May 30th, 2003
Entertainment Weekly gives new album info!
"Yesterday I stopped by Books-A-Million to look through all the magazines I normally read, lol. Anyway, this week's Entertainment Weekly (50 Cent & Jay-Z on the cover) has a summer music preview broken down month by month and they had info on Jessica's album. The release date is August 26th and they have the title of the album as In The Skin, however I hope that's a typo. Jessica wrote all the songs but two. The first single, "Sweetest Sin," is a Sade sounding song written by Diane Warren." [thanks Britney1027]

May 29th, 2003
New Ashlee pictures
I added 3 lovely pictures of Ashlee from MTV Summer Beach House, check them out.

Nick on Access Hollywood
"They just showed a clip of Nick doing his first solo video and Jessica is the girl on it! What a coincidence hey?! ;). His hair was partially flat and spiked. He says Jessica is pretty young so she kids herself or something like that. Then they talk about Mark Wahlberg having a baby and the guy told Nick that he should take notes about that. That's about it and he was wearing a blue shirt by the way."
[thanks pvprincess621]

Jessica Simpson Up for Marvel Superhero Role?
Although she's not up for the role of Wonder Woman, singer Jessica Simpson tells MSN she's got a project lined-up. One woman who is definitely not in the running is singer Jessica Simpson. But she is managing to keep tight-lipped about playing the lead in the next big movie based on a popular Marvel Comics series. "I don't know if your everyday person would know it," she recently told reporters, "but I can tell you this -- it's not Wonder Woman." Stay tuned for what the film might be. [thanks jessluvsnick]

Jessica's book is available!
Go to Jessica Simpson Book to read about it. You can also pre-order it online! :)

WBLI Summer Jam gallery updated
I added a few pictures of Nick to the WBLI Summer Jam gallery.

z100 interview with Nick
I added the z100 interview with Nick to the Audio section.

I updated Appearances section.

New Ashlee captures
I added 8 captures of Ashlee at MTV Summer Beach House & a video clip of her talking about Justin Timberlake! Thanks to SPIKe416aEboideP for capping it :D

May 28th, 2003
I added a few galleries, they are marked with New :)

May 27th, 2003
I added more WBLI Summer Jam pictures, also of Nick! :)

10,000 People Try Out For Canadian Idol In Toronto
As the Canadian Idol auditions came to a close in Toronto on Monday, the show got it's largest crowd yet. About 10,000 people were lined up in a dusty, gravel parking lot across from the downtown Metro Toronto Convention Centre hoping to become the first Canadian Idol. "I wanted to do this my whole life," said Tara Mandler. "In Canada there's never any opportunities to things like this. You either have to have money or position or some connection. It's the first opportunity so that's why I'm doing it now." The 25-year-old waitress performed 'I Want To Love You Forever' by Jessica Simpson. Read more. []

May 26th, 2003
I added even more WBLI Summer Jam pictures!

I added 39 pictures from the Summer Jam :) I also added some beautiful pictures from AMFAR and scans!

May 25th, 2003
I changed HQ of The Moment and added 2 galleries: Arthur Ashe Kids Day HQ and Legoland :)

Monica talked to Nick!
"I called in to request Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent." So the dj guy (can't remember his name lol) asked me my name and where I was from, and I go "Monica" and "Austin, TX"...then he goes "Say hi to Nick Lachey," so I said hi and Nick said hi...then I told Nick that I had something I wanted to say, and a question to first I told him congratulations to him and Jess...and then I asked him, since he'd confirmed earlier that his and Jess's albums and singles are indeed coming out on the same day, I asked him if that was just coincidence, or if there might be a joint tour or something! He said he would definitely love that...I asked him, and he said that it hasn't been decided yet whether or not they WILL. Then he asked me if I would go to that show, if they did tour together, and I was like "Definitely!" Then he goes, "You know, the last time I was in Austin, I was getting married!" and I was like, "I know...I was in school in Oklahoma!" He was like, "It's beautiful there!" and I told him I'd lived here all my life. I think that was about it." [thanks Moni81202]

I added 2 HQs to Song In The City gallery :)

May 24th, 2003
Life Behind Closed Doors
When you think of newlyweds Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, does the phrase "harmonized pop union" come to mind? Well, MTV is betting that viewers will want to see whether the perfectly pitched duo is truly in sync in real life. The duo, who got married in October 2002, are inviting viewers in for an intimate peek at life inside the walls of the Lacheys' under-construction love next. Other than capturing the domesic doings of the couple as they set up house, cameras will be trained on the two as they continue to chase their artistic dreams. For Nick, that means striking out on his own with his first solo effort, a still-untitled album, while Jessica simultaneously promotes her third album In This Skin. She's also trying her hand at acting ( She had a recurring role on That '70s Show this past season.) Whatever they're doing, MTV promises that it'll be must-see TV.
Then there's a picture of them a little quote by it which is: By making their private lives public, will Nick and Jessica skyrocket to fame like the Osbournes?
The Show will chronicle the first year of their wedded bliss from the bedroom to the breakfast table to the recording studio. [from J-14, thanks pvprincess621]

Vivian sent me a story about her meeting with Jessica and a concert review, you can read both in the Interactive section, thanks so much Viv! If you wanna share your story with other fans just e-mail me :)

May 23rd, 2003
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey sought a traditional cake "with a bit of simple sophistication," says Sam Godfrey of Perfect Endings in San Francisco. Each tier was hexagonal with a detailed Victorian scroll, handmade drapes and sugar-paste flowers.
[Source:, thanks Shannon].
I replaced the All Over Press tagged pictures from USO Salute To The Troops with untagged ones :D

I added some HQ galleries and captures of Love Me Tender.

I updated USO Salute To The Troops gallery with some pictures of Nick :)

May 22nd, 2003
Wonder how Courteney's stockbrokering talents are? Never mind. Handing out the just-married tips was new hub-unit Nick Lachey.
What's the secret to lasting love? asks N.L. Get your own toilet.
"We actually have a his-and-hers [bathroom], which is my saving grace," Nick sheepishly revealed. "I'm sure there would be a few hygiene problems, this way we get to avoid those type of fights." [Source: E! Online, thanks Shannon]

I brought some captures galleries back, more coming of course!

May 21st, 2003
I added 3 galleries [marked with new] and one new affiliate :)

E! Online Fashion Police: who looks fine - and who should be fined
Jessica Simpson's other half, Nick Lachey, goes retro lounge lizard at the Race to Erase MS in Los Angeles. He dons Tommy Hilfiger '70s flashback duds: red reptile-skin frock coat, matching boots, maroon and gray paisley-print pants and a cowl-neck sweater that could double for a neck brace in a personal-injury court case. Let this be a lesson: What we have here is a good example of the clothes wearing the man. Check out the pic here. [Source: E! Online, thanks Shannon]

Nick And Jess Debate MTV Movie Awards
Just because celebrities are married doesn't mean they agree on their Movie Awards. asked newly married pop stars Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees and Jessica Simpson to duke it out over their favorite films. Jess was a big fan of Reese Witherspoon on 'Sweet Home Alabama', while Nick enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Catch Me If You Can'. Read more. [Source:]

First single news from AJessFriend
"I heard from the Simpsons today about the new single, so we can put to rest confusion about the title. "The Sweetest Sin" written by Diane Warren is one of only two songs on the new cd that Jessica had no part in writing. It is a ballad tempo song. There will be a video for it, but it isn't shot yet. Radio release date is June 24; cd release scheduled for August 19. PLEASE HEAR THIS: This is the schedule as of today but as with everything in the entertainment business, things can change. Nothing is set in stone. Usual disclaimer: this is ALL I know about it at this time. If I get more info, I'll post it."

"btw, in case the name Diane Warren isn't familiar to you, she has written more than 800 songs & won 3 Grammy's. Her songs have been recorded by Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Patti Labelle, Barbra Streisand, Gloria Estefan, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Aerosmith, Faith Hill, Ricky Martin, Mary J. Blige, N'Sync, LeAnn Rimes, and Gloria Estefan. Her music has appeared in such movies as Ghostbusters, Space Jam, Prince of Egypt, Up Close and Personal, The Preacher's Wife, and White Men Can't Jump. Translation: Diane Warren is a major player in the business and it's bigtime for Jess to get one of her songs."

May 20th, 2003
Punk'd part 2
I added part 2 of MTV Punk'd with Jess and Nick to the Multimedia > Video section. I will have to put only one or two videos at a time, because I have limited space now. I hope you guys understand :)

Info about Forbidden Fruit
I'm a forum moderator on a Madonna forum and today we found out that Forbidden Fruit is actually a song Madonna wrote with Mirwais Ahmadzai for her new album American Life. She didn't use the song and decided to give it to Jessica. It makes sense as Jessica and Madonna have the same manager, Caresse Henry. The production you hear is signature style Mirwais production. You can even hear some faint comparisons between Forbidden Fruit and Die Another Day, in terms of the use of cut up strings, the same bleeps and sounds. [thanks robster16]

Jessica and Ashlee to be on MTV
I just heard on MTV News that Jess and Ashlee are going to be on MTV's Summer Survival Guide on Saturday at 12 pm Eastern. [thanks Moni81202]

I got a lot of e-mails from people requesting part 2 of Punk'd, so it will be up later today - check back! :)

May 19th, 2003
I changed HQ Of The Moment and added 2 Buddy Icons :)

May 18th, 2003
I added some captures from Access Hollywood, Teen People Party.

I have a new video for you, it's from AH, Teen People Party, check it out!

Jessica in Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide
For anyone who is interested there is a little two page article on Jess in the August/September 2003 issue. It is basically just tips on how to get hair like hers...The pictures aren't new (one is the "official" wedding pic) but I thought that some people must be interested. [thanks **silver_angel** from JSMB]

Maxim Magazine Unveils The 'Hot 100' For 2003
Maxim magazine announced their 'Hot 100' for 2003 list, which was topped by Christina Aguilera. Others making the cut were Jennifer Lopez at #5, Shakira at #8, t.A.T.u. at #10, Kelly Clarkson at #27, Britney Spears at #30, Kylie Minogue at #44, Jessica Simpson at #63, Avril Lavigne at #92, and Jennifer Love Hewitt at #95. General Manager Andy Clerkson says of this year's top 10, "The easy part was giving the top spot to Christina Aguilera -- our readers voted her #1 with their record-breaking support of her Maxim cover last January. Christina's issue is the best selling edition of Maxim ever with 2.8 million copies. The rest of the competition was hot, so hot it set off sprinkler's in our building." Check out the entire list here. []

Jessica Simpson prepares wedding book
Singer Jessica Simpson announced today that she is at work on a book that will help readers to affordably plan their own dream wedding. The as yet untitled book will be published in the Spring of 2003 by NVU Editions. In the book Simpson will detail her own experience, from her childhood dreams of her future husband to the big day itself. The book will also feature interviews with wedding planners, designers, stylists and other professionals, as well as intimate, never-before-seen photographs, offering step-by-step guidance for creating a simply elegant wedding with a reasonable budget. An accompanying CD-ROM will offer extra interactive features.

A recent NBC broadcast joins a special wedding edition of InStyle with Ms. Simpson on the cover, as well as an 8-page feature. The details revealed a truly remarkable celebration, making the news of the upcoming publication all the more exciting for both fans and anxious brides-to-be.

"Your wedding is something you dream about from the time you're a little girl," noted Simpson, "And you want it to be perfect. But it shouldn't mean total heartache and stress. This book is an effort to make the planning as fun as the event itself, no matter what the budget." [Source: NVU Productions]

New TV alert
Jess and Nick will be featured in VH1's All Access: Celebrity Weddings on Monday Jun. 2, 9/8c PM, read more here [thanks jessluvsnick].

May 17th, 2003 has a new Jessica interview, from May 13th! Click here to listen, it's a streaming audio and you need to disable any pop-up blocker you have (if you have it) to be able to listen to it :) [thanks jessluvsnick]

I added captures of Jessica & Nick from E! News - Teen People Party and Extra - Teen People Party :)

Jessica Simpson Phones Into WBLI
Jessica Simpson phoned in to WBLI in Long Island, New York on Tuesday (May 13). They joked about how a few years ago she ripped her pants on stage. Simpson says for the BLI Summer Jam she won't be dancing. Jess was in New York while hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees was still in Los Angeles. Jess says she's waiting for payback for getting Nick on 'Punk'd'. She was working on her new album when she called in. []

Jessica was briefly featured on TV in Poland, in the tv show called VIP; they did show her Irresistible music video and talked about her appearance at Teen People Party.

I added the WBLI interview with Jessica to the Multimedia > Audio section, it's in mp3 format - it's for all those, who couldn't hear it online! Enjoy :)

May 16th, 2003
Jessica is number 63 on MAXIM HOT 100 for 2003, thanks ShanMG :)

kels0715 from JSMB writes:
There is an article in this week's People with the American Idol finalist on the cover about extreme proposals and there is a little pic of Nick and Jess, from the teen people party, i think. it says, 98 degrees singer Lachey worked up a sweat when he proposed to pop sweetheart Simpson on a yacht off the coast of Hawaii in February 2002. "I wasn't scared that she'd say no," Lachey has said, "But I was afraid a big wave was going to come up and the ring would fly out of my hand."

May 15th, 2003
I added more Salute To The Troops pictures, from Retna.

Nick attended Playstation2 Playa Del Playstation Party on May 13th, check out the pictures from Star File, Celebrity Photo, Daily Celeb and Film Magic.

May 14th, 2003
The site is officially open :) Not all sections are up yet plus I have thousands of pictures to add, so please be patient. I am doing my best to bring the whole gallery back :)

Punk'd video
You can download part 1 of Punk'd with Jessica and Nick in the Multimedia > Video section :)

Jessica Simpson wants to help children smile
And not just with her music. She's signed on to help Operation Smile, a nonprofit group that provides free reconstructive facial surgery for severely disfigured children worldwide. Simpson plans to attend the medical service charity's fundraiser auction Wednesday in New York to announce her support. []

Jessica in Cosmopolitan
The sex kitten smirk most pop start project is a part of a carefully cultivated image. But Jessica Simpson's sly smile is 100percent authentic. After all, the 22-year old beauty recently married 98Degrees singer Nick Lachey. While dating her future groom, Jessica, the Texas-bred daughter of a minister, publicly announced that she was saving her virginity for marriage. And now that she's wed, she's being just as open about her newfound sensuality. "I used my husband as inspiration for the love songs on my new album, and the track 'The Sweetest Scent' is basically about Nick and me making love," says Jessica. In fact, she has penned all but one of the songs on her third CD, which will be released this summer. And it's not just her CD that motivated her to put pen to paper--Jessica has also written a book about having a star-style wedding on a budget, which is due out this month. No doubt it touches on the importance of a romantic honeymoon. (She and Nick went to Fiji.) "We boated out to our own island every day, where we had the beach to ourselves. We ran around naked, and I got tan in places the sun's never seen before," says Jessica with a laugh. No wonder she looks so happy." [thanks Julysangel706]

Disney Special HQs
I added 7 high quality pictures from the Disney Special :) Please sign the guestbook before you leave, thanks.

May 11th, 2003
Jess and Nick performed at USO Salute To The Troops yesterday, I added 69 pictures :)

Now that Jessica Simpson has wed Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, she's being just as open about her nowfound sensuality as she was before about her virginity. "I used my husband as inspiration for the love songs on my new album, and the track 'The Sweetest Scent' is basically about Nick and me making love," Simpson told Cosmopolitan magazine. As for their honeymoon, she revealed, "We boated to our own island every day, where we had the beach to ourselves. We ran around naked, and I got a tan in places the sun's never seen before." []

Ted Casablanca of E! Online reports Jessica Simpson and her mother Tina were spotted cruising out of the Century City Mall on a weekend afternoon in a pricey Porsche. Jess was without hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, so her mother did the driving. The pair then jetted down Little Santa Monica Blvd. toward Beverly Hills, to continue their shopping spree. []

Us Weekly quotes Jessica Simpson on choosing not to have premarital sex with Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. "My mother never sat me down and told me about abstinence until marriage," she explained. "but I learned from what she did with my dad. And when the time came, on my wedding night, it was really right." []

"totallyintojessica at the JSMB says Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey were featured on ET on MTV. She says, "They show footage of them at the Teen People party. Well... they showed them twice. They asked them since their married how have their styles changed and Nick said that they wear whats around the house and that they sometimes go naked."" []

May 8th, 2003
Jessica Simpson Tricked Into Girls Gone Wild Appearance
After Jessica Simpson was featured in a VH1 documentary on Girls Gone Wild, the singer felt tricked by the raunchy film franchise. "Jessica was on creator Joe Francis's plane going to San Diego for a Pony, Girls Gone Wild, and party before the Super Bowl," a company executive told Us Weekly. Simpson's rep responded, "She thought she was talking to VH1 about the game and had no idea it was for Girls Gone Wild." [Source:]

May 7th, 2003
Jess & Nick at E! News live: they were at the Teen People party and they talked about the reality show. Nick said the fans will see what goes on in their professional and personal lives. Jess said, that "they won't show the bedroom stuff" and Nick said, "the bathrooms are off limits for obvious reasons." lol [Thanks Laurluvsjess]

May 5th, 2003
WireImage posted new pictures of Jessica's younger sister Ashlee from Maxim Reinventing the Wheels Party, I added them to the site, thanks Ratib :)

May 4th, 2003
Jessica on ET on MTV transcript: "Her married life to Nick Lachey is about to become a reality series and Jessica Simpson is so psyched about being a wife she's singing all about it on her new album. "All American with sex appeal." The 22-year-old is anxious to unveil her new style and introduce her more mature sound. "I'm not doing any choreographed dance moves because that was never really me. That was just what was hot then, you know, and now it's great because the music industry is really in a place where it's all about talent and it's a breath of fresh air for me because I actually get to show off what I can do." The labor of love took almost two years to make. "The album's called In This Skin. It's all about being me and um, you know, just what I go through in life and what I've been through and there's a lot of songs about love because I'm in love." Of course Jessica found inspiration in husband Nick Lachey who convinced her to turn her words into music. "Nick did inspire me to write, period. And I got to write the record which has been a phenomenal experience." Married since October, the newlyweds are enjoying the little things. "It's like a big slumber party. Nick and I had never lived together so it's so fun to like go to sleep together and wake up together. It's even fun to like clean toilets together, you know." And we can watch Jessica and Nick do much more when their new reality show his MTV this August. "We have cameras following us wherever we go. Our fans will really love it because they'll see us going into the studio. They'll see us going on tour. Cameras aren't in our bedroom, no. No. Sorry. Ya'll don't get to see that! Thanks ET for coming by the studio. I'll see you guys really soon. Check out my music." You got it Jessica. [Source:Jessica Online]

May 2nd, 2003
The Mirror spoke with pop choreographer Dan Karaty who has worked with Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, and even dated Jessica Simpson. Karate is out with 'The Hotpants Workout', which focuses on every woman's least favorite areas - butt, legs and tummy. He says *NSYNC "were amazing to work with. Those guys were probably the most fun people I've ever met. They all had great personalities." As for Simpson? "She's a sweetheart and great fun to work with, too." Read more. []

Vote for Jessica at FHM 100 Sexiest Women, click here.