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        • Simpsons eat Latin
This week, Jessica Simpson and her mom, Tina Simpson, continued their exploration of McKinney Avenue. Last week, they dropped in for lunch at La Cubanita. On Wednesday, they popped up at La Duni Latin Cafe on McKinney, just north of Knox. The Simpsons washed back their lunch with mojitos.

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        • Jessica Simpson shops Downtown -- we have proof!
Singer, actress, TV personality, tabloid staple Jessica Simpson almost went unrecognized while shopping in Racine last Saturday. Almost.

Jane Key, owner of Inside Out, tells the story this way: "I was running around town Saturday afternoon when I called the store about 2 p.m. and asked, 'How are things going?'

"Kathryn Austin, who was running the store at the time, said, 'The weirdest thing just happened...' "

It turns out that Simpson had been in the store, bought some earrings, but went unrecognized -- until some shop girls from another store called and asked whether she had been there. They described Simpson to Austin -- "...little tiny thing, long blonde hair, wearing a sweatshirt, baseball cap and 4" heels..."


Then everything fell into place and Austin pulled out Simpson's charge slip, with her name and signature on it. She remembered that Simpson had used a Titanium American Express Card, "almost too thick to go through the machine."

(For those of you unfamiliar with the black Titanium American Express card -- and I would suspect that's all of you -- it carries a $2,500 annual fee and the requirement that you charge $250,000 per year. Oh, yes, and it's also by invitation only; estimates are that no more than 5,000 have been issued.)

Jane Key, who has run her store of eclectic gifts from all over the world for 13 years -- ten years at the other end of Main Street near State, and three years at its present location at 406 Main -- said Simpson bought two pairs of earrings: one pair, from India, has large gold discs; the other was made of tribal horn from Africa. Total cost: $19.71.

What was Jessica Simpson doing in Racine last weekend? Sorry, we don't know for sure -- but we can guess it had something to do with Dallas Quarterback Tony Romo, who hails from Burlington. Who knows: Maybe they were here for Chocolate Fest.

Surely, someone managed to take at least a cellphone picture of them...

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Jessica Simpson gave boyfriend Tony Romo a nautical 28th birthday last month - she treated the American football star to a $100,000 (£66,700) speedboat. The singer unveiled the spectacular gift at a special party at the pair's Dallas, Texas home, reports the National Enquirer. And the Dallas Cowboys quarterback was delighted with the custom-made gift. A source tells the tabloid, "Jessica knows that Tony has always wanted a boat. "(She's) hoping that her birthday gift will lead to marriage, and by this time next year she'll be walking down the aisle with him."

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        • (scans) Donna Moderna Informa [Italy], October 2008

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        • Jessica Simpson Working on New Reality Show
Try this on for size!

The new issue of Us Weekly reports that Jessica Simpson -- who endured much body bullying in ­January for performing in a pair of unflattering high-waisted jeans -- recently visited some TV networks to pitch a reality series about society's scrutiny of women's bodies.

The premise of the program, titled The Price of Beauty: "She and a friend set off on a road trip around the world in search of what people find beautiful and why," says a source.

(In a recent Vanity Fair cover story, Simpson talked about criticism of her figure: "It comes with what I do, and I know that every day the media's going to challenge me.")

The insider continues that the onetime Newlyweds star, 28, will be hands-on with the show -- and will even try some of the "shocking things that women do to make themselves beautiful. Picture Fear Factor."

The singer's rep tells Us, "Jessica is indeed working on a new show, but network details have not been finalized at this time."

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        • Jessica Simpson's Return to Reality
After Jessica Simpson and ex hubby Nick Lachey tied the knot, they lived their life on MTV's "Newlyweds." Now Jessica says she's ready to be back in front of the reality TV cameras.

Simpson is shopping a show called "The Price of Beauty" -- about her recent weight battle waged in the public eye. In the show, Simpson and a pal "set off on a road trip around the world in search of what people find beautiful and why."

In January, the 27-year-old was ridiculed for an ill-fitting tank top and high-waisted jeans she wore during a performance. The ensemble accentuated her weight gain and set off a tabloid frenzy.

A rep for the singer tells Us Magazine, "Jessica is indeed working on a new show, but network details have not been finalized at this time."

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        • (scans) Major Movie Star - Germany DVD

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        • September shows cancelled
"Just wanted to let u know... I was gonna go see Jess in Lake Charles on September 25th and 26th but she cancelled :( I'm so bummed!! My husband called because her name was taken off the Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino website and they told him that... just wanted to tell ya so u could take it off your site."

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        • New Hairdo ad!
Check out this beautiful new ad for HairDo! You can find it in the June 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan

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        • (scans) Oops! [Russia], June 2009
Jessica graces the cover of Oops! magazine in Russia! Check out the scans below.

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        • (scans) Major Movie Star UK DVD
Here are scans of the UK version of "Major Movie Star" dvd! Pick up your copy asap

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- Also, Jessica is not joining Dolly Records.
        • Couples Watch: Jessica & Tony
• Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Tony Romo, leaving Al Biernat's steakhouse in Dallas carrying a bottle of Macallan 21-year-old single-malt Scotch whiskey. Clearly, there was plenty of football talk over their meal: The pair dined with new Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Jon Kitna and his wife Jennifer, as well as quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

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        • (pictures) San Antonio, May 9 2009
Here are some pictures of Jessica performing at SeaWorld in San Antonio, TX on May 9!

        • (fan photos) Dixon May Fair, May 8 2009
I am a huge Jessica Simpson fan. Have been since she first came out. I've been to a few of her concerts and this was so much more intimate! Loved it and she is so adorable. She was totally catering to her fans and made it my fave concert ever! It was awesome! We took a ton a are a bunch attached. Jame.

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        • Candid
May 15, 2009: Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo leave a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles and smile at the camera together.

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        • (scans) Star, May 25 2009

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        • Scans!
I've scanned and uploaded a bunch of magazine articles today! Huge thanks to my friends Ann and Sofia from Sweden and Nick from the US!

• 03 x Story Novell [Sweden], #2 2009
• 02 x Chic [Sweden], March 26 2009
• 05 x In Touch [Sweden], #4 2009
• 03 x Glaze [Sweden], #2 2009
• 02 x Celebrity Hairstyles, May 2009
• 05 x Star, February 9 2009
• 08 x Us Weekly, February 16 2009

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        • SPOTTED: Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson and Macallan
SPOTTED: Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson leaving Al Biernat’s in Dallas late last week with a bottle of The Macallan Fine Oak 21 Year Old in hand. The couple dined in a private room with Tony’s new backup quarterback, Jon Kitna, and his wife Jennifer, as well as quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. In the past, Jessica has been spotted sipping The Macallan 25 Year Old at Hotel ZaZa and around Dallas.
        • Site news
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I've been working on expanding the site for the past few days and therefor there were no updates - sorry about that! That new project is very time consuming and I'm doing my best to make it as great as possible for all of you! There's still lots to do but it will be worth the wait! Thanks for putting up with me Oh yeah, and if you ever considered donating now would be a good time as I could use some help - thank you sooooo much! Of course it's voluntary and totally up to you!
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        • Alan Peppard: Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo
Jessica Simpson was not the complete focus of attention when Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks and coaches gathered for dinner last week. Jess was there, but everybody was watching the Rockets vs. Lakers basketball game.

Tony Romo and Jessica dined in a private room at Al Biernat's steakhouse with Tony's new backup quarterback, Jon Kitna, and his wife, Jennifer. Also on hand were quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

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        • (pictures) Jessica's twitter
I've uploaded 3 new pics from Jess' twitter! Flawless

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        • (pictures) 5/8 Dixon May Fair

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        • (review) Jessica Delights Dixon May Fair
Okay, I'll admit it. The reason I first liked Jessica Simpson was the same reason every other male does. The way she's arranged gets into our heads and turns us to jello. But tonight, ten years after I first ogled her liner notes, I attended my first Jessica Simpson concert because I have now come to love her as an entertainer.

I know she has gone country and I know she is marketed like dish soap, but from the moment she hit the stage she made us forget all that. Backed by an incredible band she shook her stuff to "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and had the crowd on their feet. The Dixon May Fair in the heart of the Sacramento Valley seems the perfect place to market her to the Carrie Underwood bunch, but I dont think Jessica gives a lick about marketing. I have never seen an entertainer care so much about their fans. She smiled and waved to every single person in that crowd tonight, making what looked like every sincere effort to uplift her audience. I imagine if the promoters had not paid her she still would have come out and sang as to not disappoint her fans. It's this endearing quality that has made us fall in love with her.

And my God what a voice. She's a force of nature. By the time she sang the last song, her latest single called "Do you Know?" the audience stormed the stage while Jessica sang with the fury of a hurricane, a true artist fighting to break through the trappings of fame and market research to touch us all and tell us everything would be okay. And then she was gone. There would be no encore, just a smile, a tear in her eye and a promise to find a corn dog.

I'll come back to hear the music, but it doesn't much matter whether she sings country or opera. She touched hearts tonight, brought hope and changed lives. Watching that was worth every penny.

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        • Jessica in Texas tomorrow
Jessica Simpson's performance at SeaWorld is part of the park's “Bud & BBQ” country-music series.

* Where: SeaWorld SanAntonio, 10500 SeaWorld Drive
* When: 7 p.m. Saturday
* Admission: Free with park admission. Limited seating; first-come, first-served

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        • Joe's tweet
"working in ny this week. just at jess showroom. beautiful.."

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May 5th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Me on twitter
I've changed my Twitter username to 'sweetkissesnet' so my page is now located at
        • (scans) Vanity Fair, June 2009

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        • Jessica & Tony Weather the Criticism Together
Having professed her love for Tony Romo – whom she's been dating since Thanksgiving 2007 – Jessica Simpson now has the Dallas Cowboys quarterback speaking up about her.

"We're very similar in that we both appreciate the hometown feel to a lot of things, and live our life like that," Romo, described as "big, easy, handsome," tells the June issue of Vanity Fair (on sale in New York and Los Angeles May 6 and nationally May 12). "She comes to a ton of games," he says. "She's a supportive girlfriend."

Not that this has been unanimously viewed as an advantage. In what at the time was perceived as a curse – and, as Vanity Fair's Rich Cohen points out, in Texas where the Cowboys are a religion, Simpson's dating Romo is like she's dating the Pope – the couple vacationed in Mexico before the Cowboys lost to the New York Giants in the 2008 NFL playoffs. The Giants, meanwhile, went on to win the Super Bowl.

According to Romo, 29, between games, "A lot of people head to Vegas, go back to their hometowns, colleges, and stuff. I was just like, 'Let's rent a house and sit around and watch football.' It seemed like a good decision. But when you're in the public eye, things can be perceived differently."

He adds, "You know, it's very hard when you lose, because games are important, and so many people put so much time and effort in. It's nice to have someone to come home to and try and make you feel better."

Simpson, 28, concurs. "That's how the story goes," she says. "Can't help it. But we don't let it affect our relationship. If we did, we wouldn't be together, because it happened at the very beginning. Dating the Cowboys quarterback comes with hype, the fans, the bloggers, but I've never dated a guy that was more simple. I'm always there for him after a game, and he knows he has me to come home to."

Many Setbacks, Too

Home is definitely an important refuge, because, as the profile also chronicles, life isn't always easy for Simpson. Her "sudden weight gain," though apparently now under control, left her looking "less than slender," the magazine reports. Then there are her professional highs and lows, which include a not particularly enviable movie box-office record and a musical identity that is anything but constant, prompting Sony Music head Tommy Mottola to say, "I think she absolutely needs to re-invent herself."

At the same time, Mottola (who signed Simpson to her first label, in 1997), warns Simpson against flip-flopping between pop, Christian rock and country music – and thereby confusing her audience.

In the face of such challenges, Simpson, underscoring her spiritual self, says, "We all go through trials, but not one thing has ever made me question God. I have a great relationship with God. I can talk to him, get mad at him, frustrated with him. But, ultimately, my faith is what defines me."

Besides, she adds, "There will always be another opportunity, another door to walk through."

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        • The Jessica Simpson Question
Jessica Simpson, the preacher’s daughter from Abilene, Texas, is fighting back against unflattering tabloid portrayals and accusations that she “jinxed” her Dallas Cowboys quarterback boyfriend, Tony Romo. The first step: showing off her God-given assets to photographer Mario Testino for Vanity Fair’s June issue. Here’s the portfolio, plus some exclusive outtakes. Related: “The Jessica Question,” by Rich Cohen.

After a tough few years—two movie duds, a risky foray into country music, and tabloid headlines about her weight—Jessica Simpson is at the crossroads of Obscurity and Re-invention. What brought the 28-year-old pop star, now also the controversial girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, to this moment? Talking to Simpson about her life and loves, the author charts the inevitable rise of a preacher’s daughter from Abilene, Texas, the pervasive influence of her manager father, and the radiant quality that, through thick and thin, has made her a woman to watch. Click here to read the article at!

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        • MON: Jessica's Nick Confession
Jessica Simpson reveals a new confession about ex-husband Nick Lachey in her sexy Vanity Fair tell-all! The singer opens up about her weight controversy -- and her $400-million empire.

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        • (candids) Katsuya, April 30 2009
April 30, 2009: Jessica Simpson leaving Katsuya.

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        • Jessica Simpson Now Doing Lingerie
• Jessica Simpson is adding lingerie, sleepwear, and intimates to her budding empire. We are so overjoyed. Really.

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        • (scans) Us Weekly, May 11 2009

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