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        • Jessica on WFMS 95.5 tomorrow

        • Jessica will not attend ACM
Despite some news reports Jessica will not be attending the ACM Awards on April 5 in Las Vegas. Jessica has other commitments that weekend.
        • (watch) Jessica Simpson fixing computers

        • 3/28(?) Sighting In Dallas
Went to the new Cretia's the other night, which was awesome, and Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson were there. Nice enough people....overheard a guy meeting them and as he shook Tony's hand he teasingly asked "and who's your date?" Tony and his dad (also there) had quite a laugh but I don't think Jessica got the joke.

Source: user comment @ (thanks Tamara!)
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        • (scans) 7 Days [UK], August 25 2005
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        • Comments moderation back on
Yeah, because I released them and they became a mess again, so back to moderating them!
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        • (scan) People, April 6 2009
Another shot from Bel Air!

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        • New candid
March 19, 2009: Ashlee & Jessica out in Bel Air (hq).

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        • Jessica Simpson’s gourmet dog food
Jessica Simpson asked top chefs to cook her dog a gourmet meal. The ‘Dukes of Hazard’ star asked staff at W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, to whip up a luxurious treat for her pampered pooch Daisy.

A source said: “Jess had the kitchen staff cook a meal for her dog but at least she looked fab.”

The 28-year-old star took her beloved pet – a gift from her ex-husband Nick Lachey, 35 - to the US restaurant for a meeting about upcoming work projects. Jessica is determined to ensure the Maltipoo pup – a cross between a poodle and a Maltese – continues to eat well while the singer-and-actress concentrates on getting in shape.

The blonde beauty recently admitted she has re-hired her ex-personal trainer because she can’t resist junk food. The ‘Pray Out Loud’ singer – whose seemingly fuller figure was criticised recently when she was photographed wearing unflattering high-waisted jeans – has embarked on a strict fitness regime to help her control cravings for calorific foods.

A source said: “She just can’t resist junk food. She literally needs to be watched all the time. Jessica has a problem with binge eating, which is usually triggered by stress.”

        • (scans) Military Press, February 15 2009
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        • Q&A: Jessica Simpson
Singer, actress and fashion designer Jessica Simpson greeted hundreds of fans on Saturday afternoon at Dillard's in Scottsdale. But first, the friendly, bubbly star sat down with us to chat about her new dress collection for spring and her personal style.

Question: What part of your personal style shows through in your collection?

Answer: I think that my personality shows through in every piece that you could buy in the Jessica Simpson collection. I am very hands-on and very much involved. Yesterday, we just had an approval meeting for dresses and there are certain things you want to change and certain things, you know, women will feel comfortable in. Nothing really gets past my mom and I if we don't want it on the floors.

Which dress in your new line is your favorite and why?

Um, that's really hard. I love the dress that I am wearing today because it's fitted, elegant and sexy. I think that women of all ages could wear this dress. I like to spruce it up with Louis Vuitton bracelets. What's amazing, even during this recession, is how the collection just keeps getting bigger. I think that when people go to buy something, they get definitely get great product with an affordable price.

How hands-on are you in the design of your products?

I go to a lot of approval meetings. I just got off tour, so my mom's definitely really, really hands on and if there is something she can be in a meeting for and I cant, she'll send me pictures and I will say yes or no or change this. I really want to represent who I am. It's my name. I don't want something out there that would make any consumer feel uncomfortable.

You have shoes, sunglasses, bags, clothing and more - what's next for you?

Actually, we are doing coats for kids. Already right now we are connected with Stride Rite shoes for kids. Now we are getting into coats, but I am anxious for the luggage. I am always traveling so I can't wait to put my Louis Vuitton stuff aside and actually rock some Jessica Simpson going through airport.

Is the success of your collection exciting for you? Are you just so proud?

Yeah, I definitely am so proud. It was risk, but I think when you surround yourself with amazing people that know the market and know what the consumer wants, it works. I literally don't wear flats but one of my biggest shoes is a flat, so I've had to take myself out of what I would wear and think of the consumer.

Do you feel pressured to be wearing your own designs all the time?

No, that's definitely not a pressure for me. I want to represent the line and I feel like I am always putting something in my look. Our jewelry is really great right now. We have lots of fun things that you can mix and match and wear with everything.

What labels other than your own do you enjoy wearing?

Gosh, there's... honestly, I like it if something fits or looks great. I am not a person who tries on in the stores. It drives me crazy. So I buy and take back if I don't like something. I really don't enjoy being in the dressing room. I rather just try it on in my house.

Which trends are you loving for spring?

I think all the colors and, to me, all the patterns that are simple, yet you can wear them every spring.

What accessory would you suggest our readers invest in this season?

I have to say that the new Jessica Simpson hats are awesome, and I just worn one yesterday coming here. I can just not do my hair, and put my hair up in this hat and I just love it. It is a fedora but comes down and covers your right eye.

        • 3/23 Jessica Sighting
I spotted Ms. Simpson doing some grocery story shopping in Irving today. The Tom Thumb is directly across the street from Cottonwood, which is the gated community the Dallas Cowboys player lives in. She was shopping with her assistant, and was dressed in plain t-shirt and jeans, picking out cold cuts and salad dressing. What else was in her grocery cart? Sour Patch Straws (Family size!) Tortillas and cheese. Maybe she and Romo are planning a romantic Tex Mex night in? But clearly, the two are still going strong!

Source: (thanks to Tamara!)
        • New promo pic
Here's a beautiful promo pic of Jessica which was being sold at the concerts!

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        • (view) Academy Of Country Music Awards - CBS Promo Shoot

Thanks to: Lisa!
        • Scans

• Cosmopolitan [Czech Republic], January 2009
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        • Scans

• Esquire [Thailand], June 2008
        • Joe Simpson's Twitter update
Guess that clears it all up even more!

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        • Strawberry Festival video
Here are clips of "Still Don't Stop Me" and "Still Beautiful"!

Thanks to: Alex!
        • 3/21 Dillards, Scottsdale, AZ - fan review & photos
Hi Everyone, I wanted to give a fan review of Jessica Simpson in Scottsdale AZ this Saturday promoting her new dress line at Dillards. Her new dress line is very cute along with her bags, shoes, etc. The dresses run around $100 and not the cheapest but def. cute. Prior to signing, you were required to purchase a Jessica Simpson item and I got her perfume Fancy. Surprisingly, Fancy smells very good so I am excited I found another perfume to add to my list. I got in line 1.5 hrs prior ahead of her arrival and it was well worth it. For the record, she is very small in person even with her heels and her figure is amazing probably weighing no more than 125 pounds. She had a cute brown dress on, high shoes as predicted , bangles on her left wrist and a cute ring on her right hand. Her hair was very casual and appears her extensions were taken out and make up done very nice and not overdone. She smiled and laughed throughout the 2 hrs signing and Daisy even made her appearance and Daisy is adorable. From our 1 minute conversation, she thinks Golden doodles are very cute, Daisy stood up so I guess she liked me (she awed), and she is planning on going back to Dallas tonight and I mentioned Romo and she smiled. I did see Jessica perform at Chase Field this past baseball season but I have never seen her up close and never had any interactions with her so the 3hr wait was well worth it. I did take some pictures with my camera and blackberry and I will send a couple your way so you guys can see Jess!!!!!!

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        • (scan) People, March 30 2009

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        • Marie Claire Outtakes
I've added some beautiful outtakes from the Ruven Afanador photoshoot for Marie Claire!

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        • New pictures
March 21, 2009: Jessica Simpson appears in Dillard's in Scottsdale, AZ to promote the Jessica Simpson Collection (hq) *updated +20!*.

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        • (scans) In Touch, March 30 2009

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        • And more rumors...
Ok so you might have read an 'article' here and there about Jessica's father Joe wanting her to dump Tony? Well it's crap! Joe has been nothing but supportive of Jessica and Tony's relationship and it hasn't changed. I don't know why the media have to make him look bad every now and then! Guess they're running out of ideas or something... anyways, no truth in those rumors
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        • Terence Newman: Relationship with Jessica Simpson takes away from Tony Romo being a QB
Unlike the last time a teammate publicly questioned whether romancing Jessica Simpson affected Tony Romo's focus, Terence Newman's comments didn't create a national media firestorm. And he didn't claim to be kidding the next day.

WFFA Ch. 8's Joe Trahan asked Newman last week about Troy Aikman's take that Romo "hasn't fully grasped what being the Cowboys quarterback is all about."

Newman's reply: "I think that with the situation Tony was in, I think that kind of maybe hurt him a little bit - being a first-year starter, then you have the limelight with his girlfriend and situations of that nature. It's going to take away from him being a quarterback, being a successful quarterback. He won 13 games and everything was perfect, but now after this past season, it was, 'Is he doing enough for the team? Is he working hard enough? You know, he's got this girlfriend, so ...' I think that once he inherited the starting quarterback job and his relationship got into the national media attention, I think that that was something that definitely hurt and took away from Tony Romo being a great quarterback."

There are several reasons Newman's comments didn't make national news, and the fact that I was off last week and therefore haven't blogged about this until now ranks pretty far down the list.

T.O. is the NFL's biggest lightning rod; Newman is relatively anonymous for a good player on America's Team. T.O. made his "just joking" Jessica statements a few days after Romo's worst performance of the 2007 season; Newman made his dead-serious Jessica statement almost two months after the season ended. And, of course, Romo doesn't have to rely on Newman like he did T.O.

But Newman's comments definitely should not be overlooked. He's a guy who was close to Romo when fans visiting training camp had to look on the roster to figure out the name of the dude wearing No. 9. And Newman is clearly concerned about the affect Romo's celebrity has on his game and their team.

If Newman feels that way, it's safe to assume that so do a lot of his teammates, just like T.O. told us 15 months ago.


*rolls eyes* Seriously?
        • 3/13 Irvine, CA - fan review
Who pays to sit front row at a Rascal Flatts show without knowing one single word of a song they sing? I do! But only when my girl, Jessica Simpson opens their show!!!

So, for my review, I want to share some of my favorite “Jessica moments” and highlights from last night, the little things that a dedicated fan notices and would want to hear about. So, here goes…

I saw Jess last night at Verizon Wireless in Irvine. It was her last show with Rascal Flatts and she killed it! As a longtime fan, I was blown away by her sheer vocal ability and beaming with pride for my girl. She sang her little butt off last night without a doubt! I’m sure you’ve already seen pics so I don’t have to tell you how incredible she looked. But I will say, seeing her up close in person like that, I think she is even more beautiful than she is in pictures or on TV, if that it even possible. She is so naturally beautiful; she didn’t even look like she was wearing much make-up, just dark eyeliner and maybe a little bronzer and sheer lipstick.

She sang a lot off the new album (Beautiful, Sunday, Remember That, Come on Over, Pray out Loud, Still Don’t Stop Me, Do You Know) and a few hits from the past (Boots, W/You, Angels) What stood out to me was how amazing she sounded. She is so good live, which is not true for a lot of singers. I think she sang better last night than on her actual album and certainly light years better than on TV. She has real, genuine, God given talent and it is so beautiful to see someone I adore so much doing what she was meant to do in this life and truly loving every minute of it.

So, on to the show… she opened with Boots and she was dancing up a storm, shaking her little booty and let me tell you, our girl has moves! She was so sexy and adorable getting her groove on in her Daisy Dukes. It was such a fun, up-beat set. I had so much fun at her show. My hubby was laughing at me because I was the only person in our section standing and singing and going crazy for Jessica, but there were plenty other fans cheering in the audience (just not where we were sitting). I didn’t care, I was dorking out and having a blast and I loved every second of it!

She talked about her faith a lot and how blessed she was to be there, to be alive, to be in love. She said that her whole family was there with her, supporting her and how much she loved them (I didn’t see any of them though and I was looking!) Before she sang Pray she said that her family always prays out loud together. At one point she said that sometimes she gets mad at God. It was so cute. She was like, “ I cuss at God sometimes, I get mad at Him, I say it’s not fair.” I got a kick out of that, so Jessica to say something like that to a huge audience. I love how uncensored she is.

At one point, this little girl went up to the stage and held out a cowboy hat and pen to Jessica. Jess waived to her and then realized that the little girl wanted her to sign it. The security guard was about to shoo the girl away but Jess said, “she’s ok, just leave it there (on stage).” One of the guys from her crew picked it up and took it backstage and Jess signed it after she was done with her set. I just thought that was so sweet. Jess didn’t have to acknowledge that little girl at all and she did. It just shows what a kind heart Jessica has and how much she loves her fans.

When she sang With You she said that it was the first song she ever wrote on an album and that it was just a really beautiful love song. It was cool because her band came out and sat on stools in a semi circle around her, making the stage smaller and more intimate. I love that song. It brings back such good memories for me. She sang it so beautifully.

She talked about Tony before Come on Over and Sunday. She didn’t say his name but said she wrote this song for the man she is in love with right now and what a blessing he is in her life.

Before Still Don’t Stop Me she said it was the first song she wrote when she got to Nashville. She was hurting and felt really weak at the time. I always wondered if that song was about John Mayer. I always thought When I loved You Like That was about him, maybe both songs are.

She flubbed the lyrics a couple times to Still Don’t Stop Me and Remember That and had to start over. On Remember, she was like, “I always do that, I get ahead of myself and I want to skip ahead to the whisky part.” Her band totally cracked up. Jess looked at her lead guitarist and said sarcastically, “that’s a great quote.” It was so funny and so Jessica.

After Angels she said, “Wow, I feel like I’m on American Idol or something!” It was hilarious. Everyone seemed to get a laugh out of that one. She’s such a goof ball. I love it.

At the end, before she sang Do You Know, she got a little emotional about the tour ending. She thanked Rascal Flatts for giving her this opportunity and for giving her a second chance. She said how much she loves her band and how they are her family and she looked at each one and blew a kiss to her back-up singer.

Final Thoughts: Jessica Simpson is a crazy talented singer. She is drop dead gorgeous but still so warm, goofy and fun. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. She loves the Lord, her family, her Tony, her fans. She loves what she does. She loves country music (and all things Texas). She’s just a happy girl who’s been through a lot and her songs reflect that, but she can laugh at herself and appreciate the beauty in life. Based on her performance, I would bet she made quite a few fans last night. My only con was that her set was too short. I felt like I blinked and it was over. I can’t wait for Jess to do her own tour so I can see her for a whole show! And the final icing on the cake: it turns out Rascal Flatts is pretty good too! =)

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        • (scans) Grazia [Australia], February 23 2009

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        • The tour is over
Jessica's tour with Rascal Flatts is sadly over! It's had its ups and downs but in general it was a great success and it made more people who weren't fans before become Jessica fans after seeing her live. I would just like to take a moment and thank all the fans who went to the shows and shared their reviews, pictures and videos with SKNET! I think we have a great fan community here! And I wanna thank Jessica for the tour and doing an amazing job (considering the press issues but lets put it all behind us now!)!! You rock girl, can't wait for the Jessica Simpson tour and hopefully I can attend a show one day as well!
        • (scan) People, March 23 2009

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        • 3/12 Phoenix, AZ - fan photos

Thanks to: Julie!
        • 3/12 Phoenix, AZ - photos

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • (watch) 3/8 Strawberry Festival - interview

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • 3/6 New Orleans, LA - fan photos

Thanks to: Jessica!
        • (watch) Rascal Flatts on Ellen, talk about Jessica
        • 3/8 Strawberry Festival - fan review
"Hello! I love this site, I've been visiting it for years! I wanted to let you know I went to the Jessica Simpson show in Plant City, Florida, and she was incredible. She made no mistakes (as many sites and tabloids like to report) and she was beautiful in her daisy duke shorts. It was my first time seeing her live since around 2000 when she was still performing the Sweet Kisses album, and this time I was much, much closer. It was well worth the trip (I live three hours away from Plant City). The show was a dream come true! Thank you so much for your work on the site. I check it almost every day to see how Jessica is doing : )"

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        • 3/8 Strawberry Festival - fan photos

Thanks to: Patrick!
        • Festival Treats Iraq-Bound Airman And Wife To Prime Jessica Simpson Seats
Air Force Staff Sgt. Brian Hannon, who is deploying soon for his eighth tour of Iraq, wanted to surprise his wife, Andrea, with the chance to meet her favorite entertainer, Jessica Simpson.

The Florida Strawberry Festival got wind of his dream and arranged the next best thing: prime seats for the couple at Simpson's March 8 concert.

Festival public relations representative Lizz Harmon of HarmonTampa heard of Hannon's wish through a friend. Festival director Al Berry donated two second-row seats and Barb Caccamisi of St. Clement Catholic Church added shortcake tickets for the church's shortcake booth.

The couple was taken backstage and met a member of Simpson's band, although the singer was not available.

The Hannons, both 26, live at MacDill Air Force Base and have been married seven years. They have three children, 6-year-old Christopher and 4-year-old twin daughters Stephanie and Kaia.

While they didn't get to meet Simpson, "they were so excited" with the VIP treatment at the festival and concert, Harmon said. Andrea Hannon took advantage of her spot to take 110 digital shots of Simpson during her performance.

Hannon is leaving shortly for a year in Iraq.

        • Jessica Simpson Gives it Her All in Irvine

Continuing to shower the west coast with her country performances, Jessica Simpson was back onstage on Saturday night (March 14) in Irvine, California.

The “Dukes of Hazzard” damsel earned some admiring stares as she showed off her lovely legs in a pair of jean short-shorts while opening up for the Rascal Flatts.

According to a source on-hand, “Miss Simpson had to restart two of her songs after messing them up, but appeared unfazed as she strutted the stage in sky high stilettos.”

Meanwhile, Jessica now finds herself looking ahead to two gigs booked in May - as she’s lined up to hit the Dixon May Fair on May 8, followed by a performance at Sea World of Texas in San Antonio the following day.

        • Jessica Simpson: Run Away From Abusive Men
First Oprah and Tyra. Now it's Jessica's turn.

Becoming the latest star to speak out this week in the wake of the Chris Brown-Rihanna fiasco, Jessica Simpson urged female fans at last night's concert in Phoenix to "run so far away" from abusive relationship.

"In love, we all go through a lot of things, and a lot of things unfortunately make us stay there," Simpson, 28, told the crowd. "No matter what you go through in life, no matter what abuse you go through, take your heart and run so far away."

She then broke into "Remember That," with the lines "remember how he pushed you in the hallway just enough to hurt a little bit/remember the whiskey in his whispers and the lies that fell so easy from his lips/he said he'll never do it again/you can't take it back/the proof is on your skin/remember that.

"It doesn't matter how he hurts you/With his hands or with his words/You don't deserve it/it ain't worth it/take your heart and run."

Simpson, who divorced Nick Lachey in 2006 after three years of marriage and subsequently dated musician John Mayer, alluded to her own relationship drama with "a guy that I couldn't get over" following a performance of "Still Don't Stop Me."

"After I wrote that song, I was mad at myself for being so weak, and I got over that guy!" she said.

Simpson has previously admitted to being in an abusive relationship of her own, but has never identified the man involved.

        • Jessica Simpson: Touring in Her Daisy Dukes

Once again sporting in her daisy dukes, Jessica Simpson took to the stage at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista on Friday night (March 13).

The pop star turned country crooner was on hand for her tour as opening act for the Rascal Flatts, looking healthier and happier than ever before.

After being criticized for her figure upon starting off the tour, Jess has certainly slimmed down - with her longtime personal trainer Mike Alexander recently talking about the situation with FOX Pop Tarts’ Hollie McKay.

“The whole thing wasn’t as traumatic for Jessica as everyone made it out to be. She’s a confident and naturally beautifully girl who works hard,” Alexander tells.

“Jessica is now at the end of her tour and looks great. It’s not easy to have a super strict diet when you are touring so you just have to make the best of the restaurants you go too but she’s knows what to eat and what not to and we talk about all of that,” he adds.

        • (scans) Party [Poland], March 9 2009
March 13th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • 3/12 Phoenix, AZ - review
As most opening acts must do, Simpson played to a number of empty seats, but plenty of fans made it a point to check out the 28-year-old singer and film/TV star, who says her shift from pop to country is for the long term.

Dressed in an outfit befitting her Daisy Duke character from the 2005 movie "The Dukes of Hazzard" - very short cut-off shorts, high heels and a plaid shirt over a white top with a revealing neckline - Simpson opened with a song linked to that film, her cover of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walkin' "

That number seemed forced, and the crowd reaction was underwhelming, but Simpson proceeded to win fans over with the rest of her 45-minute set.

She spotlighted her debut Nashville CD, "Do You Know," which, like Rascal Flatts' music, has a strong pop flavor. Her voice soared on such tunes as "Still Beautiful," "Angels" and the album's title track.

Simpson threw in plenty of between-song banter, and the crowd was receptive. She introduced "You're My Sunday" by saying it is "about a certain guy (Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo) that I love so much. He can make me be myself and just relax."

When she stumbled at one point, Simpson said, "I almost bit it. . . . Good thing I catched myself." She then laughed and corrected herself, saying, "Caught myself."

Before she sang the rocking power ballad "Remember That," a song about an abusive relationship, she noted that she didn't write the song "but I believe in it."

Backed by a seven-piece band and one singer, Simpson did a nice job on her country-rocking debut single, "Come On Over," and her latest radio track, "Pray Out Loud."

Earlier reviews from the tour indicated Simpson has had some shaky moments onstage, but she seemed to have gotten comfortable with her new musical identity Thursday, and the audience was largely supportive.

March 11th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • Suddenly Skinny: How Jessica Simpson Dropped the Pounds
While most celebs probably would have freaked out if their apparent "weight gain" was hitting headlines across the world, apparently Jessica Simpson whipped back into svelte shape in just a matter of weeks by simply not stressing.

"The whole thing wasn’t as traumatic for Jessica as everyone made it out to be," her longtime personal trainer Mike Alexander (founder of ) told Tarts. "She’s a confident and naturally beautifully girl who works hard."

According to Alexander, the pics of Simpson from over a month ago were "very unfortunate and flattered all the wrong angles" but were taken at the beginning of her current tour with country crooners Rascal Flatts. So Alexander believes that just being busy with daily rehearsals and shows has helped her get back into tip-top shape.

"Jessica is now at the end of her tour and looks great. It’s not easy to have a super strict diet when you are touring so you just have to make the best of the restaurants you go too but she’s knows what to eat and what not too and we talk about all of that," he said, adding that the songstress’s biggest weaknesses in the past have been her love for fried southern comfort food, a good hearty steak and Mexican.

But to look sexy in her Daisy Dukes, Simpson reportedly stays away from "white" foods such as wheat and flour and goes for the whole grain option instead while ensuring her three main meals (and even her snacks) are protein-based. In terms of exercise, Alexander said Simpson does 30 minutes of resistance training 4-6 days per week on top of all the calorie-burning she gets by being on stage every night.

"It is all about consistency," he said, adding that once Jessica is back in L.A. she’ll be back on track with her usual routine and gym visits.

Another source close to Simpson confirmed to Tarts that the pop princess definitely hasn’t made any drastic changes to her diet/workout routine and still has the same team including a trainer and stylist supporting her.

"It really was a bad photo that made her look much larger than she actually was," added our insider. "She is still following her same routine."

It seems as though the busty blonde has also been making much better wardrobe choices to flatter her fine little figure, opting away from those disastrous high-waisted jeans/chunky belt look and going for denim cutoffs and the Level 99’s Becca Ruched Skinny which is specifically made of spandex to hide any flaws. And according to an inside source, these were personally delivered to Simpson recently in the itty bitty size of 25.

        • Jessica Simpson getting golf lessons, from Tiger
Jessica Simpson has asked Tiger Woods for golfing lessons.

The singer-and-actress - who has been sporting a seemingly fuller figure of late - wants to embrace a healthier lifestyle and so asked the US sportsman for tips.

A source said: "Jessica is taking it seriously. She even asked if Tiger Woods would give her some pointers, but he's been busy with his new baby."

As well as helping her to get in shape, Jessica, 28, thinks learning to play golf will bring her closer to her American football star boyfriend Tony Romo.

Tony is a huge fan of the pastime, so Jessica thinks it could be the perfect way for them to spent time together.

She has already signed up for a set of lessons, and has splashed out $8,400 on a Louis Vuitton golf bag and clubs to ensure she looks stylish as she learns.


- I can't help but think of the Newlyweds episode when she and Nick went golfing (season 1 episode 4) - it was so funny!
        • 3/8 Strawberry Festival - fan video

+ Angels
+ With You

Thanks to: Tamara!
        • New concert dates!
9/25 - La Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino, Lake Charles, LA
9/26 - La Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino, Lake Charles, LA

March 10th, 2009 | posted by Joanna |
        • 3/8 Strawberry Festival - HQ pictures
        • Big names at Dixon May Fair
Singer-songwriter-actress Jessica Simpson and rock crooner Chris Isaak round out the Dixon May Fair headliner shows, adding to an entertainment bill that includes hard rock legends Cheap Trick, fair officials said late Monday.

Simpson, who is also TV personality and long an object of paparazzi cameras, soared to fame in the 1990s with her hit, "I Wanna Love You Forever." She headlines the Friday, May 8, concert.

All concerts begin at 7 p.m.

Tickets -- ranging from $25 general to $42 reserved, depending on the show and including all-day admission to the fair -- go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday at the Dixon May Fair office, 655 S. First St., and through

For more information, call 678-5529 or contact business assistant Dolores Barton at or visit

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica Simpson interview
Singing, TV and film star Jessica Simpson, a Texas native who is close friends with Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton, hasn't let the mixed reaction to her foray into country music shake her faith in herself.

Simpson, who opens for Rascal Flatts on Thursday, March 12 in Phoenix, is thrilled that her first country album, "Do You Know," topped the country charts and that she's finally found what she calls her natural voice as a singer and songwriter.

She has hit some bumps in the six months since the CD's release, including a shaky performance last month in Michigan, not-great airplay for her second and third singles, tabloid coverage of her romance with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and, most recently, her weight.

But the latest concert reviews indicate Simpson, who has recorded two million-selling pop discs, is gaining confidence in performing before a new audience that views her with skepticism.

"It's important for country fans to know that I'm not just trying to come in and take their money for a CD," says Simpson, 28. "I wanted to prove that I'm doing something straight from the heart and . . . I completely made the jump to this type of music. It's a more organic way to express myself as a musician, and it's really the only way that I feel I can be understood as an artist." Read more.

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Jessica Simpson, Heidi Klum star in April Fool's special for CBS
Jessica Simpson works at a computer-repair store. Heidi Klum takes orders at a pizza shop. Mario Lopez sells hot dogs in Central Park. They're taking these jobs for "I Get That A Lot," an April Fool's Day special that will air at 8 p.m. April 1 on CBS. The prank: The celebrities deny their true identities and confuse everyday people.

Like the sound of that?

Also taking part: "Survivor" host Jeff Probst plays grocery-store cashier. Ice-T acts as shoe salesman. LeAnn Rimes plays waitress in a Nashville diner.

Source: (thanks Tamara!)
        • Stars line up for April Fool's TV special
Jessica Simpson, Heidi Klum, Jeff Probst and Ice-T are among the celebrities starring in "I Get That A Lot," an April Fool's TV special, CBS said.

Also slated to appear on the April 1 prime-time prankster program are LeAnn Rimes and Mario Lopez.

"'I Get That A Lot' features celebrities tricking everyday citizens in a case of supposed 'mistaken identity,'" the network said. "Working ordinary jobs, these celebrities confuse customers who can't decide if it's the actual celebrity or an astonishing look-alike. As these celebrity jesters continue to deny their true identities, various reactions from their customers solicit exasperated and hilarious responses."

        • 3/8 Strawberry Festival, FL - fan video

Thanks to: Aliee!
        • 3/8 Strawberry Festival, FL - fan pictures

Thanks to: Aliee!
        • 3/8 Strawberry Festival, FL - pictures

        • 3/5 Memphis, TN - fan video
Here's a short clip from the show in Memphis, TN!
        • 3/6 New Orleans, LA - fan pictures
Click here to view fan photos from the show taken by Courtney!
        • Fan collection
Ece from Turkey shared her Jessica collection with us - check it out!

Thanks to: Ece!

Also I wanna say sorry for the slow updates lately, I've been so busy with other things... I will do my best to keep the site as up to date as possible for my fellow Jessica fans! Thank you for sticking with SKNET!
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        • Tony candids
February 26, 2009: Tony Romo spotted in Hollywood, Los Angeles (hq).

Thought the girls might enjoy...
        • 3/5 Memphis, TN - pictures

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        • New concert date!
DATE: May 9 2009 {Concert}
LOCATION: San Antonio, TX
VENUE: SeaWorld of Texas

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        • Yahoo! En Espanol's Most POPular Searches for February
Top 10 Overall Searches
1. Lindsay Lohan
2. Selena Gomez
3. Nadya Suleman
5. Carnaval de Brasil
6. Kate Winslet
7. Jessica Simpson
8. Maria Sharapova
9. Gaby Espino
10. Sofia Vergara

        • 2/28 Denver, CO - fan video
Watch Jessica performing "You're My Sunday" in Denver, CO! She looked really happy and cute and sounded amazing!

Thanks to: Kasia!
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        • Jessica Simpson Named Best Tressed for February 2009
Despite her critics, Jessica Simpson continues to be a major beauty, style and fashion icon for women online. According to, a web site for women seeking solutions to beauty questions, the enterprising entrepreneur's hairstyle was viewed by the site's visitors more than any other celebrity hairstyle during February 2009. Ms. Simpson's various beauty and hairstyle photos are published at the site along with over 170 other popular female celebrities.

Simpson, who has focused her recent public appearances on live musical performances, had the most sought after hairstyle by BeautyRiot's February audience. Nicole Richie, January's Best Tressed according to visitors, came in at second place, and fellow songstress Kimberly Caldwell, of "American Idol" fame, came in third.

"Jessica Simpson is an undeniable beauty with one of the best heads of hair in the business, not to mention her great head for business," said's editor in chief, Kirsten Lambertsen. "Her personal accomplishments, and her courage to be herself despite outside pressure, resonate with BeautyRiot's audience."'s visitors also viewed the hairstyles of Katie Holmes, Ashlee Simpson and Rihanna, who came in at fourth, fifth and sixth place, respectively. Statistics were gathered from site traffic to during February 2009. Visitors to the site can view over 600 photos of celebrity hairstyles worn by over 170 different celebrities.

        • (scans) In Style, March 2009

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        • Award
SKNET received a Site Spotlight award from - thank you!!
        • New candids
March 1, 2009: Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Tony Romo depart LAX airport.
        • Littlest Jessica Fan
Ashleigh sent me this cute video of her 3-year-old niece who is a Jessica fan, I thought it was really cute!

Thanks to: Ashleigh!
        • Simpson not quitting tour
Jessica Simpson’s boots may be made for walking, but they’re not walking off the Rascal Flatts tour anytime soon.

“There’s no truth at all to the idea that she’s leaving the tour. She’s having a great time,” confirms one of Simpson’s reps. “She’s on tour until it wraps.”

Rumors that Simpson was decamping began to gather steam after many of the weekly magazines speculated that she was unhappy with her performances at the shows.

Another source confirms that it’s simply not the case: “There’s no drama at all (on tour). She loves embarking on a country career; the tour is a great fit for where she is right now. It’s going great for her. This really needs to stop.”

        • Scans

03 x Heat [UK], February 7 2009
03 x OK! [Australia], February 26 2009
02 x OK! Magazine, February 16 2009

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        • *EXCLUSIVE* Ruven Afanador Photoshoot for Marie Claire [HQ]
I've uploaded the Ruven Afanador photoshoot for Marie Claire in high quality resolution to the gallery

Thanks to: Imko!
        • New Jessica Simpson Collection Promos
Check out those beautiful new promotional pictures for the Jessica Simpson Collection

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