March 31st, 2004
About vids again!
Hey guys, thank you for requesting! I got some e-mails already asking for the making of Sweetest Sin so here's what I will do: if you haven't downloaded Nick's "This I Swear" yet please do it tonight cuz I will be taking it down tomorrow and putting the making of the video up! Hope you enjoy it :) And huge thanks to Katie for the media space!!

New Us Weekly cover
Jessica is featured in the new Us Weekly that comes out on Friday! Click the thumb to enlarge the cover, it's gorgeous!

Request videos!
Ah I forgot to mention that you can request videos! Just e-mail me your request and if I have the video I will put it up :)

Pizza Hut Commercial
I added high quality, SVCD version of Jessica's Pizza Hut commercial with the Muppets! Check it out in video section.

New variety show pic!
America's favorite young married couple, singers Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson, multi-platinum artists known from their hit MTV series, 'Newlyweds' are shown in this undated publicity photograph as they star in their first-ever television special, 'The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour' scheduled to be telecast on the ABC television network April 11, 2004.

March 30th, 2004
"Newlyweds" Nick Goes Solo
Nick Lachey's getting out of the house. Jessica Simpson's terribly patient hubby, who watched his terribly blonde spouse blossom into a multimedia maven, will exercise his own star muscle, snagging a role in an ABC sitcom pilot, the trade papers report. Read more.

New candids
I added new candid pictures of Jess from March 27!
Leaving Ago's Restaurant [04]
Jogging [13]
Sxxes Club [05]

Lachey Is 'Hot' for Gina Gershon
Singer/reality star Nick Lachey will star in ABC's comedy "Hot Mamma," which centers on hip wedding planner/single mom (Gina Gershon ) and her more conservative daughter. Lachey will play a struggling actor who works odd jobs and runs errands for the women in exchange for boarding. The casting stems from Lachey's development/talent deal with ABC and its Disney-owned corporate sibling, Touchstone TV. Lachey recently did guest shots on NBC's "American Dreams" and ABC's "I'm With Her." He also filmed a variety special for ABC with his wife, Jessica Simpson , also as part of his overall deal. Reuters

Movieline Outtakes updated
I added more outtakes from the Movieline Photoshoot.

March 29th, 2004
New pic!
Pop music and reality television star Jessica Simpson holds a tiny birthday cake in an undated photo by Kenneth Willardt that will grace the cover of People Magazine's 30th anniversary edition, which is out on newsstands on this Friday, April 2. Click the thumb to enlarge.

Jessica shopping in LA
I added 24 high quality & 5 regular [tagged] pictures of Jessica shopping in LA on March 27.

Starring Jessica Simpson As ... Jessica Sampson
People might accuse Jessica Simpson of being a dumb blonde, but no one's going to make more fun of her than herself on her ABC sitcom-in-the-works. The concept? She'll play a pop-culture phenomenon — named Jessica Sampson. Read more.

Working Girl (2004)
From the writers of 8 Simple Rules, Frasier and Spin City comes a fresh new comedy starring superstar Jessica Simpson.
Jesse Sampson (Jessica Simpson) was a huge success...several years ago. Now, determined to breathe new life into her career, Jesse ventures into different areas of the spotlight, and ends up doing part time co-anchor work for a tv newsmagazine. Jesse struggles in the day to day job field with a very diverse team of co-workers. The show is from Touchstone TV and ABC, and is a possible tentpole for the alphabet network, if the show is picked up for the fall 2004-2005 season. Read more.

March 28th, 2004
Photoshoot pictures
I added some photoshoot pictures! Check out the links below:
Cosmogirl Outtakes [10]
Redbook Outtakes [18]
Tigerbeat Outtakes [14]

This I Swear video
I added Nick's "This I Swear" music video since it was requested a lot! Hope you guys enjoy it :)

New avatars
I added 10 new avatars made of Variety Show promo pictures, thanks to Roxana for them :)

Us Weekly scan
I added a scan from April 5 issue of Us Weekly, click the thumb to enlarge.

TMBA Debuts on Billboard
Jessica Simpson’s ‘Take My Breath Away’ makes its first appearance this week on the Hot 100 at No. 59 according to Billboard. The track is from the expanded edition of ‘In This Skin’. Her previous single ‘With You’ is still going strong at radio and only slips one notch to No. 16 in it’s 15th week on the chart.

Jessica Simpson Wises Up In Fashion And Beauty
Jessica Simpson spoke with Us Weekly about her style makeover, which saw her go from a frightening outfit in 2001 at a Z-100 concert to fashion styles that are now being copied by other celebs, naming her makeover the third best ever, behind Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. Simpson admits, "My style has gotten softer." As for her biggest fashion rule? "Everything has to be fitted at the waist, otherwise it looks maternity!" Simpson's stylist Ken Paves adds, "She's always up for new stuff and all different things."

March 26th, 2004
NY Daily News scan!
YAY here's the article that mentions and! Thanks to Emily for sending this :)

Jessica Simpson Asks For Eyebrow Advice
Jessica Simpson asked 'Queer Eye' star Carson Kressley if it is ok to have light blonde hair and dark eyebrows in the latest Us Weekly. Carson responded, "Oh, Jessica! Contrary to popular belief, the rugs don't always have to match the drapes. Mine certainly don't! ... What you don't want to see is platinum blonde hair and dark black eyebrows. That would be a little too Madonna in 'Desperately Seeking Susan'."

Vote for Jessica
We can vote for Jessica in MTV TRL Awards here! You can vote many times!

March 25th, 2004
Legoland HQs
Added 5 high quality pictures of Jessica performing in Legoland.

Hey Britney, You Look Like Someone Famous...
In a sure sign that Jessica Simpson's stock is rising while Britney Spears' is apparently falling, Us Weekly reports Spears was approached by a clueless young man at Flashy Trash in Chicago, who asked her if anyone had ever told her she looked like someone famous. He then claimed Britney looked "just like" ... Jessica Simpson!

Britney Spears sells sex not music
Singer Jessica Simpson has lambasted her pop contemporaries for using sex to sell records, and vows never to resort to such degenerate methods. Newlyweds reality TV star Simpson, 23, singles out Britney Spears as the main culprit, and believes the Toxic singer is fully aware that her raunchy image is largely responsible for her popularity, not her musical talent, reports rate the Read more.

March 24th, 2004
Fanart update
I added some new Jessica blends to the Fanart section, thanks to Lucy, Alex, Sarah and Yaro!

Older scans
I added 2 older scan galleries: Teen Mexico & Tele Club Plus.

Kilborn vid fixed
Sorry it took me so long to fix the vid, my provider finally expanded my space so now you can download it :) I noticed that some sites are direct linking videos and audio from Sweet Kisses, if you keep doing that I will not be able to post videos/audio, think about it before you decide to steal my bandwidth, you know who you are! You can also download "Sure Thing" & "If We Believe In Love" mp3s again in the Audio section.

Dress like Jess
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Jessica Simpson's ego should be off the charts. She may be a tad, well, vacant on matters of tuna and buffalo wings, but she's a Mensa-level genius when it comes to fashion. Her style sense is so shrewd that a swath of other actresses and music divas have hit the red carpet mimicking some of Simpson's hottest looks. Read more.

March 23rd, 2004
More Variety Show promos!
I added 10 more Variety Show promo pics, thanks to Lisa again - you are the best!

Pictures update
I'll try to add some pics to the gallery every day so it can grow! I added pictures from Cabana Oscars Beauty Buffet with Allure Magazine here and also high quality pictures from TCA Cable Press Tour here.

New appearance!
Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Episode: (#1-137) - 04/09/2004
Network: (SYN) Syndicated
Date: Friday - April 09, 2004
Time: 09:00 am - 10:00 am ET

Featured Artists
Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson
About: (#1-137) - 04/09/2004
JESSICA SIMPSON & NICK LACHEY ("The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour" and Jessica Simpson performs from "In This Skin").

New gallery layout
I made a new layout for the gallery, hope you like it!

Nick & Jessica's Variety Show Promo pics
I added 4 promo pics for Nick & Jessica's Variety Show, thanks Lisa! And also I added some older pictures to the Gallery, for example updated ESPY Awards gallery, added Pepsi 400 Nascar races pics and more, go browse :)

Simpson, Lachey Party with Puppets on ABC
If a recent Pizza Hut commercial has taught us anything, it's that Muppets love Jessica Simpson. Simpson will be joined by several of her favorite furry, felt friends, including husband Nick Lachey, when "The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour" airs on ABC on Sunday, April 11 at 9 p.m. ET. Read more.

Mr. T, Jewel To Appear On 'Nick & Jessica Variety Hour'
Jessica Simpson will duet with Jewel and Kenny Rogers and perform her new single in an upcoming variety-hour special for ABC. Oh, and her husband gets a song too. "The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour," airing April 11, will feature three Simpson performances, along with Nick Lachey and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds tag-teaming on the Stevie Wonder favorite "For Once in My Life." Read more.

Lachey, Simpson To Host Variety Special
Celebrity couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson will star in "The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour," a one-off special that will air April 11 on ABC. The hour-long show will feature musical performances, guests and comedy sketches.

Musicians tapped to appear on the show are Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Kenny Rogers and Jewel. Former 98 Degrees member Lachey and Babyface will team up to sing Stevie Wonder's "For Once In My Life," while Simpson and Jewel are expected to duet on the latter's "Who Will Save Your Soul." Read more.

Playboy Courts Jessica Simpson
A source tells Jeannette Walls of Playboy is "desperate" to have Jessica Simpson pose nude in the men's magazine. A Playboy spokeswoman asked to comment on the gossip said, "I couldn't find out anything, but I am sure we are going after her. She is gorgeous — we'd love to have her in the magazine!"

Nick And Jess Are Having A Gas Together
J-14 magazine caught up with Jessica Simpson to discuss the smelly habits she shares with hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. "I'm a huge burper!", Jessica laughed. "I've got lots of gas. I love burping and farting. I just think it's funny." The couple's odor causing body functions have even become a game. "Nick and I have farting contests all the time. It's just something we do!" Simpson said. "The second time we were together, he just ripped one and it was like... this is normal to us. We laughed so hard."

March 21st, 2004
New pics
I added 4 pics of Jess and Nick at the Ivy on March 19th! Thanks Emily :)

Leave It To Cleavage
From Robbie Nicholson: "This info comes from R&R Street Talk, which is faxed to stations on a daily basis....I just didn't spot this until today, haha.

WIHT (Hot 99.5)/Washington's Hot Morning Mess, a.k.a. Mark Kaye and Kris Gamble, spent Sunday evening with Jessica Simpson and, in the process, managed to squeeze some top-secret info out of her father/manager, Joe, about Nick & Jessica's upcoming ABC variety show. "Jessica was one of many stars in town for a performance for the President at Ford's Theater," says Kaye. "Before her dress rehearsal, Kris and I hosted 20 listeners at an intimate brunch with Jessica in her hotel." That's when the enterprising duo split up and went to work: While Mark was busy ogling, er, interviewing Simpson, Gamble was across the room pumping Joe -- for info. "I remember Joe prefaced the following with 'I'm not supposed to say anything yet, but...'" relays Gamble. "It's amazing what three mimosas and some cleavage will do to a man!"

'Don't Tell Anyone, But...'
"According to Joe," says Gamble, "Mr. T makes a special guest appearance on the program. Also, Nick does a duet with KITT from Knight Rider...yes, the car. Finally -- and this is the big secret," says Gamble, "Jessica has been cast as Daisy Duke in the upcoming film version of The Dukes Of Hazzard. Plus -- and this is the really big news - Dolly Parton will be playing her mother!" Kaye adds, "You heard it first on The Hot Morning Mess with Mark & Cleavage - I mean Kris!" in NY Daily News!
Sweet Kisses was mentioned in the NY Daily News newspaper! OMG that's so exciting! Thanks to Coleen & Lisa for letting me know and congrats to for being mentioned as well! :D We rock!! Read the article below.

"Jessica Simpson, 23, may be best known for her ditsiness, but she's certainly made some smart moves in her career. The former contemporary Christian singer became a household name when she embarked on "Newlyweds," the MTV reality show that documents Simpson's life with her new husband, Nick Lachey of the group 98 Degrees. The hit show is in its second season and has attracted fans who otherwise may never have heard Simpson's R&B pop. Her latest CD, "In This Skin," is at No. 3 on the Billboard album chart.

On Simpson's official site ( fans can listen to songs, look at pictures or scroll through "Jessica's Corner," a diary addressed to her fans.

Download recent performances at It also has a career timeline, a discography, her inspirations, lyrics and quotes. The news section includes Simpson's thoughts on a recent trip to the White House. She relaxed only after the President winked at her when - surprise - she botched the words to "God Bless America."

MTV's "Newlyweds" site ( features fun links, a preview of the next episode and a clip from the infamous "Chicken of the Sea" episode. Read more of Simpson's "words of wisdom" at E Online's site (, including her declaration that she "doesn't eaet buffalo," as she said when offered a plate of buffalo wings.

"Sweet Kisses" ( features more gaffes from Simpson's Washington trip, during which she complimented Interior Secretary Gale Norton on a great job decorating the White House. Read about a flub by President Bush himself at the event. If it were anyone else, you'd think flubbing was contagious.
--Chrissy Persico"

Book signing HQs
I updated the high quality gallery from the "I do" book signing in NYC, I only had 1 so I added 17 more :)

Ashlee's official site
Ashlee's official site has been launched, check it out: I am fixing the Kilborn video right now, cuz it wasn't complete, sorry about that!

March 20th, 2004
I added 2 new wallpapers made of Allure pics.

Allure scans!
At last! Highly anticipated scans from Allure magazine are finally here, take a look at the gorgeous pictures! Thanks to my angel Lisa for sending them!

Sweetest Sin live @ Kilborn
I added a video of Jessica singing Sweetest Sin live @ Craig Kilborn back on August 19 2003!

Jessica Simpson's Mom Covers For Pregnancy Scare
Apparently Tina Simpson had no idea that MTV would air scenes of her daughter Jessica Simpson taking a pregnancy test after a pregnancy scare. In this weeks Star, after Jessica was spotted buying a pregnancy test, Star decided to question mother Simpson about the pregnancy status of her daughter. "It was for me," Tina stated, and went on to say that the test came back negative, thankfully."

More magazine scans
Lisa sent me scans from 3 new mags: In Touch, People and Us Weekly, all of them are March 29 issues. Click the thumbs to see Us Weekly scans. Thank you Lisa!!

March 19th, 2004
Us Weekly scans
I added scans from US Weekly, March 22 issue - thanks again Lisa :)

Star Magazine scans
I added scans from Star magazine, March 22 issue - thanks to Lisa!

March 18th, 2004
Is the wedding party over?
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were just a couple of gorgeous, semi-successful pop stars when MTV crews began following them 24/7 to chronicle their first year of married bliss for the reality TV show ``Newlyweds.'' Jessica, a petulant blonde who apparently can't tell tuna from chicken, and self-absorbed Nick, a walking advertisement for ``I'm with Stupid'' T-shirts, obligingly bickered, cuddled, shopped, ate, pouted and whined on camera. Typical Jessica moments were her refusal of Buffalo wings because ``I don't eat buffalo.'' Or wondering, ``Is that weird, taking my Louis Vuitton bag camping?'' Read more.

Tonight Show captures
I added captures from Tonight Show with Jay Leno from last night, thanks to Ratib :)

Allure picture
I found a scan from the new Allure, only one for now, click the thumb to enlarge!

In This Skin lyrics fixed
Took me a while but I finally put them up, you can now read all lyrics from In This Skin & Re-release also, I'm working on the rest!

Outkast Post Grammy party HQs
I added 7 high quality pics from the Outkast Post Grammy Party a while ago.

March 17th, 2004
Clarkson shines brighter than 'newlywed' Simpson
Jessica Simpson has been making the rounds at Reliant Center lately. She performed in KRBE's Jingle Jam in December, then opened the Super Bowl half-time show with a one-sentence cheer to the crowd. At RodeoHouston on Tuesday night, Simpson -- with husband Nick Lachey in tow -- gave a barely average pop performance.

Lachey opened the night touting the couple's MTV reality show, Newlyweds, and their new variety show to air in April. Then he performed the ballad This I Swear, the show's theme song. It was an uneventful performance, but the highlight clearly was when Lachey voiced his experience at the rodeo.

"Jessica and I went to the petting zoo today," he said. "I was petting the sheep, goats or llamas, whatever they're called. It ate my shirt and it left, what do you call it, cud? But I'm having a great time." It was an awkward moment in front of an audience of RodeoHouston fans.

When Lachey turned the stage over to Simpson, it became the Simpson show, though it was marred by technical difficulties. She opened with I Think I'm in Love with You and followed with one of her favorites, I Wanna Love You Forever. She strained during the latter part of the song, and her voice faded in and out because of microphone problems. Read more and watch video of Jess and Nick watching pig races here.

Houston Rodeo pics!
Mike sent me some pictures of Jess & Nick from Houston Rodeo taken yesterday! Thanks Mike, click the thumbs and also here.

MTV TRL captures
I added captures of Jessica on TRL on March 1st and also updated the picture gallery from that day with more photos, click here.

New appearances in May
May 14, 2004 - KHKS Radio Show - San Diego, CA
May 15, 2004 - KIIS Radio Show - Los Angeles, CA
May 21, 2004 - Z100 Radio Show - New York, NY
May 29, 2004 - KRBE Earth Day Radio Show - Houston, TX

Bush And Simpson Both Prove Prone To Verbal Gaffes
The Washington Post reports President Bush commited a verbal gaffe when referring to Jessica Simpson's role on MTV's 'Newlyweds' at Ford's Theatre on Sunday night for the taping of the 'An American Celebration at Ford's Theatre' on Sunday (March 14). Bush told the audience, "Jessica Simpson is here with us, which means we've finally introduced reality TV to the Lincoln Theater." Bush was actually speaking from Ford's Theatre, though President Lincoln was shot there. Meanwhile, Jessica committed a gaffe herself when visiting the White House on Sunday. When she was introduced to Interior Secretary Gale Norton, she gushed: "You've done a nice job decorating the White House."

Jessica Simpson Gets A Wink From Bush
Jessica Simpson entertained President and Mrs. Bush for 'An American Celebration at Ford's Theater' ­on Sunday. Asked if she was nervous about the performance, Simpson told 'Extra': "I can perform in front of 80,000 people, but if it’s in front of the president, there’s something about that that makes me nervous. But last time I sang at the White House I messed up the words to 'God Bless America' and he winked at me, so now I don’t care anymore, if I mess up I know I get a wink."

March 16th, 2004
Jessica Simpson makes ditzy comment in White House
On her reality show "The Newlyweds" singer Jessica Simpson plays a ditz, but it apparently isn't all just an act. Simpson visited the White House on Sunday. During her visit she met interior secretary gale Norton. She reportedly told Norton quote "You've done a nice job decorating the White House." Simpson has previously had other gaffes including thinking buffalo wings were made from buffalo meat.

Jessica Simpson's sister gets reality show
MTV has tapped another Simpson for a new reality show. Ashlee Simpson, the 19-year-old sister of pop star Jessica Simpson, will be the focus of "Ashlee," which will track her attempt to become a recording star. The six-episode series will air this summer. Read more.

In-store HQs
I added 50 high quality pictures of Jessica's in-store appearance from March 11. Click here to view them!

Nick Lachey Can't Match Wife's 'Newlyweds' Success
With the success of Jessica Simpson's re-released 'In This Skin', her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees admits he's frustrated that he hasn't been able to attain the same success from 'Newlyweds'. "It's been frustrating," he told Details magazine. "For Jessica, the show has translated into musical success. For me, it's been a little bizarre. I'm now more recognised as the start of a reality-television program than as a musician."

Nick Literally Took Jessica's 'Breath Away'
According to MTV News, Jessica Simpson says Nick Lachey took her breath away when they first met. "I've been obsessed with 'Take My Breath Away' for a very long time," Simpson said. "The first time Nick hugged me, I had to back up against the wall," Simpson said. "It sounds corny, but it literally took the breath out of me. I would break out in hives, be all nervous, because he completely consumed every inch of me." She told of how she once set the mood with what would become the couple's special song. "We were in the car, it was pouring down rain, and I just went in for the kiss," Simpson said. "And in the middle of it, I stopped the whole kiss, and put on 'Take My Breath Away,' because he was the guy who took my breath away. I wanted that moment to be that romantic scene, [from 'Top Gun'] and it was." You can also watch the making of the video for 'Take My Breath Away' on Tuesday, April 6, at 6:00 pm ET. on MTV. Read more.

March 15th, 2004
New appearance
Jess and Ashlee will be on Real Access on Nickelodeon on Sunday March 21st at 6:30pm!

New picture!
Singers Patti LaBelle, Jessica Simpson and Michelle Williams listen to President George W. Bush during the taping of the 'An American Celebration at Ford's Theatre' in Washington, March 14, 2004. Click for picture.

Pics update
I added more HQ pictures of Jessica shopping in NYC on March 3rd, click here.

DC Meet & Greet pics
There was a secret meet & greet in Washington DC yesterday, check out the pictures here.

More Spring Break pics
I added over 100 more pictures from MTV Spring Break in Cancun! She looked so gorgeous, I am still impressed :) Click the thumbs in yesterday's update.

Nick in Details
You can view previews of Nick's photoshoot for Details magazine here.

March 14th, 2004
MTV Spring Break pics!
I added pictures of Jessica from MTV Spring Break - she looked so pretty!

MTV Spring Break hqs
I added high quality pictures from MTV Spring Break.

March 13th, 2004
Waste of Skin
Is that chicken skin that she has or tuna skin? No matter -- either way, teen-pop telebimbo Jessica Simpson knows which side her bread is buttered on.

The bonus DVD that comes with the new edition of her third album In This Skin contains neither music videos nor interviews, but footage of Jessica and hubby Nick Lachey's wedding, along with scenes from the first season of the Newlyweds series that rescued her faltering career (and prompted Sony to reissue this disc, which first came out last summer). Read more (bad review, they suck! lol)

104KRBE Countdown audio
I added an mp3 of Jessica talking about a role in "Dukes of Hazard" on 104KRBE Countdown, thanks to Mike for recording and sending it to me!

More in-store pics
I added more pictures from the CD signing 2 days ago!

March 12th, 2004
New pictures
I added pictures of Jessica in-store appearance yesterday.

What Happened To Nick And Jessica's Duet
Us Weekly spoke with Jessica Simpson and her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees after the pair recorded Berlin's hit 'Take My Breath Away' on 'Newlyweds', but only the version with Simpson singing solo has made it to radio. "It's political," Jessica explained. "We recorded two versions - one of just me and one of me and Nick." Lachey added, "It didn't work out, but when the time's right, we'll do it." Jessica called the 'Top Gun' tune her "favorite song."

Viewers lose interest in 'Newlyweds'
Just one in three viewers returned for a second new episode of Newlyweds on MTV UK last night, early figures show. The fly-on-the-wall show opened its second series with 71,030 (0.79%) and a peak of almost 100,000 last Wednesday amid plenty of on-screen promotion. Last night just 27,170 (0.32%) decided to come back for more. Sister series Till Death Do Us Part - following Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro - premiered immediately after to 23,040 (0.49%).

March 11th, 2004
Dallas Instore cancelled
From "The Dallas instore on 3/15 has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

March 10th, 2004
US Weekly scans
Lisa sent me scans from March 15 issue of Us Weekly! They show the new Allure magazine cover, BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks Lisa :D

More scans
Lisa sent me scans from MTV Magazine and Wow, May 2004 - thanks girl, you are the best!

Jessica Simpson Buffalo Wings It To No. 2
With indicating that Jessica Simpson's 'In This Skin' is the #2 album in the country, behind Norah Jones' latest, Roger Friedman of shared his surprise considering Simpson's latest never got higher than #10 in the 28 previous weeks since its release. He writes, "Of course, Simpson owes this unprecedented success to the equally mystifying achievements of her 'Newlyweds' show over on MTV with clueless, patient husband, Nick Lachey. Together they have become the Steve and Eydie of the MTV generation." Read more.

Be the first to taste Dessert!
Please enter the email address you used when you accepted your invitation to "Dessert". If you have not yet provided an email address, you may do so now and enter to win a pair of VIP passes to the Dessert with Jessica Launch Party in New York City (airfare and luxury accommodations included). Click here!

New video
I added a video of Jessica singing Take My Breath Away @ Regis & Kelly show, it's a good quality mpg so go download it fast, cuz it won't be up for long! :)

New Store Location For LA In-store Appearance Happening This Thursday
Due to the overwhelming response to Jessica Simpson's recent in-store appearances across the country, Jessica's upcoming Los Angeles area fan meet & greet has been moved from the Glendora Wal*Mart to Tower Records Northridge (19320 Nordhoff, Northridge, California) to accommodate the expected crowds.

Jessica will meet her fans and sign copies of the newly-expanded version of In This Skin beginning at 6PM this Thursday, March 11, at: Tower Records Northridge:
19320 Nordhoff
Northridge, California
See you there!!!

March 9th, 2004
In This Skin wallpapers
I added 3 new In This Skin wallpapers, thanks to JessPerry! :)

Allure preview
I added 2 captures from Extra - 2 pictures from Jessica's new Allure photoshoot! Credit goes to Emily.

March 8th, 2004
Shanna's Good Morning America encounter
From Shanna: "Hi - My name is Shanna Vitaliano. Im 15 years old, and I met Jessica on March 3rd at Good Morning America in NYC. I live in New Jersey, so we left at 4 in the morning to make sure we got a chance to see her. We ended up being the first people there .. and got to stand right in the front. When she came out , she lit the whole room up. She is so beautiful, and one of the nicest people ive ever met. I couldnt believe she was standing so close to me. After she performed she came over to me and 2 of my friends ( we were holding huge collages of her) and gave us each a hug and thanked us . I was in shock when she came over and did that, I never imagined me getting a chance to talk to my all time role model. After she hugged and thanked us, she took a picture with me. It was by far the most amazing day of my life, and I thank her so much for making my dream come true. =)"

Thank you for sharing! Shanna also sent some pictures, check them out below :)

Jessica to release in the UK!
Good news for UK Jess fans: on April 12 "Take My Breath Away" will be released there!! This is great news because it means that there is a big chance for the album to be released all over Europe WOOHOO!

Regis & Kelly caps
I added 55 captures of Jessica on Regis & Kelly show from March 3rd, it took a while to download the high quality video :)

Jessica Simpson's hubby wants to be Cincinnati mayor!
After having dabbled with music, Nick Lachey now wants to flirt with politics! According to a report in 'Rate the', Jessica Simpson's husband, is completely bitten by the political bug. So much so that the hunk wants to run for mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, following in the footsteps of celebrity mayor-cum-talk show king Jerry Springer. The former '98 Degrees' singer has been brought up in the city and is sick of the bad reputation that his hometown has acquired in recent years. "I'd like to make a difference there. I see my hometown going through a bunch of crap. It's a town that's asleep and nobody cares," Lachey said.

Nick And Jessica Are Still In Love
Jessica Simpson's friend and personal assistant Ken Paves backed up the singer's denial of marital problems with 98 Degrees hubby Nick Lachey. Paves tells Star magazine, "I wish I could be as in love as Nick and Jessica are. I've watched their relationship and careers grow in the ost amazing, loving way." The couple just ended a second month long romantic vacation, where only staff and family knew where they were.

Even more Walmart NJ pics
I found more pictures from the Walmart in NJ signing! Here & below!

March 7th, 2004
Walmart NJ signing - more pics
I added 7 more pictures from the NJ signing, thanks to Stephanie again :) Click here to see them!

Fan encounter
From Stephanie: "I just wanted to let you know that I was one of the radio winners from Q102 that won her autographed CD, and also the private meet and greet before her signing in Walmart Turnersville (Washington Twp,) NJ.

Jessica arrived approximately at 3:34 pm, and they brought her in the back of the store. She was in the employee break room where she had veggie dip and a large shrimp cocktail waiting for her. The security was very tight, Q102 had given us a wristlet that we had to wear and show to every bodyguard, every member of security the entire way back to where Jessica was located at.

We had the opportunity for 30 minutes before the signing began to talk to Jessica, express our concerns, and take pictures with her. Q102 took pictures of each of us (we were allowed to bring one guest) and they are sending us an 8 by 10 along with Jessica in the picture with us.

Jessica did not have the opportunity to sign everyone's album cover because she had a flight to catch from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. She told the winners that she has not seen Nick in a week because she has been in NYC and was "eager to return back to him." She told us that he is good however, but has been "very busy." I am glad to see that the security was tighter than Massachusetts, and no one was hurt. Security had to demand that people behave themselves "or Jessica would be leaving." She was very nice to the radio winners, and spent alot of time taking pictures, listening to their concerns, and writing out some extra autographs for us to cherish. I will definitely remember this day, because I have never had the red carpet rolled out for me, and it felt so good to meet Jessica and hang out with her before the signing and anyone else could see her."

Stephanie also sent me her pictures of Jessica! Check them out below, thanks Stephanie :)

Walmart NJ pictures
xonodoubt69 posted the pics from NJ Walmart CD signing, click here to view them.

March 6th, 2004
Fans get in long line for Jessica Simpson
Fans numbering around two thousand lined up around the Wal-Mart store here Friday for a chance to catch a glimpse and even an autograph of one of biggest names in pop music today - not to mention one-half of MTV's "Newlyweds" - Jessica Simpson. Read more. I added some pictures from the NJ signing here, once again - if anyone was there and took pictures please send them in :)

Jessica Simpson in New Jersey
Fans have surrounded a Wal-Mart store in Washington Township, New Jersey for a chance to see the pop singer Jessica Simpson in person. The line formed early and never let up. No doubt about it NJ loves Jess as in singer Jessica Simpson whose reality show newlyweds has become nothing short of a phenomenon. And a pop princess who isn't controversial having been very vocal about maintaining her virginity until her marriage a little over a year ago to fellow pop singer Nick Lachey who obviously popped for one gigantic engagement ring. Wal Mart employees did their best to manage the crowd along with local police. There was some pushing and shoving and among the crowd of an estimated 5-thousand plenty of Jessica look-a-likes. Simpson is touring parts of the east coast to promote her latest CD "In this Skin". Watch the video here.

Star 93.7 interview
Fast Freddie got a chance to catch up with Jessica Simpson while she was in town. Click the links below to hear the interview.

part 1 | part 2

Fan encounter
From Pina: "I met Jessica today at the Walmart in Turnersville. The line was huge and they told the people around me we had slim to no chance of getting to see her but I really wanted to meet her so we waited and I think we just made it in with a few people behind us. When we saw her we had to move quickly and she wasn't really taking pictures, but she signed my CD and she was just so nice! I didn't know what to say when I met her but I think I said "Nice to meet you" and she said "Nice to meet you too." But she was rally sweet and made me feel like she really liked me too =) It was definately worth the wait and I am so so thankful I got to meet her and hope I can meet her again =)"

Message from Jessica!
This statement just appeared at Jessica's Official Board!

"I want to thank all my fans in Danvers and Boston for coming to see me at the Danvers Wal*Mart yesterday. I am so sorry that I was not able to meet all of you. Given the large crowd, the police asked the store to shut down out of concern for your safety. I feel very blessed to have the love and support of my fans and hope to meet you all in the future.
--Love, Jessica"

PS. The date of the update is March 6th cuz it's already after midnight in Poland, just so you know :)

Fan experiences from NJ Walmart!
From Kim: "Well I am happy to say that I had a positive experience meeting Jessica. I waited five hours to meet Jessica but it was well worth the wait. She looked so beautiful as always and is so down to earth. I was surprised that I wasn't speechless but I said "Hi How are You" and she said Hi How are you? Nice to meet you. and I said Nice to meet you too. :-) I was so impressed at how well organized this was. Ton of security. Guess they learned from the other Walmart's mistake. We were around 400 in line and they think there were about 6000 people there and only 1000 got in I think. Unfortunately she didn't sign my I do book because she was only signing the cd but it's ok. I am glad I got to meet her, get an autograph, and got some nice pictures too. Can't wait to hear other's stories. :-)I am sorry that some of Jessica's die hard fans were unable to meet her yesterday but I blame the Walmart in MASS for that."

From xonodoubt69: "We got there round 2pm and we barely got to meet her.. They cut the line at three people behind us. I took pictures until i got up to her cause we couldn't take any near her face cause the security said the flash was starting to bother her eyes and she actually stayed til almost 6:30. I am so happy cause we just made it! I feel blessed! She signed my booklet and had a big smile on her face and said Hi. She's so pretty. I recognized the lady standing next to her from Newlyweds. I think one of Jess's friends or something. When it first started Security told us we had a slim to none chance of getting there but i never give up so i stayed and was so glad i did. There were sooooo many people there. It was nuts. And there were a bunch of police and news crews there. It seemed alot more organized too. I'm still so pshyched we got in. There was some drama though. Police had to take a few people away at the end cause they weren't listening to them and some really angry people. But i got a few pics and hopefully they come out good."

March 5th, 2004
Regis & Kelly captures
I added captures of Jessica's performance at Regis & Kelly yesterday, didn't she sound and look amazing? :)

Thousands Of Jessica Simpson Fans Mob Wal-Mart; Four Teens Arrested
Police cut short an autograph session by Jessica Simpson Thursday after thousands mobbed a Boston-area Wal-Mart. The cops pulled the plug about a half-hour after Simpson arrived, saying the crowd posed a threat to public safety.

Three teens were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and another was charged with assault and battery, according to the Danvers Police Department's chief of police. An officer was scratched in the face trying to arrest one female fan. Read more at!

See The Nick and JESSICA Variety Hour LIVE!
Our friends at 1iota Productions are looking for 150 diehard Jessica Simpson fans to be a part of the Nick and Jessica Variety Hour presented by ABC! The show will take place in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday, March 10, 2004. If you are chosen, you will be one of only 300 people at this event! That's right, the best and only seats in the house and chance to be on television.

The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour will feature special guests Jewel, Babyface, Kenny Rogers and The Muppets. If you want to be a part of this unforgettable event, please click this link.

Remember, BE QUICK, because space is EXTREMELY LIMITED!!

Win Dessert With Jessica!
Dessert is Jessica Simpson's kissable, tastable fragrance and cosmetic line that will be available in April! You can win a pair of VIP passes to accompany Jessica and Nick to the launch party at Sephora Times Square in New York City! The prize includes airfare and luxury accommodations. Get all the details, and enter to win here!

Another Danvers review
From Mandy: "Hey. I am a huge Jessica Simpson fan and my friends and I were at walmart in danvers for her autograph signing and I must say it was great meeting Jessica. She is so sweet in person, and as much as it was SOOO crowded, my friends and I were still able to get in and meet Jess. It was such a great experience and I got some great pics. I hope Jess comes back, because you bet that I will be there because Jess is so pretty and has a great sense of humor. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed meeting Jessica Simpson. I can tell you that last night it was a HUGE turnout and luckily I got there by 3:30. But in my opinion the whole thing was worth it just to meet Jessica Simpson!!!"

Danvers pictures - from a lucky fan!
I got 5 absolutely gorgeous, high quality pictures from the Danvers signing from the lucky fan Cristina! Thank you so much for sending them to me, wow!

About Danvers and people blaming Jessica
From lil Jessica: "hey I just want to say that who ever is thinking Jessica is so rude about not signing please think again..I have hung out with her and she is far from mean or rude....If you are a huge star like that the people you are around are going to be on the look out for you making it safer....if STATE troopers had to be called in to help...I don’t think it would be safe for crazy people to rush in ... I understand people are upset but put yourself in her position how would you feel...I know she feels bad also but if people are as much as a fan as they say they are they wouldn’t see the negative think the positive don’t worry she will come back again....just try harder next time to meet me when you do meet her you will rethink cuz she is really sweet!!!!!"

Danvers signing pictures
I added some pictures from the Walmart in Danvers signing. If anyone has more or was lucky enough to meet Jessica there please send in the pics :)

Danvers sighting
From SNLGirl88: "I went to the singing in Danvers Mass. I drove up from Rhode Island, and I got there at about 2:00. They had like 12 lines, I was in the second one but then I went up to the first one because people were cutting, and the police didn't do anything about it. Their were only about 3 cops on duty and the Wal*Mart people wern't doing anything! So I waited. Then they started taking 20 people from each line first. People who were just getting there when it started were pushing there way in! I went up front to see what was going on, and I got stuck in a mob of people! There were riots, car crashes, and people standing on cars, all screaming for Jessica. They could have handled it SO much better but they didn't."

Jessica, Britney May 'Duke' It Out Over Short Shorts
Britney Spears had better watch out — Jessica Simpson might just steal her Daisy Dukes right out from under her. Both have been said to be interested in the role of Bo and Luke Duke's hottest cousin, but the "Newlyweds" star is emerging as the favorite. Read more.

Pop Star's Appearance Leads To Arrests
Pop star Jessica Simpson's publicity stop at Wal-Mart in Danvers Thursday led to the arrest of four people, including one woman who said that she wasn't even there to see the singer. NewsCenter 5's Rhondella Richardson said that Letizia Passanisi, 18, of Amesbury, Mass., was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery. Passanisi said that she was just pushing herself out of the crowds to safety. "This is ridiculous. I had no idea who was at Wal-Mart," Passanisi said. She said that she went to the store with her 1-year-old to buy diapers and had no interest in being part of the fan frenzy.

Simpson attracted a crowd of 6,000. Officials had to close the exits and ramps around Route 114. "I was pushing them with my hands, just pushing them by their chest. They were trampling on me. I was carrying a little baby in my arms, and they were arresting me. I had no idea this celebrity chick was going to be there," Passanisi said.

Julie James was there with her 13-year-old. "I was afraid. I was scared for my daughter," James said. "I saw a mother that was just shacking frantically and crying. Parents were screaming," "We had no idea Jessica Simpson was going to be there. I don't even know her music. I don't care (for) her. Her show makes me nauseous," Passanisi. "I was just trying to buy the baby diapers." Simpson stars on the MTV reality TV show "Newlyweds" with her husband.

Fans feel jilted by 'Newlyweds' star Simpson
An autograph session with pop sensation Jessica Simpson at a Danvers WalMart drew far more attention than the singer or store officials had expected last night, forcing an early exit by the reality TV star and making thousands of fans angry after they were turned away, WalMart employees said.

Simpson, who has gained popularity as star of the new MTV series "Newlyweds," was scheduled to appear at 6 p.m. yesterday and sign 300 autographs. But after arriving late, she left the store after a half-hour when Danvers police said the thousands waiting for a glimpse of Simpson posed a threat to public safety, said WalMart employee Sam Diplatzi. Read more.

About the signing in Danvers, again
From Alex: "Hey, I just thought I would tell you about what happened yesterday when Jessica came to Danvers, MA yesterday. She went to the WalMart in Danvers to sign copies of the expanded "In The Skin". There were over 6,000 people there. I wanted to go, but my mom wouldn't let me, but I am glad that I didn't. People started to line up for the event Wednesday night! And by 11:00AM on Wednesday there was already a line around the block! It was crazy, they had to call in the state troopers to keep the crowd under control. They said on the news last night that Jessica had NO idea what was going on outside. Three people were arrested and a bunch were hurt (just minor). I think she stayed untill like 7:00, and it started at 5:00 and there were still thousands of people waiting outside to see her. She called a local radio station later that night and said that she had no idea there were that many people there and if she had known she would have stayed longer. As she put it, she was "dragged" out of the store because the people she was with didn't think it was safe for her to be there. She felt really bad about it and is going to scheduel another event around here so those that were still waiting in line. I think that is wicked nice of her.

So I thought I would tell you about that :) She also caused MAJOR traffic problems. They had to close part of the main road because there were too many people. I have never seen anything like this happen when people come. Hope you can use this info some how :)"

Danvers - Walmart signing review
From Lysi: "I thought that the signing was horrible. I love Jessica, but I didn't like the signing. First, it started with too many people with too little time. Jessica arrived around 4:50-5:00 and I admit, she must have been a little scared since so many people surrounded the car, banging on the windows and taking pictures, while she was on the phone. But she went into the emptied out Wal-Mart until about 6 o'clock, and signed autographs until about 6:30- 6:40, and headed onto Rt 95. She said she would be signing from 5-7, and it wasn't true.. There were so many people there for a long time, I was there around 3:30, and my friend was there around 8am. Around 6, there were two lines, and they combined into a huge mob, people squished in the middle. I was in the very middle of the crowd, and I have to say that the security and police officers did not do much for the safety. A few fights broke out, swearing, and all kinds of threats were heard all around. For minutes lat a time, we didn't move, and myself, I could barely breathe. If you are thinking about heading to the NJ, CA, or TX ones, be prepared, and get there early in the morning if you actually want to meet her. I didn't have the chance to meet her, which made me very mad, and I felt at times my safety wasn't be covered enough. She said she was going to sign from 5-7, and it was only about 30-40 minutes, which made me mad. I was close to the front when she left, and it wasn't fair at all. Hopefully, she will come back, but it's highly doubtful that she will because she rarely comes to MA."

Jessica Simpson Speaks With WBLI, Blasts Us Weekly
Jessica Simpson phoned into the WBLI Steve & Maria show in Long Island on Thursday (March 4). Jessica talked about the privacy of her diary, but how she'd sneak a peak at her 98 Degrees hubby Nick Lachey's diary. Simpson says while she worries about her diaries getting in the wrong hands, there are no sex videos. Jessica revealed she'll be performing in Cancun for MTV Spring Break. With the success of 'With You', she talked about adding two tracks to a re-release of her album. As for talk that Nick was jealous of the attention headed Jessica's way, she insisted that wasn't a story. She said it was a stab in the back by Us Weekly and disappointed them because they thought they had a great relationship with the magazine. Listen to the interview here.

March 4th, 2004
New avatars
I added some new avatars to the download section, hope you like them :)

More Letterman pics
I added a few more pictures to the gallery with pictures of Jess arriving and departing from Letterman, they are at the bottom. Check out that gallery here.

New videos
Emily at added new Jess videos from Good Morning America and Letterman, head over to to download them :)

Leaving Regis & Kelly HQs
I added high quality pictures of Jessica leaving Regis & Kelly yesterday morning.

March 3rd, 2004
More shopping pics
I added more pics of Jessica's "wild shopping spree" ;)

Shopping in NYC
I added new pictures of Jessica shopping in NYC today :) They are high quality!

Leaving Regis & Kelly
I added pictures of Jessica leaving Regis & Kelly this morning!

New affiliates
I added a few new affiliates; check them out :)

I moved all the pictures to the Gallery, at last :)

Letterman pictures
I added pictures of Jessica arriving and departing from Letterman, click the thumbs :)

Jessica Simpson Sets the Record Straight
The Hollywood honeymoon is just getting started for this beautiful young "Newlywed." With a number one top-40 single this week and an ABC sitcom now in the works, Jessica Simpson is officially a big-time show business player. "I'm feeling really good," Simpson said. "Nick and I just got back from Cabo San Lucas. We had to take a break because we were dying. We needed to be alone without cameras." Read more.

March 2nd, 2004
AJ's Playhouse interview
Jessica Simpson calls the Playhouse to talk about her re-released album, "In the Skin." Click here for the interview! Thanks Lisa :)

Simpson, family toast Magness, 50
[...] There had been some question about Jessica Simpson playing the party since the original venue, Avalon Ballroom, posted her appearance on its website when it was supposed to be a secret, thus the new venue. But Simpson had already been spotted in Neiman Marcus in a Juicy Couture sweatsuit on Saturday, buying pink Cosabella lingerie. So lotsa people knew she was in town. Read more.

Parker: Over the hill?
How do you throw a birthday bash for a billionaire? You invite 300 of his best friends, hire an event planner, florist and caterer, rent the Fillmore Auditorium, create a Western theme and hire the birthday boy's favorite singer. Billionaire b-day boy Gary Magness couldn't wipe the goofy grin off his face when Jessica Simpson, whose career is hotter than a jalapeno right now, serenaded him Saturday night during his Big 5-0.
Read more, thanks Cat!

TRL Transcript
Jessica Simpson was on MTV's 'Total Request Live' on Monday to discuss her #1 single 'With You', her upcoming re-release of 'In This Skin', gossip about a pregnancy which she again denied, her hopes to play Daisy Duke on 'The Dukes of Hazzard' big screen adaptation, and more. Check out a rough transcript here.

It keeps happening for Jessica and Nick
If Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson seem like the latest overexposed celeb couple popping up everywhere, get ready for more. Former boy band singer Lachey may soon be starring in a sitcom, in addition to doing his MTV reality show, "Newlyweds," with Simpson. Lachey has reportedly reached a deal with ABC casting him in a network pilot. The agreement also includes movies with parent company Disney. Nick and Jessica are also working on a "Sonny & Cher" style variety show, which ABC plans to air later this year.

I added high quality pictures from yesterday's TRL.

March 1st, 2004
Update On Jessica (93.1 DRQ interview)
From Lisa (Jessfan4life): "Jessica called into our local radio station this morning and gave a brief update on what is coming up for her and put some of the rumors to rest.

Firstly, Jess confirmed she and Nick are NOT writing a book about marriage and that IF they ever were to write any book together it would be how to survive as newlyweds. She said it had been talked about but no the book rumor and reports are false.

Secondly, Her being up for the lead role of Daisy in the duke of Hazzards movie, is true and it's all in the works. That was all she could say.

Thirdly, she cleared up all the rumors and speculations of her marriage "in trouble" and nick being jealous etc. NOT true. Jessica said their marriage is better and stronger NOW than it has ever been.

Misc Talk---They asked about the re package cd coming out tommorrow, she mentioned the dvd, the 3 additional tracks, something about a photo gallery, and how Angels was one of the best songs she loved recording. Jess also said she was sooooooooo excited on how well With you is doing and how awesome it feels. She mentioned this was her best single ever on the charts. Said she as going to be on Letterman tomorrow, the ABC show now just has to be approved and will air in the fall. The Morning show told her she was getting bigger than J-lo, Jess laughed and said no no Oh and she and Nick just went away for 7 days for a lil R & R :) Dessert is available in april at all sephora stores and will be avaiable a . She helped create Dessert, it wasn't just a endorcement type thing. She spent months helping to create the line(Scents, flavors etc) The Dj's joked with her and Said We LOVe the AND, they asked her if she was coming back to Detroit and she said "absolutely" because she loves it here :))))) That's all i can think of right now."

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