] (thanks Joyce!)
November 10th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson Goes Silent
Jessica Simpson is very excited about the new shoes in her fashion line, so who can blame her for wanting to talk all about them when she sat down with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush over the weekend? And while that's fine, Billy also wanted to address the elephant in the room – the status of her marriage with Nick. But when he did, it led to one interesting interview. Read more.
        • New candids
November 9 2005: Jessica Simpson leaving the Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York City with her huge bodyguard (high quality).
November 9th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Simpson slammed for safari
Newlyweds star Jessica Simpson is facing a barrage of criticism from humanitarian agencies after she allegedly interrupted a 10-day charity visit to Kenya with a $1,500 (GBP833) safari, despite insisting she was too ill to visit local children. The singer reportedly spent just two days with Operation Smile - a charity repairing facial deformities in children - before embarking on a recreational trip of the same length in the Masai Mara National Reserve last week (begs31OCT05). A representative for the charity says, "Jessica got sick, like people do, and couldn't get out of bed." But the excuse has been challenged by a hotel insider who alleges, "Simpson was not ill, no doctor was called out to see her." Referring to the safari, an Operation Smile spokesperson says, "It was scheduled downtime." The reality TV star's trip is thought to have cost a staggering $12,500 (GBP6,944).
        • Pictures
November 8 2005: Jessica Simpson poses for the photographers at the 9th Annual A. C. E. (Accessories Council Excellence) Awards at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City (high quality).
        • Pictures
November 8 2005: Jessica Simpson in New York City (high quality).
November 8th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • New candids
November 8 2005: Jessica Simpson in New York City.
        • New candids
November 7 2005: Jessica Simpson leaving LA Airport to go to New York.
        • Duff Scorns Young Marriages
Singer Hilary Duff has branded stars such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson crazy for marrying so young. The 18-year-old star believes marriage should be sacred and private, rather than a desperate bid for media exposure. But Duff, who is currently dating Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, admits to enjoying reality shows such as Newlyweds (starring Simpson and husband Nick Lachey) and Spears venture with Kevin Federline, Chaotic. She says, "There's this trend in Hollywood for people to get married so young. I really don't know what it's about, whether it's wanting a ring on your finger or just getting in the press. "I'm definitely not planning on anything like that anytime soon. And if I did, I would not make a huge thing about it. "Joel is here in the UK with me and we bought video cameras so we were joking around, acting like we were on Newlyweds. "I can't say I don't like shows like that because I find them so entertaining. I like them, they are so stupid they are funny."
        • Affiliates
I added some new wonderful affiliates:,,,,,,,,,,, :)
November 7th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica's Shoe Line Ad
From Caitlin: "Hi i just wanted to send you this picture i found in Teen Vouge magazine it's a promotional picture for Jessica Simpson's new footwear line avaliable at Macy's now." Thank you! Click to enlarge.
November 5th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Dessert pic
I found this new promo picture for Dessert Treats on eBay, I haven't seen it before - it's so pretty! Click here to view.
November 4th, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Live Journal Icons
I made 4 new Live Journal Icons with Jess :)

        • The fans
I added 4 more pictures of Jessica fans: Stephanie 1 & 2, Beth and Jackie! Thanks girls, you look great :D
        • Candids
October/November 2005: Jessica Simpson in Kenya, Africa. Thanks to Stephanie!
November 3rd, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • New candid
Jessica Simpson comes back from Africa, at Los Angeles Airport.
        • Vote for Jess
Vote for Jessica in the VH1 Big in 2005 awards, click here to vote! (Kevin Federline's nomination is a joke!)
November 2nd, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Jessica Simpson's New Cosmetics Line is Delectably Sweet
The tabloids would have you believe Jessica Simpson is in pieces over alleged marital woes with heartthrob hubbie Nick Lachey. But the pop star seems to have her act together on the business front. Adding to her already popular Dessert Beauty line, sold at Sephora and online retailers, and the more affordable offshoot Dessert Treats, sold at drugstores, Simpson has recently launched a third signature collection, Sweet Kisses, aimed at the teen and tweener set. Sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, Sweet Kisses beauty and body products are named after her 1999 debut album and are in line with the edible theme of Dessert Beauty. Those of you who love candy-flavored cosmetics will especially enjoy the plumping lip fragrance glosses that come in three yummy flavors: vanilla cupcake, creme brulee and strawberry shortcake. My pick is the vanilla cupcake gloss (at only $8.87 a pop) that creates a surprisingly pretty golden shimmer, feels extra moisturizing and tastes like the real thing. Even big girls can appreciate the fun factor of having dessert -- without adding any extra calories! Source: here.
        • Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson up for Razzies
A clutch of America's favourite party girls are said to be hot favourites to be dishonoured at 2006's Golden Raspberry Awards. A film awards expert has marked out Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie as likely candidates to fight it out for the worst actress of 2005 award, at the ceremony which names and shames the worst of Hollywood's output. Read more.
        • Teen People scans
Here are the new Teen People scans, thanks to Lisa! :D
November 1st, 2005 | posted by Joanna
        • Newlyweds caps
• Season 2 Episode 4 [96]
• Season 2 Episode 5 [129]
        • Hilary Duff: I Don't Look Up To Jessica Simpson
Movie star Hilary Duff revealed yesterday that she'll never become a teenage bride. Although it's true that the 18-year-old star of Lizzie McGuire and Cheaper By The Dozen is happy with her rock star beau Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, Duff insists they won't be getting hitched any time soon. "Marriage? No! No way, I'm far too young. There's this trend in Hollywood for people to get married so young. It's something sacred and private. It's just awful when people make a big thing of it …. and do it all in public. It's awful," Duff said, according to "I don't see Jessica as a role model, I don't look up to her... I don't want to be like her. I try to be normal and private - I don't want to make a spectacle of my life," Duff continued. Read more.
        • Jessica Simpson: 'Spotlight on Marriage Put Me Into Therapy'
Every weekly tabloid along with each nightly tabloid TV show and every Internet gossip site has an opinion on the Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's marriage. While stars are use to that - to a point - it's still a ton of pressure. Now that pressure and the white hot spotlight on the rumors of Nick's alleged infidelity, and the alleged separation of the couple is reportedly taking a heavy toll on the blonde beauty and is said to be the reason Jessica is now in therapy. Read more.
        • Another Daisy!
From Stephanie: "My name is Stephanie and I dressed as Daisy for Halloween too. I just kept my hair brunette because I look absolutely ridiculous as a blonde... even if it is a wig. Plus Catherine Bach was brunette so I just stuck with that!"
Check out Stephanie's picture here - thanks Steph! :) Also check out Terran as Daisy! Thanks Terran! :D All of the Daisies look very pretty!
Terran also sent us her pictures of Sweet Kisses products: click here to view them :)